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Where is the line between discipline and abuse?

For many, it’s hard to determine when a parent’s disciplinary actions cross the line. One video is calling that debate into question. It was posted on Facebook yesterday and already has over 9,000 shares, 1,800 likes and 270 comments.

It shows daughters being beaten by their father for twerking. They were hit repeatedly with a wire and then humiliated by the taping of a video subsequently shared widely on social media. The whole ordeal may stop them from gyrating for public consumption, but what will it do to them psychologically?

Reactions are varied. Some commenters believe it’s cause for child services to get involved while others commend the father or say the girls should just be happy they have a father to begin with. One reaction summed up the latter argument:

For those of you dummies saying that this is “child abuse” : So please explain to the rest of us , how would YOU handle it if you found out your underaged daughters were posting up twerking videos all over the web ? What are you gonna do , Use the typical “White Parent” form of discipline , playing the “That’s it , You’re grounded for a month” card ??

I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world , because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES .

Parents choose to discipline their child the way they see fit but when that form of discipline becomes public, it’s interesting to see how people respond. In this case, the sentiment ranges from compassion for the child to support for the father’s aggressive tactics. And both supporters and critics find common ground in their shared desire for voyeurism. No matter what their opinion, it seems like everyone can’t stop watching. What do you think about the latest punishment video, Clutchettes?

  • RJ

    There is a difference between spanking and abuss..that was abuse. There was hatred and the man was acting like an untamed animal.

    He needs therapy and parenting classes. No child should cower in a corner afraid that their parent is going to harm them. Spanking is supposed to break the spirit to do wrong. Not break their spirit.


  • Your Spirit, Or Your Body

    I agree. I am all for at least parents doing something pro-active

  • Nikki B.

    THANK YOU! He was clearly embarrassed and reacting from an emotional place. He could have made them so miserable that they couldn’t even fart without permission by the time he was through. Take away their privileges, fill their afternoons and weekends with something constructive. Dont publicly humiliate them and beat them like animals.

  • JaeBee

    “I think the distinction was they have a fathers that is not only there but one who cares.”

    Are you freakin kidding me?! I’m sure you probably also think that men who beat their wives and girlfriends truly care about them as we’ll.

  • JaeBee

    How bout he shouldn’t have been “spanking” them in the first place. What he was doing was not discipline and it certainly was NOT a spanking. It was a whipping—looked like a scene right outta Django Unchained.

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