Black Girls Who Stay Blonde
Not everyone can pull off blonde hair. From honey-tinged to golden butter to platinum, which is the color Nicki Minaj just started rocking (yay or nay, Clutchettes?), there’s a rainbow of hues in the blonde family. Whether you are considering going blonde for a season or a lifetime, there are plenty of way to change up your ‘do. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration from our favorite blonde celebrities.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    How an you say you love Black women when a several articles back you were blaming us for the harassment we receive from Black men?

  • Sorry to say that the majority of you do practice self-hate on the regular

    I for one, a BW, love and respect james’ comments. You know if he was praising how great we looked with blonde hair that would have hit some sort of spot amongst many of you. And please spare with the whole natural hair is hard to maintain, that’s complete bull…it’s hair that grows out of your scalp! You only perceive it to be difficult to maintain as a result of having some sort of perceived idea that you can only wear your hair one way in order for it to be deemed attractive and beautiful enough and that one way is usually not in its natural state…that’s superficial and ignorant..the opposite of being enlightened and having true self knowledge. You celebrate coloring your hair blonde, wearing weaves more than you do wearing your own hair in its natural state and complain/blame it on it being ‘difficult’ and go under attack mode for those who embrace, love, respect and admire natural hair but to those who criticize it..oh well. What does that say about you?

  • JS


    It’s not being stereotypical in the sense you mean it as social categorization if its the way it happened. Tribal communities in Africa consider their boys to be men at an early age.

    I really liked to know where I said I only want attention on my terms and said that I think I am owed something. I merely pointed out regardless of my individual wants the attention I am given.

    Listen, if you are what you consider “a real authentic man” then I do not want your attention or the attention of any other men who prescribe to your beliefs. Keep it steppin.

    However I will say referring to any woman as a “toy” takes away her person-hood and makes her an object that could easily be discarded, raped or abused. That is dangerous territory and you may think I am taking your words out of context. However you must understand that words hold connective meaning in our society and no one would treat a “toy” like they would a human being. That is the whole case women fight against being objectified so cut out that type of language right now.

    “a woman is a STATEMENT a man wants to make to the rest of the world, NOT a trophy he pulls down off his mantel to show off;”

    Tomato, tomatoe. What you call statement I call BS on because its still a trophy. I’ll tell you what a woman is. A woman is a HUMAN BEING, not a toy and not a damn statement. She is an individual with thoughts of her own who should be respected. Her worth is not defined by the man she stands beside. She relies on her partner, as her partner does her, for love, support and spiritual uplifting.

    “because the only attention girls will ever draw is from boys, NOT men”

    I seem to be drawing a lot of your attention right now… you must be a boy then.

  • Anon

    Were you this pressed about this issue before “Good Hair” came out?

    I’m natural, have been for years. I’ve been loose, loc’ed, twisted, braided… and BLONDE. Ya’ll need to quit projecting your personal issues on any black woman that chooses to pick a hairstyle or color you don’t agree with.

    Even if they WERE “trying to look white”, what’s it to you?

  • Ms. Vee


    “Were you this pressed about this issue before “Good Hair” came out”

    If you must know…no.

    “I’m natural, have been for years. I’ve been loose, loc’ed, twisted, braided… and BLONDE”

    I take it you don’t read/observe very well. I could of swore i was adressing my comment to the obvious STRAIGHT/YAKI haired, blondes (as you can see throughout the photos). Those like Kim Fields did not make the list.

    “Even if they WERE “trying to look white”, what’s it to you?”

    …..Im going to hope you’re smart enough to figure out why thats a problem.

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