The Best Natural Oils for Healthy Hair

by Clutch


There are a myriad of products on the market that promise to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect your hair. They’re laced with ingredients that can be detrimental to your hair and are churned out in factories. While those buys keep the billion dollar beauty industry buzzing, they’re not always the best option for women looking to get ideal care for their hair.

Sometimes, the best products can be found in the kitchen. If a product is edible, that doesn’t mean it won’t work wonders on your strands. In fact, if the products we list are safe enough for you to eat, then you can fairly assume it should be harmless when applied topically to your hair (using our tips).

When used correctly, hair is shinier, softer and lighter after being coated with an oil from your kitchen pantry. Not every oil will give you saturated, stringy hair and regardless of it’s texture, your hair needs oil to survive.

Click through for oils that work magic on your hair.


    I love Olive oil in my hair and on my skin
    I will give Rosemary oil a try.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    I’m an extra virgin coconut oil girl but the Rosemary does sound worth trying, agreeing with LIL RAY

  • binks

    I might try the Rosemary oil, but I have used all the other oils listed and my hair responded nicely to them except for the coconut oil for some reason my hair hates coconut oil.

  • beejcee

    My hair also hates coconut oil. I used liquid and the jar and both sit on top of my hair and doesn’t go anywhere.

  • JS

    Same here, going to try rosemary oil but I am a coconut oil girl

  • Emy

    I use Rosemary, Tea tree and Sage essential oils. They are great for a scalp massage. The only carrier oils I use are grapeseed oil and castor oil. Avocado oil is great!

  • kmbrave

    I think you’re right until I started using grape seed oil I didn’t know what oil could do for you; it was million times better than coconut

  • Robbie

    I used olive, jojoba and castor oil only and I love them. They work for me so I stick with them.

  • Jen

    There is a model wearing a fabulous shade of blue lipstick, in one of the photos for this story. PLEASE tell me where I can buy this shade! :-)

    Olive oil works okay for me. Binks, my hair hates coconut oil too!

  • Deb

    emu oil is the most lush, moisturizing oil I’ve put on my hair to date. Argan oil is amazing too.

  • Deb

    I’m protein sensitive and my hair HATED coconut oil. it instantly becomes brittle and I get SSK’s out of thin air. Avocado oil makes my hair feel brittle too. I use EVOO to DC and seal with Emu Oil. My hair also love argan oil. Grapeseed oil doesn’t make my hair angry either.

  • gina

    I like olive oil and have recently discovered avocado oil and it’s fabulous. I started taking garlic oil supplements about a year ago. The bald spots at my temples from braids years ago started growing back. So now I include lots of garlic in my food.

  • fue hair

    I think coconut oil works better for me, but I’ll give it a try. I may have put too much on my hair.

  • thequeenbee

    I consider coconut oil to be a carrier oil. Like mineral oil, used by itself coconut oil can actually create dryness and rob the hair of moisture. as an oil used to augment or carry other nutritive oils coconut oil can work well, but by itself it is a moisture hog and though it coats well, many find that a few hours after usage, their hair feels dry again, this is because coconut oil while greasy is neither a humectant or a good sealer. Olive oil is great, jojoba oil is the closest to natural hair oil, and avocado and castor oils are wonderful–but I would always combine castor and avocado with a carrier oil that is lighter (like coconut or olive oil) as too much oil can limit the amount of oxygen that can get to hair follicles. Can you breathe through oil? Neither can your hair–don’t product junkie your hair/scalp to death. less really is more–scalp is just skin under needs moisture, scalps need lubrication, overdoing conditioners or lubrication can actually inhibit optimal growth.

  • Marissa

    This is a very informative article. I like using coconut and olive oil for my hair. It makes it feel nice and healthy. Stay natural my friends its best for your hair.

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  • Shaya

    OMG thank you so much for this info. I did my big chop about 3 months ago and I just ran out of Olive oil. After moisturizing I used only coconut oil to seal my hair and thanks to you I now know THAT was my BIG mistake. I have the tightest afro ever and that’s not even the bad part. The bad part is, it’s feels like a DRY brillo pad. Thanks so much for spreading the knowledge. I’m going straight to the store after I post this! lol

  • Hanna

    I personally recommend the pro naturals argan oil, it’s great for all hairtypes =)

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