Missing Infant’s Mother Charged with Murder

by Evette Dionne


A missing Chicago infant has not been found, but authorities believe he was killed and dumped in a knapsack in an undisclosed area. ABC Chicago is reporting one-year-old Bryeon Hunter was beaten to death with a belt and plastic hangers by his mother Lakeisha Baker and her boyfriend Michael Scott. The couple left him overnight in their apartment’s bathroom where he died from his injuries.

Baker and Scott concocted an unbelievable tale to cover their alleged crime. Baker, 22, called police April 16 and claimed she was abducted and beaten by three Hispanic men. She also told authorities her son was kidnapped, leading to the issuance of an Illinois Amber Alert. Police questioned both Baker and Scott Wednesday and immediately canceled the alert according to the Chicago Tribune.

Hunter’s mother told authorities she and her boyfriend beat the child because he wouldn’t stop crying and covered his mouth to prevent his grandmother from hearing his screams.

Prosecutors alleged the child’s grandmother, who lived in another apartment in the same building, yelled: “What’s going on up there” during the beating.

The Chicago Tribune reports Baker attempted to scrub her child’s death from the apartment, cleaning it thoroughly to remove all traces of the killing. She allegedly threw out hangers and towels and bleached the bathroom where the child died.

Baker claims Scott dumped the child in a river at First Avenue and Oak Street in Maywood, Ill. before concocting the story about the abduction. The couple rehearsed the tale and coerced Baker’s four-year-old son to memorize the story as well. Baker and Scott also called each other’s phones to make it appear as if they weren’t together at the time of the child’s death.

Scott called 911 April 16 around 2:15 p.m. to report the false abduction. Baker told authorities she was walking with her son to McDonald’s when they were both kidnapped. She claimed the three Hispanic men drove behind a Burger King, beat her leaving two black eyes, and abducted her child after dropping her off 6th Avenue and Main Street in Maywood, Ill.

Scott and Baker have both been charged with first-degree murder. Baker is being held without bond while bail was set at $750,000 for Scott.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    It”s official Chicago is the new Babylon. I don’t know what kind of blood runs through a persons veins that they could do this to a child.

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole

    There really needs a test one can pass before they become a parent.

  • Darcy

    I knew something didn’t sound right about this story when it first broke, but I really hoped they would find this little boy alive. These two are idiots. Why bring a child in the world, if you don’t have the patience to deal with them? He’s one – one year-olds are going to cry. They said the grandmom lived upstairs. Well, if they were frustrated by the child why not take him up to the grandmom for awhile until they could cool down?HOW is beating a baby supposed to stop him from crying?

  • http://gravatar.com/trueletterson trueletterson

    What are they going to do next, how mush worst can it get?

  • BlackNortherner

    Poor child.

    I feared this was the case… I almost never believe it at first when a young child in our community is “missing”. SMDH

    I second that parenting test idea…. intense education and making people demonstrate they learned something is needed for all people of a certain age.

  • noir45

    I hope this beast of a woman and boy hear that baby’s cry in their sleep and are FOREVER haunted by it! When I read this story yesterday, I was so angry that I couldn’t even breath. There is NO excuse EVER to beat/murder an innocent child. This poor baby could’ve been with people who loved and cherished him, but NO, into the hands of two cockroaches his poor little life had entered. I’m still fuming.

    P.S. Don’t people around these children see some kind of signs of abuse or are they even looking? Sometimes I think the “whipping” and “mind my business” mantras keep some people from noticing child abuse.

  • Ads

    Tears in my eyes, my prayers are with that little angel.

  • lexie

    its horrible enough that they beat their one year old to death, but to BLAME innocent hispanic men for this atrocity of a crime, how could they ???????
    as much as i try to understand the frustration that they must have been going through, beating their son to death is just beyond me.

  • http://gravatar.com/tashman2012 TT

    You honestly never can truly know who will be f-ed up parents. It’s sort of the luck of the draw. You have people who look like they’re the pillars of society with respectable jobs, live in a nice neighborhood with a nice house etc. but still do terrible things to their children. It would be nice but I don’t think there truly can be a test. You can cheat a test or lie.

  • DEE

    I was thinking the same thing about taking the child to the grandmother. If at anytime one of my friends or family who are new parents feel overwhelmed, I always tell them they can bring the baby to me.

    I just don’t understand how anyone could beat any child, let alone their child to death. I know it happens but it’s just so heartless.

  • http://Www.dangerfieldnewby.tumblr.com Chris Chambers

    This is why we need Norplant in the hood. Seriously.

  • MommieDearest

    I couldn’t even get through the article. I’m in tears right now… There are wonderful people in the world who are unable to procreate, yet these monsters spit out kids like chewing gum… *sigh*

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I have no words…there is no amount of reasoning or thoughts that can make sense of this tragedy. These “people” are worse than animals at this point with me.

