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Where is the line between discipline and abuse?

For many, it’s hard to determine when a parent’s disciplinary actions cross the line. One video is calling that debate into question. It was posted on Facebook yesterday and already has over 9,000 shares, 1,800 likes and 270 comments.

It shows daughters being beaten by their father for twerking. They were hit repeatedly with a wire and then humiliated by the taping of a video subsequently shared widely on social media. The whole ordeal may stop them from gyrating for public consumption, but what will it do to them psychologically?

Reactions are varied. Some commenters believe it’s cause for child services to get involved while others commend the father or say the girls should just be happy they have a father to begin with. One reaction summed up the latter argument:

For those of you dummies saying that this is “child abuse” : So please explain to the rest of us , how would YOU handle it if you found out your underaged daughters were posting up twerking videos all over the web ? What are you gonna do , Use the typical “White Parent” form of discipline , playing the “That’s it , You’re grounded for a month” card ??

I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world , because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES .

Parents choose to discipline their child the way they see fit but when that form of discipline becomes public, it’s interesting to see how people respond. In this case, the sentiment ranges from compassion for the child to support for the father’s aggressive tactics. And both supporters and critics find common ground in their shared desire for voyeurism. No matter what their opinion, it seems like everyone can’t stop watching. What do you think about the latest punishment video, Clutchettes?

  • Sasha

    This was abuse to the nth degree. For all we know he may have already caught the girl’s engaging in this tyoe of before and sat down with them to have a talk after which he grounded them. For all we know this could have been a second or third offense and this was the final straw. And even if this is the case, it still doesn’t matter because what he did is wrong and he should be in jail. What he did was child abuse and assault with what could be considered a deadly weapon and he hit them with reckless abandon. He could have seriously hurt them, what if he hit one of them in the face and caused her to go blind. There are many ways to parent, this is not one of them.

  • cosmicistren

    I watched it and the screams were disturbing. I don’t know if beating the young girls with cable wire is the way to go. I thing it was too harsh.

  • London

    I am so convinced that most people don’t know how to use social media properly. Maybe a PSA statement needs to be broadcast so that people understand that sites like Facebook and youtube are for reconnecting with old friends and/or relatives. They can also be used as a teaching tool for various things. But they are not for airing the beefs you have between you and your family members. NOT EVERY THOUGHT OR ACTION HAS TO BE BROADCAST AND SHARED WITH THE WORLD. Some things are better kept behind close doors.

  • Yvette

    I agree. He went too far. It also disturbs me that he took the time to find someone to record it AND put it on Facebook. What was the point, to embarrass the girls? I had a sick feeling in my stomach after watching it.

    I’m not going to go so far as to say he’s a bad father, but for those who are saying that the girls are lucky to have a father at all – no. Just because you’re a man doesn’t make you a good parent. The same thing goes for women.

  • Shirl

    That’s abuse…who beats a child with a cable wire?!!! Apparently his form of discipline ain’t working or those girls wouldn’t have been twerking in the first place…

  • Fiore Scott

    On the one hand I feel that it is a bit harsh of a beating. He seems to be whipping more than spanking, and if welts show up, I feel like that’s a bit much. On the other hand, I think back to my childhood and my father did not generally spare the rod for myself or my brothers. Of course my brothers got the worst of it, as I was daddy’s little girl, but if I got out of hand/spoke out of my neck, either my father or mother let me know through the belt to shape up real quick. There was that one thick leather belt that we ran from but I do not feel any bitterness or anger for how my parents disciplined me. It made me stronger and it kept me inline. Wish my parents had disciplined my other younger siblings as such (9-11 year age gap), cause I sure nuff sometimes wanted to do it for them.

    I wish more parents/grandparents would discipline their children in general, but keeping it to a certain level is necessary.

  • kaf

    I don’t think the wire was needed I think he should have used a belt but the butt whipping was necessary, these younger kids these days get away with too much and have no business wanting to follow pop culture and twerk their behinds for the world to see ( I don’t care how cute Miley Cirus was looking in her onesie). I know for a fact they will not want to twerk in another video ever again. Majority of parents don’t beat their kids out of hate it hurts them while they are doing it. But the lesson needs to be taught. and speaking to the kids these days is not cutting it.

  • just_kiesh

    I’m not against spankings but this one went too far…I was waiting for one of the girls to yell “my name is Kunta Kente!” As a parent, my concern would be why the girls thought twerking AND posting the videos online was acceptable behavior in the first place. I don’t think a beating with an extension cord really teaches values and responsibly using social networking, especially kids that age. He could’ve made their lives a living hell w/o laying a finger on them (ie take away the phones, computers, activities, tv, etc.). It seems like his anger came from being embarrassed by their actions rather than correcting the behavior. And it’s hilarious to me that black people love to say they’re good parents because they beat the ish out of our kids. Meanwhile, our kids lead in every negative statistic in this country. Prisons are full of young men who got their azzes beat when they were coming up.

  • starr

    What whats the purpose of posting it for the world to see.

  • mEE

    but he’s an adult. and they’re children. they really shouldn’t have the same decision making process

  • c0c0puffz

    What is the point of putting your business out on the web? I get wanting to embarrass your child but do these parents think they are invincible? He is probably going to regret posting it online when the police show up at his house. Where was the mama? Was she holding the camera while he beat his daughters? Is she okay watching that?

  • mEE

    that was really disturbing. my parents definitely beat me like this when I was a kid. and I guess I didn’t see anything wrong with it. but watching this video really turned my stomach. their screams were just too much. and the way he beat that second child…that was scary.

    …I’m assuming ACS is now going to become involved and the children will be removed from the home.

  • kiss7

    girl #1: 7 lashes
    girl #2:12 lashes

    one cable wire +angry dad(if this is their real dad) = abuse.
    what happened using your hand on the butt or better talking to them.

  • Pink Lipstick

    For real! Imagine if he were to lose his job over this. He can spank his daughter without airing it for the world to see.

  • OhPuhleezee

    I argued with people all day about this. This is not good parenting. Im am not arguing whooping vs not whooping. My argument is how much parenting did he do before they made this video? What has he been saying/doing (or not saying/doing) all of these years to help shape their minds so that they wouldn’t want to be the type of young ladies that do twerk videos? Girls are bombarded with messages and images telling them that theyy have to be “sexy” and perform for boys in the most obscene manner to be worthy of their attention. It’s on tv, the internet, the radio, on the block, and sometime in their own homes. They see twerk videos and other hoe-ish behavior so much that they may nnot think its wrong. Does the dad watch twerk videos, applaud or laugh at videos of other women twerking, etc.? Has he ever sat his girls down and talked to them about how he as a man views women that dance like this? Before you discipline your child you need to take in account how your parenting (or lack there of) may have contributed to the behavior you deem unacceptable. That whoopin may stop them from twerking but it won’t change the mindset they have that lead them to want to do a twerking video in the first place. And on top of all of that, he’s probably going to jail for this. That can’t be good parenting.

  • Emerald

    There are several major problems here, but one that really strikes me is that the issues behind the girls’ behavior is never addressed. You don’t solve a problem by suppressing it or beating it out of someone. You solve a problem by…well…solving it. The emotional and psychological needs of our young girls are too often overlooked. Promoting fear, humiliation and violence isn’t going to improve anything. I understand the father was upset, but you don’t teach your daughter to be a respectable woman by being the first man to beat her.

  • Yb

    I love how black Americans and American in general have hyper sexualised this dance and are viewing it through their over sexualised lens.

  • Guest1234


    ZACKLY!!!!! I Love Love Love this comment. They learned how to misuse social media FROM HIM! Now, he wants to beat them to change it? How ass-backwards is that!?!?!? I guess the concept of setting a good example is waaaayyy beyond this idiot’s IQ level.

    With damn fools like that for parents, those poor girls don’t stand a chance. It’s a real shame, too. Kids need and deserve better from their parents. Spanking is really useless on anybody over the age of 6. And beating is NEVER warranted, or OK. At this point, if he doesn’t have better tools in his parenting belt, he needs his own ass whooped, because HE’s the problem. It’s poor parenting that’s got these girls twerking online in the first place, not some inherent fault of theirs that can and needs to be beaten out of them. This is a damn shame. My heart goes out to these girls.

  • dee

    Now I would be pissed if I found out my underage children were posting up any content to the web without my knowledge. But did he go too far, definitely.

  • urbanexpressive

    Why does it have to be a White vs. Black way of disciplining a child?

    Lets’s get real here, “discipline” is a form of training that molds & perfects moral character. Once you put your hands on someone, it is no longer discipline. I don’t believe in hitting kids, but if a parent wants to do so, it’s on them, but that is abuse and humiliation. Why tape it? Why SHARE it?

    Lets consider how much leeway these kids had in the begining that they were able to know what Twerking is and find the time to tape themselves doing it.

  • MoMo


  • Starla

    A child this old should not be beaten. Removal of privileges does work, and speaking to your child and leading by example are great deterrent to unsavoury behaviour.

  • Sandy

    this is just child abuse. some people use the Bible to justify abuse of kids- which part of the Bible says you should beat your child this way? We should know that the ‘rod’ that the Bible talks about doesn’t mean beating your child like an animal. Correction is supposed to be done in love. & you’re never supposed to punish your child when you’re angry. You must cool down before you correct your child. In fact, we’re supposed to correct our children the way the Lord corrects us. Can we sincerely say that the way this man is torturing his kids is the same way the Lord who is ever gracious & merciful & corrects us? If that were so, we’d all be dead by now!

  • MamaB.

    This is absolutely out of control. That father seems to be releasing anger onto his children. He needs to find both a different way for preventative parenting (otherwise they wouldn’t be posting twerking videos in the first place, right?) and a different discipline method because cracking an electric cord hasn’t proved effective.

    For those who commend this father: Are we as a people so brainwashed to think that ‘ass whoopins’ are ok? With ELECTRIC CORDS?? On pubescent girls/YOUNG WOMEN???
    Our children are not animals (did you see those girls cowering on the floor) and we should not punish them as such, otherwise they will act like animals and respond to animal like treatment and in turn do the same to their children. Slave mentality:(

  • Michele

    I wouldn’t be suprised to find out this isn’t their biological father.

    How long to read a post about the visit from socail services and the police.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Beat your children and they just turn out to have anger issues and are passive aggressive in dealing with others.

  • dee

    He should not have hit those girls. How do you beat your girls with a wire, belt, hand…whatever, then turn around and try to teach them that no man should ever hit a woman? Violence only begets more violence I don’t care what kind of package you try to wrap it in. They obviously have some self esteem issues and in need of direction in terms of how to deal with their budding sexuality. Beating them into submission only creates more problems in the long run.

