Beyonce Knowles During a Photo Shoot In Paris

When a child misbehaves we reprimand them with time outs, wrist pops or spankings. When a man messes up, you throw him a pillow to make a part time living situation on the couch. But when you piss off Beyoncé Knowles, you get BANNED from her world tour. According to The New York Post, Independent photographers will no longer have access to shoot her Mrs. Carter tour.

Beyoncé may run the world, but the diva is going to extremes to have some serious control over her internet personification. The decision was indubitably prompted by this year’s Super Bowl fiasco, after Buzzfeed published unflattering photos that propelled Beyoncé’s publicist to issue an emailed request for removal.

Instead of taking the pictures down or replacing them, the site reposted the images and the email with the headline: “The ‘Unflattering’ Photos Beyoncé’s Publicist Doesn’t Want You to See.” Visitors of Buzzfeed are familiar with the comedic and playful tone to the popular site, but Bey wasn’t laughing. This new decree is clearly a result of that fiasco.

This time around, Beyoncé isn’t taking any chances. Instead, news outlets are being given a link to a website that will feature pre-approved photos of Mrs. Carter taken by ONE photographer.

Oh, so did you think People Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012 was going to destroy her image for the sake of a second or third joke? Nope. And now photographers, the joke is on you.

If you don’t know by now, Beyoncé is the queen of silent attacks. Let’s reflect back to her Inauguration scandal where she kept quiet as the media continued to antagonize and lambast her for lip-synching. Gracefully approaching the stage during her televised press conference, she shut EVERYBODY down by magically belting out our “Star-Spangled Banner” so powerfully it sent shock waves throughout the nation. She even concluded her performance with “any questions?” which felt more like, “now what?!” It was an attack executed flawlessly and with such poise. Beyoncé may come off reserved and demure but understand this woman sees, observe and machinates a reaction.

Critics have issued statements of concern that this power ball decision will make the superstar come off as insecure, weak, jaded, a joke of a role model or simply ridiculous. And they’re entitled to their opinions. My confusion lies here: what type of role model is Beyoncé that makes this decision oh-so disappointing?

The Beyoncé we’ve come to know has constructed an entire empire based off of seeming perfection. She receives million dollar endorsements solely from her pristine beauty and body. I’m not sure how it feels to be labeled the most beautiful woman in the world, but in addition to her already gargantuan self- standards, one can only imagine the pressure she puts herself under. And her rule number one is never let them catch you slipping. And we can all agree that the one thing Beyoncé demonstrates in her career is to be a brand first, human second.

To be honest, I can’t pretend I’m not privately awaiting the day Beyoncé gets so sick of shielding herself from the world and projecting a perfect image that she sets off in mini rampages. It would be so cool to watch her get loose and I even want her to be semi-inspired by a reckless Rihanna tweet. Yes, I would love for Beyonce to break down her walls a little, but this form of action further shows, those walls are nowhere near being leveled. The day Beyoncé abandons her carefully-crafted brand isn’t going to be today (though “Bow Down” and her nipple costumes were a nice reprieve).

As an artist and indisputably one of the best entertainers of our time, the “Grown Woman” diva has simply never been a representation of what it means to be a self confident, flaws-and-all type of woman who owns who they are with abandon. Instead, her fans have come to appreciate her world for the ideal fantasy it provides.

Although someone may need to have a “Beyonce, you really are beautiful” intervention after this incident, her photography ban is confirmation that she too has hidden insecurities that not even Jay-Z can swoon her out of. You want her to be more human, right? This was the most normal approach I’ve seen her take yet. And I can relate. I don’t take too kind to unapproved facebook pics uploaded of me. Take away the power to un-tag and how many women would be orchestrating an online petition to permanently ban Facebook from ever seeing the light of day? I don’t see much of a difference here.

Critics and fans hold Beyonce to such high regard that perhaps we’ve made it difficult for her to simply laugh at herself. Maybe if we loosen up on our expectations of her, she wouldn’t be so hesitant to embrace trivial things like a silly, unflattering picture. So Beyoncé, girl, I don’t blame you. Keep assembling the best dance moves we’ve seen since Michael Jackson, keep your blonde tresses flowing and continue to maintain order in your kingdom of perfection.

-Nikki B.

  • Rue


  • Yb

    How dare this uppity negress have the audacity to want to be photagraphed well?!?!? Doesn’t that Creole hussy know that at times she should make mistakes and slip up so people can magnify her mistakes to feel better about themselves?