  • Chilecheese

    It doesn’t make sense to beat a child for crying that doesn’t make them stop crying just makes it worse…. Some people should not be allowed to procreate may she and he both rot in prison because killing a child is the WORSE thing that a person can do

  • Muse

    I couldn’t make is passed the third paragraph.

    I just… This is just heartbreaking. I’m a mother of a 3 yr old and I cannot IMAGINE being such a savage towards my daughter. Most animals treat their young better than this monster. Who beats a one year to death????

    Babies are innocent. They’re helpless. They’re defenseless. They’re 100% dependent on their guardians. So it takes a sadistic person to harm are child. Anyone guilty is the most disgusting,vile, savage, evil, lowest of the low human beings and I hope and pray the hottest part of hell is reserved for them all.

  • Muse

    My sentiments exactly.

  • Pam

    Scott and Baker have both been charged with first-degree murder. Baker is being held without bond while bail was set at $750,000 for Scott. And I hope they’re buried under the jail.

    People like this make you pray nonstop to keep you from committing a crime against them.

    The only good news about this is the 4-year old made it out alive and is well. I’m really surprise they didn’t beat him to death.

  • http://parentingbytheseatofmypants.wordpress.com greendoondoon

    I have a 1 year old and there is nothing,nothing, NOTHING that would make me want to hurt her, or her older brothers. Ugh. Sadly, I know of a lot of people that beat their kids for crying,having accidents or other stuff that requires a “there, there, it’s okay” response.

  • Kay

    Oh my Lord!! That poor baby! What a shame! My little one is super energetic and has tantrums all the time. But I love her and couldn’t EVER think to want to hurt her. Besides, that what babies do! They cry, they scream and they do all kinds of things you don’t want them to do. It’s a part of being a parent.

  • apple

    the child was probably a mistake and they either didn’t know about abortion or was too late for one .. they could have gave it up for adoption or dropped it off a hospital (safe haven law)

  • apple

    does chicago have save safe haven laws? why not just drop the baby off at a hospital or fire station if you dont want it?

  • Stubbornly Indecisive

    I don’t get it. I can’t stand to hear a baby cry. It breaks my heart. Hell I cant stand to hear a puppy whine. How do you beat a child to death???

    This is one thing I will ever nor do i have the desire to understand. I would reserve no mercy for these two but the administering of judgement is reserved for God and he does it best.


  • Shay

    How can you possibly think beating the crap out of a child will make them stop crying. they must be drug addicts. so sick….

  • Purple Rain

    That and I think it’s time we start advocating for voluntary sterilization. Or in this case, REQUIRE it!

  • The Other Jess

    Oh yeah, cuz we KNOW how peaceful New York and Detroit are! Plz.

    Other cities have the EXACT same stuff going on, but it’s called media overfocus because the President is from there, and he happens to be the first admitted Black President too.

    The Right wants to destroy Chicago by making it seem so much worse than other U.S. cities even though it’s crime rate is no different- and in most cases BETTER – than other American cities.

    A woman police officer just killed her boyfriend AND her baby last week in NYC, but that is supposed to be so much better, I guess?


  • The Other Jess

    It’s pretty obvious that the mother was abused by the father, who probably wanted her to get rid of the kid, so she lied about the whole thing. Disgusting all the way around, but far from unique in the U.S.

    And the mother didn’t accuse two hispanic men – she gave a description as the men being light-skinned with wavy to straight hair and the police and news chose to report them as hispanic – she could have easily been talking about light-skinned Blacks or even Italians.

    Yes, the “kidnappers” were imaginary, but she never pointed a finger at anyone race.

  • The Other Jess

    The fact is, NO other city was able to produce a Black President and Black First Lady, along with the Top Senior Adviser (Jarret), a Black woman.

    Until your city can do that, then talk about how Chicago is Babylon, and all that crap. Chicago has violent crime and dangerous criminals like every place else in America, but it is far from being a cesspool of crim no matter how biased the media is towards it. Clutch can report all the bad news in the world about Chicago, but try talking about all the people killed in the Bronx and Brooklyn or being shoved into subway trains in Manhattan. So cut the crap.

  • http://gravatar.com/g2-1f9d9a9efc2f523b2f09629444632b5c johng2-1f9d9a9efc2f523b2f09629444632b5c

    I guess, we can now end the lie, that Chris Brown is the face of domestic violence. Mothers, maternal figures, and their sex partners, destroy more black lives, than Chris Brown ever could. # Who will cry for the little boy.

  • noir45

    green, if you know people who are beating their children, you need to report it! This is why child abuse is sky high because people don’t want to intervene or just simply say, “It’s not my business how people discipline their children,” and abusers go unpunished and these poor children end up damaged goods. They are innocent babies! Someone has to stand and protect them. That’s why I became a CASA. I despise child abusers.

