I’m pretty accustomed to foolery tumbling out of the mouths of today’s rappers from Rick Ross’ rape endorsement to Lil Wayne’s “Emmett Till” comparison. These days, it takes a pretty idiotic comment to elicit more than an eye roll from me and ASAP Rocky managed to do that with his thoughts on, of all topics, beauty.

The rapper gave the most outrageous beauty advice to publication The Coveteur via Glamazons Blog:

“But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.”

Of course, this flawed logic isn’t surprising coming from someone whose known for his Rag doll braided hairstyle. But I want to address it because these kind of egregious myths associated with skin color are far too prevalent. ASAP Rocky isn’t the first to believe this untruth, and he won’t be the last.

Red lipstick is one of those magical colors that work on everyone. Women with skin tones that range from deep to pale can find their perfect red and wear it with ease.

The reason why the myth that dark-skinned women can’t wear red is so ludicrous is because the best way to choose a crimson lippie is based on undertones.

If you have a warm, golden undertone (think Gabrielle Union), reds with a yellow or brown base will work for you.

If your skin is more cool and you have a red undertone (think Viola Davis) or blue undertone (think Alek Wek), deep reds with a blue base are your best bet.

If your skin is olive based (think Lauryn Hill), reds with a neutral undertone are the best way to go.

*Bonus: If your lips are dark, dab some concealer on them to even out the tone before applying lipstick.

Here are several dark-skinned women who nail red lipstick color, including a Covergirl:

And check out lipstick shades that work well for various skin tones:

Now, repeat back to me what you learned today, ASAP Rocky.

Source: Glamazons Blog

  • Keshia

    Another day….another dumb rapper. He must haven’t seen a brown chick in MAC’s ruby woo. I know I kill every time in that. This is a grown man wearing corn rows though so I shouldn’t expect much.

  • nobusinessnoshow

    Just because you have a microphone doesn’t mean you don’t hate yourself so ASAP…have several seats.

    Love the exemplary collage of beautiful brown women rockin rouge.

  • Mystery

    First of all, I am a dark-skinned black woman and I agree with A$ap Rocky. Just because YOU like seeing dark women in red, doesn’t mean it’s a hot look. I personally hate seeing dark brown women with red nail polish and red lipcolor….it makes you look like you’re bleeding. That’ just my opinion. A$ap is entitled to his and nobody should be trying to “school” him when most of you don’t wear what looks good…you simply follow trends.

  • The Comment

    Forgive me Lord for Immo’ bout to cuss

    “on the pair of complexion”

    What the F#ck! On the pair??? what the f*ck is that chit? I’m convinced that a white man (driven in a black limo) pulls up in the hood, steps out the car and rings a cow bell yellin’, “dumb niggas! ding! ding! ding! All dumb niggas! Come and get ur rap deal! Calling all dumb niggas!”

  • Liz

    Poor thing couldn’t find a shade that looked good on him!

    (I’m a MAC Russian Red, Chanel Rouge Allure girl).

  • breonna

    I could care less what a grown man wearing 4 plaits on the side of his head thinks about me and my red lipstick lol

  • Amber

    A$AP really isn’t that dumb HOWEVER who keeps asking rappers their opinion on beauty??? People! It is clear through their lyrics that they don’t know how to respectfully articulate an attraction to a woman so puh-LEASE don’t ask them about cosmetics and how we wear it. Seriously?

  • The Comment

    I told Clutch that they need a daily banner that runs at the bottom with various petitions for us to sign to get rid of these monsters decimating our community.

    Now where is his petition or better yet…where is my can of Raid. Cause he ain’t nuthin’ but a big old project roach.

  • sapphiresandsisters

    I want women to stop looking to men for advice when it comes to personal prerogatives. “What men like, want you to wear etc..” Be you! This trend is weak. And any Black woman in their right mind knows that with our array of skin tones, we can rock so much and look FAB!
    He’s just another delusional young, Black entertainer that has voluntarily chosen to ‘showcase’ women of other races within his music and artistic imagery. I noticed this with him since he first came out, but everyone wanted to jump on his ship. Plus this is the same ‘man’ that wears dresses, but says that they are ‘long t-shirts’. LOL, point proven.

  • Merci1981

    LOL @ grown man wearing cornrows.

  • MC

    Who cares what ASAP rocky /Chad Ochocinco with cornrows thinks? I agree that any complexion can pull off the correct shade of lipstick but really.. why should a boy who clearly has no style and dusty cornrows and seems to prefer only light skinned women opinion’s of beauty matter? I agree with Keshia

  • Nadell

    CAN WE STOP GIVING THEM BLOG-TIME? Another unnecessary article for an equally unnecessary individual who made the comment.
    They’ll eventually stop making absurd comments if we stop giving them so much attention!

  • Daniel Warhol

    Why do people ask him for beauty advice anyway? Dude wears plaits that went out of style with Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. And honestly Dark complexioned women can wear just as much if not more colors than their fair skinned comrades.

  • AJ Farrar

    Did he hear that dark skinned men can’t wear chap stick, too?

  • vonmiwi

    Everywhere I look it seems that all of the so called hipsters want everyone to follow this dudes hype. I make no apologies about it, but I don’t follow hype.

    Caucasians put him on the covers of their magazines and invite him to a few fashion shows and he’s supposed to be the new rap king? Not!

    Hype today and he’ll be gone tomorrow. His words carry no merit, especially if you self-define your own existence. Self-validation is key and not his opinion of what he deems as beautiful. Next!

