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    Well, I don’t know her personally so I can’t sit here on a blog and post anonymous armchair assumptions on who Kenya Moore really is, what she really is, and how she really is. I’m not in her head and I don’t know her heart. I follow many celebrities on Twitter that have tweeted comments about Kenya being on RHOA and not even recognizing the person on the screen (and disliking what they’re seeing)- despite knowing her personally and professionally for many years. She IS an actress after all. That only tells me that what viewers are seeing of her on RHOA was her playing her role as “the villain” in the cast. Only there to stir up trouble. And it worked. RHOA received it’s highest ratings of the franchise this past season and all, including Kenya, have been signed for next season.

    I could believe her career needed a boost and she thought RHOA was just the ticket to ride it back to the top. She played her role and got rewarded for it. Her business venture born of the job (Booty Boot Camp) is selling very nicely on Amazon and is sold at Barnes & Noble too. Now she wants to do more fitness dvds and include fitness wear to the list of ventures.She’s also coming out with a hair care line sometime soon too. Kenya needed to do what she needed to do in order to lock up her slot on the cast for next season.

    I truly believe once her ventures are fully underway, she’ll begin to distance herself from the “bad girl” image she created on the show (ie. NeNe Leakes) and begin to focus solely on her “beauty brand” and production company that she started for herself. She might leave the show altogether (if she doesn’t get a spin off) after that.

    Bottom line:
    1) I don’t think the viewers are seeing “the real” Kenya Moore on the show.
    2) ALL those ladies are “insecure”, “hold grudges”, and are “revengeful” in one way or to some degree or another!
    3) She’s supposedly dating an African oil tycoon, who is a billionaire, at this very moment. He ain’t skerrred!
    4) WE ARE ALL “damaged” in some way or another! Whether that “damage” took place at some “critical growth & development” stage in our lives or not. We have ALL experienced the wear and tear of life as we have lived. Case In Point: Just scroll the comments section of any blog and see the pure hate, vitriol, and uncomical insanity that is spewed. All on people they have NEVER known personally and probably will NEVER know in their lifetimes. But yet they they talk that self-important talk all over a person whose PERSONA is gleaned from a tv show… SMDH!

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    yeah, reality tv is about as “real” as professional wrestling. This reminds me of when Hulk Hogan became a bad guy for a few years. People legit hated him.

  • courtney

    Couldn’t of said it any better. :)

  • Nicole

    Give me a break about the long hair beauracy..

  • simplyme

    I wonder if she goes tanning…. How does she always have that “its summer and I’ve been at the beach all day” bronzy goddess look? I don’t know much about her but I’d take some beauty tips any day of the week.

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