    It’s up to US to report abuse when we see it and let go of the it’s “none of our business” because it is! I’m not just talking about a simple “spanking,” but to beat a child because they are being children is abuse.There are some people who have no parenting skills. They were probably beaten for having accidents, crying, wetting on themselves, etc., so they pass that behavior on to their poor innocent children.

    Please don’t take my comment as attacking you because that’s not my intention, but it’s so important that we don’t let people abuse their children, so I hope you don’t take my comment wrong.

    *Ends rant*

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Yes I see your side clearly, other cities “do it too”, excellent point thats why you stay winning. Keep up the good work “The Other Jess”.

  • http://parentingbytheseatofmypants.wordpress.com greendoondoon

    @ noir–No offense whatsover! I should have been more clear, these people now have grown up children (most of these people were teenage parents, to be honest) and I was a teenager/young adult at the time. Now that I am an adult with children of my own, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone if I suspected a child was being mistreated.

    I made a comment on the twerking thread that so many black people use violence as a method of controlling their children and a lot of people speak almost with reverence about the treatment they received.

    Thank you for your reply and that you were concerned about offending me makes me happy that you are looking out for the welfare of our children.

  • noir45

    @greendoondoon, thank you! Good! I’m glad you didn’t take offense because sometimes, I know I can sound a bit condemning.

    Thank you for the clarification as well. I appreciate it.

    I COULD NOT agree with you more about the comments on that video. Oh, many were gleeful about how they got beaten and how they do the same to their children. I was horrified. I do not know why so many black folks feel they have to beat their children to control them. Some have surmised that it comes from slavery.

    You are welcome welcome, greendoondoon, and I DO have a heart for children. There’s nothing that tears me up more than someone who abuses/mistreats them. Someone’s gotta be their voice, ya know. Thanks for your sweet comment. I appreciate them. :-D

  • The Other Jess

    It’s not about “other cities do it too” as you so blindly state, Tonton. It’s about not pointing the finger when 4 others are pointing back at you. What these people did was terrible, but your comment about Chicago being babylon, as if it is the only city with violent criminals in the U.S., is garbage. You can’t blame a whole city for a couple of deadbeats. Especially when every other city in the U.S. is experiencing the same thing and worse. With all the sh*t going down in cities all over America, I don’t understand how you can single out Chicago – other than your own personal bias. I’m just saying to check yourself before you criticize others.

    If you choose to blindly single out Chicago as if it is the only city needed intervention for crime, particularly with regard to black communities, then you are simply crazy, st*pid or both. Because even if all the crime problems in Chicago were miraculously resolved tomorrow, 10 other cities would still be dealing with the same thing – and the U.S. and Black communities would not be any different than they were before.

  • gloria

    There is NOTHING a 1-year old baby could possibly do that would warrant being hit or beat. Nothing.

    I’m tired of this crap.

  • Marisa

    All I got for these two are seven words unfortunately they are the seven words George Carlin said we aren’t allowed to say so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Teni

    Is it just me, or does this woman look like the product of abuse as well?

  • The Other Jess

    Yup. She does, that’s just what i was thinking. Amazing how everybody seemed to miss this. In the news interview, her eyes were bloody, swollen and oozing much worse than this current picture.

    I think her boyfriend blackened her eyes and threatened her and forced her to either leave the kid somewhere, or not say anything about him murdering the child. Either way, she’s now an accessory to the crime and is just as guilty.

  • The Other Jess

    Gee, just check the blackened eyes, swollen face. Not a leap at all. In fact it’s quite common for abused woman to lie for and defend their murderous partners, even when it means they will be charged with the crime as well.

  • ….

    It’s not a leap when the lady appears to have two black eyes.

  • EnuffSaid

    I don’t think the mother was abused smdh. And even if she was it does NOT excuse her from murdering her 1-yr old son.

    Since she made up the story about being abducted, she probably beat herself (or had her boyfriend do it) to corroborate with the lie.

    This was a disgusting act of violence.

    Enough said.

  • Jambes Marks

    How can these people even think of themselves as human, killing a little child in such a manner?

  • flex

    I hope both burn in hell. There both wrong theres people. That want to. Have children. And cant she could have gave him. Up to a lovingly family. Who. Wants him.

  • mizthang76

    Well I thinks he beats her too and she is just stupid he killed the baby and she so stupid because she lives a man more than her kids how can you let a man kill your child beat your butt then help hide it she is a damn fool

  • Cate

    I also think she might have been covering for the boyfriend and that he could have threatened to kill her other child and her. Even if the police say they’ll protect her if she tells the story, she probably can’t rely on that. Also, the boyfriend probably has “friends” that he says will kill her other son and her, even if he is locked up. I really wish they could get her story.

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