  • Luce

    Thank you! I didn’t know that. One of the reason I’m uncomfortable to wear red lipstick was because of a less than pretty tryouts. Lol! I usually nearly dabb out the red until it’s barely there which is a waste, really.

  • iCrossMyheart

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but everyone is not allowed to shit in public…just because you have one doesnt mean you need to say it especially if you are going to group all black, sorry dark-skinned, women into one category.

    Cornrows do not work for people with raggedy edges, but ASAP did not get that memo. But hey, it is his hair. Just like its their lips….DO WHATEVER.

  • GemmaT

    His comment was like Rush Limbaugh-dumb. As in, this is so absurd, he HAS to be joking.

  • Merci1981

    Thanks so much for creating the lst of lipsticks at the end. I love to get into make up more, but I am so clueless. At least now I have some products to begin with.

  • Lillian Mae

    This brown skin beauty reaches for Ruby Woo by MAC as her go-to red!

  • Lillian Mae

    RE: A$AP really isn’t that dumb HOWEVER who keeps asking rappers their opinion on beauty???

    Question of the day! Who cares what they think when most of them look like shit run over or like grown men wearing children’s clothing!

  • JRM

    clearly this fool never heard about the Ruby Woo!!!!

  • Tania Russell

    I’ve never heard of this person before.

  • Sasha

    I feel bad for him, the energy and mindset it takes to to hate oneself and their own complexion must be exhausting and a constant mental battle. From the comments about natural hair not being for everyone, “light skin being the right skin” and now this? Man the struggle is so real….


    @ Nadell
    This very necessary so black women and girl can realized who are true enemies are just black men have the same skin and hair as we do it does not mean they love are care about us, they want us to only focus on the “evil white man” but ignore all the physical and mental harm they do.

    it’s time for black women to stop being in denial about this.

  • Sasha

    Stop it, you ain’t right for that comment *tears*!!!

  • Mystery

    Well just like you have your opinion I have mine also and you can tell when people don’t have anything intelligent to say. If Martin Luther King had cornrows would that make his opinions any less valid? Y’all need to grow up and learn to discuss things with intelligence.

  • soulfullyreal

    Who the hell is taking beauty advice from Asap Rocky? Let him have his dumb ass opinion…

  • Nicoline

    A lot of you are going to disagree with me but Im not a fan of red lipstick on dark-skinned women at all. I love seeing dark skinned women wearing nudes and pinks though.

  • everythingl

    I think you just haven’t found your right shade ;)

    (That is, if you really are dark-skinned and/or a woman. I know people can be anything they want on these internets.)

    Also, did you see the photo collage above? All those beautiful dark-skinned women with full red lips coated with deep red lipstick look waaayyyy better than you.

  • GangStarrGirl

    Ha ha ha. BURNED. Good job schooling this joker.

  • everythingl


    “If Martin Luther King had cornrows would that make his opinions any less valid? Y’all need to grow up and learn to discuss things with intelligence.”

    Can you hear/read yourself? Intelligence? You defend ASAP Rocky for remarking about women and lipstick, than get defensive when the commenters here are just as critical of his style choices as he is of black women. Like he can say whatever the h*** he wants about the way we look, but we have to keep our mouths shut about him. Please. Go look up the word intelligence. And while you’re at it, look up hypocrite. If he hadn’t made these remarks about black women nobody would be talking about his raggedy-a** hair.

    Oh, and this fool ain’t no MLK. Don’t even put those two names in the same paragraph, much less sentence.

  • TheMuseintheMirror

    Maybe this is really a compliment instead of an insult. Well, if not a compliment, I’ll take it for one. He’s right, black women are so beautiful we don’t even need to wear lipstick or make-up. However, this buckwheat looking dude can have a seat.

    Black women look good in red lipstick and we can sure wear whatever we want to wear.

  • Bia

    People are being a bit hard on him. He is misguided but that doesn’t really mean he should be berated. He wasn’t putting down brown skinned women just a statement of ignorance, or maybe his opinion. My sister used to say the same thing about browner folks wearing white or very light people wearing yellow. No matter the complexion we can all look beautiful in whatever color we desire.

  • Pseudonym

    I can see where he’s coming from. This is probably something he overheard his mom saying in the 80s when his sister put on a bad shade of red lipstick and it stuck. For the longest, it was hard to wear red lipstick as a black woman b/c they only offered fire engine red which only works on really pale skin or that exact chocolate brown skin tone. Now, there are tons of red with all kinds of undertones, so women like me (who are neither light or dark) can rock a bright red lipstick and look awesome. I just recently discovered this myself (I’m new to wearing makes up and am not a big lipstick wearer), so I wouldn’t take his comment so personally. He’s a man; what the heck does he know about makeup?

    Even with the growing popularity of high-pigment eyeshadow, the makeup options for darker-skinned black women have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. As a woman, I am just learning these things so I don’t expect A$AP Rocky to be a makeup specialist.

  • everythingl

    @The Comment


  • stef

    A$PY claim to fame is a song with the hook ” I love bad B&^Ches I have a F^%King problem, Yeah I like to F^%k I have a F*&KIng problem!!

    And you care about his opinion why?????? smh

  • Liz

    Mystery, your logic is flawed. If Dr. King had cornrows, and was dispensing fashion and beauty advice, yes-that would invalidate his opinion for some. If A$AP wants to talk about what people can “get away with”, the public has a right to tell him that he doesn’t “get away with” those braids. If he was talking about the state of rap music, the record industry or the like… discussing his hair may seem trivial, but here-FAIR GAME.

  • Liz

    Ruby Woo looks good on everyone but me… happy I didn’t fall into the hype. Russian Red isn’t as matte and dry as Ruby Woo. I use it on top of chapstick and liner or I use the Russian Red lip glass on top of it for a super shiny look. Everyone has a shade that looks good on them!

