When I read the Wall Street Journal op-ed written by graduating high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss, I was immediately floored by her intelligence, fearlessness and sheer commitment to exposing the discriminatory inequities inherent in the college admission process.

Many students rejected by their dream universities — in her case, Princeton, Yale, Vanderbilt and the University of Pennsylvania — would have accepted that they may not have met the needed admissions requirements; they may have even acknowledged that someone, somewhere may have been more qualified.

But not “sassy” Suzy, oh no.


Suzy did what any self-respecting privileged, young, white woman would do — she used her familial connections with the WSJ to pave the way for her brilliant op-ed, which otherwise may have languished in darkness, never to be seen by human eyes. This literary phenomenon, which places the blame squarely on the shoulders of those pesky black and brown people who don’t deserve to go to college because, well, they’re black and brown, has exposed the world’s best-kept secret: “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

Read one of her most riveting passages below:

For starters, had I known two years ago what I know now, I would have gladly worn a headdress to school. Show me to any closet, and I would’ve happily come out of it. “Diversity!” I offer about as much diversity as a saltine *******. If it were up to me, I would’ve been any of the diversities: Navajo, Pacific Islander, anything. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I salute you and your 1/32 Cherokee heritage.

It is past time that someone said this…again. Affirmative action advocates may whine about her cavalier dismissal of Muslim students who are discriminated against and harassed in institutions of learning across the nation, particularly if they are wearing traditional Muslim attire, but I applaud her laser-sharp focus on what really matters. Middle-class, white students are not being shown the respect they deserve and universities are black-balling them out of their God-given birthrights –an Ivy League education.

One would think that because President Obama has a white mother he would be more invested in the cause; but we all know how much of a militant he is — all black power, all the time. If not for tenacious, white students like Suzy, people might actually focus on the fact that black and Latino students in major cities are disproportionately receiving sub-par educations in comparison to their white counterparts. If we’re not careful, instead of Suzy being invited to the ‘Today’ show to discuss how hard it is out here for educated, middle-class white girls to get into Ivy League schools, what with the Muslims and minorities and all, black students might be invited on to discuss how they are closing 54 Chicago Public Schools in a city already riddled with gun violence.

And don’t we talk about the inner-city enough?

The National Journal reports:

In the fall of 2011, the undergraduate enrollment at Princeton was 6.5 percent Latino, 5.1 percent black, 11.8 percent Asian, and 36.4 percent white (the remaining 40 percent count as multiracial, Native American, foreign students, or unknown).

The Ivy schools generally fall short in mirroring the national minority population, which 16.7 percent Latino, 13.1 percent black, 5.6 percent Asian, and 1.7 percent Native American, according to government data.

What else do these system-suckers want — a gold-medal in suffering?

Speaking with Savannah Guthrie, Weiss confidently explained that the WSJ op-ed was “satire.”

“It’s a satire. That’s the point. Just like ’30 Rock’ is a satire, which pokes fun at things that are politically correct. That’s what I was trying to do,” she said.

Now, I’m no academic; after all, I only graduated from an HBCU. But it’s my understanding that a satire by definition sheds light on problematic elements in society with a subtle, sophisticated sarcasm that allows the perpetrators to take note of their short-comings without taking offense.

Since discrimination, starvation in Africa and Islamophobia are actual things that need to be addressed, not discounted in favor of a whiny tirade about privilege and entitlement, I examined Weiss’ appearance closely in hopes that this brilliant satire would be revealed to me — and I finally got it.

Weiss, in her budding wisdom, exposed the mantle of white privilege for what it should be: Proud, unapologetic and unconcerned with anyone not blessed to posses it. She offered herself up as the scape-goat to be ridiculed. Though she did receive job and internship offers for her take-down of reverse racial discrimination, that was never the point.

The point was to reveal the face of the forthcoming post-racial state of America. A place where white students are rewarded for mocking the tenuous foundation of equality on which this country is built and education remains a coveted club to which only middle-class white students are entitled.