  • TT

    I think too many black people don’t realize that they way they “discipline” they’re children is actually abuse. I know a lot of black people were hit with belts myself included, but it doesn’t make it ok. I think this situation calls for a deep discussion on twerking not abuse. You can’t raise your child recklessly, then expect when they reach teenage years to not do behavior like this. Parenting starts from the day the child is born: teaching values, self respect and respect for others. You can’t expect to start parenting when your child is 15/16. It won’t work. Then you will wonder why they’re post twerking videos and acting ratchet. “They should be happy that they have a father to begin.” What good is a father if he’s abusive? I’d rather have no father than an abusive one. I’m disgusted at this video. You are a man and you don’t realize your strength when beating these children. I think they’re too old to have a butt spanking or something like that. There are other ways to discipline your child. I wouldn’t be surprised years later if they end psychologically damaged.

  • Nicoline

    This is abuse.

    Spanking. Meaning a little tap on the butt…okay! But that only works on little kids
    Parents need to get creative on how to punish their kids. Take away her freedom. When you get home from school you can go straight to your room. You can come out for dinner, and to use to bathroom. No electronics, no friends or hanging out for a good while.

  • Treece

    This is definitely taking spanking too far. In my opinion, spanking children who are over a certain age is innappropriate anyway. Removal of privileges and extra chores around the house would have probably done the job and not inflicted any psychological trauma like this beating has. I am all for spanking children. I believe that an open handed spanking on the bottom (or sometimes with a belt) for children younger than these girls is appropriate. But beatings with wires (like the one this man gave) constitues abuse. The fact that they wanted to do a twerk video shows that however they were raised, the pressure to be sexy and use social media to broadcast clouded thier judgement. I don’t know what this father did to teach these girls to resist the pressure to be sexy, but situations like this are more “teachable moments” for teens and tweens than opportunities to beat them. Unfortunately he may end up in jail for his over-reaction.

    I have a question though, Did he post the video or did the girls? Did the girls have the camera set up to record the “twerking” and he caught them, or did he rig the camera? Just wasn’t clear on the facts regarding that

  • TT

    How many young men in prison probably got an ass whoopin by their parents? And look where they ended up. There is a lot at stake. Parents need to find other ways to discipline their children period. And starting when their 15 is not helpful. Beatings don’t work in my opinion.

  • TT

    And you think beatings are working? There are other forms of discipline. I’m probably 100 percent sure that these girls were beaten like this before and yet they’re still acting reckless. Something has to change.

  • Starla

    You know Sandy, there is a prominent verse in the Bible that states: “parents do not provoke your children to anger”. Ironically, very few Christian parents ever reference this verse, but the honour thy father and mother verse is oft repeated…lol

  • Yb


    Just like I’ve done in the past I will continue to take opinion of a mentally distraught, ethically and culturally confused black American hating, bitter Hatian woman with a grain of salt.

    I’ll pass on having someone who think Yorubas can come from Ghana to tell me the origins, history, and culture of this dance.

  • Adiya

    “I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world , because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES .”

    It saddens me that the bar for Black fathers is so low that a man just showing up, no matter how he behaves, is enough. Sure, beat a pair of tween girls like they are slaves or animals, I’m just thankful you are there.

    I’m also saddened that so many people were beat like this by their parents and so often, that this seems normal. Caring for your kids does not mean beating them with chords. The fear and pain in those girls voices is terrifying. That isn’t discipline, that is rage.

    If a man beat a grown woman like this it would be unquestionable abuse. If an animal was beaten this way, it would be unquestionable abuse. If he beat another man this way, he would be arrested. But because these are girls and he is their father, they are property and this is not just acceptable, but encouraged.

    The wounds of slavery run deep. Way too many Black people are still mentally chained.

  • noir45

    Remove these children from the home IMMEDIATELY! This is child abuse, and while it isn’t appropriate for teens to twerk and put it out there like they did, it’s horrible how he handled it.

    I will not watch the video in order to give this creep any glory. He would be arrested IMMEDIATELY. How are we going to teach children not to react to violence, when we ADULTS can’t even control ourselves. I understand whipping because my mom whipped me, BUT my mom always explained why and she followed it up with love. Disciple and love go together. Beating a child the way this “father” did is NOT discipline with love.

    We live in a sick, sick, society, and anyone cosigning this, I would be very wary if they had children.

  • Il Taker

    Really folks, some of yall think beating young adults with a wire cable is acceptable form of discipline. I got licks from my father once when I was six. No belt, just one hand on my clothed bottomed. I don’t resent him for it. I was being bad. However, I was freaking six and these young women appear to be about 14/15/16. At that age, ass whippings aint going to do nothing. My now 17 year old sister got hit like that and she still not acting right. Kids, when they get out of hand especially when they are older like that, need some firm talking to and have their privileges shut all the way down. Or better yet, ship their asses out the house. There are other ways to teach kids that what they doing is wrong without raging out. And I hate how black people always want to mention how white people discipline their damn children. We leading in negative statistics left and right, Chicago’s youth got over there looking like a damn war zone and bet my last $.75 them fools all got their butt beat by their “parents”. The father took it too damn far and he’s gonna get what he has coming to him.

  • Yvette

    I was thinking the same thing about him not being their bio dad.

  • noir45

    Let me say this. Yes, parents have a “right” to spank their children even though it’s, in my opinion, an archaic way of doing so because many parents, like this one, are lazy and instead of talking to the girls to explain to them why what they did was inappropriate, he decides to beat them.

    However, we as a society have a DUTY to report anyone who is abusing a child. It’s not “just on them.” We have GOT to protect our children, and if I see someone abusing a child in my presence, they will get called out on it.

    We should never accept that even under the guise of “discipline.”

  • P


    That was way too harsh! I think he is just abusive, I don’t know that many fathers who have to beat their daughters at that age. By the age those girls appear to be, the father should have already developed a disciplinary relationship with them instead of beating them to a pulp. He was beating those girls as if he was taking his frustration out on them from something he was dealing with. They were already screaming.

    I agree with desiring to raise your daughters within in a respectful way. I just think he would have gotten further had he explained why you don’t need to twerk. What it is, what it look like. By beating them, the pain and fear made them stop. If he isn’t around in the future and the girls not understanding why you shouldn’t twerk, they may do it again. Maybe he has talked to them in the past. Either way, that was too harsh.

  • RJ

    There is a difference between spanking and abuss..that was abuse. There was hatred and the man was acting like an untamed animal.

    He needs therapy and parenting classes. No child should cower in a corner afraid that their parent is going to harm them. Spanking is supposed to break the spirit to do wrong. Not break their spirit.


  • Your Spirit, Or Your Body

    I agree. I am all for at least parents doing something pro-active

  • Nikki B.

    THANK YOU! He was clearly embarrassed and reacting from an emotional place. He could have made them so miserable that they couldn’t even fart without permission by the time he was through. Take away their privileges, fill their afternoons and weekends with something constructive. Dont publicly humiliate them and beat them like animals.

  • JaeBee

    “I think the distinction was they have a fathers that is not only there but one who cares.”

    Are you freakin kidding me?! I’m sure you probably also think that men who beat their wives and girlfriends truly care about them as we’ll.

  • JaeBee

    How bout he shouldn’t have been “spanking” them in the first place. What he was doing was not discipline and it certainly was NOT a spanking. It was a whipping—looked like a scene right outta Django Unchained.

  • Writerdiva

    Extremely disturbing. I didn’t get a lot of whippings growing up and even when I did, my parents didn’t use a cable wire. Their screams shot all through me! That guy beat those girls like he didn’t want them anymore.

    ACS probably paid a visit today since it’s viral. If you can’t control your kids w/o beating them into submission then just how fit of a parent are you?

  • MommieDearest


    “I am so convinced that most people don’t know how to use social media properly. Maybe a PSA statement needs to be broadcast so that people understand that sites like Facebook and youtube are for reconnecting with old friends and/or relatives. They can also be used as a teaching tool for various things. But they are not for airing the beefs you have between you and your family members. NOT EVERY THOUGHT OR ACTION HAS TO BE BROADCAST AND SHARED WITH THE WORLD. Some things are better kept behind close doors.”

    YES!!!! This PSA needs to be plastered everywhere- on TV, radio, billboards, bus stops, gas stations, grocery stores, the malls… It’s a darn shame that something that started out with good intentions ended up being a playground for narcissists, exhibitionists and voyeours. *smh* I’ve said this before, social media (particularly Twitter) will be the downfall of humanity as we know it.

  • roslynholcomb

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, if your pre-pubescent daughter is twerking on YouTube the only person who deserves to be beaten with an extension cord is you! Brutalizing your children then posting the evidence on Facebook is child abuse, and if I find out what state this brute is in I will call CPS.

  • D

    I’m pro-spanking. I think it’s good practice to not do so in the heat of the moment, though. Way too much raw anger. It’s the same reason some total stranger can’t properly spank/discipline your child but you can…it’s the love behind it and the intent. You do it out of love, not anger. If you tell a child not to go in the street and they do so anyway and almost get hit, you’ll be scared and angry, sure. But if you do swat them on the butt, you’re doing it so they remember the lesson of almost getting run over. In this case, it looks like he just walked in on them mid-twerk and went crazy. He was just unleashing anger. If an hour or so had passed you would have the more civilized spanking/lecture combo. They still get the rod…they get the lesson…and they get the love. “I’m not doing this because I’m angry with you, even though I am. I’m doing this because what you’re doing is bad for you, even if you don’t know it. You must be made aware of that in the sharpest way possible.”

    As for the whole stepdad, mama’s boyfriend or biological dad, it shouldn’t make a difference given time. If he’s a boyfriend or stepdad, and assuming he didn’t just meet mom in a club last week, if he shares the responsibility of raising a child, he shares authority over that child. Let’s not get bogged down in that nonsense.

  • dbsm

    “ie take away the phones, computers, activities, tv, etc.”

    If you have teens, or work with teens, you would have to know that that has got to be the biggest joke ever…akin to putting them in time out.

    for some kids, an ass-whoopin will be effective. for others, it will be fuel to their fire/revenge/hatred. the parents have to figure it out

  • I got sense!

    No they are not full of black men who got their ass beaten by their present fathers growing up. Many studies have shown this.