  • Jillybean

    Another dark-skinned beauty here…

    I’ve just recently discovered red lipstick, and I am SOLD!! Even in the most basic outfit, a red lippie makes me look (and feel) like a million dollars.

    My favorite is Sephora’s rouge shine lipstick in Royal Wedding (#34 I think).

    Oh yeah, and eff this ASAP Rocky person. He can go kick rocks barefoot…

  • LAS

    How dare him! Nobody says anything about his struggle braids! Stop the madness!

  • Nadell

    Totally understand, however, I see these few individuals as in the little children who are going through that ‘throw tantrums’ stage simply to get that attention that is undeserved. They kick, scream and have these outburst to divert focus and to gain attention that was not given and should not be given to them in the first place.
    Yes, it is important to make others aware that although someone looks like you and shares a similar background does not automatically make them an ally.
    The lyrics alone from some of these rappers should be an alarming indication of their sentiments towards black women.

  • Pat

    The sad part is a lot of people still think like him. I’ve heard dark/brown women shouldn’t wear shades of pink as well. I really think that is crazy.

    Shoot, let’s evolve.. wear sky-blue -pink if YOU want to. Some days I reeaallly get tired of being placed in a box. I don’t know how it will look — these limitations just need to stop. smh

  • everythingl

    I love how black men can lob unsolicited bombs at black/dark-skinned women (he is just one of MANY), yet whenever we respond is because WE are the ones with issues.

    Dark-skinned women are responding to the constant assaults on their/our dignity that far too many black men love to lob for their own amusement. If black women have “complexes” about skin color, we sure as h*** ain’t the only ones. Black men are RIGHT there with us, in absolutely NO position to judge, regardless of how they delude themselves.

  • everythingl

    Check out the collage above. Sorry but those women look gorgeous. Remember there is more than one shade of red.

  • I got sense!

    “Of course, this flawed logic isn’t surprising coming from someone whose known for his Rag doll braided hairstyle.”

    How he chooses to wear his hair has nothing to do with his opinion. In fact, you just did the same thing he did.

    “But I want to address it because these kind of egregious myths associated with skin color are far too prevalent.”

    What myth? He isn’t the ruler of lipstick. He stated an opinion. His opinion and anyone else who agrees. If you disagree, fine but don’t act like everybody looks good in everything.

    “ASAP Rocky isn’t the first to believe this untruth, and he won’t be the last.”

    It’s not truth or untruth. It’s his opinion and writing an article giving examples of brown skinned women wearing red lipstick that looks good in YOUR opinion does negate his opinion.

    This man’s opinion on red lipstick isn’t even close to being in the same ballpark as the offensive statements made by lil Wayne and Rick Ross….in my opinion.

  • everythingl

    Sarcasm is anger’s ugly cousin. It’s funny how you think snide remarks conceal your deep-seated irrational hatred of us. It doesn’t.

    I can’t stand clownish rappers, but somebody can beat me senseless with a 4×4 before I’ll lurk on THEIR pages to pounce at every opportunity to insult them. It’s a waste of my time. And it would take a really twisted kind of free-floating rage. It would also mean I have way too much time on my hands to devote to something I consider really, really dumb.

  • Shelly

    thats funny because i always thought red lipstick paired with a dark skin tone made the look sexiest.

  • blackparacosmistmind

    This is along the same lines of thought as Lil Ray’s comment but…

    Clutchettes let us please be real with ourselves. Who are the ones that are always harping about dark skinned black women and our looks? Black men. Who are the ones always rapping about us and saying “beautiful dark skin girl, b*tch look better red”? Black men.

    Now let’s be clear. It’s not all black men. It’s always the dark skinned, ugly, and stupid ones. (They’re not ignorant, they are fools. They know exactly what they’re doing.) Think: Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, etc. etc. The ugly dark skinned dumb dudes. Notice how Denzel never makes negative comments about dark skin women. Notice how Kendrick Lamar (the leprechaun of the group) isn’t on this tip. I swear 99.9% of rappers are self hating black men. They’re the dark or brown skinned ones that hate their own women. I don’t know whether this is just a by-product of hip hop or rap because black actors don’t make too many of these comments.

    And what kills me is that black men trolls will come on here and claim black women are the problem. But will fail to mention these fools. Black men may just be our biggest enemy, besides the white power structure of course. Our own men aren’t even in our corner-yet they want submission and respect. Yet no one comes to our defense.

    You mean to tell me one rapper-Kendrick, out of all of them recognizes the bullshit. And they do have control over their image and music, as much as they wanna say industry this and industry that. Whatever negro.

  • Muse

    Ahhh, yes. Because I’m gonna take make up advice from a grown man with 4 doo doo braids in his hair. Boy, stop

  • everythingl

    And, no, his comment about dark-skinned women was NOT solicited. He volunteered that garbage.

  • Blue

    Red lisptick is growing on me but why should we take fashion tips from a guy with fuzzy braids seriously.

  • Confession

    I used to think a brown skin woman wearing a blonde low-cut hairstyle was too much. Now I think depending on a woman’s facial features, she can look absolutely beautiful with that look regardless of her complexion. I wonder how many other styles we are passing up due to these old ways of thinking???