Well done, Suzy. Well done.



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  • Nick

    We can not allow ourselves to be bothered by or entertain other peoples foolishness. We have enough of our own to deal with. There’s nothing like a good dose of indifference for negativity and elected ignorance. In other words, STOP giving these clowns shine!! Save your energy for the work we should be doing in our own community. You can’t change people’s opinion of you by yelling and screaming at them.

  • leelah

    she said ‘I should’ve started a charity for under privileged chimpanzees in the congo.’–that line sounds racist when have we ever heard the word underprivileged associated with animals? especially since ‘underprivileged kids’ is now a cliche.–anyway I need these white kids to start complaining about all the yuppy white kids that did get in.

  • Sasha

    Maybe Lena Dunham can offer this girl a spot on her show or at least a spot on the writing team. Stupid White girls unite!!

  • RightOn

    A classic case of white women’s tears…

  • Whatever

    Poor Suzy. Imagine all the high school seniors that didn’t get into their top choices AND didn’t even get the chance to whine about it in the Wall Street Journal through their “connections”.

    Her piece and the buzz around it is definitely white privilege at its best. She wants to know why being white and meeting the minimum to average requirements just isn’t enough. While every gifted black student across the world is being told by their parents and educators that to succeed we must go above and beyond. Show up on time, ace every exam, grab every opportunity and “make it work”.

    Sadly, Suzy will get many offers for having the “balls” to throw minorities, gays and Muslims (because of course you can fall in any of these catergories, be dumb as rocks, an underachiever and still get into an ivy league – RME) under the bus. Oh, and those that has enough drive to strive for the top and not coast in blissful mediocrity.

  • J. Nicole

    Ha! Satire my a**! If a person of color did the same thing, they’d be un-American (that is, if mainstream media really cared enough to pick up the story). If this was really satire, she’d poke fun of herself as well and how whiny & privileged she’s being. The unfortunate part of her “satire” is 1) making light of Affirmative Action and 2) stating if it was her ‘choice’, she’d be gay, or Black or Native American- as if its a choice to begin with. It’s people like her who assume every person of color at these universities, or with a prestigious job got it because of a “hand out”. There’s a lot more of them then we realize.

  • K

    she achieved something most of us never will nor will the ppl who “beat her” into getting into the school.. she is a teenager who was published in Wall Street Journal..oh to cry about lack of equality and fairness and then get published in a national newspaper as a teen…the irony :/

  • lolala

    Last night I was reading a survey, and apparently 42% of the White students at my school believe that promoting diversity is unfair to the White students. My school is almost 80% white, only 4% Black. Life is so unfair. They have it so hard.

  • Sasha

    You better stop telling the truth before the CIA shows up at your door. This child had the nerve to say colleges tell you to “Just be yourself” and she took this to heart, truly believing that just being her little White self would be good enough. Excuse my French but no b*tch that’s not good enough and no college ever says that. Everyone in America knows in order to get into a top tier university you have to be the best of the best and the minorities have to be BETTER than the White cream of the crop. My brother is currently at Northwestern, in high school he had over a 4.00 GPA because he took every AP test and class available to him, scored a nearly perfect score on the SAT and was an athlete yet was rejected from both Yale and Princeton. Was he “sour grapes”? Hell no and now he’s going to one of the best schools in the country, double majoring, is currently interning with GE and could graduate at the end of the year if he wanted to. Suzy didn’t get in because she wasn’t a religious or ethnic minority, she didn’t get in because she sucked and much like that Abigail Fischer girl WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH, unfortunately her parents never told her that. Matter of fact, not only should she be blaming herself, she should also be blaming her parents. And possibly her English teachers in high school because this attempt at satire sucked.