    Blonde-weave wearing bitch.

  • Natalia Lara

    Reading your headline, my thoughts were already decided as I thought Beyonce was taking her vanity and power a little too far…but I must say, after reading the full article, I am enlightened by your perspective and do indeed agree with all your points… Very good post!

  • Simone L

    I love you, yo.

  • Ooh La La

    “To be honest, I can’t pretend I’m not privately awaiting the day Beyoncé gets so sick of shielding herself from the world and projecting a perfect image that she sets off in mini rampages. It would be so cool to watch her get loose and I even want her to be semi-inspired by a reckless Rihanna tweet.”

    It’s so strange that I just read an article about Rihanna needing to reserve herself more and have some class, then I read this article about Beyoncé needing to let loose and stop trying to be so perfect. Damned if you don’t…. Damned if you do.

  • Kendra P.

    When I read about this earlier I was utterly disgusted by the power Beyonce thinks she has, but the writer listed some good points.

    She’s not here to be seen as the average woman. Her entire existence in the spotlight has played up to a perfect persona from her perfect career, perfect husband, baby and all around life.

    I do want to see a slip up every now and then to prove she’s not robotic but Beyonce must will forever smile for the camera. Smh

  • Fantastico

    Ah ha ha ha!!!

  • miss-zorro

    Oh, I guess she’s still pissed about that photo where she looks like the Incredible Hulk…which by the way is a very popular meme on FB.
    And here come the “Stans” in 5, 4, 3, 2, ….1

  • Get to the Choppa

    This post is doing to much. Why are you tearing at her for wanting to be in control of internet content. I hope this was sarcasm, because if it wasn’t then you need some anger management classes.

  • MommieDearest

    @Get to the Choppa,

    Yes, Yb’s post is sarcasm. Biting sarcasm, and it’s hilarious.

  • Yb

    Sarcasm. Just restating many comments I heard from people who dislilke Beyonce.

    From a Bey fan.

  • The Other Jess

    Good for her! The media is out of control and needs to get over themselves. I don’t blame Beyonce after the non-story fiasco they made over her inauguration appearance and vacation in Cuba.They will do anything to make a story, usually false, or make someone look unflattering. Heck, the paparazzi even killed Princess Diana in their zeal to get a story/picture/tell a lie. They are messing with people’s lives and reps here. Sad.

    The media (of all forms) needs someone to tell them to get the f*ck out of people’s business and to take a flying leap. Because no matter how hard they try, Beyonce will ALWAYS look and be 100 times better than anyone in the media.

    Stars have the right to respect and privacy too – nobody wants to be on their job 100% of the time, and just because you do your job so well that you get famous doesn’t mean that you should suffer excessive scrutiny and slander. Stars are human and deserve a break too – they don’t deserve to have hateful people all up in their faces every day.

    Plus, I notice those behind the cameras and news articles do everything in their power to shield THEMSELVES from similar media scrutiny to what they dish out. Talk about a bunch of bullying cowards hiding behind their cameras and keyboards!

  • LN

    Great post! Spot on.

  • Get to the Choppa

    Sorry my fault

  • Leigh

    “Critics and fans hold Beyonce to such high regard that perhaps we’ve made it difficult for her to simply laugh at herself. Maybe if we loosen up on our expectations of her, she wouldn’t be so hesitant to embrace trivial things like a silly, unflattering picture.”

    soooooo true, the public does put an IMMENSE amount of pressure on her in addition to the pressure she puts on herself. She doesn’t want to disappoint her fans. I don’t think these people who criticize her every move realize how much pressure that must be and that they can NEVER criticize her as much as she criticizes herself

  • Rue.

    “The media (of all forms) needs someone to tell them to get the f*ck out of people’s business and to take a flying leap.”
    Really now. It’s their their job to be in people’s business. Otherwise there would be no news. Granted many take it way too far but asking people to delete unflattering photos of you is ridiculous at best.No-one saw/cared about those pics until they asked for them to be pulled.

    “Stars are human and deserve a break too – they don’t deserve to have hateful people all up in their faces every day.”
    Please. For every 1 person who hates Beyonce there are 100 who want to have her canonized. If she can’t sleep because there are unflattering photos of her floating around somewhere, then it speaks to the depth of her character rather than the media’s.

    Finally, people (famous or otherwise) need to learn when to get over themselves and have a sense of humor. No one looks at Elizabeth Taylor’s unflattering photos (and I’m sure there are tons) and she damn near invented the paparazzi culture. Have a laugh, drink some coffee and move on with your life.