  • Keshia

    I know you didn’t just say doo doo braids lmaooo

  • Nadell

    I wouldn’t necessarily say this absurdity is delegated to dark-skin black males only. It is on a full range of the spectrum. Remember the controversy with Yung Berg’s ‘dark butts’ fiasco? Skin tone of these men are not a factor of stupidity.
    Neither should we base that black men are the only culprits of this foolishness – I am not giving them a pass or condoning because yes, more often we hear remarks like this coming from black men but we can’t group all black men into this category of the many who do have this mindset.
    The color is not the basis for this senselessness.

  • BeanBean

    This man needs to sit down with those kindergarten girl fuzzy dookie braids. There’s more than one shade of red. I love my Russian Red. Only the ignorant black men make these types of comments about black women. I have yet to hear Denzel, Will, Chris Rock make any of these statements.

  • chnyere

    No offense, but I feel this article is unnecessary. Why should we have to explain y dark women can wear red lipstick to this little boy; his opinion and what he wants should be of no concern to us, he is irrelevant.

  • Apple Pie

    Same way I feel about grown, black men who still sport cornrows. It doesn’t look good at all.

  • The Comment

    What @ Mystery really said is;

    Second of all. I’m not a dark-skinned black woman. I’m a hater who knows nothing about anything but how to hate. As you can see, I am ignorant as they come and feel no pressure to engage in any meaningful discussion pertaining to race and progress. In fact, you can catch me who-riddin’ in the next meaningless drive-by shooting of an innocent black man. Because that is what I do best. Kill my fellow brotha and sistah. I am ignorance personified.

  • binks

    Why do people ask men beauty/fashion related questions and furthermore why do men think we want their input/validation? It was the same thing with Kanye West with the whole “women shouldn’t wear black lipstick” thing. All colors of makeup can work on anyone but just like anything you have to tailor it for your tone. But personally, I think a bold lippie looks better on brown/dark skin girls then fair skin girls because it stands out and gives a nice striking contrast.

  • The Comment

    @ Lil Ray

    Amen to that!

  • The Comment

    *big azz tears*

    “Struggle braids* (grabbing my inhaler) LMAO!!!!!!!

  • The Comment

    cause believe it or not @Chnyere….some black women/men don’t know any better. This site just may be their only salvation when it comes to undoing the many erroneous belief’s we perpetuate among ourselves. Believe it or not…we do more evil to each other than a racist ever could. And this is more than a perfect example.

  • http://[email protected]/ Tashema Oates

    Coming from a dude who wear braids like its 1994. I am sick of these rapper, what they need to do is go make music that is worth listening to.

  • Marisa

    Look what we have here ASAP MAKEUP lol,the right shade of makeup is something that is a general rule that need to be followed by all women. Some of the makeup lighter skinned women wear sometimes make them look like they got the flu. Ever seen some of them wear that nude makeup, look a little too casket sharp to me. Also since were giving beauty tips hey ASAP the 1993 Calvin Brodus called from his Gin and Juice video, and said he wants his braids back.

  • everythingl

    Yeah, again, your sarcasm does nothing to hide your seething irrational hatred of black women. It’s not normal. At all. This is classic projection.

  • Nila

    I also think this article is uncessary – not every ridiculous comment warrants a response. I think Clutch is too sophisticated to stoop to this level. Who cares what he thinks!? He’s a young guy who knows nothing about makeup. Responding to his comments is a little weird to me.

  • everythingl

    This, in combination with an entire culture that says dark is ugly is called racism and prejudice. The UNIQUE scrutiny of black women’s hair is most certainly a product of racism/sexism; the way that so many want to reduce a black woman from a whole human being to a “weave” is meant to hurt.

    Believe me, I’m talking about intention. ASAP Rocky can’t hurt me. But he and men like him whose INTENT is to humiliate black women need to be mocked.

    “Your issues seem to (something that SMH just made up because of his free-floating rage)…”

    Yeah right, that’s what any objective person would conclude from my comments /s. Your assessment of me is based on YOUR rage that you unsuccessfully try to mask with sarcasm and wanna-be condescension.

    *sigh* all this projection and prevaricating. You do realize that you’re a hypocrite, don’t you?

  • everythingl

    I’m referencing your statement that the comment was solicited.

    And, FYI, this wanna-be condescension is ineffective. When you tell people to make an intelligent comment, but you make no effort to challenge their comment, you don’t come off as someone more intelligent. You come off as someone who can’t make your case.

  • Brianna

    I wear MAC’s Ruby Woo and I feel fabulous everytime I put it on.

  • Tonton Michel

    Not a fan of it either on any shade of black, reminds me of Sambo and crackheads. But hey its their lips, enjoy. ASAP is entitled to his opinion.

  • greendoondoon

    I read this on the tram home and busted out laughing. Folks were looking at me like I was crazy. I would drink wine with you any day. This comment wins all of the internet.

  • Catpopstar

    You know whats weird? I keep hearing people say that certain colors don’t look good on black people. Purple, silver, red, etc…

  • Pseudonym

    I agree with everyone. Can we get an intervention on those braids?

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    @ muse. Exactly … lol. Have several seats. My grandma would do our hair like that back in the day but she called them “plaits”

  • Donna Tate

    Young black artist…if that you want to call them are being pimped. The white men and women are the powers that be who decide what goes out to the public. The klan has just changed it image and headquarters, instead of wearing white sheets and being male they now wear suits and include women and reside not not only in the deep south they are headquartered in every major media organization. Please use some commonsense and stop helping them spread this crap around!

  • theblackparacosmistmind

    If you read all of my comment, then you would have realized that I said “some” fool, not all. S-O-M-E that spells some. Here’s a dictionary definition to help you out:

    Damn, and I even gave some black men examples (note: Kendrick and Denzel) to highlight that I wasn’t being biased. Please, let’s not pretend that most contemporary rappers aren’t on that “long hair don’t care pretty yellabone” tip. Tupac is from a different era of rap dumbo. We’re in 2013; not the 90s. A MAJORITY of hip hop rappers do reinforce the bullshit. Do I need to define majority too?

