Beyonce says I'm A Modern-Day FeministBeyoncé’s publicity team is working overtime these days. As the diva prepares for her Mrs. Carter world tour, King Bey spoke with British Vogue about motherhood, music, and why she loves being Jay-Z’s wife.

Although many have labeled her a feminist based on her girl-powered anthems, Beyonce’s latest effort, “Bow Down,” had many wondering if she was singing a new tune.

In her British Vogue interview, Beyoncé is reportedly “unusually candid” about her personal life, a topic that was previous off limits until she lifted the veil last year.

After admitting that motherhood gave her a sense of “audacity” and she loves doting on her family, like all women, Bey is defining her life on her own terms.

“I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been.

“It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child. I was like, ‘OK, this is what you were born to do’. The purpose of my body became completely different.”

In the past, Beyoncé has sidestepped branding herself with the F-word, but in the May cover story she told the glossy she believes in equality and considers herself to be a modern-day feminist, a label that will no doubt excite or enrage others.

“I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman… I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it’s something that’s pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to accept.”

Do you agree that Beyoncé is a modern-day feminist? Let us know, Clutchettes.

  • Chika

    Yeah…a modern day feminist who tells women “bow down b*tches”. Beyonce is incredibly talented and a great performer, but she really lost me with her newest ‘song’.

  • ….

    She asks why do we have to label ourselves…and then labels herself a feminist.

  • malikkamichelle

    I’d like to think that she is a modern day feminist in retrospect to what she’s always been “preaching” to listeners since her days of debuting as a song-writer. Women have always been conditioned to think of themselves as second, but she’s one of the many women out here pushing to be first. It is empowering. Although she did do a sidestep with the latest single (which I doubt will be on her next album), I think it was just her way of joking around and egging on what her fans have been saying for years. “She’s on one and she’s claiming her throne.” Wouldn’t that be the point of naming herself ‘King B’?

  • LolaChi

    WTH is a modern-day feminist?

  • starr

    To me this is just another example, of how much intellect she lacks.

  • Lisss

    I only have one question….the heck is she wearing?!

  • Deidra

    It dismays me that feminism and womanism are viewed as taboo terms; however, I think every woman’s journey to accepting the terms is different.

    In interviews, it seems like some celebrity women unwillingly state they are feminists, as if backed into a corner. Depending on the context, labels can be a hindrance; however, when it comes to supporting a social movement, I think labels are necessary to show where one stands. Of course, that is merely the beginning. One’s actions to improve and bring awareness to the social issue must be in conjunction with their words.

  • Keshia

    Lmao exactly! Too many contradictions.

  • Malik Hemmans

    Feminist?? #Fail BeYAWNce

  • Lillian Mae

    IDK why people expect her to be a rocket scientist!

  • Treece

    Exactly! Whether in jest or not, the whole “Bow down B*tches” thing is disrespectful to women and encourages catiness and competitiveness that goes on between women and girls so often. Especially with all the “girl fights” going on these days and the support of such behavior on youtube and worldstarhiphop….. Very anti-feminism “King Bey”…lol.

  • kisa

    Britni, are you a Beyonce stan? Is that all you want to apply your talent towards. On Clutch, I think you must be the exclusive Bey writer because every other post you do is about this woman. I would love to see you expand. There is a life BEYond Beyonce. IJS

  • Britni Danielle

    Hey Kisa,

    Not for nothing but I’ve literally written about 3000 articles for CLUTCH over the last 3 years, and maybe a handful have been about Beyonce. Despite your view of her, you still found the need to 1) read the post, 2) respond, and 3) make outlandish claims.

    I still appreciate you, though, and your patronage of CLUTCH. :)

  • Wanda

    Poor thing could use a semester or two in gender studies.

  • Mademoiselle

    I don’t hate it, but I have noticed that her new post-baby pose has consistently been the one on this cover: point your butt backwards to make your waist appear smaller while maintaining the appearance of your hips/coke-bottle to camouflage any residual baby bump. I definitely was hoping to see more photos of her embracing “post-baby physique” (the way the Mowry sister did), but I guess that’s not her shtick.

  • Mademoiselle

    It seems to me that “feminist” as a label does the complete opposite of its tenet — boxes women in. I don’t think I’ll ever call myself a feminist or a womanist because I hate the idea of measuring up to a defined label. Maybe it would’ve been more appealing if “feminist” remained an adjective to describe someone’s behavior instead of a title to wear.

