Over night, all hell broke loose in Boston. One police officer was killed, an alleged bombing suspect was killed, and authorities are still on the hunt for the second suspect. But guess what, neither of these suspects are “dark-skinned” men.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The images above are from “suspected” terrorist brothers hailing from Chechnya, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Associated Press is reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed overnight.  And the manhunt for Dzhokhar continues.

What amazed me about the reporting from anchors such as CNN’s John King, was the blatant tone when they referred to the suspects as “dark-skinned”.

“I was told by one of these sources, who is a law enforcement official, that this was a dark-skinned male,” he said of the supposed suspect in the case.

Every dark-skinned man, regardless of ethnicity, in the Boston area was probably profiled. And don’t let that dark-skinned man to be of Middle Eastern decent, god only knows how many of them felt “watched” and considered a suspect.

Even journalists and political talking heads took an issue with the dark-skinned comments:

“Disturbing that it’s OK for TV to ID a Boston bombing suspect only as ‘a dark-skinned individual,” Gwen Ifill tweeted.

During his show, “PoliticsNation”, Al Sharpton had an issue with the dark-skinned comment:

“Dark-skinned male?” Sharpton asked. “Coded, offensive language.”

“These comments are very offensive,” Sharpton said. “They have no place in our discourse.”

“What King’s words did is to make every dark-skinned male in Boston a suspect, and that’s shameful,” Sharpton concluded.

Even after news heads realized the suspects in fact weren’t dark-skinned, they still tried to figure out their nationality, because god forbid these were actually white men committing terrorist acts, because that never happens. Timothy McVeigh. 

So let the record state, in post-racial America, assumptions about terrorists will always have to do with how dark their skin color is and their ethnicity, even though we all know, before 9/11 there were a bunch of white people running around committing just as many acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. So now that we know the two men in question aren’t dark-skinned, the next obvious thing to do is to focus on their religion.




  • Mademoiselle

    Gloria, does it hurt your back to reach so far to call these boys anything other than WHITE? If the media had not revealed their names and origins, these boys would look like your average WHITE Greek, WHITE Romanian, or WHITE Italian descendants (all of whom are known for their tanner white skin and curly brunette hair). If you look at photos of their aunt, uncle, and father who have been on the news all week, you’ll see they’re family look like your average WHITE Russians. If you’re going to reach over 2,000 miles to associate these boys with Saudi Arabia, you might as well go the distance and compare them to West Africans. We all know the point is to blacken them up to prove their problem isn’t a WHITE problem. So don’t short change them on crayons — color them all the way in and keep the cycle of WHITE absolution going.

  • Fantastico

    @Gloria P.

    It’s not dumb to call them white, it just forgoes the hegemony you so willingly accept.

  • http://gravatar.com/sealinewuman sealinewumanwuman

    @Gloria P.

    Please go a call a Persian (Irani) an Arab. Tell me how that ends for you. You’re making yourself look ignorant. Or rather, just proving it to the world.

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