    I’m not anti-black men. I’m anti-self-hating black men. Kendrick is a leprechaun out of the sea of black rappers that rap about light skinned women > dark skinned women. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    Maybe some hooked on phonics and a healthy dose of realism is better than the “pie-in-the-sky black men can do no wrong mentality”.

  • Sharon Lowd

    All you need to wear red lipstick, is the right attitude!

  • theblackparacosmistmind


    We all know that you try to e-thug on here, so I’m not gonna go toe-to-toe with you on the name calling and troll action. I actually have a job and am in school, so I’m not gonna play with you.

    But to get you started on your literacy journey, I’ve done the favor of digging up an old sesame street vid with Indie Arie (a beautiful dark skinned sista):

    I hope this helps boo, we all gotta start somewhere.
    <3 ;) Have a good one.

  • JS

    I think he has a point though he just articulated it wrong. We ladies with golden and dark skin have to be careful of the shades of color we wear. You are completely right in that there is a shade of red for every woman but how many women actually wear their proper shade that compliments them? With loud colors no matter what skin tone its a fine line between looking like a clown and having a bit of jazz to your look. Not all the time but I have definitely seen some sistas who some would define as “ratchet” with bright baby blue eyeshadow way lighter than their skin color, bright pink lips and blush that doesn’t suit them.

    Now we know the makeup industry traditionally does not cater to darker skin tones like they do fairer skin tones. In my experience with makeup I have had to drop some $$$ on high quality makeup in order to get a match for my skintone just with foundation. Anything with color is a whole different story. Not everyone has the means to spend the money on makeup where there is someone competent who can try out make up shades on them. If you are a black woman who cannot afford to spend $$$ on make up then you aren’t going to have that advantage of having someone try shades on you and are going to be put at an even greater disadvantage because you will be forced to just guess at what shades look good on you from a selection that was not created with you in mind.

    ASAP above anything else is a man. He like most straight men, who don’t care to put on makeup, no nothing about it. They don’t know the details, what women go through to look good and how hard it can be to put on eyeliner. Even if they are of color they certainly don’t know how race and socioeconomic status plays into it. It doesn’t effect them. All he knows is what he thinks looks good from what he’s seen. From his speech it seems as he was speaking in generally and not making a definite statement. What he does need to do though is realize how his speech can be misinterpreted. Although I doubt he even realizes anything about different shades of red. Ask most men what color navy and royal blue are and they will just say blue for each of them.

  • ChaCha1

    Oh, you didn’t know? We can’t wear any color well. Not pastels, not brights, not primary colors, nothing…no, not even earth tones.

    (not serious)

  • PineApple

    Is no one noticing that Taraji isn’t dark-skinned…?

  • Hello

    I always find it suspect when a man who claims to be straight talks about women’s hair makeup and fashion.

    And why is it always the UGLY dark skinned males (not the good looking ones like Denzel) who always have something nasty prepared to say about dark skinned women? Look in the mirror, you are the same shade homie!

  • WTF

    Yeah!!!!!! I notice that too. I noticed it with pimps. Pimps are almost always Gay ( I can’t say DL cause when u roll around town in an Alligator print SUV that is not on the low) ugly and will beat a woman down for no reason. Maybe these men are frustrated they can’t get a sex change.

  • binks

    Because there is a difference between an objective tip/suggestion AND policing women’s bodies/beauty. Furthermore, just because there are top male fashion designers, makeup designers, and hairstylist I still take their opinion what a grain of salt because even though they might have great tips and suggestions they don’t know what it is like to be a woman, dressing like a woman and what style/items makes me feel good as a woman. So no it is not dismissing them but telling them that “okay your opinion is noted but not the final say…”

  • Rosey

    What!?! Tons of women can pull off red lipstick but I have fond memories of watching my beautiful chocolate mother put on red lipstick back in the day. Absolutely gorgeous, he’s crazy.

  • Muse

    Mmm, if the shoe fits… ;-)

  • Muse

    Yes, girl. Mine too, lol

  • Cocochanel31

    Everything aint for everybody! Im light and look horrible in red!
    I question men who are so into women’s fashion/makeup as well..wth!

  • iCrossMyHeart

    @SMH Do you actually read? I know you are writing to come off as “intelligent”, but when I read her comments and your replies, they do not make sense. Reading to reply and reading to understand are two different skills, which one are you applying here because I do not think you have acquired the skill to read in order to understand.

  • Nubian Princess

    This advice coming from a man that wears dresses and straighten his hair and refers to himself as a pretty muthaf*ck* …right. I believe he’s gay and maybe he feels red lipstick doesn’t work on him and he’s upset….poor lil tink tink

  • pinklipstick227

    I’m not really upset with ASAP’s comments because I know plenty of people (women and men) who share his sentiments about people of certain skin tones not being able to wear certain colors. For example, plenty of my white friends always lament about bright colors look much better on me than on them. I strongly believe that confidence can make or brake an outfit or makeup look. Therefore, as a woman with deep skin, I wear whatever color I like.

  • ….

    This site left out this part of his comment.

    “what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the f*ck”

    Basically saying that fair girls can rock things that dark girls cant but not the other way around. Hes comparing two types of women to each other and is clearly lifting one up over the other.
    That dosent sound “Lil Wayne-ish”?

  • i dunno

    ain’t that a bytch!

