Father Indicted for “Twerking” Beating

by Evette Dionne

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 10.39.06 AMViral videos have consequences. Ohio authorities have indicted the father that disciplined his daughters with a cable cord and posted the video to Facebook. Greg Horn, 35, has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment.

Police allege the incident occurred in Horn’s Dayton, Ohio home while his daughters, ages 12 and 14 were visiting. Their mother called the police after noticing their injuries, which included visible welts on both legs and open-wounds in the thigh area according to the police report.

Though the viral 30-second clip claims the daughters were punished for twerking, the teenagers told police they were disciplined for sneaking out of the house.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and authorities are urging people to report incidents of abuse to authorities. “The goal is to always keep kids safe,” Kevin Lavoie, an employee with Montgomery County Children Services told Ohio’s ABC 22. “We don’t want people to have any reservations about calling and letting us know about a circumstance or a concern.”

Reporting abuse doesn’t require personal information or concrete knowledge of the abuse. Authorities will be dispatched to investigate all claims.

“It may be nothing.  But rather than analyze it, let our specialists figure it out and the best course of action,” Lavoie explained.

There was enough evidence to prosecute Horn, but that isn’t always the case. Some children suffer in silence.

Horn’s daughters will have to contend with the emotional scars of his beating forever. He is scheduled for an April 16 arraignment hearing.

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole

    I’m glad charges were brought up against him- that beating was brutal! Not sure what type of coparenting relationship the mother & father have but clearly they were not on the same page.

    Even more upsetting is the mother had to find out on her own! Were they too afraid of their father? More questions than answers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/denene.millner Denene Millner

    I’m so glad they caught his sorry ass. I hope he’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Lillian Mae


  • AnnT

    OPEN WOUNDS????!!!!

    That is not discipline, that is abuse.

  • Stephanie

    I knew this was going to happen… social media and “discipline” don’t always mix

  • Sandy


  • Trisha

    Now I have peace about this situation. I’m glad the mother stepped forward. If she didn’t, the father would think he was justified within his actions to continue that abusive behavior towards his daughters.

  • Amy

    Sounds to me like the parents are seperated. Doesn’t surprise me. Men who aren’t involved in day-to-day parenting often go either completely soft on the children when they’re visiting, or resort to extreme measures of “discipline” to make up for the time where they don’t see them.

    I really, really hope this guy is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is just no possible excuse for whipping your children.

  • James

    I cannot believe some people actually are taking the side of this moron. Probably because they also beat their kids. Something is very, very wrong with the world today and (most) people in it.

  • AnnT

    Beatings are not birth control.

  • James

    Hitting a child in ANGER is abusive. Not discipline. What if he had beat them so hard they died? Would it be OK then? Gawd, where is the common sense in this country?

  • James

    By the way, please get the story right. The father lives in DAYTON, Ohio. That’s a long ways from DAYTONA.

  • http://gravatar.com/tashman2012 TT

    I have been arguing with so many people taking the side of the father. People are conditioned to think whipping your kids with whatever you can find is ok. I’m glad some people err on the side of common sense.

  • A Lowe

    I’m on the fence…because you’d judge them/him if you saw the video of them twerking or teen girls running wild…you judge him when you see the beating…I can only parent my child and hope a lesson was learned

  • AnnT

    Thank you.
    People were saying he’s being there for his kid’s and being a good father, I’m thinking, How does anyone know that?

    This video provided no context or back story. It didn’t say anything about him talking to his kid’s about conducting themselves in the proper fashion, any prior discipline actions, educating them of how the Internet follows you forever, or you know, like real parenting.
    Just a clip of an angry father whipping his kids. That’s it.

    Being merely present does not excuse this behavior.

  • Treece

    What a shame. These girls have to live with the scars of his abusive behavior, and live with stigma of having a father in jail. I’m pretty sure this incident isn’t the first time they were beaten like this either. There is a difference between spanking and beating/abuse. He clearly went too far and even spanking at their ages would have been inappropriate in my opinion. He must now live with the consequences, and unfortunately his daughters do too.

