Reebok Severs Ties With Rick Ross

by Yesha Callahan
  • sarah

    YAY!!!!!!! Now Rick Ross you need help!!!

  • Kayla

    I’m glad that Reebok listened to the voice of the people. They knew he was a liability. I see how powerful we all can be when we want to. We need to speak up more often and hold all of these misogynistic men accountable.

  • Anthony

    It might be good time to get a deal on some gold chains South Florida.

  • Liz

    Okay… so Reebok drops Rick Ross. Maybe this will make rappers more mindful before they decide to say some dumb sh*t on a track. What it won’t do is change the fact that Rick Ross and legions of other think that what he said, and even scarier, the behavior rapped about is A-ok and “not that serious”. Until we really start believing that a woman’s body is REALLY her own and rape is not to be joked about, this is merely a drop in the bucket.

    PS: I’m absolutely positive Black twitter is gearing up to crucify Reebok

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    More proof that making noise, signing petitions, boycotting and standing up for what you believe in DOES work.

  • Tonton Michel

    Guess it was too much street cred for Reebok to handle, lol.

  • shelahla

    His lack of understanding for his lyrics makes his dropping unsurprising and necessary. At the same time, had Reebok never listened to any of his songs before? Drugs, violence, objectification of women…the voices certainly got louder for this particular lyric. These “high standards” Reebok talks about are laughable. They were ok with him talking about drugs and violence but rape, he has to go. If we’re going to hold artists accountable for their lyrics, it should be everything. We shouldn’t be able to pick and choose what we get mad about. The lyrics in this song are deplorable and his response made a lot of people (including myself) question his understanding of what rape really is. I hope this can be a starting point (or rather continue discussions) on talking about sexual assault with the Black community. Discussions on what it is, how we can educate people about it and how we can fix the problem.

  • Rue

    Black twitterers (?) are known for their tact/wit.

  • Pat

    This is exactly the step we needed. An apology is not enough. If Reebok hadn’t severed ties with Rick Ross, he would have kept going even with a weak apology. I think this is lesson for him and other rappers. Also, this goes for any insensitive human beings towards the issue of rape. Our voices do make a difference. Now we just need to keep our eyes and ears open so the message is loud and clear to think twice about what you are saying as well as your actions towards women.

    Yes to this! So happy about this news!!!!

  • Daphne

    This is exactly what needed to happen! I’m glad for once these rappers are being held accountable for the disgusting things that they put out there. I can only hope that this spurs him to really reflect on why those lyrics are so problematic. He keeps going on about how he doesn’t condone rape and we’re misunderstanding when his lyrics describe date-rape in detail. Rick Ross needs to get educated.

    That’s the problem with so many of these “rappers” these days, they’re completely uneducated/uninformed, and I don’t mean in the sense of formal education. Just in general, they don’t care to understand anything outside of their “life-style” which is a highly problematic life-style on it’s own. Or maybe it’s not even that they’re not informed, but they just choose to fill our ears with this vulgar crap because it’s the easiest way to make money. I can’t really tell these days. I would have never thought that a grown man wouldn’t see anything wrong with rapping about drugging a woman and having his way with her.

    I’m all for the first amendment, but people have to realize that it doesn’t mean they are free from consequences when they say disgusting things. They need to know that they CAN lose their jobs, and they CAN lose endorsements.

  • shoSTOPPER

    good now we need to do that to more people with vile lyrics hurt them in their pockets

  • Chic Noir


    Do this knee-grow have a George Washington tat? What the hell was the logic behind that.

  • Rick Ross

    Reebok severed ties with the BOSS??!!!

    The streets don’t condone that!!!!!!!

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    And the mutiny begins..Littlle Wayne take notes…everything happens for a reason and now the spotlight is on what’s coming out of these rappers mouths….

    The truth of the matter is that these rappers been playing us for years…they want us to buy their music but have shown black women nothing but contempt and disrespect…

    Up next…all these blacktors who are taking their sista funded paychecks home to WW…cough* The Best Man* cough…time to boycott them too! #realtalk

    Black woman have been the most loyal houndogs but I shall never give a dime to Tyrese, Micheal Early, Taye Diggs, and other variations of vanilla lickers!!!

    If I’m not good enough for you in real life I will not support you on the screen.

  • bob

    This negro made millions about rapping about murder and drugs, and objectifying women. he dont care if he lost stupid rebook aint nobody wear rebook anyways. He still a millionare off rapping about drugs and murder and the streets support that.

  • Mommy

    “Reebok holds our partners to a high standard…”??? someone should have done there homework when vetting this character.

    Standard must now mean how many children admire Rick Ross and will now buy our product when they see him wearing it.

    Proud of everyone that petitioned, emailed, faxed, and protested by raising their voices against this madness.

  • Dawn

    I’m so happy Reebok finally dropped him, I was surprised it took so long.

    What I’m really surprised about is how few celebrities were outspoken about Ross’ lyric. Shows you how many people truly fear “rocking the boat.”

    While Slim Thug was on Twitter making the usual a&# of himself by supporting Rick Ross, I started to think, where are the Black activists, especially Al Sharpton? Or other celebrities to say, “What he said was wrong, and we’re glad Reebok dropped him.”

    Regardless, I’m so proud of the power we had together. Hopefully, together, we can continue to show the world violent lyrics against women aren’t cool. But the cycle continues. Chief Keef (one of the most buzzed about rappers) just had a lyric to his soon-to-come-out song leaked on Twitter: “You aint gonna let me f*ck and I feel you, but you gone suck my d*ck or I’ll kill you.” Sigh, really makes my blood boil.

    And I had to stop looking at Twitter because it was depressing. Especially to see teenage girls who like Rick Ross saying, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal, while also saying that it’s not much worse than what rappers say in general. Right, because it has become “normalized,” and it’s time to make those types of lyrics result in rappers getting “ostracized.”

  • sarah

    The most stupid ignorant comment read on this thread…..
    It implied rape!!!! Murder and drugs is one thing taking advantage of a woman slipping her a drug is another.

  • Self Preservation First

    This is more about the difference in what happens when white women are outraged and offended and what happens when black women are outraged and offfended. When white women speak people listen. When black women speak people yawn.

  • Tonton Michel

    ” Murder and drugs is one thing taking advantage of a woman slipping her a drug is another.”

    Say what?!

  • http://none santiago jojo torres

    that is why you have to have real hip hop people dong thing like this like the original bboy in the hip hop game for over 30 years

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