Tyra Banks is expanding her America’s Next Top Model franchise to the motherland. The popular series is launching in South Africa with “Africa’s Next Top Model.” The reality competition will begin filming in Cape Town in August and will expand to Johannesburg as the season progresses.

“Africa’s Next Top Model” will feature 12 models from various African countries. The contestants will participate in various tasks over the course of 10 episodes before one winner is crowned.

Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi will serve as host, producer and mentor as Banks does in the American-version of the series. Orlandi is internationally-renowned and has both experience and clout in the modeling business. She thinks “Africa’s Next Top Model” will be a commercial and cultural success.

“The African version of the franchise is long overdue and I expect the show to be a smashing success across the continent,” she said.

Famed producer Gavin Wratten will helm the project. He is also responsible for South Africa’s “Idols,” a spinoff of “American Idol.”

“Africa’s Next Top Model” will not be available for all television viewers in the beginning. It is being aired through M-Net, a subscription-based television service. The series will transition to M-Net’s AfricaMagic channel in late 2013.

America’s Next Top Model has expanded to other countries and continents. Africa is the fourth continent to birth a spinoff. It stretches to 36 countries, including China, Brazil, France, Canada and Italy.


  1. The Other Jess

    Mmmph…sad. Now Tyra and Miss Jay can take their self-hate and negative comments against darker-skinned models to Africa…They always had something negative to say about the Black contestants – I remember how they treated the Nigerian girl, how they called the Puerto Rican girl a man/transvestite and some of the racists comments they made against the Black American girls. Africa does not need this. smh..

  2. There was actually a show several years ago called Africa’s next supermodel or something. They did it like American Idol style and they went to quite a few African countries and people from all over auditioned so it wasn’t really as if they treated Africa as a “country”.

    We used to watch it and laugh because it was actually kind of complicated. It was like Survivor and ANTM mixed together! It was like: the model’s challenge is to cross this river on a 2×4 using only their hands and when they get to the other side use the loom to weave an outfit out of only the reeds they find at the river’s edge and then make it on foot back to Nairobi to walk in the runway show!

    I am exaggerating, of course, but they did have to do a lot of stuff. I think it was based off ANTM as well.

  3. I can’t stand Tyra. I think she has self hate issues, no need to take that to Africa, and we don’t need it here at home! GO AWAY TYRA!

  4. WhatIThink

    Of course it is. The same sort of self hating “programming” that has worked so well against black folks in America is going to Africa. And what can be better than having a show that shows black women how they too can be beautiful by trying to look white, not to mention marry rich white men like most of these black top models…..

  5. refilwe

    awesoome stuff i cnt wait heads up africa i love the show and hve folowed the series up to date

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