  • SweetMay

    Are you kidding me? He’s getting arrested? He did the RIGHT thing. Discipline your children now before someone else will have them twerking on poles or on street corners? This father did the right thing. Those girls are 12 and 14 and they were twerking and sneaking out? He’s trying to save the from a future of pain. So what if they got welps, better than a baby at 16 or an std at 17 right? You chicks are way too soft and weak. Feminism really killed the black community because this mindset has allowed for lack of discipline and authority within the black household. That’s why we have young girls twerking, lack of discipline and authority. And then the mom snitches on the dad? Seriously not cool. He did the right thing and is punished for it… Amazing.

  • Amy

    Yeah, because back when hitting your kid with a belt or whatever was the norm, there were no pregnant teens and nobody ever had a child out of wedlock.

    Oh wait. Except that totally did happen all the time.

  • Amy

    Know what? I’m really, really, *really* tired of society blaming 1) single moms and 2) young girls for behaving the way they’re shown in the media all day long.

    Should these little girls (because that’s what they are) be twerking on the internet? No, probably not. But doing it doesn’t magically turn them into slutty little hoes who need a good whooping to “set them straight”. It makes them victims of a culture that constantly bombards them with images of scantily-clad young women gyrating for the enjoyment of the masses and singing innuendo-laced songs (and often just straight up explicit lyrics), and being hailed as strong, desirable women (Rihanna, Beyoncé etc.). If we don’t want our girls to behave like this, maybe we shouldn’t put half-naked women on every available surface.

    Also? A guy who thinks it’s a-okay to whip his defenseless child with a cable until she has open wounds, film the whole thing and then put it on the internet for the whole world to see is not the kind of “moral force” I would want in my childrens’ lives.

  • Erica

    If you think leaving open wounds on your child’s thighs is good parenting, please don’t have children

  • Apple

    But not beating them was an option

  • JaeBee

    Good for him. He better hope that when the police come to arrest him they don’t “physically discipline” him for his bad behavior. He also better hope that he doesn’t go to jail for all this as I’m sure his fellow inmates won’t see any problem with physically disciplining him for being a child abuser.

  • Sasha

    You sound stupid.

  • ChaCha1

    So, wait, according to some people, in the case of this father, this is considered discipline and not abuse, but the article where we were talking about black mothers beating and verbally abusing their kids, it was bad parenting–which it is, but the point is how people consider it discipline and ok how the single father beat his daughters like beasts of the wild forest, but a black single mom is the only one called out). Wow.

  • Amy

    “All American children grow up watching Rihana and whoever else.”

    Yeah. So? Why do you think the U.S. has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the industrialised world?

    The media in the U.S. sends such incredibly mixed signals to our children, regardless of skin colour. But I often feel it’s so much worse for black girls. Black female sexuality has been fetishised for ages, and it’s not going to get better anytime soon unless people put their foot down. Stop sexualising black women and girls and just *maybe* girls won’t strive to show off their butts first chance they get.

  • miqui

    I dont see nothing wrong,yea the vord was a bit much.but these young ass kids out here ass poppin thats da shit that getem snatched or raped.so i dont fault him for not wanting his daughters ass poppin all on tha net.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djdevious David Djdevious Salazar

    Kids are bad as hell now. They act out because the fear nothing. They do whatever the hell they want because some dumb ass people think it isn’t right. Well tgem dumb ass people need thier ass whooped also. Dont fucking talk shit to me when my kid is out there doing stuff like robbing people with his dumber friends and don’t say its all in the way u raise your kids.because if u believe that your a fucken idiot. If your kids have nothing to fear then they are going to do whatever they want. That is basically what society is raising our kids on. You dope these kids up for no reason. Then they are addicted ti these drugs for no reason. Except the fact that u dint want to do your real job as a parent. I’m 34 and we never had a.d.d. growing up. And we never needed pills. All we needed was an ass whoopin and a hug. We were a better people as a whole back then. Get it together people. If u don’t want to whoop your kids that’s fine, but don’tstep on my rights to do that to my kids. I’m sharing the way I feel. If u feel oppiste of me that’s fine but don’t talk shit bout what I said because I’m not gonna argue with any of u. All I will simply say is go play in traffic because your the reason why are kids are this way. I have a rule and it is that. I don’t trust a parrent that doesn’t spank his kids and I don’t trust a kid that has never been spanked. Just some food for thought.

