People Magazine released details on its annual “Most Beautiful” issue, which featured Beyonce on the cover last year. This year, the ever-esteemed title goes to actress and mother of two, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The issue also features such beauties as Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union. Halle, Kerry and Kelly win the distinction of being on the list of the 10 most beautiful people in the world according to People Magazine, in the eighth, second and seventh spot respectively.

It’s Kelly Rowland’s first time appearing in the issue, and Halle Berry once napped the top spot with a cover. We personally believe Kerry Washington deserved the cover instead of the second spot, especially given the success of “Scandal,” and her last movie “Django Unchained” but beauty, of course, is subjective.

Click through to see a few shots from the spread.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    ….And they all deserve to be on this list. They are beautiful black woman and are all dynamic in their beauty!!!

  • Relle

    Though I love Gweneth Paltrow, Kerry Washington should have been on the cover. But she made the list, so I guess that will do.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    IMO – these are simply brown skin white girls with not ONE black feature among them…..

  • Lillian Mae

    I didn’t want to be negative, but I was seeing them, wishing someone would have their natural hair, rather than yakki hair…Beautiful (and a variety of shades) none the less.

  • Guest1234

    These ladies are all beautiful. But why, oh why, must our beauty only be celebrated when it imitates white ladies? Can we get some natural hair up in there? I’d like to see Esperanza Spalding or Julia Sarr-Jamois or someone. A black woman with her natural mane is more than beautiful. She’s traffic-stopping GORGEOUS. What is it about a natural black woman that scares the pants offa folks? (That’s a rhetorical question. We aaaaallll know.)

    Anywhoo. They can pretend our beauty only exists when it mirrors theirs, but we all know that ain’t true. Our beauty is so much greater. That’s why they’re trying to straighten it, slap a wig on it, lighten its skin….anything to erase it. Well, they can’t. So there.

  • Bree

    What do you mean that do not have black features? You do realize that black people have all kinds of nose shapes, eyes, and skin tones. What are they supposed to look like? And their straightened hair does not make them look any less African descended.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “their straightened hair does not make them look any less African descended”


  • Lisss

    I have always had a problem with this magazine and its supposed “most beautiful people” list. Are they serious???? Have they been around the world to know who is the most beautiful? And to have the audacity to give the title to Gwyneth Paltrow??!!! And to further insult people by having a couple of token minorities who all reflect the european standards of beauty?!!! And the most hurful part of all of this is that magazines such as Clutch, other black media outlets and black people themselves take this bull so seriously that they would actually get mad if Kelly, Kerry and Berry weren’t on there. Simply unfreakingbelievable!!!!

  • kc

    Especially Kelly. Why would you boast publishing a make up free image if she’s just going to wear a massive wig?

  • Lillian Mae

    I love your comment!

  • Lillian Mae

    I never expect a white magazine to celebrate black beauty. Most times they just seem to throw us a bone.

  • Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    You’re 100% right and at the same time it’s a white publication with whites making judgments of beauty, so they are going to choose their own standard. I choose not to buy into that standard which is why I don’t patronize that magazine. I am more upset by black publications that still uphold white standards of beauty.

  • blaque217

    These comments are unbelievable. It’s not enough that People Magazine recognized 4 beautiful Black women, now you all are complaining that these women aren’t “Black enough” or are imitating white women. SMH
    Are any of you psychiatrists? Are you qualified to speak on what’s going on in someone’s head? These are stunning women of color. Just because they are not walking around wearing afros and dashikis, doesn’t make them any less Black. You Natural Hair Nazis are really taking things to the extreme.

  • blaque217

    Are any of you psychiatrists? Are you qualified to speak on what’s going on in someone’s head? These are stunning women of color. Just because they are not walking around wearing afros and dashikis, doesn’t make them any less Black. You Natural Hair Nazis are really taking things to the extreme.

  • Shawnte

    Halle’s hair is yakki-free

  • Guest1234

    It is a rare occasion that I reply to someone who doesn’t really “get it” but today, I’ll assume you’re not just trolling, but sincerely interested. Nobody said anything about the ladies in the spread not being “black enough.” There has been no single negative comment about the blackness of any of those women, nor has anyone mentioned wearing afros and dashikis. You just made that up.

    What I’m saying is that black beauty INCLUDES kinky-textured hair, and that American culture (e.g. People Magazine) loves to pretend like that’s not so. That doesn’t carry any the negativity you’re hurling around. It’s a pretty straightforward statement and an uncontroversial one (unless you’re a card-carrying member of the KKK).

    Going around calling people Nazis because they embrace their own beauty says a whole lot more about you than the people you’re labeling.

    Reading comprehension is an important skill. Exercise it. Because as it stands, your comment sounds like the rantings of one who is embittered AND illiterate. I hope that’s not true. Read more carefully next time. It’s amazing what you’ll learn.