  • dbsm

    all that you said is really great in theory….its like all the education lessons and meetings they make teachers sit through for professional ed–most of which do little to change the day-to-day dynamics within the classroom.

    parents have a lot to stand against when their children likely spend more time at school than at home. i caution others not to make a snapshot judgement about this family’s parenting.

  • Britt

    I’m a STRONG believer in home training. I believe that teaching children respect for themselves and others, manners and being polite starts from parents in the household. I also believe children need discipline.

    This father probably shouldn’t have hit his kids with an extension and he DEFINITELY shouldn’t have made a video of it and posted it on the Internet. But I’m almost certain that if the video of those 10-year-old girls twerking would have gone viral instead, people would be questioning where the parents were and why they aren’t aware of what their children are doing. No one would be saying, “I hope those parents give those kids a strong lecture on what they did wrong.” Everyone would say, “I hope those kids get their butts whooped.”

    We don’t know this father’s parenting style, and most things that kids do does not warrant a beating, however, 10-year-olds posting videos of themselves twerking might be one of those things. Today, they’re on twerking online, tomorrow they’re working at King of Diamonds.

  • dbsm

    “As for the whole stepdad, mama’s boyfriend or biological dad, it shouldn’t make a difference given time. If he’s a boyfriend or stepdad, and assuming he didn’t just meet mom in a club last week, if he shares the responsibility of raising a child, he shares authority over that child. Let’s not get bogged down in that nonsense.”

    this part is great

  • Tonton Michel

    He should have just confiscated all electronic devices and donated all clothes to the good will. Had an ex who pulled that. The little girl was dressed in over size boys clothes for months. This beating kids with electrical cords and recording is going a bit far. But don’t know what avenues he already tried.

  • noir45

    Personally, the ONLY way a man, who was not my children’s father, would share in the “raising of my children,” would be if I was MARRIED to him. There are way too many woman who want boyfriends to be husbands and daddies when women aren’t married to said man.

    I am so grateful to my mom that she never allowed men in and out or home and that they would NEVER lay a fingernail on us. We were HER responsibility.

  • Maria

    Young women who shouldn’t be dancing like this for the world to see!!!

  • noir45

    To think someone thumbed you down is frightening. I’m getting ready for the “thumb down” too, but I don’t care. To think anyone would cosign what this “boy,” not man, did to those girls under the guise of “discipline” indicates the sick world we live in.

    Culturally, I know that many of us got our behinds whipped, but where does it end. People are so simple-minded that this is the one way they believe they can discipline a child because they don’t know anyway else because they were probably beaten as children or they are uneducated. To think people actually ascribe to this type of abuse scares me. Hopefully, the ones who thought this “boy (not man) who was disciplining his children in love” will not be able to procreate. No wonder our children are violent and messed up.

  • noir45

    No they shouldn’t but they did. Why wouldn’t they went they see it all the time? Does that mean they deserved to get beaten?

    Why could this cockroach of a boy sit them down and discuss with them how inappropriate their behavior was. I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but to justify what he is dead wrong. If he wanted to be a good father or whatever role he plays, he should’ve taken away their computers.

    Why do people think that hitting solves problems. It just creates more violence. Is this the way we want to raise our children? Maybe some parents need to take parenting classes so they can learn other ways of disciplining. These girls are teenagers, so evidently, he didn’t do his job in the first place.

  • noir45

    Excuse the typos.

  • bob

    Man Im Haitian. As a boy I used to catch beatings worst then this for smaller infractions. My little sister could do much worst then me and not get beat. I say he did what he had to do.

  • Kema

    That’s abuse. Just because our parents didn’t realize it doesn’t mean we have to make the same mistakes. I was spanked as a child but decided to let it end with me. Don’t you remember how it felt as a child receiving a spanking. It doesn’t teach a lesson. If anything it teaches that violence is the way to handle problems. How can I tell my son not to hit someone for saying something if I’m hitting him when he says something I consider disrespectful.

  • noir45

    Oh, but we do know his parenting style. He showed the world. What makes people think that beating someone is going to correct them. These girls are teens. Somehow, somewhere, something went wrong, so why is he waiting until now.

    If he choose to spank them, that’s one thing, but he definitely took it over the top, and he should be send to jail.

    What’s more, the very people lambasting these girls, are probably the sames one who would click to watch the videos. We are so hypocritical at times. Also, what people don’t think about is when they grow up, they might, unfortunately, get with abusive, angry men like this moron and the cycle continues.

  • bob

    On second thought. He over did it , he is clearly beating them girls to release his anger and to stop them from doing it again. But he is deff releasing his anger on them. That is not good. But the beatings did not last long.

  • noir45

    Kema, you are way too logical and make way too much sense. I think some people see one way of doing things and it’s seared in their brains. It’s like someone who says, “My daddy (or some other man) had sex with me when I was younger, so what’s wrong with a man doing it to my child). The justification of what this man did to those girls is mind boggling. If these comments are true, God help us and our future generation.

  • noir45

    It lasted long enough. I guess that could be said when the slaves would get a few lashes by the whip. SMH.

  • binks

    I usually have no problem with spanking as a punishment but this dad went above and beyond in this case. I mean one to hit them with a cable wire is wrong and two to video tape it was a big no no. I think people misuse corporal punishment and get it confused with ACTAULLY parenting. Spanking does correct behavior alone. And as mention he didn’t really teach his daughter anything but forms the lines of her being afraid of him and not trusting him and most likely distort her views on her father. Furthermore, she is a pre-teen she is WAY push the age of spanking. As my mother say, if you have to spank your kid(s) this late in the game then you wasn’t rearing them right in the beginning! And where was the mom?

  • bob

    you are right. In American Society spankings do not work.

  • Echi

    I agree – this is too much. He’s beating them with the same force he would apply to a grown man, his size or larger. I mean check out his stance – he is definitely putting much work into the beating up of these girls.

    The public humiliation – was also much. It was heart rendering to hear these girls call out “Daddy, no” as he continued to attack them as if they were his fellow men.

    Honestly, the twerking behavior of these children is horrendous. I don’t want to blame the parents because kids are inventive in devising ways to act up. But honestly, other avenues could have been pursued. And I think that girls reach a certain age, as my father and grandfather once told me, where it is inappropriate for their fathers to lay their hands on them (like when they start biologically developing into women). These girls are passed that age.

    It would be great if this ended up in the hands of CPS, but I think that his relative and community would rally behind him – almost making him out to be a martyr for the right to beat up his children.

  • Sanura Rose

    I bet some people commending the father’s disgusting behaviour (I didn’t watch the video but the descriptions in these comments are enough for me. I don’t think I can stomach it) are the same ones who probably watch twerking videos of young girls

  • noirluv45

    BeReal, there are some men in other countries who believe they own their wives and daughters, and if daughter do something they don’t like, they kill them. Is that the kind of society we want.

    Many of us have done things that might have shamed our parents, but to justify this persons unleashing of violence and rage, is unconscionable.

    If he had done his job, long before they became teenagers, maybe they wouldn’t have participated in twerking in the first place.

  • Larry

    Yes. i don’t think he started beating them with cable wires out the blue. They have gotten similar beatings before. and what resulted? Them posting “twearking” videos all over the net. So what does he do?. Beats them even more severally and post it online. Yeah, sounds like a great plan dad.

  • Margaret

    Obviously there are some deeper issues at play here. Why are 12 year olds left with so much time on their hands to be twerking and posting on line? And how can that be the ONLY thing he can think of to do to discourage that behavior? If he’s worried about sexuality, which is probably part of the problem there needs to be some discussion about that in real terms.

    If he wants the girls to get off the twerk team, he needs to help find something more productive for them to do.

    I always wondered why people reach for an electric cord for this kind of thing. what kind of crazy is that?

  • noirluv45

    Sanura, EXACTLY!!! Not only watching, but jacking off to them.

  • Britt

    There is a fine line between spanking and child abuse. Like I said, the father shouldn’t have hit them with an extension cord and he DEFINITELY should not have filmed it for all to see. Parents need to discipline their children at an early age, because by the time they are teenagers, it’s a little late. From what I read, these girls are 10.

    What I see as hypocritical is that if the video of these girls twerking would have gone viral, that man would have been criticized for not knowing what his children were up to.

    I don’t agree with this father’s methods, but I do understand him being angry about the situation. I don’t think these girls will get into an abusive relationship because they got whipped by their father for doing something that they know is wrong. If anything, they won’t be putting up videos of themselves twerking again.

    If these were your kids, how would you have handled the situation?

  • CMK

    Are you kidding me? I’m a woman and had to google twerking. I’ve heard the term but had no clue wtf it was.

    Please, twerking is disgusting just like this video is. We as black have to start really looking at violence. Some of us think this is normal because it was done to us. My mother was the ONLY person who ever laid hands on me and my father never beat us, ever. Even she stopped once we hit a certain age and talks to us constantly about how she regrets reverting to beating first. We laugh at white people for their parenting methods but we should also take a long hard look at ours too. Our disciplining methods. The very idea that those girls are of a age where that they’re developed and still developing and their father beat them like that, wow. Just wow. I’m sorry but getting an “ass whoomping” isn’t always a good deterrent, in fact you can instill violence in your child to the core.

    I will stop, because I get it. Many of us had this done to us, and many of us need therapy as adults. Just keeping it real. We really need to look at violence in the black community and why we think it’s better than finding a different method to discipline our children.

    I agree with Echi, twerking is horrible, but damn so was this beating. I don’t get public shaming, even our court systems don’t go this far. They give them community service. This is insane and scaring, especially since this video will live on forever. I get his anger. I’d be livid if it were my daughters. But take away the internet., take away their phones, leave them with nothing. Refuse to let them hang out with friends. I’m happy they have a father in their life, and he seems to care, but damn, beating them like they’re grown ass men, just wow. There are so many other things he could’ve done, IMO.

  • Meka

    Why not just whoop their ass & keep it moving?? To post the video on the internet was going to far..I know some of y’all thinking “well she was posting twerking videos online so live by sword die by the sword”. Has anyone on this site seen their twerking videos?? probably not, but thousands of ppl have seen her father beatin their asses..

  • Apple Pie


    Do you have a comprehension issue? What does a father disciplining his daughters have to do with with a man abusing his wife/girlfriend? You know the exact point he was making. Stop playing stupid.

  • CMK

    Amen! Amen! This needs to be posted on that FB page, wish I had an account, because the comments proves why a vast majority of black parents are losing and our children are at risk. I think Ebony has a whole thing about saving our sons, they need to have save our sons and daughters.

    If he doesn’t get to the core of their behavior without a wire they will, sadly, end up on the pole. I mean something is there and he’s not addressing it, because he’s too busy being embarrassed by them.