  • Donovan

    Stupid…this is why kids are lil shits nowadays cuz you can’t even discipline your kids no more

  • stef

    I have a serious problem involving the state into private matters such as this, cause what will happen usually will result in even more harm and damage into this situation. But I have to admit he went wayyyy overboard in that whipping.now he has to face the consequences.smh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crystaltvtalkshow Crystal Tv-Show Smith

    GOOD, he needed to be in jail and then he, his daughters, and their mom need family counseling. Just because he doesn’t live with them doesn’t mean he can’t be a good father.

  • http://templefamiliar.wordpress.com tymetravelife

    I don’t think they’re sexually precocious. A better term would be sexually vulnerable–especially to predators.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelley.johnson.75436 Kelley Johnson

    Good! So sick and tired of the abuse of black children being brushed off.

  • au napptural

    Thank you! There shouldn’t be any marks on a child from “discipline” and there surely should not be any bleeding or lacerations. What the hell are people thinking about?!

  • eric

    If that was criminal my mother should be on death row. He’s a father who cares about how his daughters carry and conduct themselves. If he requests a jury trial, he’ll never be convicted.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Even if you are pro- spanking you have to realize this dad went too far and above and beyond simple spanking. I mean the injuries of visible and open wounds is shameful because spanking IS not suppose to leave marks or scars. These girls were assaulted plain and simple.

  • noir45

    I am so happy this beast was arrested. I’m a CASA, and let me tell you, if I even SUSPECT a child is being abused, I will not hesitate to report it. It’s my duty; it’s all of our duties, but it appears some don’t recognize abuse when they see it.

    What is very disturbing to read comments from, in particular, blacks who think nothing of what this man did. I say blacks because many of us (thank GOD, not me) were raised with abuse. My aunt abused her children. She’d pick up anything and hit them when she felt they misbehaved. To this day, they have no respect for their mother. In fact, my cousin told me that she would not care for her mother if she needed it. “Parents, do not provoke your children to wrath.” That’s what the Bible says.

    Because many people were raised in abusive homes and because many of us have always been told, “What goes on in this house, stays in this house,” we cannot recognize child abuse, thus is goes in the black community with people noticing it.

    That’s the sad revelation I have come to realize especially when so many of us are cosigning what this man did. It’s really sad and pathetic.

  • noir45

    You are making a lot of ASSumption about people you don’t know. Quit ASSuming you know how these girls would’ve turned out. There are pastors raising kids in church almost everyday and some of them turn out not to be good kids. Kids are kids and they will do kid things. I’m sure you weren’t the perfect angel growing up.

  • noir45

    SMH, I accidentally gave you a “thumbs up.” First of all, I don’t think someone with that person’s mentality would could even process an intelligent argument. Evidently, those who believe leaving open wounds on a child simply because they were doing something inappropriate would not wanna hear any logic. I suppose people like the people defending this cockroach of a man have been beaten or they are child abusers. You see, I work with people like that as a CASA. Parents/guardians who justify why they do what they do all in the name of “the child’s best interest” when all the while, they are destroying said child, but they are too blind to see their own faults.

    If a parent can’t parent a child without hitting the child, then something wrong with the parenting style. It’s really obvious. Many in the black community are diseased because there’s a long cycle/history of abuse. Big Mama did it, my mama did it to me, so I’m going to continue and do it with my children. It’s really sick.

