This woman does not have a bad angle. Seriously. And her hair? Whether long or short (though she obviously loves to rock a shorter ‘do), blonde or brown, straight or curly, Eva is the hair diva. It doesn’t hurt that her cousin and ace is hair and makeup stylist Terrell Mullin. Although there are literally dozens of her styles that we’d love to copy, here are 10 of the Top Model’s hair styles to keep you inspired.

  • http://thebrokejetsetter.com Becca

    Been in love with her hair for forever! Her color has always been on point!

  • SayWhat

    Bad hair is used to describe anything that is kinky instead of curly. Bad hair is a label reserved for type 4, happy to be nappy, K is for kinky hair. Bad hair is a term used for afro-textured hair, you know, the hair that needed to be pressed, permed, laid down with a ton of Dax or Blue magic….did I just date myself? in order for you to be considered presentable to society.
    Let’s not act like we as black folks have never heard of the term good hair before this post.

  • http://missgoodhair.com/ mfzmou

    What a sexy style. I like it. It’s really nice. Thanks a lot for your nice sharing.
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  • http://www.be-quoted.com bequoted

    The shorter her hair the better. She looks very nice with short hair.

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