  • BeanBean

    I agree with the ladies they picked. Halle, Kerry, Kelly, and Gabrielle are all beautiful women. I can’t believe some people are saying that they don’t have black features. You don’t get much darker than Kelly and Gabrielle, full lips and kinky hair for Kerry, brown skin for Halle. These are all beautiful black women.

  • chanela17

    @shawnte well halle berry is mixed and has “acceptable” hair.

  • chanela17

    there was a picture posted on facebook of oprah’s niece (BEAUTIFUL GIRL) and it was just sad to see how many white people were saying that she’s probably mixed because black women mixed with white are the only attractive black women.. this came from a white person’s mouth (multiple). they KNOW what they are doing…..

  • PrincessDi81

    I agree they are beautiful! But you can get a whole lot darker than Kelly and Gabrielle which is also beautiful.

  • Melinda

    We can’t celebrate anything without talking about our skin color and hair! They accomplished something I’m sure they are proud to be apart of why the hate ? Oh yeah it’s self hate ! If you hate yourself you can’t see the beauty in other people as the are Kerry, Kelly , Halle and Gabrielle don’t change your hair or anything else for these crazy people in this society … And yes natural hair nazis do exist ! Jeez let it go !

  • Chika

    Can we please retire the phrase “Natural Hair Nazis”. Yes, there are some natural ladies who can be very judgmental but comparing them to Nazis (jokingly or otherwise) is no bueno.

  • binks

    Agreed! I mean these women are undeniably beautiful so it is not a slight against them but we need to be realistic. Would they use Kerry Washington’s image when she was in Django with her natural hair or Gabby or Kelly (Halle wears her hair short so…) most likely not. I am glad that people recognized our beauty but I want people to also recognized our natural beauty too with no filters not saying these women can’t wear their hair however they see fit but is it a choice or a requirement.

  • yb

    Isn’t that why we have black publications?

  • Bre

    Amen to your first 12 words. Amen.

  • Greeneyes

    I personally believe that Kerry Washington should have gotton the cover, regardless though, their all stunning black women

  • Mademoiselle

    All four pictures look the same to me. I had to read the captions to figure out which was which (I guessed Halle because of her short hair). I found that strange.

  • Blasè

    you’re right. Kerry Washington is the worst – she looks the least like herself. that’s scary

  • hugs

    Everyone is trying to say this list is not fair or doesn’t matter this year because Gwyneth got the cover this year but loved it last year. That’s hypocritical. While I don’t think she is the most atrractive person, she has done a lot but mostly off screen. She’s just not on our radar.

    And the people who are wanting someone with natural hair to make this list, we have to start at home with teaching that you can be glamorous with natural hair as well. Instead we have people like Wendy Williams and white people watch her show and think she represents us. Lets let them know natural hair is a style choice and not always a political statement. There is nothing to be afraid of!

  • Trisha

    I just can’t get over how beautiful Kelly looks without makeup.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “Are any of you psychiatrists? Are you qualified to speak on what’s going on in someone’s head?”

    many people ‘show and tell’ what is inside their head by what they put on the outside of their head….

  • ???

    I would love to stop using the word “Nazi”. But I’ll stop using it when certain women who wear their hair natural stop acting like women who wear thier hair in anything but afros and braids deserve to be exterminated from the race.

  • Vonmiwi Culvera (@divalocity)

    Actress Danai Gurira also made the list of People’s magazines most beautiful issue. She may not be on your radar, but she’s certainly on the radars of the most influential people in the world.

  • Vonmiwi Culvera (@divalocity)

    Actress Danai Gurira is a woman who wears her hair in it’s natural state and she is also on the list. Here’s her beautiful photo_

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  • By u

    Hmm boring. Every couple of years People adds a new name to the list, but otherwise it is the same people year in, year out.

    Yes, Kelly looks lovely, but she should. The best of everything, good lighting, good photoshop. No biggie oh her either.


  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    I wish we had more magazines for black women. That’s what I want. I don’t mean any harm, but I wish women wouldn’t pose with their mouths open so much. It looks terrible to me.

  • maroundou

    Really? These women look like African-American women. African Americans are mixed race. This means thatbeautiful African-American women are mixed and that ugly African-American women are mixed too.

    African-american have the image of Aunt Jemima in the head. I feel that they do not find black women beautiful in reality. This is why you see the white beauty in the faces of these women.

    When I look kery washington, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry, I see their high cheekbones, their thick lips, their intense black almond eyes, their short and round (or too long) nose, the smooth and toned skin. These features are typically blacks but asian too.

    Here Congolese women who are not mixed race. People will not think they are not real black women because they are beautiful. This is the reality!

    Dora Kyenge Kapya :

    Nathalie Makoma :

    Barbara Kanam :

    Joelle Kayembe :

    these are other women from Senegal : Coumba Gawlo, Rama Yade, Aïssa Maïga…

    I knows we must go to natural hair. I have natural hair and i hope next generation will go to natural hair

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