  • noir45

    stef, who is going to step up to be the voice of the kids who are being tortured by inhumane methods such as beating? Who do you want involved? You see, this “private matter” became public when someone put it on FB. You see, it’s the “private” stuff that goes on in many family, those things kids are told to keep “family matters” to themselves that cause many abuse victims to not speak out. Millions of children are being abused, physically and sexually, and won’t say anything because it’s a “private” matter. It’s not. Someone sane has to be the voice of these children who can’t speak up for themselves.

  • noir45

    OK, I’ll bite. Something tells me that the biggest ones criticizing them for “shaking their azzes online” would be the biggest ones clicking the link.

    Sometime tells me that if these girls had been living with their father, they’d be worse off. You see, beating was the slave owners method of “controlling their children.” Somehow this sickness has passed down to ignorant people who are myopic in their views.

  • noir45

    Oh, yes he will eric, because most sane people can tell the difference between discipline and abuse/humiliation. Maybe since you were accustomed to being beaten you don’t know the different. I pray to God you don’t have children.

  • Amy

    BeReal, these “women” are CHILDREN. Don’t tell me a 12-year-old isn’t. They’re young and impressionable and they don’t have a clue about how marketing works, they barely even have breasts and they certainly don’t understand the implications of what it is they’re doing. They just see hyped videos and want to be one of the cool kids.

    Every generation has these problems, teenagers whose hormone-addled brains make them do stupid things. The only difference is that back in the 30s or 50s or 70s, there were no smartphones and no YouTube so people didn’t get to make fools out of themselves on a global level. But in the end, they are children and it’s not their responsibility to single-handedly change a culture entirely governed by sexism.

  • Treece

    Welts and open wounds from the lashes…….”welts on both legs and open wounds”. WTF are you talking about lady (@Sweet May)?? If you want to talk about facts and stats about girls with discipline problems and that are sexually promiscuous, lets talk about the fact that many of them were ABUSED and/or NEGLECTED. Overbearing father’s who beat thier daughters like runaway slaves are a prime example of how girls end up in abusive relationships, and end up sleeping around, looking for love in the wrong places, etc. Beatings like the one this man gave his daughters is NOT discipline. It’s abuse. Plain and simple.

  • MissB

    If he gets a jury trial, he WILL be convicted. Disciplining does not involve leaving scars, welts or open wounds! I’m sure the pictures of the welts and showing the jury the tape will seal the deal. He may also end up w/supervised visitation. You don’t beat ppl like Kunta Kinte for any reason. Posting that video to humiliate them backfired on HIM!

  • Playwitit

    Amy, James, AnnT: PREACH!

  • http://www.facebook.com/siberia.renee Siberia Renee

    These girls were nearly creating child Pornography by putting themselves out there like that and you all seem to find that more acceptable. basically I guess their dad is evil because he won’t allow them to… right? WRONG! I think they deserved it.. just not on camera.

  • Tikki

    Oh please. They needed to be whipped if they actually did make a twerking video!!!! Even if they snuck out of the the house they need a whipping you’re 12 and 14 where ya’ll going in the middle of the night?! Fast asses!

  • Flash

    14 and 12 making twerk videos and sneaking out the house? at least it was their dad that punished them before their fast asses got raped or beaten…he was trying to keep his kids safe by teaching them a lesson…yet cops can beat the SHIT out of people for barely if any reason and get away with it…SMH

  • http://twitter.com/MechanikalBull Mechanikal Bull (@MechanikalBull)

    this is some b.s…….YES, It was a little extreme but rest ASSURED those girls won’t do it AGAIN. Now that the system has conspired to remove a caring and concerned father from these two young ladies they can fast track their way to the pole. I am a father who has NEVER had to put a hand on my daughter who is now 13. Being 6’5″ with a deep voice helps but I swear I would NEVER want to be faced with seeing my daughter on youtube shaking her ass……can’t say I wouldn’t go Napalm either.

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    Reading these comments has been confirmation that some members of the Black community truly don’t care about black women and girls. I don’t understand how people could justify whipping another human being with a cable wire.

  • http://theblackparacosmistmind.wordpress.com theblackparacosmistmind

    That’s all that needs to be said. Thank you.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Even if they were not ‘fast asses’ they could still be raped.