  • The Other Jess

    YB, your sarcasm is perfect for this. Makes the point really well. Haters gonna hate. But Bey stays winning anyway.Which is why they’re so mad.

  • binks

    I guess…shrugs. Though the points are interesting at the end of the day it isn’t that serious.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    lol all this because there were “unflattering” photos of her? Its called being human. She wants to depict herself as a perfect inhuman goddess deity. I’m mad that I wasted time clicking this story. Beyonce is a snobby drama queen.

  • greendoondoon

    *Sends whole bottle of Ace of Spades to Yb.*

  • Curls&Swirls

    My thoughts exactly. Whenever someone sings or dances, you’re not going to look the same…your face changes, your body moves. It may not be “flattering” but who looks so far into that? I mean clearly Beyonce haters do, but still… this just isn’t that serious

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so don’t photograph her…..see how she likes that

  • Anon

    Wow. You REALLY are hoping for this woman to fall. I’m personally convinced that all of the black women that are hoping to see the “real” Beyonce are reacting against the fact that: she’s seen as pretty by every group, she comes from a two-parent family, she doesn’t have any “from the projects” stories, she’s famous worldwide, and… she comes across as a PLEASANT AND HAPPY WOMAN who is living a blessed life that she worked hard for! Ya’ll are SO pressed to see her upset, like that will lift your life in some way.

    The fact that so many people were DESPERATE to see disparaging images of a successful beautiful black woman is telling. Gaga looks a mess in her costumes, you don’t see memes of her on the internet. And for all of this “going in” on Beyonce, CLAIM your byline girl.

  • Anon

    I want to give you a STADIUM of handclaps, applause, roses, champagne, and top it off with a paid vacation. I will say this, Bey STAY having folks pressed like buttons, just by making good business decisions.

  • Anon

    “I do want to see a slip up every now and then”… well they have always said that misery loves company. Girl, go GET YOUR LIFE instead of praying for failure for a woman who on her worst day, is wearing a watch more than your yearly income.

    “She’s not here to be seen as the average woman.” – You would think more black women would be appreciative of that.

  • Kanyade

    “So Beyoncé, girl, I don’t blame you. Keep assembling the best dance moves we’ve seen since Michael Jackson <———————- O_O !!! Really? LOL

    "And we can all agree that the one thing Beyoncé demonstrates in her career is to be a brand first, human second. <————This sums her up quite nicely.

  • Anon

    I really am starting to believe that tweet that went out about not being able to trust women who don’t like Beyonce. Because IRL, and on the internet, dang near EVERY ONE has been hateful and spiteful to the core, if not simply miserable of where they were in life.

  • Sasha

    I am no Beyonce fan but this comment gave me life, so hilarious!

  • Ken P

    you’re wrong. she isn’t a high school graduate.

  • RJ

    First let me say that I would hate to have to deal with the incessant scrutiny that today’s artist go through, but they are not innocent bystanders in this game. They put themselves on display in ways that other artist did not. Lauryn Hill did not put herself on display in overt and sexual way but she still found the constant gaze of the public troubling.

    Beyonce put herself out ther for the world to see in a very forceful and sexual way leaving nothing to the imagination. She sold herself as something to behold, admire and desire. so when you play that game it is a double edge sword and it does make her seem silly to demand that every image be perfect when you may be moving in a way that is not “cute” or when you are making ugly faces because you are feeling the movement.

    You cannot have it both ways.

    While I think Beyonce is pretty she is not by definition a pristine beauty as referenced in this article. Please check the definition of the word:

    1.In its original condition; unspoiled.
    2.Clean and fresh as if new; spotless.

    Between the weaves, blond bottle hair color and rumors of nose tweeking she hardly counts as a beauty that is “in it’s original condition”.

    Also, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think few would say that she is one of the greatest entertainers of our time

    I understand the need for black women to stick together but I think we need to step back just a bit and really look at Beyonce’s talents for what they are. Someone else “writes” her songs and she pretty much shimmy’s and shakes her way through with almost the same dance moves in every video.

    Just my humble opnion.

  • RJ

    Sorry Anon but your premise fails. While I am not on the world stage, I have had all “groups” chasing after me on several occassions, I come from a two parent home and have never lived in the projects. I have lived in 4 of the worlds largest cities (including living abroad) and have had a successful life so far.

