From her funky free sense of style to her out-of-the-box sound, there are so many reasons to love Kelis. The fans who feared the drama of her personal life stifled her desire to make music will be happy to learn she’s back in the studio. The mother of one released a new single “Call On Me” produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Site.

Check the soulful, eclectic song below:

Are you feeling it?

  • omfg

    i like. interesting sound.

  • PrincessDi

    I like it! It’s different.

  • maame

    The song has a 1960s Afro beat sound to it, an instrumental movement that happened in West Africa.

  • Kay

    I’ve always loved Kelis. She’s different, funky and has a unique sound. I like it….

  • A

    Yes! I’m glad Kelis is back. I love her style and her music. With this song, I can really imagine enjoying myself and dancing at a nice summer festival. Just in time. I like it. Go Kelis!

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Wow loved it!

  • Whatever

    Yessss! Kelis please make a comeback! She’s everything Solange’s contrived behind pretends to be. #shade

  • LeonieUK

    I’m excited just in time for festival season, which is what Kelis does best. Plus an extra bonus my Brooklyn boyz TV ON THE RADIO, I’m tooo happy.. So Right now I got KING, Daft Punk, rudemental and Josephine killing my ipod thank you music 2013!!!!!

  • RenJennM

    I like it. I can see myself driving down the street with this blasting on my radio. I wish there were a couple key changes, and a few more layers of sound, like some harmonized backgrounds vocals or something. It would’ve gave my ears a little more to be excited for. The song is cute, but is it worth my money… that’s the real question.

    It’s a shame that Kelis isn’t more famous and successful than she is. SHE was actually the first mainstream pop singer in the mid 2000′s to cut her her short and rock it black. But Rihanna got all the credit. And many of Kelis’ songs were ahead of their time. Like, “Young, Fresh ‘N New” should’ve been a hit. I mean, c’mon, she had Heidi Klum in her video when no one really knew who Heidi Klum was! And don’t even get me started on “Get Along With You”… talk about a deep, emotional ballad that moves you! She really should’ve blew up. “Milkshake” wasn’t sh*t compared to the songs on her first two albums.

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