  • Flash

    No child is above a beating when it comes to being disciplined by their parent, stop trying to add weight to it by making it a womans issue.

    If the father didn’t give a sh*t then he would have just left them to run the streets and shake their ass leaving them open to predators, then you all would be jumping on the bandwagon attacking black fathers yet again. He obviously didn’t want his kids to go down that road (no father does) so he disciplined them the best way he knew how at the time. The only thing he did wrong was to record it.

  • Jeanette

    I remember my brother and I getting beat with a cord like that. It wasn’t pleasant at all. I used have to wear long sleeved shirts just to cover up the welt marks. Or lie to my friends who saw the marks. It left us with very bad memories into adulthood. I was only able to forgive my grandmother at a later stage in my life. My brother has yet to forgive. .he’s 42 now. There is nothing wrong in disciplining children, but the extreme methods are not the way. Watching that video brought back very bad memories. ..

  • http://twitter.com/MechanikalBull Mechanikal Bull (@MechanikalBull)

    please! That is love in the form of discipline! Those girls knew better but no one to tell them as much. Now they know! I was whipped…….and most well behaved law abiding individuals were!

  • The Moon in the Sky

    This wasn’t a private matter. The father posted the video online for people to see.

  • http://gravatar.com/tashman2012 TT


  • Sanura Rose

    I just wanna say that I’m really enjoying your comments in regards to this story

  • http://gravatar.com/greendoondoon greendoondoon

    Sexual abuse of black girls and women is not taken seriously. We all knew of some 14 year old girl who was knocking about with guy in his 20s. People were always quick to blame the girl for being, fast, hot in the ass or whatever, but they never called the man a predator or just a sick son of a bitch who couldn’t get a woman his own age and groomed a young girl.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    If you love someone you do not beat them with an extension cord.

  • http://gravatar.com/greendoondoon greendoondoon

    Yep. I always show my kids how much I love them by beating them until they bleed. Screw a hug, where’s the belt?! /sarcasm

  • dechelle butler


  • Sasha

    That’s tough to hear Jeanette, I hope your brother heals if not for anyone but himself. I will never understand how a parent could do something like this to a child, it makes me sick to think about but what’s even more upsetting is that people are defending this behavior. I don’t understand it. They watched the tape, they heard their cries and now have read about the open wounds and welt marks yet they still defend.

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    You can spank your child without physically abusing them. By the way, most of the young women who run the streets have probably been physically or sexually abused.

  • mella

    i agree. its so saddening and sickening how many people back this man..

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    Actually beating another human being in that manner is actually a form of hatred. My father would never touch me in that way.

  • Mademoiselle

    I just have to say if you’re a parent who can’t figure out how to get through to your kids without beating them up, you’re a weak ass parent, and you know it. If you can’t figure out what to say to a child for them to understand why twerking makes her look promiscuous, then you just suck as a parent. Don’t beat your chest proclaiming how you love your children until it hurts them. Admit that you don’t know what the eff you’re doing and that’s why you act like a beast to people that are much smaller/weaker than you. That man assaulted his own flesh because he’s a failure as a parent. Whatever he was supposed to be doing BEFORE they got the idea to sneak out and twerk didn’t get done, and he took his failure out on the kids he failed to deflect attention from his pitiful lack of parenting skills. Weak ass parent. Sorry ass excuses for abusing the defenseless. I’m glad he was indicted.

  • Writerdiva

    For me, the whipping isn’t the issue. I understand it because the bottom line is sometimes the time out and taking away of things just won’t cut it. I keep going back to that damn chord. A belt or a switch would have sufficed. Was the 15 minutes of shine on WSHH worth it? If this was all about discipline, we wouldn’t be talking about a tape right now.

  • D.T.

    I can’t believe some people think this is okay. He clearly beat those girls and did so out of anger. This is sad.

    I find it interesting that many black people are in support of whipping their children. I also find it striking how accustomed we are to this especially when you look at black history and the whippings many of our ancestors endured. Could there be some correlation here? I don’t know…..just a thought. Why do we think this is okay?