  • bob

    they can call social services on him. I dont think he should go to jail , but he need parenting counseling. But on one note I wish there was dads like this in chicago to whip those potential gang bangers , into men before they choose the wrong path.

  • CMK

    Sounds to me like you’re projecting. Just because this happened to you, doesn’t make it right or mean that he taught his daughter’s anything, besides it’s OK to get your ass beat with a wire by your father. I pray to go God they don’t grow up and think it’s OK for a man to beat them the same way.

  • Apple

    I was expecting it to be funny but I couldn’t even finish the video

  • Sharon Lowd

    Is this an April Fools Day video? No one could possibly be that stupid – video tape yourself while you beat your child? I sure hope this is a joke.

  • Qatalist

    Ok, I get that this was harsh. But, yes but, they needed a spanking. As a woman I feel that girls get away with too dang much. I see so many comments emphasizing as Girls this should not have happened to them. Yet how many of you have witnessed a mom and a dad beat the flip out of their son if he acts up? Why is there an excuse for girls? As young ladies they knew better! If we really want to fall into stereotypes, girls are smarter than boys. They knew what they were doing when they did it. Personally I feel that the mother should have handeled it as a woman is the only one who can get on level with a future woman. Just like a boy is going to learn trully from a man. That girl who is screwing at 13 and is pregnant by 14 doesn’t deserve to be disciplined how her parents seem fit, yet if her behind was kicked out on the streets everybody would cry foul? Did they deserve a spanking? Yes? Taking away cell phones and ETC? They don’t care, they can go to school and use their friends phone. We don’t know this man or his family but as a man when you see your daughter twerking what her mama gave her and post it online for all men and pedophiles alike to see.. Things go red. I didn’t raise her like this. You see into the future.. Her pregnant next year.. Who will she be living with? The baby daddy’s family? Hell naw! Half of ya’ll who did get knocked up at 15 were living with mama and grandma!. When father’s are in their daughter’s life half of ya’ll got the game backwards about being daddy’s girls, blinking your eyelashes and getting over. Please believe. If mama allows it, we will tap that butt! Men are naturally stronger so two pops from daddy will hurt worse then 6 from mom! Thumb down away.

  • CMK

    How do you know some of these potential gang bangers didn’t end-up where they are because they were abused at home? All types of kids end-up in gangs, some absent parents, some environment, some were abused. Violence begets violence – IMO, and beating children should never be your first choice. I mean be logical about this. Beating from those raw emotions he did is insane to me. I don’t get it. I see nothing beneficial about what he did, then he video tapes it, come on. He responded to a bad situation with another bad situation. They’re kids they do stupid stuff, he’s an adult, he has the mental capacity to think his actions out. Kids often react then think about their actions.

    Also, let’s really discuss why these girls are twerking in the first place. One can and should question both parents. I mean the home culture we create for our children is just as important as the world we release them into, in terms of their behavior. Kids who act up or do silly things, if they come from a solid foundation, they tend to think more. Who knows what kind of foundation was built for them.

    I don’t know his prior methods and don’t know the home life, but something is very off with this entire situation, which makes me question the core issues, which I think a lot of people are questioning. He completely blanked-out and reacted rather than responded to what his daughters did. I get he’s hurt by their actions, but he needs to get to the core of it, without a damn wire in his hand. You’d be surprised how fast kids can change is someone actually takes time to teach them how to make better decisions.

    I don’t get anyone who lets their kids on the internet or have all these gadets without a real talking too about them, and setting rules and parameters. My parents were on the tail end of technology, hell my dad had all our AOL passwords and usernames. Dude had tracking software, he just wasn’t trying to let us freely roam the dial up internet back in the days, haha.

  • JaeBee

    “What does a father disciplining his daughters have to do with with a man abusing his wife/girlfriend? You know the exact point he was making. Stop playing stupid.”

    Apple Pie, I would tell you to stop BEING stupid, but you seem to be so stuck on it, that I’m sure it’s probably written into your DNA! You KNOW the exact point that I was making. What this “man” was doing to his daughters was NOT discipline. It was ABUSE (and domestic violence to boot)!

  • BeanBean

    I think the father went overboard with it. You shouldn’t use a cable cord to hit your child, and you shouldn’t beat them out of anger. There is a difference between a butt whooping and abuse, this is abuse. I’ve been beat with switches, belts, paddles, but only on the but, never by a man, and only 3 or 4 times.

  • 2Infiniti

    Perhaps he should have sat his girls down and talked to them. Give them fatherly advise on how this type of behaviour reflects on them and what it could lead to. He could have had his discussion with the girls video taped and shared THAT online. I think his beating — because that’s what it was — crossed the line. He should be charged. He beat those girls with a wire, not a belt. It was terrible to watch.

  • Apple Pie

    As if that works. What most kids need nowadays are SPANKINGS!

  • Apple Pie

    I hate to be blunt but that’s what they get. This is how it starts. Do you know how embarrassed he must have felt watching his daughters shake their a$$ on the internet?? Next thing you know, they’ll be sliding up and down poles. This is the age to set them up straight. The reason why I think most women have an issue with it is because they are not used to seeing a BLACK man discipline his kids, especially daughters. If this was the mother doing the beating, the comments would have been SO much more different. I didn’t hear anyone screaming abuse when that mother caught her son and cousin engaging in incest. She beat them with a wire. Not one person said anything. Do not be hypocrites! The bible says “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. It’s better that he beats them now which will protect them in the future. If fear of their father keeps them from putting up degrading videos of themselves on the internet, then he has done his job!

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Wow. The comments here are telling. The comments here give the ‘girl’ children the permission to do basically what they want. Time out? Taking away electronics? Stern talking to? Really? Some kids don’t respond to that at all. You have to know your kids. Some kids need whippings. Period. You may not like it but it is what it is. I applaud this man for taking that step. I’d not have put it on YouTube and I’d have used a belt… but to say that this man was wrong for disciplining his children is insane.

  • JaeBee

    “If these were your kids, how would you have handled the situation?”

    I would’ve had the video removed from Facebook or wherever the hell it was posted. I would have taken away my children’s computer/cell phone/tablet access so that they wouldn’t have the ability to post any more videos of them embarrassing themselves. I would limit their ability to socialize with friends whom they seem so eager to impress with such foolishness. I would increase the amount of chores they would need to do around the house—as they obviously have too much time on their hands. I would have a talk with them about self respect, self worth, and value so that they might hopefully understand that they don’t need to do acts like what they did in the video to get others to like them or think they’re cool.

    Need I go on?!

  • Rose

    I’m against spankings wholeheartedly, unless in ridiculously life-threatening situations, such as my child pulling my hair while driving-that sort of thing-where there’s a dangerous situation and the kid knows better. And this is coming from the fact that most people don’t know how to spank kids if they were going to do it: a. they do it while they’re angry and pissed and end up going overboard b. they use ridiculous tools: e.g. extension cord c. they use it all the time and don’t incorporate other forms of discipline.

    I personally don’t think a grown man should be hitting on a little girl, now that’s just me. I find it disturbing that some of these 200 lbs men are spanking little girls. And he wasn’t hitting their behinds, he was just hitting them all over. Swinging the belt all willy nilly. He was hitting their legs, thighs and arms. He could have sat down with the girls with the mother or his mother. Or he could’ve had a the “cool” aunt or uncle sit down with him as they correct their behavior. When I was little, that’s what got me-when my mom told my aunts all the things I did-putting me on blast. It was a good shaming tactic. Also, taking some things away. I mean, there’s so many things that could’ve been done.

    The only thing that happens when you spank a child is that you instill fear, not corrective behavior. Talking to them about representation and reputation as young black ladies is far more corrective then just spanking them. He should’ve incorporated that into the video if he did talk with them. But people are putting these things up for shock value and views now-a-days; so I don’t think this is really effective. And very well abusive.

  • JaeBee

    “Assuming he is their bio dad, two major distinctions: they are children and they are his children. ”

    So?! It used to be okay for husbands to beat their wives because they were women and they “belonged” to the husband. We as a society decided that the concept of a man “owning” a woman, which gave him the “right” to beat her was not okay. We as a society are SLOWLY coming to the realization that just because a person is our child that does not give us the right to beat them. As another poster mentioned upthread, if he was filmed doing this to an adult man/adult woman/an animal/a child that was clearly not his, he’d be arrested for assault. Yet somehow, because these are his “daughters” it makes it okay for him to assault them?!

  • Sanura Rose

    If you had to google “twerking” to figure out what it is then that’s fine. I wasn’t speaking about people who aren’t aware of what it is. I was merely addressing those who watch AND enjoy these types of videos (and probably don’t care how old the girls in the video might be) and turn around to applaud the father’s terrible form of discipline.

    I agree with you..I would be incredibly angry and disappointed if I had children and I found out they were behaving this way and posting videos for all the world to see. Violence is normalized in our communities (not just African-American but in African and Caribbean communities as well). We need to find better and effective ways of disciplining children (yes, I understand spanking can work but it becomes a point where it no longer does).

  • MimiLuvs

    I heard about this video. I didn’t bother watching the video because I don’t want to see it. What I do find amazing is how people can believe this type of battery acceptable as long as the victim is a child. If this man videotaped himself beating on his wife/girlfriend/stranger in the same manner, I’m sure the reaction would’ve been different.
    I swear, I think some adults do not consider children to be human beings…

  • I got sense!

    How do you know he hasn’t given them fatherly advice?

  • LemonNLime

    Believe me I am pro-spanking but THAT was abuse. Period. And what was the point of posting it online? People kill me posting EVERYTHING online. He got his 15 minutes of fame for physically abusing his kids. Just great.

  • Smug

    I remember and those “spankings” (or what I knew as “beatings”) are what kept me on the strait AND narrow. I didn’t screw up often, but when I did what I knew was wrong, the belt was what some of us call the “Get Right”. A lot of people who have commented so far are so adamant about physical discipline, YES – Discipline, being detrimental, but it’s saved a lot of us from going down the wrong paths… With that said, what this asshole did to those girls was evil and he should be thrown in jail and have those kids taken from him (the same goes for their mother, assuming she was the one recording or knew what he was doing). That was not discipline AT ALL, THAT was the abuse that so many of you have tried to pass off on ‘simple whoopings’. There was no excuse for what he did, NONE.

  • Apple Pie


    May I ask why my last comment was deleted?