    What you fail to understand is that black women are not above criticism and one of the most annoying things to see is narcissism on display. Many of us will call it out whether it is a black woman or a white woman or a man of any race.

    Beyonce has let a lot of things go to her head and it is not pretty. I have personally been around the President and Vice President and neither of them conducted themselves in a vain matter- and they are important people.

    Beyonce is a pop star and that is not important in the larger scheme of the world.

    Reese Witherspoon just got called out on this behavior in which she thinks being a celebrity is an important state that trumps all. She asked a cop who was testing her husband for a DUI if “he knew who she was?” He said “no” and proceeded to arrest her for disorderly conduct. She soon learned that on the food chain of life being a celebrity is not that important.

    “Queen Bey” (cough.cough) may soon have to learn that lesson as well. Hopefully, she will not be humilated and arrested but comeuppance comes in many forms.

    But when all is said and done – this stuff is not important. maybe soon with age, she will realize that.

  • shoSTOPPER

    please.. let someone else have beyonce’s place in the sun!

  • Rue.

    @ Anon:
    I’m a random person on the internet. why would you trust me?

  • Anon

    Oh please. Like you’re the only person who has connections to the First Family. WTH???? does Reese Witherspoon have to do with Beyonce? No really, tell me? You ARE aware (since you seem so connected and all) who her family is right? Like, before she was ever in Man on the Moon?
    Ole girl is from Southern peeps (and I meant that capitalization). She pulled that line in GA for reasons, she EXPECTED them to know who she was. And wouldn’t have been that far off.

    Anywayzzzz, why you stay ridin’ for Beyonce’ to “know her place” so to speak? What exactly went to her head? Being one of the most famous superstars in the world, let alone being one of the most famous superstars as a black woman in a country that produces articles by major publications deriding black women’s existence AND being dragged by black publications for not being “ghetto enough” and STILL #winning?

    Girl, be happy she ain’t hosting parades in her honor on a yearly basis because I know I would, if I had to deal with all of the negativity from my OWN people while I’m paving ground for folks to come up behind me.

  • Anon

    Because many live “struggle” lives and it eats at their souls that not all of us had water in our cereal bowls for breakfast as children.

    #realtalk That is what it is in this “need” to see others struggle. It helps to soothe rough childhood hurts, or current inadeqacies.

  • NY’s Finest

    I’m sorry but some of these comments are ridiculous. So the black women who are not Beyonce fans and choose not to fawn over her are haters with low self esteems? So what’s wrong with the Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ciara. Keri Hilson and Alicia Keys “haters?”

  • Tonya

    Beauty is skin deep and if the contest were based on that this horrible female role model would losr. I liked her when Destiny Child first came on the stage of stardom but now i think she is evil and ugly as hell. I am not a hater cos I dont hate no one but I will voice my opinion regardless of who like it or not.

  • Tonya

    Oookay so you meet women online or off and you would not trust them because they dislike beyonce? That’s retarded as hell…. I as well as many bw, ww, mw, etc. do not like her style of music and even more do not like her because they feel she holds legion within her soul. You do know that it is not Beyonce that performs for you right? Beyonce said it was sasha fierce the demon… Lmao amd smdh. Yall in love with a Demon, you are praising it. Beyonce warned you idiotic fans about who takes over amd perform and you dont even care that you worship a demon. I pray for her because in one interview when she spoke about sasha she seemed regretful. May God forgive her and release her from evil!

  • Tonya

    Sorry i dont cater and worship legion filled performers. Demons, no matter how beautiful they are, gets no love from me. Now when the real Beyonce come bk to us then I’ll support her music. I really do miss the Beyonce from the Destiny Child years!

  • raah

    Wanting control over images of yourself does not necessarily mean insecurity, this is simply wanting control over YOUR images. Heck I do. It’s a combination of wanting privacy for somethings and wanting other things to be shared. Even in the Super Bowl situation, it was not an overreaction to have her publicist request certain photos not be shared. We all have unflattering photos and many of us would rather not have the weird-looking photos from the night before on facebook. It’s not that foreign, and it’s her prerogative.

  • Nnaattaayy

    Excellent piece Clutch. I didn’t even know that Beyonce’s image was that deep

  • Serenity (@tolledevotee)

    Well said….she needs to not take herself so seriously… just think if she had simply laughed with us at the mime photos and this would never have blown up as it has. We love to see celebrities show humility and a sense of humor. I do hope that Beyonce admits that she was wrong for over-reacting. What she resists will persist!

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