    Furthermore, where is solid evidence that extreme measures such as this are effective? Sure the two girls may not “twerk” (which is questionable if that’s what they were actually doing to warrant such a beating since “twerking”was not referenced in the video) anymore but what about the emotional and psychological damage done. Is that not important?

  • missjazzy

    I have three adult children and four grandchildren and there is no way I would ever allow anyone to beat the Hell out of any of them! I have always been their greatest protector and always will be. They knew they were loved and that they could talk to me about anything. I made sure they learned from their mistakes (we all make them) so they wouldn’t continue to make the same mistakes! There is a difference in whipping a child and beathing the hell out of one! Thats when go from parent to predator because you are hitting someone who cant hit you back…

  • http://www.facebook.com/siberia.renee Siberia Renee

    Okay.. Question. What would you do if you saw a video of your daughter on youtube doing the same?

  • hugsandkisses

    I see you missed the “wasn’t for twerking” part

  • http://gravatar.com/arlette81 arlette81

    not beat the living daylights out of them. What is wrong with people, abuse is never ok, ever.

  • http://gravatar.com/arlette81 arlette81

    its not surprising that some black people think this is ok, I don’t know what is wrong with the black people….

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    This all the way!

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    My daughter would never be on youtube twerking in the first place. She would be too busy doing something more productive such as reading, playing sports, dance recitals, etc. You cannot prevent your child from sex work by abusing them. My father kept me off the pole and away from the streets by 1) gaining an education that would allow him to a afford a house in safe neighborhood, 2) enrolling me into a school with a rigorous education program, 3)repeatedly acknowledging my self-worth and beauty. My father never hit me. Sure he would raise his voice at me but he never laid a finger on me.

    I will stand up against the abuse of black children.

  • D.T.

    Oh I don’t know……..maybe talk to her and take away privileges?

    No more phone, computer, ipad etc
    Come home straight from school
    No extracurricular activities
    No television
    Extra Chores
    Community Service

    Taking away privileges provide more life lessons than a whipping.

  • ChaCha1

    People talk about beating kids raw as if that actually works. Black people have been doing this as discipline for generations and it hasn’t improved things. Start actual discipline and parenting (as in correction, direction, teaching real lessons and values, keeping tabs on what your kids are exposed to, etc.) when kids are toddlers instead of just beating them and calling that discipline. If you feel that you have to beat children like this man did his kids, then you might have made huge mistakes in parenting when the kids were younger. You can’t let them get away with bad behavior, let them be exposed to garbage when they are 3-7, and then beat them into submission and beat them out of anger when they turn 10-17 because they are acting on things you facilitated or allowed them to do in the beginning.

    I’m not saying this is the whole part of the solution, but it is a point that I wanted to raise.

  • Ooh La La

    Interestingly enough, those “mindless, weak, and loose” you described are the main ones I know who condone hitting their kids with the nearest object that looks like it would hurt.

  • Ooh La La

    Yes, by beating them in the same fashion a pimp would. Ironic.

  • SpkKay13

    The father was most certainly wrong in disciplining his children from a place of anger. However, with all of the talk about African Americans repeating history by disciplining their children using extreme measures of corporal punishment, I am surprised that none of the posts mentioned anything about him being victimized by culture as well. Although harsh, this father reacted in the best we that HE KNEW. As we know due to the sweeping things under the rug or what happens here stays here meme, there was not an influx of people coming to his generation’s defense when they were being beat, which in turn perpetuated this cycle of abuse. In addition, I am certain that the wealth of knowledge concerning alternative methods to disciplining your children or psychological ramifications associated with beatings was not dropped onto people’s doorsteps or discussed in classes while in school. As someone who divulged information about drug and physical abuse that was happening in my home as a teen to the school guidance counselor, who was an older BLACK woman that looked me dead in my eyes and replied, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY STUDENTS COME CRYING TO ME EVERY WEEK ABOUT THIS?! YOU HAVE TO REPORT THIS TO THE COPS YOURSELF AND PLEASE KNOW THAT IT WILL BE IN THE PAPER SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK TWICE,” I know that we as a culture were not intentional in educating children born and raised before/during the 70′s. Children of the 80′s are far more cultured and college oriented. Therefore, chances are that we have been exposed to alternative methods of discipline. Furthermore, due to our innovative and trailblazer mentality, we are empowered to end the cycle. Based on the current state of the Black family and the community as a whole, I strongly favor mandatory anger management and parenting classes over jail time. Yes, throwing him in jail illustrates society’s displeasure with his actions, but we all know that there is NOTHING rehabilitative about the system. It is obvious that he cares, the best way that he knows, for his daughter. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to those young teens and their father if he was properly taught how to channel his love and concern.