  • Apple Pie

    I hate to be blunt but that’s what they get. This is how it starts. Do you know how embarrassed he must have felt watching his daughters shake their behind on the internet?? Next thing you know, they’ll be sliding up and down poles. This is the age to set them up straight. The reason why I think most women have an issue with it is because they are not used to seeing a BLACK man discipline his kids, especially daughters. If this was the mother doing the beating, the comments would have been SO much more different. I didn’t hear anyone screaming abuse when that mother caught her son and cousin engaging in incest. She beat them with a wire. Not one person said anything. Do not be hypocrites! The bible says “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. It’s better that he beats them now which will protect them in the future. If fear of their father keeps them from putting up degrading videos of themselves on the internet, then he has done his job!

  • Anon

    I have an issue with so much here and in these comments.

    First, what this man did was abuse. Full stop. Beating your children with an extension chord as they cower in the corner screaming. He didn’t teach them anything other than the fact that he is a bully and if they do something he does not approve of he will use his strength to dominate them. I’m tired of the “I got beat and I turned out fine” mentality, meanwhile folks are walking around with communication issues and pent up anger cause they had their feelings beat out of them as children.

    Second, I have a real issue with calling twerking disgusting. Twerking is a form of dance, and although the name has changed, it’s a form of dance that originates from our west African ancestors and passed down through the generations. You will see the same or very similar movements all over the Caribbean, Latin America and west Africa. Young girls or women (and even boys and men) learning to dance and enjoy their bodies is not bad and will not lead to teenage pregnancies and STDs. It’s when you try to suppress self-exploration and body discovery, you end up with girls and women trying to find enjoyment outside themselves, i.e. catering to the male gaze, and trying to please men when they have never learned to please themselves– and I am not just referring to the physical. You want to teach girls and women to respect themselves and their bodies, you teach them that their body is their own, and dancing, twerking, booty popping if they find pleasure in it, is all good.

    Y’all need to get over the respectability politics bull. It’s an unwinnable game

  • Meeshee

    There is no denying that teenage girls today want to grow up fast and be viewed as sexy and desirable. They see it everywhere and there are usually no consequences, whether it’s girls twerking on YouTube or music video girls on Instagram who are praised for their sexiness and have thousands, perhaps even millions, of followers.

    That being said, look at the comments left on the video of the girls getting beaten. They are absolutely appalling. Young men who probably subscribe to the twerk team’s YouTube video channel are calling these girls, “ratchet bitches who deserve it lmao” or “those bitches were only beaten for 5 seconds.” Even female commenters are saying things like, “that’s what you get, fresh ass girls!” I’m not saying that what these 2 girls did was acceptable by any means, but wow. I suppose there isn’t much room for empathy on the Internet. It was very disturbing to watch the video and extremely disheartening to read the comments.

    As for the father, were his daughters’ screams not enough to make him stop immediately? I shivered when I heard them crying out. I understand that there are different methods of disciplining a child, but he went way too far. TOO far. If someone thinks that physical methods are necessary, I would hope that the response of the child would account for something. These girls were screaming in both pain and fear. After all that was said and done, why upload the video? What purpose would that serve? If you try to appear sexy on the Internet, other females can get away with it, but you, my daughters, deserve a severe beating and public humiliation?


  • Anon

    Well, I knew eventually SOMEBODY would bring slavery into this. Can we not blame “slavery” on every bad individual decision a black person makes?

    But yeah, the bar IS that low in a lot of black communities (I’d say majority), with so many people not having contact with their fathers at all.

  • ochestnut

    I agree with you but there is a difference between a spanking and a beating! When he went in on the second one he was out of it!! That’s not the way to do it. You can’t teach your kids to think with a clear head before reacting then just blow up like that on them! Lead by example! And don’t post it on the internet! If his name gets put to this video his future could be screwed! Jobs look on the internet about would be employees. My daughter graduates this year and plans to go to college. The schools she applied to asked for my Facebook and other social media addresses!! It may seem crazy they want this info but you don’t want to be the reason they don’t make it where they are trying to go!!q

  • bob

    Yup Cause daddy need them to show respect to the family name.

  • April

    I’m disgusted and I haven’t even seen it. I refuse to watch, I’ve heard enough. I was trying to stay away from it, but someone in my house hold was watching it and I heard the screams. They were horrifying.

    I’m disgusted that he beat his children so severely and put it up for the world to see. How humiliating. Yay, some people who were beat when they were children turned out fine, but what about the people who don’t turn out fine from childhood beatings? What if these girls don’t turn out fine because of this beating? I’m also disgusted by how white girl Miley Cyrus twerks and everyone thinks it’s cute and shit, but black girls twerk and they are berated, called hoes and hoodrats, and everything else negative under the sun. And all for dancing!

    I hope he catches some kind of charge for this mess.

  • carebearbrite

    That’s an interesting point. As a father who hits his teen/pre-teen daughtera with an electrical cord would have a hard time telling his daughters to not let a man “beat on them” 0.0

  • dbsm

    “Twerking is a form of dance, and although the name has changed, it’s a form of dance that originates from our west African ancestors and passed down through the generations. You will see the same or very similar movements all over the Caribbean, Latin America and west Africa. ”

    I get your overall point, but for real? In the U.S.: The only time I have seen girls/women twerk is when boys/men are in the audience. I have seen pu$$ies and a$$ shown and everything. The more clothing that is removed, the more intense it gets. Sometimes, the women get in a huddle and are dancing with themselves. But more often then not, men get up in the mix and are slapping/grabbing a$$ putting their faces and dxcks all up in the mix.

    And the music isn’t talking about Black pride: have you listened to the lyrics?

    Is this how it goes down in West Africa, too?

    “booty poppin”….pu$$y poppin, twerkin, doodoo brown…I”m all about owning your body, trust me. I looooove dance (and sex, too). But where does a parent draw the line with their kid upside down and scantily clad?

  • Apple Pie

    How would you feel if you knew there a was a 50 year old man jerking off to the sight of your daughters “twerking”? These are young girls who are putting their future in danger by doing this. This is the internet, and whatever they do will follow them for the rest of their lives. It can even harm their job opportunities. I agree that the father should have done this privately, but what he did wasn’t necessarily wrong. Again like I stated, if this was a woman beating her kids, would we be looking at this differently?

  • Anon

    If this was a woman beating her children is would still be abuse. Beating children with extension cords is abuse and I need us to stop pretending like it’s not.

    Also, I can understand not wanting your underage children to post videos on the internet. I DO NOT understand beating children until they scream out in fear because they were twerking. I do not and will not see the harm in young girls learning to be comfortable in their own bodies.

    This society as a whole, and the Black community specifically, has a sick obsession with controlling women’s bodies.

  • lea

    speak for yourself, men in my family were spanked as children, now they are college educated men, and loving husbands to their wives and fathers to their kids.

  • ImJustSaying

    Ther is a major difference in BEATINGS and Spanking. Many people have merged the two into a horrible experience for children. When I was little I got spankings but there was a system to my punishments.
    When i stepped out of line the following happened:
    1. I was spoken to about the issue and something of value was taken away
    2. I was reminded of the previous discussion and was grounded.
    3. If I didn’t heed those warnings I was spanked in the often joked about Word-to-spank fashion. It hurt but didn’t last longer than 5 minutes.
    I will note I was never Snatched up and Spanked on the spot. I knew what I did wrong and had to think about the punishment before I received it.

    That’s the problem with disciplinary actions in families (especially AF-AMER ones) and the problem here. I did not watch the video but I can infer from the comments that the Dad in question didn’t take much time to calm his ass down before beating on these girls. Too many Extreme “spare the rod” people beat children immediately upon the wrong act. As much as your child needs to think about what they did wrong parents need to THINK before the exact punishment. This dad could have deleted all their YT videos and taken the computer away then maybe just maybe had a talk about ..well many topics Sex,self esteem, the power of the internet lots of things. True they may roll their eyes but they’d be hearing from their father how important they are and the reasons they should be better than their twerking ability.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    If you love someone you do not physically harm them.

  • YeahISaidIt

    I was beaten like this as a teen (for trying to stop him from beating my mother). I’ve opted to not associate with either parent for my own piece of mind as an adult. A beating like this is not the first, or the worst these young girls have seen.

    What I find fascinating is that if this man beat a dog, in the name of disipline, in the same manner, who would dare to say he had the right as the dogs owner? Or who would say the dog was lucky to have an owner that cared? I’ve seen folks say not to relate this to slavery. Watch the video again and tell me when you’ve ever seen images like that before?

  • yumm

    “I swear, I think some adults do not consider children to be human beings…”


  • Court

    I am an African American woman and my father disciplined me as a child. I was either spanked or grounded, depending on the severity of my behavior. Therefore, I have seen a black man discipline a child and I can easily spot the difference between discipline and abuse. The actions depicted in this video unequivocally demonstrate the latter.

  • Ooh La La

    “And I hate how black people always want to mention how white people discipline their damn children. We leading in negative statistics left and right, Chicago’s youth got over there looking like a damn war zone and bet my last $.75 them fools all got their butt beat by their “parents”.”

    I hate when people say “I was beat and I turned out fine.” That’s doesn’t make it right or okay.

  • Allie

    Men are so hypocritical. They are totally ok objectifying other people’s daughters who twerk, but God forbid their daughter do it because they won’t get mad at the dude who objectifies their daughter, but instead shame and beat her. And men sit up their and wonder why women think men ain’t about ish.

  • secretlifeofmen22

    I watched some of the videos and read the comments and most are men saying “i would stick my **** in that” or “you must have a nice pssy” and other vulgar comments to those young girls, and they think it is ok and cool to promote there bodies like that, That beating they got sucked, but they might think twice about acting like that and he probably is trying to make sure his two teen daughters do not end up pregnant.

  • Kema

    ” The only thing that happens when you spank a child is that you instill fear, not corrective behavior.”

    This!! You spank your child and they may not do something because they are afraid of your reaction. But what happens when they escape you (and it will feel like an escape)? I have never spanked my kids and they are very well behaved. They understand that there are consequences for their actions. I don’t have to beat them to teach that lesson.

    Question… do people spank their pets when they misbehave?

  • Come On

    I too am another black woman that was disciplined by her father as a child, and it wasn’t like that. There is a big difference between the spankings I got and this abuse.

    It is not a father’s job to abuse, and all you supporters are sad. You think beatings like this keep girls from becoming strippers. Experiences like this are a part of the problem.

    What kind of parenting is this man doing in the first place that his daughters are doing things like this?

