Tricia Rose, Ph.D., acclaimed scholar and professor of Africana studies at Brown University, has been named director of Brown’s Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA). She will assume the position July 1, 2013. The former director Evelyn Hu-DeHart has led the CSREA since 2002 according to a press release from the university.

“We are truly delighted that Tricia will be taking over this highly important leadership position at Brown,” said Kevin McLaughlin, dean of the faculty. “Her influential, widely discussed scholarship and her commitment to intellectually responsible critical discourse on the role of race and ethnicity in the arts, the media, and in public life generally in America make her an ideal choice to take over the leadership of this important center.”

Tricia RoseRose is a founding hip-hop scholar and public intellectual. Brown University describes her as “an internationally respected scholar of post-civil rights era black U.S. culture, popular music, social issues, gender, and sexuality.” Her seminal text Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America is considered the foundational book for hip-hop scholarship. The Brown University and Yale University alumna has also won several prestigious awards including the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation.

  • momof3dews

    Congrats Professor Rose! I had a class with her at NYU. Much success.

  • Rue

    Commenters questioning her blackness to the front of the line! Calling all polices of Negritude!

    Seriously congrats Ms rose.

  • Anthony

    Congratulations, and I have to check out Dr. Rose’s work.

  • Anthony

    Wow, she’s my age! She looks great! More importantly, she is an inspiration for me to spend less time arguing on the Internet, and getting my book projects done!

  • phillip

    she very talented: one of the few honest voices in black america