  • SpkKay13

    Lastly, let us refrain from straddling the fence. Corporal punishmemt is defined as “intentional infliction of physical pain as a method of changing behavior.” Therefore, all of you asserting that there is a difference between spanking and abuse, erroneous.

  • SpkKay13

    Lastly, let us refrain from straddling the fence. Corporal punishmemt is defined as “intentional infliction of physical pain as a method of changing behavior.” Therefore, all of you asserting that there is a difference between spanking and abuse, complete double-minded ness. You cannot condemn this father in one breath for his actions and then be a proponent for spankings. Abuse is abuse and physical contact, whether it’s in the form of a belt or a hand, is corporal punishment and against the law. Make sure that you are using the same standards of measure concerning yourself.

  • Sasha

    Seriously did you just read the title and automatically skip down to comment rather than reading the article? Like what the hell is it with some people? Reading truly is fundamental and reading comprehension is your friend. Regardless of what those girls did, that beating was unwarranted and is CRIMINAL behavior. Do you know what happens to most people who are caught on film committing a crime? Charges are levied against them and they are prosecuted.

  • Sasha


  • EbonyLolita

    I used to work for ACS in NYC. That is EXCESSIVE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT! In NYC corporal punishment is NOT illegal until it becomes excessive. You are allowed to spank your child w/an OPEN hand but not allowed to leave any lacerations/marks/bruises. HE should have beat their ass in that fashion & took away privileges also.
    So the mother found out when they came home, so obviously they are not together. But I bet you those girls won’t be twerking again. But now the system has stepped in they were probably issue an OOP, keeping him from doing any good or bad parenting. The children will probably use this as “upper handing” him. I only wish he would have used appropriate measures to begin with b/c there is no good in the system stepping into your h/h.

  • SpkKay13

    As a mandated reporter and Early Intervention Specialist/ Speech-Language Pathologist, if you are EVER in the state of VA and hit your child with a closed, opened, hand, foot, toe, etc while I am rending services in your home, I will make it a point to report YOU to prove my point. Corporal punishment is ANY form of physical contact used with the intent to alter behavior. Once again, DO NOT STRADDLE THE FENCE. Either you are 100% against causing physical harm to a child or you are not. An open-handed hit is still a hit and according to several views concerning this incident, the same people spewing disgust due potentially causing psychological trauma are the same ones supporting spanking. Stop the hypocrisy. Assault is assault and violence is violence. Your child, whether they are hit with an open hand or whipped with a belt, wire, or hanger will be exposed to the ideology that it is acceptable to handle frustration or punish an offense by lashing out with physical violence.

  • UgoBabeeeee

    Had to comment …..i dont know what breed alot of you commentors have spawned from- i just hope your children prove to you that sparing a rod spoils a child….yes, in some cases you may not need to render physical punishment to discipline a child but in other cases you do and it works effectively.. i wouldnt throw out that option-the option that works to emulate the stop becky sit in the corner for time out model…there is obviously a difference btetween abusing a child and physically discipling a child- i really dont know about some of you commentators- what world are you from? I support this father wholeheartedlly…….