  • Butters

    I hate when people let ignorant stuff like this slip off of their lips!!! Women can wear any color that they please!!! Get the right shade that blends well with your complexion & walla magic!! He really needs to stay in his lane, & worry about doing something with that head of his!! Looking A Mess!! That is all!!!

  • Danté

    Damn. The brother is entitled to his opinion, no matter how unpopular or unfounded it is. Some people are taking this way too personally.

  • DasaniFRESH

    To better illustrate their point I wish Clutch presented a more diverse selection of photographs. There are two photos of Gabrielle Union and Janelle Monae, respectively. Although I do agree…

  • The Comment

    Don’t take it too personally……
    Ok….let’s say a white man said:

    1. Dirt makes our hair grow
    2. Dark skin chicks shouldn’t do X,Y or Z…
    3. “on the pair that negressess”

    You’d be ready to call the Rev. Al Sharpton on his whack azz.

    these ignorant rantings is what give women complex… I KNOW cause what ignorant black ignents said to me in the 4th grade took 50 hrs of counseling to don’t tell me not to take this stupid stuff personally.

    And maybe this brother isn’t a brother after all! Brotha is a term that is reserved for black men who respect black women. This Nut Job is not a BROTHER!

  • Chic Noir

    This fool was also in that Alexander Wang neo blackface video. This negro is a trader. Let him fall & do not purchase anything he promotes.

  • Danté

    Thanks for illustrating my point about taking it personally.

    If a white man said those things, I’d laugh at his ignorance and keep it moving.

    And in this world, a brother is a brother, even if he’s misguided. If we were to abandon all the misguided brothers…well, we’d have to cut a lot of people loose.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Yeah I think everything proved that basically SMH ( name says it all) has a lot of deep seated issues that he should work out. And is a hypocrite. C’est la vie.

  • The Comment

    @ Dante

    Great. I gave you a thumbs up for your cheery attitude for something so serious.

    ..keep it moving. Tell that to the millions of sistahs that are mentally abused everyday by things said and done to them by black men and black men alone.

    Tell that to your daughter. “Oh…he called you burnt piece of bacon for 10 years. HAHAHAHA!!!! Just laugh it off honey and keep it moving. He’s just ignorant. You’ll develop a complex and may even internalize his bullchit but no worries. Get over it and keep it moving.”

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Are you sometimes not really reading the comments that people are writing? I have been following your responses for a while. I mean your comments sound a little Stormfront, but hey whatever floats your boat. Every time someone makes a statement when you respond they sound off. Like you are trying to one up them but you they seem like you weren’t paying attention to what they were saying. Then you go on about how much they hate themselves and a constant quip about working out. I just find it odd that’s all. I don’t listen to ASAP. I’m more of a Joy Division / Bloody Valentine kinda girl so I have nothing to say on this except wear whatever you want ladies.

  • Danté

    @ the comment

    If a person is aware of their self-worth, and if a person is comfortable in his or her own skin, the ignorant opinions of ignorant people should not matter. We’re not talking about hypothetical daughters, we’re talking about grown people. What grown person is sensitive enough to care what a cat like A$AP Rocky thinks? Yes, you might disagree, and that is your right. yes, you might want to put him on blast, again your right. But to internalize his comments, to act as though his opinions are relevant to your life…I can’t dig that. If we were talking about this in a bigger context, I might be able to reach an understanding with you. But we are talking about one man’s opinion. So yes, I reiterate…keep it moving. What Rocky says only matters if you care what Rocky thinks.

  • Nic

    Why is anyone listening to a grown man who has his hair done like Celie in the Color Purple?

  • Ms Write

    I need to speak to a beauty consultant then because I have always been self-conscious of wearing red lipstick or any lipstick period. Not only am I unsure which colors work well with my tone (Lauryn Hill complexion) but also because my lips are so full I’ve always been a little doubtful that I could pull it off without looking like fish lips…

  • The Comment

    Yes! What you are saying is awesome. But why do you refuse to see that there is a definite war on black women BY (are you listening to me? This is very important…) shhhhhhh….BLACK MEN IN RAP!

    I don’t care what a homeless man thinks about me. But no one is giving the homeless man shine. No one is out there interviewing the clinically insane, asking them what they think about a sistah’s lipstick ON THE PAIR OF COMPLEXION!

    I live in N. Cali….by sheer numbers of the population and liberal laws that attract them to this area…. I will see a homeless person everyday I walk outside my home. But guess what. I don’t hear chit they have to say. I’ll say hi and give them 5 bucks. But I do keep it moving. Yes Sir.

    The insane are not given splashy headlines in glossy magazines set against fine leather sofas with damask wallpaper from Denmark in the background.

    The pathological unbalanced and sick have the mic now.

    These rappers are sick in the head. They are not talented. Possess no wicked skills. These lost clowns clearly demonstrate a mental breakdown in our community. ALL COMMUNITY against women.
    You sound like a reasonable person. You know when someone is broken, they prey on who and what THEY perceive as weak among them. Right now…the sick are preying on black women.

    Should be. SHOULD BE in the history of rap..when a rapper can ascend to super stardom; that we have a variety of thoughts. A infinite amount of black clarity, black progress in a verse, line or hook. Never Not Ever with these degenerates.

    Only in underground Rap; MF Doom, Scienze of Life, Q-Unique and a thousand others who will never see THE BEAT top 40 playlist, will you find progression.

    No disrespect to old school Republicans. But what we have now are Black Republicans on the mic. Talking about mega wealth and the women they consume from day to day. Drugs, pimping 12-yr-olds on Craigslist.

