Tia Mowry continues to star in television shows that depict black women in a positive light. She been tapped to star in a comedy series, called “Instant Mom,” on Nick at Nite.

Mowry will play the character Stephanie, a young woman whose life changes when she marries an older man with children and becomes a stepmom.

She’ll join a cast including Sheryl Lee Ralph, who plays her mother “Maggie” and Michael Boatman who plays her husband “Charlie.”

The Senior Vice President of NickMom had this to say about the new show, which will premiere on NickMom and repeat on Nick at Nite:

“Instant Mom is the perfect addition to our NickMom nighttime comedy block designed to let moms unwind from the day and laugh at the often hilarious experiences of parenthood. This show has a fantastic cast and at the center is Tia bringing all her warmth and talent to this funny and relatable character.”

Will you watch the show when it premieres this Fall?

  • Kay

    Looks interesting. I wouldn’t mind watching. I actually like Tia Mowry’s work and as an actress, she comes across as natural and easy to relate to. Besides, it’s nice to see a show every now and then that doesn’t try to portray Black women in a negative light.

  • Roger

    Wouldn’t this be for kids?

  • mary j

    I will not watch it if Nickmom remains on Nick Jr., which is supposed to be a channel for preschoolers and toddlers. Nick Jr. changed their scheduling to take away 4 hours of toddler/preschool programming (that is only available on 3 cable channels) and replace it with cliched sitcoms that can found on any channel at any time.

  • Janie S.

    yeah hence the “Mom” in “NickMom.” SIGH.

  • http://VerityReign.com Verity Reign

    YAAAAYE, TIA! Love the Mowry clan! I will be watching!

  • MommieDearest

    This sounds like it will be a sitcom that stars black people, not a “black” sitcom. I will watch it. Plus, I love Sheryl Lee Ralph and like the idea of her having a prominent role on the show.

  • Medusa

    I wouldn’t, but only because I am extremely tired of sitting through May-December relationships that only go one way in TV, movies, and books and being forced to accept that there’s something natural about that. I know it’s (slowly) changing, but I really don’t want to see any more of it.

  • Sally

    I will, I like Tia Mowry as an actress, I think the show will be great

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