    I’m taking a leap here, but after watching the Today Show video it probably was here entitlement attitude and lack of initiative that did here in. Instead of saying oh well maybe I should’ve started a fake charity, girl, why not get off your ass and quit complaining and start you’re own. And this has nothing to do with her parents and the fact that she never played the piano or such. Clearly she comes from a family with connections, if she didn’t her op-ed would have never been published. She didn’t take that extra step to remove the silver spoon that she was born with and actually do something.

    The girl is intelligent. But her SAT scores and internship for example is most likely a byproduct of living in a upper social class.

    If she were black…this would be getting no attention.

  • Pseudonym

    OMG!!!!!!! This is what happens when you’re a big fish in a little pond. I was in the gifted program in my competitive high school (top 1% on standard exam), top 10% of my class, honors and APs, AND A BLACK WOMAN and guess what: didn’t get accepted to any of the Ivy League schools I applied to. Why? Who knows? Who cares? But I got into competitive non-Ivy schools (Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, UMich, Emory, USC) which is good enough for me (I mean, who am I, really? A teenage punk.) and I didn’t sit around comparing myself to my classmates who got into Ivy League schools. Why? Because I don’t suck at life and I don’t walk around with my head in my butt like I’m the greatest thing walking. and- I mean- it’s an Ivy League school! No one is entitled to go to an Ivy League school, I don’t care who you think you are. If anything, you should expect to get rejected from an Ivy league and hope that you don’t. So, get over yourself! You are not the only muthamutha out here getting A’s on exams, homie!!!! It’s friggin high school- you’re SUPPOSED to get A’s!!!! Over half your damn grade is homework that you can do at home and have checked by your parents or crossed checked with your friends in the same classes. GETOUTTAHEREWITHTHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I should write that op-ed b/c apparently these white girls think a bunch of C student “minorities” are showing up at Harvard. That is NOT the case. The National Honors Society black girls are getting rejected as well, so go choke on something. UGGGGGHH!!!!!!

    Okay. Rant over.

  • Diana S. (@Amused0472)

    This type of stuff frustrates me to no end. People like Ms. Weiss act like these institutions are scraping the bottom of the barrel when they admit students of color. Never mind that most of us have as good or better academic credentials. It is assumed because you are black or brown, you must not be as smart. And as to the sense of entitlement to a birthright, I have an answer for that. I obtained my undergraduate degree at Emory University which has publicly apologized for its past role in benefiting from the institution of slavery. I went to Harvard Law School which was founded with money from the sale of slaves in Antigua. So the truth is that these institutions, which rose to prominence with the sweat and blood of people who look like me, are as much my birthright as any other American.

  • Pseudonym

    Also, if you just HAVE TO have that name on your degree, rock out your freshman year and apply for a transfer once you’ve proven how “above” non-Ivies you are b/c you score 100% in every class without even trying [eye roll].

    People transfer into more competitive all the time if they are- in fact- more competitive.

  • Bob

    I went to school with a bunch of kids like this. They truly believed that they were owed certain things. They would all move on to prestigious universities while POC should be happy just finishing high school. They were lied to in a sense. Not by the colleges but by their parents and others who directly and indirectly supported their assumption that they were special by virtue of being an upper-middle class white person. Attending the college of their choice was their reward simply for being them.

    Well, some of them made it. But many did not get into that #1 school and reacted much like Suzy. It was sad to watch them claim that spots had been stolen from them. Never mind that the people who “stole” their spots often had higher GPA’s and test scores. To them it just wasn’t right.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “No one is entitled to go to an Ivy League school”

    aren’t children of graduates entitled?

  • Medusa

    And it’s not even well-written whining!!!!!!!!! She needs to STFU.

  • Dionne Rushin

    I laughed as I read this Op-Ed. Sometimes we don’t get every thing we want and it has nothing to do with the color of our skin. Somethings just aren’t in the cards for some people. When I was applying to colleges, I desperately wanted to go to USC. I didn’t get in. I didn’t complain or cry. I didn’t think that I was declined admissions because they had hit their quota for people of color. I assumed that, since USC is a pretty darn good school, there were many other students that were more qualified than I was at that time. Instead of going to USC, I went to a local, private university and got a wonderful education, made some amazing friends and gained the freshman 15.