    Looking back in the 80s. We rapped about weed and alcohol and partying. Not Molly’s, sizzurp and 3somes. This chit today is straight up DEVIL MUSIC commissioned by the KLAN.

    Lil Wayne, T-Pain and a host of others are reverting back to pimp tactics used in the 70s. Use and abuse the black woman until you get and maintain yo cash flow.

    The goal is to help each other. I don’t want to put a brotha’ on blast. I want to help our men blast into space. Find a new planet come back home and inspire us all.

    I’m done. Have a great weekend.

  • Danté

    Ok. Let’s agree to disagree. Peace.

  • Niter

    With the right you shade, you’re lips would look gorgeous. I think big lips look fantastic in red.

  • simplyme

    I’ve learned that 99% of the time when straight men speak about make up or women’s fashion they have no clue what they’re talking about. They will make a generalized comment based on one or two women they saw rocking something the wrong way…then forget all the women they see everyday who wear it just fine.

  • Tina

    ITA. He is getting a lot of shine here because I never heard of him before this and just based on his photo i can’t see why his opinion on beauty/style is worth a half a penny.

  • paintgurl40

    Exactly!! Women shouldn’t take beauty advice from men. What they are thinking and what you’re thinking are two different things. For example, when I told my husband that I was going natural he wasn’t thrilled. He thought I was going to look like Kunta Kinte or Florida Evans. Now that he sees my hair in it’s natural glory, he really likes it.

    When I was younger, I didn’t like red lipstick either. However, there wasn’t much of a variety. Now after reading this article, I will try a red lipstick.

    I don’t even know who this dude is, but his lips look like he’s been kissing flour. WTF do I look like taking his opinion to heart?

  • Nic

    Lauryn Hill looks gorgeous in red lips. As does any brown skinned lady who wears red. It really comes down to your undertones, although even that isn’t hard and fast rule. I’m dark and i feel my best reds aren’t necessarily what the “rules” would dictate.
    And if you deal with a “consultant” who thinks that dark skinned women cannot wear red, you’ll get bad advice.
    I went shopping with a friend who was medium-toned (like Kerry Washington) and she wanted red lipstick. Not a hard match. I’m darker but we both have yellow undertones so i felt that a couple of colors that I’d foundd a smidge too bright were going to be perfect on her. I was right, but the person at the MAC counter was obnoxious and tried to give her a brown, claiming that red wouldn’t look right. The color I gave my friend was the bomb and she bought it, although not from that store and rude, dismissive, MUA.
    Look for black makeup artists, bloggers, and vloggers on You Tube and they’ll show you about 100 reds that you can pull off. No joke.
    a LOT of dark skinned black women love Ruby Woo, but it is very drying. I personally like MUFE 46, MAC (Runway Red, discontinued b/c you know how MAC is), and have had artists use MUFE 43 (Moulin Rouge) on me. I also probably have about 8-10 other drugstore reds…matte, creamy, shiny, etc.
    It’s also a really versatile lipstick to have b/c you can do fun thing by mixing it with liner, so if you find something to be a little too bright, use brown to darken it and make it warmer, or use wine colored liner to darken it and make it cooler.
    Finally, your eyes will need to adjust to it if you have been living in nudes or dark colors. i can pull off brighter reds than the ones I mentioned, but the ones I’ve listed look best to my eyes. Kind of like people will claim orange is a great color for me but I don’t like to wear it. You’ll need to try a range of reds to see which one you like, but trust me, you’ll get lots of compliments about how glorious you look.

  • Nic

    The nice thing is that the drug store formulas are really good so you don’t have to break the bank finding your favorite red. Wet N Wild and Revlon and NYX all have great lipsticks and a LOT of reds. Check out You Tube for black vloggers and google swatches on dark skin to find some starters.

  • Nic

    Not all MAC is drying. Matte lipsticks are drying, no matter who they are made by, and you just listed a couple that have that effect.
    There are plenty of creamy reds and plenty of creamier colors made by MAC.

  • everythingl

    @ SMH

    Oh I get it. LOL changes everything. Seriously, misogyny drips from your posts. If you don’t know, it’s because you’re not self-aware. When you call me unintelligent, it’s only to reinforce that to yourself. That word truly means nothing to me.

    And I DO jog, but thanks for the health tip *smiles*

    My advice for you would be some anger management classes.

  • everythingl

    Your posts are inane ramblings filled with personal statements that have no basis in fact or evidence. The only people I’ve spoken about is ASAP Rocky and others of his mindset. See, I am challenging a BEHAVIOR exhibited by SOME people. You are attacking black women as a whole. So…who’s making generalizations here? How does the cognitive dissonance not make your head explode? You think that what you imagine about me is fact. You literally have NO self-awareness. Because no man with an ounce of self-awareness would make fallacious charges like this unless they’re swimming in a cesspool of hate and misogyny

    My father (and the men who care about me) would kick your a** for slandering them. But, you don’t strike me as the kind of man who gets this “bold” with other men *snicker*

    I’m just shocked that you didn’t accuse me for having a weave that I don’t actually have. That’s the kind of thing you misogynist men LOVE to do ;)

  • everythingl

    @ BeReal

    I’ve never been a fan of white women who have blonde hair, black roots and black eyebrows, but I won’t waste my time telling them what they should and shouldn’t do with their hair. It’s all about personal taste. And it’s their personal business.

  • everythingl

    Excuse the couple grammar mistakes. I wrote this post in about 15 seconds.

  • Ms. Vee

    This is laughable. Who is trying to value the opinion of this kind of man? What woman of substance is trying to attract him and his ilk? Everyone is entitled to their opinion/preferences, but had this been Lance Gross or Laz alonzo i’d be more inclined to care.

