Nicki Minaj’s music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the rapper has certainly proven she’s marketable. Her lipstick for MAC is reportedly the best-selling of all time, she has settled into her role as a judge on “American Idol,” and now, the Young Money artist is hitting the silver screen.

Nicki has been cast alongside Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton in the upcoming comedy, “The Other Woman.” The movie follows Cameron as she learns she’s the other woman in her relationship. The women, who have all been hurt by the man who plays the lead, band together against him to get revenge. Nicki will play Diaz’s assistant at her law firm who is on her third marriage.

This movie has the requisite cast and entertaining premise to be a real hit. I’m most happy for Minaj who has a background in drama and always seems to be acting anyway. It’s about time her theatrical antics are given the proper channel.

What do you think about this career move for Nicki Minaj, Clutchettes? Would you see the film?

  • kc

    You guys didn’t report the best part! (Sarcasm.) Nicki will be playing her “opinionated” assistant–aka, the sassy black friend. The single story of black women in the media continues…

  • DEE

    yeah, that’s pretty much what I got from it too.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    She is not an actress! She is the most annoying judge on American. No!

  • Whatever

    Will she be playing a different character than the one she’s always playing? Or is she going to be in her every day clown suit?

  • Guest1234

    HA! I was thinking the exact same thing! There’s something slightly embarrassing about these roles. I was watching some movie, and Ludacris was playing the neutered black friend to Ashton Kutcher or somebody and it actually made me uncomfortable.

    These rappers play these hyper-sexualized alpha males, but you put them in a movie and, POOF!, they become the neutered sidekick of some non-threatening white dude. It just seems so out of place. And it highlights how phony the alpha male rapper persona really is. It’s only alpha among black folks. But insert a white person, and he’s properly relegated to the back of the line. No bass in his voice. No authority. No edge. He’s really just a pet, almost.

    And here, we have the female version of the de-fanging of black cultural icons (of sorts). Nikki Minaj’s public persona is her playing the role (for better or for worse) of the sexy, edgy, in charge, desireable woman using her sex appeal to assert control, or whatever. And here she is, being relegated to third fiddle behind a coupla skinny white chicks. Guaranteed, NOTHING about her character in the movie will evoke that she is EVER a romantic rival for any white woman. There will never be so much as a HINT that any man of interest MIGHT EVER be REMOTELY interested in. Noooo. She’s just a serial baby-mama. Black girls aren’t EVER legitimate love interests. She’s just the sassy black girl they keep around as a mascot. And I’m sure she’ll be a grateful puppy for the white folks.

    There’s just too stark (and very telling) a difference between their music personas and where they’re placed in movies. It’s off-putting. And strange. No thanks.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Nicki graduated from one of New York City’s premiere arts schools and studied performance and acting so there’s no surprises here. Film roles are a part of brand expansion and Nicki is doing just that. Hell. If Two Chains can nab a role on Law and Order….well then….*Kanye Shrugs*….

    My desire for Nicki is that she tones down the hair and makeup so we can really see “her”…she seems to be a really attractive woman underneath all of the props.

  • binks

    Right! It even sounds like a 2 lifetime movies I saw before so no I won’t be checking it out.

  • gloria

    Can she just go away?

  • Jaye

    soooooo its basically John Tucker Must Die?

  • lauryn


  • chanela17

    soooooo nobody is gonna mention the fact that kate upton is also not an actress?

  • classoffitness

    Kate upton has Bigger Boobs, and they want to make a new john tucker must die.

  • Monique

    Does anyone else remember her acting from the “You See Right Through Me” video? I hope she has improved since then.

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