John Legend is going behind-the-scenes for his new drama “Down Lo,” which will air on HBO under his Get Lifted Film Co.

The series is set in South Beach, Miami and will highlight the destination city’s hottest venues and the intersection of the sports, fashion and music scenes.

“Down Lo” will follow the lives of musicians, models and athletes struggling to make their mark. It promises to delve into the world of fame and secrets, including the double life of an undercover gay rapper trying to succeed as a hip hop artist.

“Down Lo” is being produced/directed by Tony Krantz along with Get Lifted’s Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius. It will be written by playwright/scribe Seth Zvi Rosenfeld and Reece Pearson has signed on as the co-executive producer.

Sounds scandalous! Would you tune in, Clutchettes?

  • AJ

    The CW had a series exactly like this….no lie. It didn’t have athletes but models, musicians and the “down lo” rapper.
    I forget the name of the show, damn it

  • Laneé

    I know what you’re talking about but I can’t think of the name either! It only had one season and it was actually pretty good. But this sounds like the exact same show just a different location.

  • DC

    L.A. Complex

  • Marisa

    Boy the jokes just write themselves don’t they also as yall said there was one like this before. I think with the explosion of gossip blogs and supposed tea being spilled about dudes in the business and sports the last few years, this might take off. I wonder who is going to be the one to end up getting cutoff because they will be on the show. Yall seen this Kerry Rhodes situation apparently his “vacation partner” should have been casted lol.

  • BloomingLotus

    Quite fitting that its John Legend on the cover of this show!

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    So he is behind a show about himself? John Legend is straight as Perez Hilton in an NFL locker room filled with naked players.

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