    Also my dad did not spank me past elementary school. There are much better ways of disciplining pre-teens and teens than physical spankings. Lots of men in jail got their behinds beat just like this. Most black kids get spankings. Are our kids better disciplined? Some commenter seemed to think that it didn’t work because there was no man handing out the abuse like abuse from a man would have made a big difference. The children would probably be even more damaged since men are stronger. I mean is there any evidence that abuse like this or even spankings leads to better discipline and success? I think the research says the opposite.

    Someone mentioned on the don’t talk about single mothers article about marriage not being a cure all. This is true. A lot of black people have this ridiculous belief that simply having any man in the house makes a world of difference. It does not. It has to be a good man. My father is a good man not an abuser. An abusive father or mother does way more harm than good.

    Secondly many of the men like you commenting on this article seem to be in support of what he did because it was a man disciplining women like some misogynistic Eastern honor beat down. If the mother had beat the children, it would have still been abuse, and most of the comments would have been the same.

    Most of the comments on that incest article were negative about the mother beating her child for being gay rather than reporting the incest and sexual abuse.

    Really, this is sick. I feel like deep down, all the people who support this man probably feel like it would be okay for a man to physically “discipline” his wife or girlfriend too. If he were to beat another adult like that he’d be in jail, but because these are his kids it’s okay. He’s just releasing his anger on someone smaller because he can get away with it.

  • 2infiniti

    Spanking and beating are two different things. He crossed the line. What he taught them is he is a bully. He’ll be identified and charged. Trust me.

  • 2infiniti

    How do you know he has? All I see is a grown man beating two girls with a cable wire.

  • Jason Smith

    What the f**k do mean by the “typical white parent” form of discipline? What do you suggest we take a chapter from the “raisin yo kids in da hood” handbook? US prisons are 3/4 full of young black men, so something tells me that the “typical hoodrat parent” form of dycipline isn’t working either? Oh thats right it’s the white mans fault that the prison system is full of black men. What blows me away is that if a white person wrote that in an article they’d have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton protesting on their front lawn and Obama telling the world that “if I had a son he’d look just like Travon”. Pathetic and before you all call me a racist maybe look in the mirror first…..oh yeah thats right only white people are racist.

  • Come On

    Honestly, some folks don’t know how to handle the Internet. What did he think what happen? Did he think he would be really popular and get a bunch of likes and that would be it? No. His daughters are now humiliated and getting made fun of, and now he is probably in deep trouble.

    Wasn’t it Reshonda Tate or someone that posted something of her daughter engaging in underage drinking. Her daughter was probably pretty humiliated, and the man who shot his daughter’s computer too. He inflicted a couple of seconds of pain on these girls to humiliate them when he could have done something that wasn’t physical in the first place. And all of these people could have punished their children within the privacy of their own home.

    And for all of those people laughing about white folks timeouts, taking phones away, taking away Internet access, taking away shoes and allowance, and forbidding your kids going to parties is a MUCH better way of disciplining children at that age, and it works. A teen’s social life going down the toilet for a couple of months is a much bigger punishment than 15 seconds of pain. And CPS won’t come knocking. I don’t see anything different about him beating on his children vs. a man beating on a woman or another man or a dog. Once children get past a certain age, you aren’t spanking them. You’re beating them. It’s difficult to spank bigger kids. If he had used a belt on these girls’ bottoms, it probably wouldn’t have hurt as much. So then people like this move into full on abuse.

  • OMG Reverse Racism!


    Go away. For every comment like that, there are 30 by people like you. And there’s no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. That was one comment by someone on Facebook. It was not written by the author. Nowhere in the article did I see the author condoning these “raisin yo kids in da hood” spankings or saying that “typical white parent” discipline is bad. Many of the commenters seem to disagree with “raisin yo kids in da hood” discipline.

    Maybe that was too difficult to comprehend or maybe you were in too big of a rush to throw out your “reverse racism card.” Lol!!!

    So you’re racist and kind of slow. Seems to be a common combo. Lol!

  • Who's that Girl

    This video was disturbing. He was beating his daughter instead of punishing his daughter. He went too far. He should be ashamed to put this video on the internet. Posting this video served no good purpose. The video shamed his daughter and showed bad parenting skills.

  • Jason Smith

    Actually your right I am on my phone and it looked to me like it was from the author so I was kinda shocked.

  • Courtney**

    “I didn’t hear anyone screaming abuse when that mother caught her son and cousin engaging in incest. She beat them with a wire. Not one person said anything. Do not be hypocrites!”

    Yeahh I’m gonna need to just stop you right there. There were a few people saying exactly that on that article. I was one of them. But if you need lie to prove your so-called point, more power to you, I guess?

    Lassaundra: “The “mother” is facing charges because she assaulted a child !! The very idea of lashing and breaking the flesh of a Black child is unbelievably appalling.”

    Tonton: “That kid needs to be out from under that house before his mother teaches him to hate himself. I can understand having a reaction to catching your son in a sex act but beating him like that is uncalled for.”

    There was my comment, too. But you know, whatever you selectively choose to read is okay as well.

  • Playwitit

    Ever heard of Rihanna? @BeReal

  • Mayvis

    Thats not abuse. Who asked them to twerk. What’s abuse is that they abused their fathers trust oublicly so he did the sane bk. me if i caught my daughters doing that that i will do the exact same thing. Instad of them to be reading their books they are there twerkibg for boys on social media. Am i toast? I will show them the trye meaning of discipline. Twerking is a disgusting oversexualised dance and women who take part should be ashamed of themselves. Is that a career goal. I support the dad 110%!!!

  • RObleu

    Exactly! As an African, I am offended by the connection between twerking and “traditional” African dance. Please! Although the dance movements may be similar, “Twerking” is an American dance done in an overtly sexualized context in the US. Trust me when I say this: if a West African father were to have found out that his daughters were twerking on Youtube or Facebook, his reaction would be similar (or more severe).

  • Sasha

    It sounds like you had great parents!

  • dw

    Oh please, growing up in the caribbean you get worst, try getting a bambo stick, or a tree branch whopped on your behind. lol, what those girls just got a bee sting

  • Anon

    Right because these dances would be done in the exact same way for the same rituals as in west Africa despite, you know, those pesky 500 years of separation. Obviously, they have been adapted and changed over the years to American culture and our lives here. Still doesn’t negate where they came from and you and anyone else can be offended all you like, but truth is truth.

    The issue is too many damn people feel like it’s OK to degrade young girls, young black girls especially, for moving their hips, pelvis, and ass, while it’s OK for boys and men to walk about sexually harassing women on the street.

    You say when you’ve seen twerking it was sexualized for boys or men in the audience, etc. But these girls were in their own home, in freakin’ sweatpants dancing in their living room. I can tell you countless girls and women twerk in the privacy of their own home, because dancing is fun. As a parent I would object to posting the video online because I am very aware of online predators, but that does not mean these girls or women should be ashamed of twerking.

    It’s not a girl or woman’s job to bring honor to her family, neither is it disgraceful to dance, even if it is a sexual dance. Men and women really need to stop believing that women’s bodies are the property of men.

  • Anon

    All of this!!

  • Kiki L. (@Kiki_Liki)

    That’s not abuse. You can already see by what they are WEARING that these girls are on the right path. They aren’t twerking in skimpy outfits or their underwear. So every once in a while they fall astray they have their father correct them. Five years from now these girls will not be on the street with 3 kids in tow.

    America, you have to pick a side! Do you want unruly kids and young mothers running wild with no morals? Or do you want to respect a parent’s choice of punishing their child as they see fit? He didn’t beat them for twenty minutes, they got a few lashes and he honestly missed a lot of them. The girls were def screaming because they were scared more than because it hurt, I’m sure.
    This father needs to be commended. Anyone remember those nine year olds on youtube talking mess and cursing? We honestly see more videos of kids acting out than anything. This is a welcome change.

  • isolde3

    @Apple Pie

    You do realize that the video of those girls being beaten has attracted far more attention and notoriety than the video of them twerking, right? Instead of being some random teen girls who posted an innocuous twerk video on the internet, now they get to go through life (at least for the foreseeable future) being those girls who got whipped with an extension cord. Gee, I wonder what’s worse (sarcasm)?

    And I simply cannot with most of these basic ass replies . . .”Oh they have too much time on their hands . . .” like it takes all damn day to make a homemade dance video and upload it on to the internet. Those girls probably made their twerk vid in a shorter amount of time then it took for most of you dimwits to type your defenses of their abusive father on this blog.

  • Eat.Style.Play

    To be honest i think her screams were probably the only thing bad about it. She is fully clothed I know it hurts but i think she was probably more shocked and scared than anything. I personally feel like this isn’t the only form of punishment but being from a different time my mom didn’t play. She used a paddle, a belt, or her hand. Never cords, and switches. Trust me all of it hurt the same but basically my point is all of that knocked some sense into my head. I never ran around being fast, I never did anything that was too grown, and if I did she got me for it. As an adult I see these men drooling over these yound lost soul looking girl shaking their butts on the internet, posting nudes, posting pictures of them actually having sex. Then i just think to myself, you know what if that were my child, I’d ship them off to bootcamp since beating is illegal, I’m not sure if there is enough stuff to take away from my child to show them I mean business. I’d literally ship them off to the country to be with older relatives who have no cell phone service, and nothing happening in their area.

  • arlette81

    black people can be so disgusting, this is obviously abuse and people are defending him, wtf????

  • stardancer2008

    I just want folk to stop posting this stuff online for public consumption. You don’t need to broadcast your business to everybody in the world.

  • JaeBee

    I think there’s some transference going on. People see this video of girls being savagely beaten and think back to their own childhood and the times they have been beaten by their parents. They then try to rationalize the cognitive dissonance of someone who is supposed to love them treating them in an inhumane manner by saying that they do so (or did so) because they truly cared about/loved them and wanted them to be better people (much the way victims of IPV try to rationalize the violence they experience from their partners). Therefore, when people look at horrible images like this and make statements in support of the parent’s actions it is because they are projecting their own feelings and emotions onto the situation and trying to rectify their own dissonance of how they were treated by their parents. People have a hard time admitting that their parents made mistakes in raising them. For some, it’s difficult to stop looking at their parents as gods and realize that they are infallible humans like everyone else.

  • bob

    Its about self respect. A man wants every woman that carries the same blood as him to carry herself with respect.

  • bob

    how did this get 6 likes ?

  • noir45

    Yeah, but a REAL MAN can’t beat it into his child to do so. If a man was a REAL MAN, maybe he would’ve instilled such values when his kids were young instead of trying to beat them as TEENAGERS. What kind of sense does that make?