  • paintgurl40


  • daki

    Ladies should not be so easily offended by ANY man, but especially 1) one they do not know personally 2) a “rapper” 3) this guy? My husband hates red lipstick, my freaking husband. I don’t wear it (not that I did before I met him) but if I WANTED to I would and that’s my husband not some strange man commenting on cosmetics and skin tones! Also, he’s a DUDE my husband has commented on not liking red lipstick period (regardless of skin tone), and then turned around and liked it on some women. It’s like men and hair, they have opinions but are usually not well informed. Bottom line is who cares, look good/your best and do YOU. And yes, we know some black men have complexion issues, that will not change…don’t let it affect you.

  • daki

    I have to agree with Dante.

    It’s not about dismissing the hurt that comments like this can cause but we live in a world where people speak first, THEN think (if they do at all). I also do not care if he were white or black. It would throw me off if it were an entertainer that I actually KNEW of or respected like Denzel or Idris. But that’s it. It would not hurt me.

    I understand things can be offensive but we have to learn to love ourselves because people ALL around us will try to tear us down (as Black women). I’m sorry for the hurt that you have endured (I get it). I was called soup coolers, nappy headed (became natural LONG ago), etc. But I must say my parents did a good job of helping me to love me fully (not perfect but sufficient).

    And sorry, brother is brotha is brother. Every black man or woman has the potential to do something that we find offensive it doesn’t mean we cut them off. If we believe in the concept of a “black community” at all that is. Just wanted to put some perspective on an seemingly flippant attitude about the remark.

    I commented on the actually lip stick part in another post…male opinion’s of beauty, etc.

  • daki

    Exactly! Nuff said, and thank you.

  • daki

    This is an interesting thread. Not because of his comments (that serve as a catalyst for the discussion) but because of the mindset. First of all I am a BLACK WOMAN and I love myself, so please here me out without attacking me. Because this is not an attack to any of you…

    I don’t know about you all but I remember being a little girl in school and there were several young black males, dark-skin (and one was FINE) that got picked on constantly for their complexions. One I still know til this day (over 20 years later) and he has evolved into a very well-rounded, educated, mature man. However, on the other side of the spectrum you may have a guy like Rock. Who was called “dark”, “nappy” and “ashy”.

    Sound familiar? We have to remember its not just girls and women who get the backlash for dark skin. I’m not arguing about who has it worst (personally I believe women do in this day in age) BUT he may have been told that lighter was better too, and been just as mind F*cked as anyone else would be.

    Does that mean I respect him and will support his music? Nope. Don’t know him don’t care to know him but I won’t attack him either. He does NOT have the POWER to hurt me for one, but honestly some of us “make it out” of mental slavery, some don’t.

    Btw, the girls that were making fun of the dark skin guys were black girls (and vice versa). We do it to each other. We STILL do it as adults. He makes a misguided comment, we attack. It’s a dumb cycle that gets us now where.

    Just KNOW you are beautiful, you can wear whatever the hell you want. And you don’t have to throw daggers at every little boy/man that throws them at you (or is perceived to). What does it do?

  • daki

    please excuse the typos!

  • JRW

    Sooo we’re taking fashion advice from a grown man who wears two pig tails??? Looking more like Bullwinke than Rocky. Oh ok, pls continue to tell me what else looks bad on women of YOUR complexion Mr. A$AP. I’m brown skin and rock red lipstick HARD and other dark women ALWAYS come up to me and tell me how good it looks and that ” I never thought dark skin women could wear it and it look good” Ok black women, keep letting society tell you how to look and dress and see where you end up…… Oh wait.

  • fedola


  • Mishi

    I am over these “entertainers” out there being given a platform to speak to so many and choosing to spread the ignorance their parents apparently were unable to rid them of! Lil Wayne’s “beautiful black woman, I bet that B—- look better ‘red’ (very fair in complexion)” to whoever this fool is… It’s too much! It’s embarrassing to all Afro-descendants to be this far removed from slavery yet still perpetuating ideas invented by a salve master, Willie Lynch, to keep slaves docile.

  • Pingback: brown girl problems: the search for the perfect red lipstick

  • SoOverThisIsh

    @Marissa…I agree with you. I’m very light and I hate “nude” makeup. IMO, color is much more flattering. It’s just about finding the right stuff that works.

  • Black Celebrity Energy

    Wow I see why I rarely come here not one woman encourages other women to urge others and young girls to stop supporting him and other disrespectful rappers, Oh I get it you’re waiting for it to be some movement your not willing to take the first step and feel it’s worthless. Any song he’s in he cannot be supported, any show (including award shows) he can not be supported, any collaboration with other artist(even those you like cannot be supported. I DON’T Respect many BW because they don’t RESPECT their daughters and simply train another generation of girls to take verbal abuse……sic

  • Tera

    By BW you mean Black Women, Correct?

  • JRM

    OMG totally rolling on the floor right now!!!

  • britt

    This literally had me in tears.. Lmao!!

  • Kailey

    Y’all are dumb.ASAP ain’t even talkin to y’all straight up.Don’t take his words personally,if you can’t handle it then don’t listen to him.

  • Sinny

    Lemme not even send for his looks though. But for all those trying to defend him saying he’s misguided and rubbish you need to vacate the premises. Are you telling me at all the award shows and red carpets he goes to hes never seen beautiful dark women killing it in red lipstick??? Im 18 and I can realise that he’s just one of those unfortunate brown skinned men that consider other complexions more beautiful than his own which is sad really.

  • http://cobb shanique

    he wears them plats to shorten his face

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