  • Kanyade

    She doesn’t like labels, yet labels herself as Queen/King/Sasha Fierce/etc. I like Beyonce, but sometimes she talks in circles and because of that her point isn’t always received as she probably intends…

  • Rue

    But then there’s bow down…sigh. I’ll take it with a side eye.

  • pinklipstick227

    I swear king bey is thristy for controversy. Why does she keep bringing up this feminism topic?

  • isa

    I think beyonce should go back under her dad’s management, cause as a fan I think Jay z as a manger for her is its not working. Either that or find another manager, all she talks about is him,and this article ? Feminsim…. ever since the “bow down bitches” track is very contradictory with her. Its almost like she can’t think independently..

  • bijoux

    we don’t expect her to be a rocket scientist because this is not rocket science

  • Mademoiselle

    Agreed. It would be good for her to take a few courses in literature or linguistics to strengthen her speaking skills. It would go a long way for her brand. I remember reading Michael Jordan did the same right around the time he started getting Nike endorsements (before Jordan became a brand) to be taken more seriously during negotiations.

  • Kelley Johnson

    You sound like you think she could actually get into college.

  • Yb

    Reading the comments on Beyonce articles has lead me to see some black women in a different light.

  • Tania

    Beyonce is just confused. Chile please. It’s almost like she overhears things and think they are smart and or cool and somehow relatable to her and she takes it on as her own. What exactly does “Modern Day Feminist” mean? Does it mean that “Girls run the world” or does it mean that girls “bow down”. I don’t think she knows. I think more time spent reading and getting cultured will garner her more perspective.

  • Apple

    Lucky she’s entertainer and isn’t trying to be a doctor -_-

  • Apple

    Shade!! :-) #hehe

  • Apple

    I thought being a feminist meant being who you wanna be as a woman and not letting society telling you any different ? So what’s the problem

  • AnnT

    If I must label myself, can’t I just call myself a humanist then?
    I’ve noticed that other sites that label itself feminist are in a race to the bottom to be just as vulgarand unintelligent as MRGs.

    If I want a level the playing field for everyone, with the objective of raising the discourse and plight of the disenfranchised can I be just that?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    bey done got me confused…..

  • Echi

    “I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been.

    “It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child. I was like, ‘OK, this is what you were born to do’. ”

    Seems like the only time she can take pride in her own accomplishments (which were many before she and JayZ became an item) is when she adopts anyone of her alter egos. Her feigned docility seems like an attempt to remain acceptable to a world uncomfortable with powerful female figures.

    Cool she’s finally decided to brand herself with the “F-word” – but why oh why did it have to come after her clarion call for all b$%&#’s to “bow down”? It seems like true feminism is incongruous with today’s pop music. Many black female performers seem to fit well within the patriarchal pop boundaries. They seems comfortable being video vixens with a good voice and larger paycheck.

  • Rue


  • JN

    I think that Beyonce’s idea of feminism is expressed on a very personal level. She can advocate for herself that she gets to balance family and career, for example. What about her band? Who watches their kids (if they have any?). The class element is kind of left out (and even upheld) because Beyonce reinvests in herself (not saying that is bad, it just is what it is). Also, she talks a lot about how having a baby makes her “more of a woman.” If I were unable to have kids, did not want kids, or maybe even transgender that might be hard for me to hear.

    I think that Beyonce is very much about the image of upholding women in the name of preserving the Beyonce brand. She is more about inspiring women by example rather than advocating on specific issues.

  • binks

    I don’t have a problem with how Beyonce identifies herself but I do pause on the logic that motherhood makes her a woman and to understands what it means to be a woman and your purpose in life as a woman falls on motherhood. Personally I think that logic is outdated and flawed. Though I do get why people side eye her because she do portray mixed messages of her image/brand.

  • Many generations of black people with many generations of bad choices

    Isn’t this album bombing and she’s trying to get attention for this pathetic piece of music? That’s what I think. I’m hoping her 15 mins are up. Tick tick tick. Oh and this girl is beyond MASCULINE looking. Even on this cover shoot.

  • Keshia

    I guess by not agreeing and loving everything she does we are all “haters” “jealous” or “bitter” even though we are simply sharing our opinion.

  • Tammy

    lol what? “I’m hoping her 15 minutes are up” …… i can’t even. meanwhile she’s been making platinum records and selling out tours for 12 years including her years with DC.
    regardless of your opinions on her being feminist or not feminist. not even needing to be a fan.
    that comment just didn’t make sense.