  • noir45

    Either stupid black folks who cosigned that racist crap or his 6 stupid friends who followed him here.

  • Tiffany

    You are a racist piece of crap. Do not come on a website for Black women and try to denigrate Black people by appropriating AAVE to make us seem dysfunctional.

    You want to talk about the prison rate, but you don’t want to talk about the study after study that has demonstrated white people do just as much drugs and commit just as much crime as any other race, but obviously are penalized far less. You don’t want to address the numerous studies that show white jurors are more likely to convict black children as adults, and not white children for the exact same crimes. So yeah, it is the white man (and woman’s) fault. Last time I checked it was white people mostly going into schools, movie theaters, and public places shooting up innocent people. So you can get the entire hell out of here with that mess.

    I sure as hell would not raise my kids like any white parent. You can take your not knowing anything, ignoring facts, spouting bullshit, racist ass and drop off the face of the planet.

  • Laneé

    He can discipline is children how ever he sees fit as long as it’s not child abuse BUT as a parent, adult and mature person you should know that putting your personal family business online is taking it way too far. Why does everyone have to put their personal business on the internet!?!? People need to stop, this “share my life with the world” ish is going way to far.

  • Perspective

    All I know is if these girl turned out to be the next batch or hoes/street walkers, or SINGLE MOTHERS – it would be blamed on them not having a STRONG father who instilled discipline in them.

    But when he’s THERE – its still evil patriarchy and abusive males “eyes roll”

    Most of us sitting her here know we got our behind beat just like that – Extension cord/broom/ tv antenna – SHOOT you know black people grap whatever is nearest them.

    Going by what people are saying NOW – most of our parents would be locked up.

  • Perspective

    More like – HOW MANY DIDN’T

    You can’t say that black fathers aren’t there – and then the next minute act like they are there just to dish out ass whoopings.

  • General Zulu

    I agree and pray that this does not end up being viewed as wanton abuse. I didn’t know what “twerking” was until I saw several video examples on YouTube. After seeing what it is those girls needed a whipping.

    They are not grown as a wife or girlfriend would be. He is raising these two young ladies now. When they are grown they can do whatever they want. For now they know Daddy is not going to give a time out, restrict use of the computer or iPad only. He is whipping behind in addition to Spock like sanctions to deliver a clear and unadultered message.

    Pops next time keep your business in your house. These same white folk who will charge your child as an adult or seek the death penalty against them when they break their rules will turn around and prosecute you for disciplining them out of love! The Bible says that whom God loves he chastened !

  • General Zulu


  • noir45

    He should be charged, arrested, and thrown under the jail along with all other child abusers. Do you not understand that what this man did was wrong? What’s wrong with some of you guys on here? Chastising and beating are two different things. Don’t use the Bible to justify this evil cruel act this man did. God doesn’t roll that way. What this man did was not out of love (if that’s your version of love, I’d hate to see your version of hate); he did it out of anger and cruelty, Like someone else said, “He’s a bully” and he can do so because he’s bigger and stronger than her daughters, and because they are his daughters. If you have children, and this is the way you think they should be handled, God help them.

    The problem with society is the, “Keep your mess at home” mentality. Children are being sexually and physically abused, and there are some who say, “It’s none of my business.” When children come out and tell someone they are being abused, many of them get chastised for “telling family business.” What’s wrong with people?

    Is beating them the only way you see as parenting. He should have taken away their electronics or grounded them. Only Simple Simons see one way of discipline.

    I’m sick of grown a** people coming on here thinking what this man did was correct. To hear those girls scream, and to say what he did was OK makes me question the minds and hearts of those cosigning this cockroach’s behavior.

    I’m sorry, but there are some sick people in the world and it’s scary to know that they are breathing the same air as the rest of us. They just get off by watching women being beat.

  • CMK

    Please stop the madness. He CAN’T abuse them! There are LAWS against that. Abuse is NEVER OK. He ABUSED those kids no questions about that.

    A black woman just got arrested because she SLAPPED the wrong kid in front of the principle, (I mean she was so damn angry that she slapped the wrong kid, DUMB ASS) and even though she apologized to the kid she found her kid and slapped him too. Her ass is in jail and CPS has her 3 kids! SEE? Black people we have to STOP and THINK before we hit our children. Violence begets violence. THE FREAKING END!

    Google Tyshekka Collier, if homegirl is in jail for 2 slaps then what do you think this father should face? Again, stop the madness people and recognize abuse.

    Some of you need to stop projecting your childhood abuse onto the world. Not every single black parent chooses to beat their kids as a form of discipline, and there is a HUGE difference between spankings or a pop of the hand and BEATING someone with WIRES, CORDS, BRANCHES, SHOES, BROOMS, etc.<—- THIS IS ABUSE!

  • CMK

    Please stop the madness and stop projecting. This man ABUSED these kids. And sorry BUT not all BLACK parents beat their damn children with “the nearest thing they can find”. Get real.

    Stop trying to lump us all into the same category. And if these girls ended-up on the corner on the pole, I’d blame the father because CLEARLY he doesn’t know how to talk to his daughters. Any person who think they can BEAT a person into submission has serious issues. He didn’t even address why they’re on the net twerking. Maybe they say him partaking in twerk video watching. NONE OF US KNOW. But some of you seem to think that JUST BECAUSE he’s beating them HE LOVES THEM and this will CHANGE them.

    Y’all need to stop.

  • frenchie

    It’s funny that you say that because after whopping my ass my mom would usually come to my room and tell me I quote “I did it BECAUSE I love you” lol!

  • CMK

    Please stop the madness. You know good and well, that this man will have a damn hard time trying to convince his daughters that a man shouldn’t lay hands on them, after he’s beaten them like they were dogs with a damn wire. Don’t even sit and PRETEND that he won’t look like a hypocrite if he suddenly told them this. I thought it was lead by example?

    Would you be so supportive of his actions if he was beating their mother with a wire? So why is it OK to beat his daughters with a wire? This man clearly is on autopilot and angry ass hell, while beating his children. People black-out with this kind of anger. If he had murdered them, I bet you be singing a different tune, and finding the evidence to support my comments for me.

    I’m not going to go searching, but I’m bet my last dollar that childhood abuse whether by a father or a mother can be directly linked to SOME men and women getting into abusive relationships. Kids absorb their environments. They mimic their parents, so I’m sure there is a link.

  • gmarie

    I have to wonder if he even spoke to them at any point before or after the incident to let them know WHY their behavior was wrong? If he was doing the parenting thing right from the jump (that includes actually connecting with your children, regularly speaking with, your children, and being familiar with friends/extra curricular hobbies)the liklihood of walking in on them “twerking” for the internet may have been a lot lower.

    A lot of people get it twisted. Your duties as a parent don’t end at just living in the house and flexing your authority everytime you feel bored or offended..

  • frenchie

    Well my dad (biological) whopped my ass (well my entire body actually lol) with a cable cord once or twice when I was a kid. And the worst is that one time I was going to the swimming pool with my class and I had welts all over my body SMH. Anyway. Today I don’t hold a grudge against my dad because I understand that sometimes you just lose patience/control especially after telling a child again and again not to do something. But from my experience, this doen’t work. What really workedwith me were the “back-stabbing” punishments like stopping me at the door of the house and tell me that I couldn’t go to a party for something I had done a month before!! I can assure you that at these moments I really would have preferred them to whop my ass once and for all and then move on lol!

    As for posting the vid on facebook I think the father thought process was “since you like facebook so much that you would post videos of yourself twerking on it, let me give you a lesson that you would never forget and post my own little video on it as well”.

  • lea

    you know what, I understand the parent acted out of frustration, but I’m sorry many people will not like my comment but it is what is. Discipline starts at home, but must be balanced with love. I do not know what provoked those kids to post a video twerking online, however if they were caught doing something else like doing drugs or having sex and then their father caught them, would people still side with those kids for being abused? I recall a few weeks ago a mother was arrested for spanking her son after he was having oral sex with his mother’s cousin, and it seemed the mother was championed for proper parenting. Meanwhile you have a father correcting his daughters, it is now abuse. What do you expect him to say to them “Please stop posting inappropriate videos children.” please give me a break. Do we know if that was their first video they posted or if the father tried other methods already, we won’t know. She he have cooled down first, before punishing them heck yea. The purpose of the punishment is to be uncomfortable, inconvenient and deter them from ever doing those acts again…and perhaps spanking was his go to method that worked. But I’m tired of people claiming abuse, this abuse that, where do you prefer them to learn discipline, in jail? So many African-Americans are incarcerated already as a result of poor choices that could have been avoided. Even in the school where I work, kids are rude and disrespectful, will curse you out and you can’t do anything, parents are afraid and can’t handle their children. It’s utterly ridiculous. Discipline, love and proper mentorship in the home is necessary. From what I observed about African and west-Indian culture they practice spanking but I bet you this, they have respect, they are disciplined, and attain success faster because they are motivated and guided. You want to change statistics and stereotypes regarding the youth, you correct it.

  • Ms. Vee

    I’m conflicted with this. I think he was excessive with the beating and should have reserved it for an incident that involved his daughters getting caught in a explicit sex act with a boy(s) (Amber Cole would’ve been more deserving). It makes me wonder about the type of parenting they had to begin with since they felt that twerking for the rest of the world was a good idea. I am part of the anti-twerk team and feel that these young girls reducing themselves to part time strippers should be punished. However, is that type of beating justified? I can’t really say that it is.

  • General Zulu

    I have no idea what state you live in, however, most of them will waive juveniles up to adult court. This subjects them to adult sentences including life and the death penalty.

    We have a 70% Fatherless home rate. With that comes the brutality of poverty and all it’s evils. This man is trying to raise his daughters. This society has come up with twerking, lap dancing and pole swinging. He is making a point across their legs that they have crossed a line he will not tolerate.

    I doubt very seriously if whipping is his only means of disciple. Too many of us have allowed mainstream white America to dictate what is appropriate parenting. Be it when one should enter a child’s room, what the limits of free speech should be for the children in your house to who should set the child’s curfew. Even as the number cause of death for 14-25 years olds is death by murder via someone who looks like you. We have 17 and 18 year old girls with 2, 3 and 4 children. 25-30 year olds who are Grandmothers. Dr. Spock’s enlightenment has not served us well at all.