  • UgoBabeeee


  • UgoBabeeee

    Are you serious??? That regardless what the children did- the beating was unwarranted??? Criminal….i beg to differ- It is this sort of noncholant attitude that Black children are growing to be some undisciplined, bad behiaving types…….If the father doesnt discipline them – i hoope you will be confortable with the criminal jutice department coming in to do so down the line…

  • UgoBabeeeee

    if i were on that jury he would not be convicted- am sorry, some of us still appreciate the form of physical discipline being a detterant to bad behaviour.

  • CMK

    BeReal, you’re making a whole lot of assumptions here. Let’s stick with facts, none of which any of us has. We only know that he beat his daughters, filmed it, and is now arrested. You don’t know these girls home life.

    How about they may be learning how to twerk from their friends? I mean tons of kids do stuff behind their parents back, tons. Either way it sounds to me like there are SOME issues that BOTH parents should be addressing with THEIR daughters. It definitely doesn’t seem like one parent is more MORAL than the other, based on the very LIMITED information we ALL have. Now they’re saying they were beat for others reasons than twerking. Only the courts will know in due time.

    PS: I’m thrilled with the law stepping in on this case.

  • CMK

    The link Clutch provides says this at the bottom:

    “An online video of a man whipping his two daughters has been linked to this case on some websites, but we have confirmed it has no connection to Greg Horn’s arrest.”

    So, this isn’t the dad who beat his daughter’s for twerking it seems?!?

  • Texas

    At first i heard that he was arrested for spanking his daughters, and i was like are you fing kidding me, but they didnt tell me it was this bad. Yeah spanking is alright, but THIS is not spanking

  • http://confessionsofacurvygirl.wordpress.com confessionsofacurvygirl

    I would talk to her. Even if you believe in spanking, you have to talk to child to make them understand what they did was wrong.

  • Dave

    You know what? There are too many comments on this article that speak of spanking as a black only practice. Europeans spank their kids plenty, are known to be far more disciplining than American parents. They also know when to stop treating their kids as children. The difference in behavior is shocking. Stop using race to justify your reluctance to spank your children.

  • sabrina wilder

    I truly don’t believe this father was in the wrong 4 chestizing his daughters for shaking their asses on video, that they were going 2 post on a twerk online site anyway. we need more fathers like that in this world & maybe there would be a more slight percentage of young pregnant females out here. it could be that those who do not agree with this man having worries about his young daughters shaking their ass 4 men, all over 2 see, probably didn’t have a father in they’re life 2 raise them the correct way. if u think it’s ok 4 young females to be doing that kind of stuff on the internet, then something is clearly wrong with u & ur upbringing. I say 2 thumbs up for the daddy who was not willing to watch his daughters go out like a whore, so if that took whooping them 2 straighten them out, then whoop on. # I ain’t mad at you.

  • sabrina wilder

    i truly agree with u in this case. i luv the becky, go & sit in the corner 4 time out remark. that is 1 of the reasons why some children grow up trying 2 challenge they’re parents. he whooped their ass like a concerned father would’ve done.

  • KimInLA

    Greg Horn is NOT the dad in the video that went viral and as reported by ABC 22 News in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, these are two separate incidents, two separate dads and two sets of teenage victims. You can simply go to ABC Dayton 22′s website and confirm it in the story that they posted. The very last line says: “An online video of a man whipping his two daughters has been linked to this case on some websites, but we have confirmed it has no connection to Greg Horn’s arrest.” My question then is why have so many so-called news agencies or so-called popular websites posting this false information. It just takes 5 minutes to verify the story–it is right in ABC 22′s news article! I especially feel sorry for the young teenagers who have been victimized in the comment sections on all of these pages…The Dayton pre-teens/teenagers are not the ones in the video and the ones in the video did not sneak out at night (I also doubt the validity and source of the original story–i.e. that they psted a twerking video on FB-where is this video?). I believe this is internet gossip just being spread. I do think this is a matter of public interest (i.e. child abuse–so kudos for covering it), but everyone should at least get the facts straight. Is that too much to ask? I hope both matters are investigated fully and that both dads receive some counseling and training in parental skills.

  • JS

    Best comment I have read so far!!!

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