  • Shay

    Well she never really said “I AM A FEMINIST!”
    i think she was mostly just saying that a lot of people consider herself one based on what she’s said about gender equality but she doesn’t feel like the label is necessary

  • Yb

    And Keisha continues to influence my change in view.

  • Keshia

    That’s fine.

  • Deidra

    You have the right to label yourself and your actions as you’d like!

    I personally opt for the terms feminist and womanist because they note the lack of equality for a specific group: women. FEMinist and WOMANist serve as constant reminders, but that is just my take.

    Sometimes I wonder if we choose the term egalitarianism over feminism to make some people more comfortable. Frankly, I do not want them to get too comfortable because I do not want them to flippantly dismiss the issues that women face. Egalitarianism can be a bit tricky when discussing certain issues because some people misguidedly use the term (such as men’s rights groups).

    In every movement there is a radical fringe, but I do not think that should completely discredit the movement as a whole.

  • Deidra

    I understand your sentiment. There are radical feminists that act as watchdogs and constantly measure others according to their standards of what feminism is. Even feminism as a movement has not always been inclusive. The current wave is slowly making improvements, but there is still a way to go!

    I think ‘feminist’ goes beyond being title and is attributed to people’s actions; however, the misrepresentation of the feminist movement has turned it into a shallow buzzword. As I stated before, women (and yes, men too) must decide for themselves what the term means to them and how their actions correlate with the values they think a feminist/womanist (or if you’d like–egalitarian) should exhibit.

    One doesn’t have to be perfect–Lord knows I have had some questionable thoughts–but it important that we continue to improve as well as bring awareness to the disparity that women and other groups experience.

  • Deidra

    I agree with your thoughts. I believe Beyonce is well-meaning, but there is a disconnect because of other subversive issues like class and status. Your statement about Beyonce inspiring women by example adds an interesting dimension, one I had not thought about.

  • justanotheropinion

    Are we ever going to be at a point when the media realizes that Bey doesn’t have much to say and is not considered a spokesperson for Black Women? When she does speak, her ‘thoughts’ are wrought with inconsistencies and incoherent. Dear God, enough. Next….

  • Robin


    I could not agree more.

  • Loli

    It seems as if everybody wants to define feminism for every woman. So you can’t say the B word because you are supposed to be a feminism? There are days I want to call a B**ch a B**ch. It’s hypocritical when most of us curse in our daily lives, then turn around and tell someone they can’t curse. I’m sorry but I’m not less of a feminist because I call an asshole, male or female, the B-Word. Feminism for me is to be allowed to be the human being I was created to, and not be restricted by society expectations of what a woman should be. Another thing, a lot of you seem to belittle this woman by dismissing her intelligence. I guess you only know one kind of intelligence, the one that is formatted to you via schools. WOW!

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    You have a point however I think the issue was not so much calling someone a b*tch who deserves it, in whatever moment but more so telling itches to bow down etc. There is a difference there. I do agree that all intelligence is not dependent upon a formal education.

  • Why be so negative?

    I don’t think she contradicted herself. She said “I guess” and then asked us why she has to label herself. Why are so many of you women so quick to come after her and hold 1 song as a symbol of her whole career? I guess half you guys can’t identify with feeling this way as well? And I do believe she also said she wasn’t only referring to women in this song. As a competitor this song signifies how I feel about other teams or other competitors. As a woman heartbroken before, I identify with ‘resentment.’ As a happy party girl, I identify with ‘get me bodied’ or the other million songs she’s made. Beyonce isn’t labeling herself as anything else but a “woman”, as she ALSO said in that 7 line except. If you don’t like her put a damn disclaimer before your comment.

    I’m not her biggest fan but I respect her hustle.

  • Rue.

    Oh. *sighs in relief*
    I thought you were gonna say “Bey is the BEST. All you haters are just jealous of her body/husband/life/baby/weaves. HATERS GON’ HATE!”
    Yeah its hard to add a coherent thought or a disagreement with the celebrity-worship. Some people just need to understand that *gasp!* some people may just not be fans. and that that’s all right.

  • The Artist

    Getting tired of the word feminist (or it being thrown around, rather). It’s so overused and the identifiers always seem to be at each others throats over the true meaning. Now it seems, anyone can call lay claim to it… a popularity fad, perhaps.

    On another note, I love Bey but I think her Marketing/PR team is at work, here. Just in time for her new single.

  • Medusa

    LMAO!!! So true.

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