  • binks

    Right! I was just thinking about the Miley Cyrus thing. She twerks and it is funny, cute and she is having a good time. But if a black girl twerk…you thought she was having sex in the middle of rush hour with school buses passing by. And let’s not forget that there are JUST as many twerking videos with non-black women that are just as risqué. Besides, I’ am not saying these girls weren’t wrong (personally I don’t think anybody should be twerking online…shrugs) but they seemed fully clothed like Miss Cyrus not in their undies or stripper like clothes like a lot of other videos so I don’t think he should have handled these girls like that in this incidence because it wasn’t called for.

  • Sanura Rose

    Your last point is so true. It really disturbs me how people look at children that way. It’s disgusting and they don’t even know it.

  • Yanna Shauna

    Yeah I’m SURE this is EXACTLY what JESUS MEANT (Rolls eyes)

  • Akosua

    He was vicious. No semblance of compassion..

  • Fantastico

    Those screams. How can you call that disciple? That only inflicted pain and instilled fear.

  • Fantastico

    He posted the videos to shame the girls, but he instead shamed himself.

  • Fantastico

    Yeah, a father that cares enough to beat them and humiliate them. Please he gives fatherhood a bad name.

  • Fantastico

    “you don’t teach your daughter to be a respectable woman by being the first man to beat her”


  • Fantastico

    Umm the people in the video are clearly black, this blog is clearly for black women and the comment section draws mostly black people.

    You don’t have to mention race to notice it.

  • Danté

    I saw this video on WSHH a few days ago, and I had a feeling it would blow up in a few days.

    This dude went way too far. I could sit here and delve into a long argument as to why I think that, but the hundreds of other comments pretty much cover that. I will, however, say this — beating a child with an extension cord does not make them “better adults.” What it does is perpetuate the idea that using violence and humiliation are acceptable and effective means of “discipline.” These girls will probably beat the shit out of their kids as well, all the while thinking “this will help them become better adults.” I honestly believe that sometimes unruly kids need a smack to the behind, but this shirt was waaaaay over the top. The way that man was beating those girls was sadistic, and I can’t help but feel that he somehow took pleasure in it.

  • James

    Yeah, that was for incest though, not “twerkimg.” The parent should never hit the kid with a cable regardless. I would slap mine around pretty bad for doing incest though, but with my hand.

    Anyway, this video is wrong. The dad shouldn’t be hitting his daughters with a cable that could seriously injure or scar them. Its crazy. There are better ways to discipline than that.

  • James

    I wouldn’t beat my child, but I wouldn’t allow them to twerk either. I think just telling the child not to would suffice.

  • James

    Anon, controlling the daughter who lives in your home is different though. This father shouldn’t have beat his kids, he should have just told them what they did was wrong and punished them somehow. Plus, I’m pretty sure there have loads white people who have been beaten like this, its not just black kids.

  • 3rdeye

    You are correct, no one needs a public private life.

  • Flash

    More black daughters need to be hit by a black father. Maybe they wont be pregnant at 16 then.

  • isonprize

    as of today, April 3, 2013, the video is pulled down from Facebook. But I saw it a few days ago. WOW, As my sweet mama used to say, ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    Whatever the girls were about to do was not good, but how he responded was even worse..Is there any wonder why domestic violence is rampant?

  • Allie

    How did we make the jump from beatings to rape? Young boys and their bodies are not shamed in the same way young women are and you know it. When was the last time a boy got beat for looking at scantily-clad women? Or chasing after girls?

  • Allie

    So a woman can’t twerk and respect herself?

  • TT

    I’ve seen comments on youtube regarding this video and it’s sad to see how many people think it’s ok to abuse your child like this. People think that because their parents whipped them that was the only effective way of discipline. And the cycle just continues.

  • Danté

    I’m certain their screaming was genuine. The sting of getting beat with an extension cord tends to be painful.

  • 2Infinity

    All I can say is he better not be a STEPdaddy — or their mama’s boyfriend! Even if he is their bio-dad, this was EXTREME and lends itself to ABUSE. I disciplined my kids with spanking, when needed — but never like this. This was a BEATING. With a freaking cable wire?! Seriously??? There is a difference between discipline and abuse. Trust me, it will only be a matter of time before dear old Dad is identified and charged — and he SHOULD be.

    Speaking of identified . . . who taped this and posted it online? Those girls’ friends will know who they are and they’ll be ragged on forever after this. More abuse. This is bad all the way around.

  • tymetravelife


  • tymetravelife

    Yes, there was just far too much anger & violence in his actions for this to have been about discipline.

  • Apple Pie

    Funny because I only read your last comment LOL

  • Apple Pie

    @ Anon

    Twerking in half nakedly and posting your backside on the internet means you are comfortable in your own body? Okay…no wonder young girls are messed up.


    Until your young girls post their “twerk” videos on youtube. Would love to see how you react…

  • Nikki B.

    “So many African-Americans are incarcerated already as a result of poor choices that could have been avoided.”

    How many of those incarcerated probably got beat just like this? I would be willing to bet the shirt off my back that the mark was missed with a lot of those inmates and beatings had nothing to do with it.

  • http://Clutchmag Nechelle

    He should be jailed!
    That’s no way discipline children!

  • me

    You are a stupid piece of crap. the girls had opened wounds on their thighs! you sick bastard!

  • Grace

    Obviously they just weren’t beaten hard enough. Supportive parents you can talk to — and not just fear — while living in a safe neighborhood wouldn’t help one bit.

  • Antinia

    Unless you have ever been the parent in a discipline situation or a child being the one punished you will never understand. When i was young i got whooping with cords, shoes, paddles, switches etc. and im glad i did because i would not be who i am today. At the time i was mad that i got whoopings but i deserved them. Kids today dont care about timeouts or getting grounded. You have to do something harsh for them to get the point. I bet those girls will never pull a stunt like that again. I would definitely learn my lesson.

  • Cocochanel31

    Differnet methods work for different children. I was the type of child that wasn’t bad so I didn’t need to get beat. My mom gave me the “look” or ” I’ll give you something to cry about ” and that worked for me.

    However, others laugh and mock their parents at these words or use timeout for playtime . Use the most effective method for YOUR CHILD.

    So many times on Supernanny I saw the child not listening to the “timeout chair” one even cracked it over his mother’s back..the whole time I’m thinking ” They need to get a black mother up in there to lay some hands- bet he won’t act like that again!”

  • lea

    yes incarcerated for poor choices, and poor decisions, that includes breaking whatever law, guilty by association, not knowing any better or whatever you want to call it. they are obviously not in the workforce or in school, but are in jail for a sad reason. they need to understand right from wrong; you can’t dismiss their misbehavior as the fact that “boys will be boys” , it can turn into a downward spiral that way. if they were getting beatings at all or some measure of appropriate punishment that they could respond to and still ended up in jail, then i question the parents’ level of involvement(are they working alot of hours that they are unaware what is going on with their child), heck even question the character of the parent if they are not leading by example. A strong positive influence in the home is just as important too.

  • K


  • adge Adama

    I would have to agree with you Antinia and I am better off because of it. And I have a great education, sense and I take pride in myself and others. I don’t think the father intended to put marks on those girls but we were not there and we don’t know what else these girls were into.
    That good old fashioned tail whooping has probably saved their lives and saved them from years of being abused by sick perves out here waiting to pounce on them.

  • Q

    I do not think he’s wrong at all, they are too young to be on Facebook “twerking”. These kids do NOT realize the things you put out on the internet cannot be taken back, and will come back to haunt them later. Furthermore, if their azz break the law and get incarcerated the correctional officers will beat them if they get out of line.
    Moral of the story, just follow the rules.

  • pinklipstick227

    I apologize. I wrote this comment before I watched the video. After watching the video, which made me cringe, I’m glad he exposed his abusive tendencies.

  • Geoffrey White

    You know I’m SICK of a lot of the people in this country saying that beating a child is abuse. First of all, abuse is determined by what instrument you use AND the amount of damage that’s been done. Fists, forearms, wires, extention cords, 2X4s, curtain rods, are all, by LEGAL definition, instruments of abuse. Furthermore physical abuse is determined by enduring bruises, cuts, gashes and injuries that impede normal bodily functions (black eyes, broken bones, severe sprains). How do I know? I’m a retired cop. As recruits & even as trainees @ the precincts we are required to know & understand ALL of the elements of abuse. There have been too many incidents where the judicial system hampers a parent’s responsiblity to discipline a child because someone else gives a child the ability to put fear in a parent. With no disrespect to the victims families in Conn. but If that murderer had been getting some good ol’ fashioned “whoopin’s” instead of his mom trying to be his friend maybe those people would be alive. Physical discipline, when done properly, is a reminder to a child that there are consequences for bad & disobedient behavior. A kid with no fear has no respect for anyone.

  • Ron Johnson

    Whoopings don’t help black kids. When I look at the state of black children, especially in the inner-cities, they seem to be getting worse. Just like most black kids, I got whoopings on a regular basis but they didn’t make me the person I am today. If you’re a responsible, good, hardworking person, it’s not because you where whooped. It’s because that’s that’s who you are inside.

  • Shanetra

    How did he apply force as if he was fighting a grown man, Im sure if he was fighting a grown man he would use his fist. In no way form or fashion this should be called child abuse its called “discipline for your children” Everyone has something to say about this man choice to discipline his children when none of you care about the girls. Leave your biased opinions in your head.

  • mstoogood4yall

    I didn’t see the video. If this is abuse then what was it our parents got.That was abuse back then my mom tells me how they would get whooped with cords,tree switches and everything else.Why is it called abuse nowadays but our ancestors got way worse and they turned out fine.Whoopings shouldn’t be the only thing used to discipline kids,taking away phones and things should be used too.
    Yes the previous generations had whooping too but they also had values that their parents taught them and would go to church. There was a time when you could tell a parent their child is acting up and they would discipline their child,now they will be ready to kill you if you mention anything about their child.Parents are the problem nowadays as well, its not just the kids.Parents aren’t being held accountable.My mom tells me how back in the day the school would send someone to your house if you didn’t go to school and the parents were held responsible.Nowadays all you need is a note and sometimes kids forge those.
    I’m curious as to why when someone takes action to keep their kids from going down the wrong path then ppl say its abuse.When that person doesn’t do anything ppl still wanna run their mouth and say see i told you so.

  • Refined

    This is abuse, plain and simple. Discipline and teaching are important. But swinging an extension cord at a child is not discipline and it is unacceptable.

  • detroitchick

    Just because previous generations of black folks suffered corporal punishment and “came out fine” is not an excuse for abuse. And if they had all come out fine would we be in the place that we are in now? Black America is troubled to say the least. If parents can’t teach children how to solve problems without resorting to physical violence, what does that mean for their and our future?

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