    As a college admissions counselor, I work with students that are looking to apply to my college. I go into the area high schools and talk to the students 1:1. A lot see doesn’t impress me. The students that are complaining about how hard it is to get into a college are the same students that are sleeping while I am speaking (causing me to stop talking and wake them up). Some of the transcripts I see cause me to cringe in horror! It is amazing that a person can be allowed to graduate from high school with 12 Ds and 2 Fs on their transcripts. As far as the students that are doing well in their classes, sometimes things aren’t a perfect fit. Instead of complaining about the colleges that did not accept you, boast about the colleges that did, You never know, your fall back college could be someone else’s dream school!

  • Pseudonym

    Nope. My dad got his JD from Harvard and his (City planning doctorate, whatever it’s called) from Columbia AND he paid his dues. I didn’t apply to Harvard, but I did to Columbia. The parent legacy a myth- unless you personally know someone on the inside or your parents donated millions of dollars to the school. The latter is REALLY what the legacy comes from- rich families are legacies. Dues paying graduates are just graduates.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Why isn’t she blaming the legacies, or the white people who donate boucoup bucks for buildings, or the ones who get their kids labeled as “learning disabled” so they get extra hours to complete the SAT or ACT?

    Pretty sure those people “stole” some spots as well.

  • P

    She refers to her comment as satire when she went directly for the bullseye? Unapologetically. With smiles. Ms. Weiss like many others think when minorities put in the same work that affirmative action open the doors for them and not their ability. Once they become frustrated, the attacks (inner most thoughts) come to surface. You put in all the work, but so did other minorities. However, these other minorities aren’t complaining about unfairness of discrimination or attacking other ethnicities. By her statements and the tenacity to be heard is celebrated, it reflects American’s belief that they are still entitled. I’m sure she’ll appear on some more shows. She’s the perfect mouth piece for mainstream –perky, intelligent, and fearless. She’ll say exactly what they want to say or perhaps already thinking while saving their jobs.

  • ….

    Before reading it I thought that it was going to be scholarly and well-written. It wasn’t even that impressive. It was just super snarky,sarcasstic, and a little witty.Thats it.

  • Charla

    Would she REALLY “gladly” be a Muslim woman, gay or a person of color? Would anyone choose to be marginalized, discriminated against or oppressed…just to get into Yale? Thanks for sharing this commentary and story. As a middle-class white woman this reaffirms my role as an ally and a critic of how white privilege plays out in a multitude of ways.

  • Anne

    This girl disgusts me. Actually, what she represents to me disgusts me. She reflects every kind of normative we see as being so natural and common, when in fact it is complete investment and possession of whiteness being used to employ resources, opportunities and ownership. This woman needs to seriously access her whiteness and how she sees herself as rightly entitled, above and deserving of ownership over something she never earned, but was born with. Every person who agrees with her needs to seriously access their whiteness (because I’m pretty sure only white people have enough blindness to agree with her here) and how they hold possession of it. I can’t believe she was even aired on the Today Show and is receiving positive attention for “speaking up” to the inequities of being white. Also, can we please stop using “diverse” to only refer to minorities?

  • bk chick

    I remember my sister had to go thru the same B.S. when she got into an ivy league. A few of her “friends” turned on her and did a presentation in class on affirmative action just to embarrass her. The interesting thing is this girl operates from a privileged mindset so much that she would actually become a member of a marginalized group just to get ahead. But I bet you she would quickly get rid of her “Muslim and Native American attire” or brown skin when all the discrimination that comes with it rears its ugly head. I’m sure she thinks the only benefit to being black, gay, or Muslim is that it seemingly gives you an admissions advantage, but she probably has no care for “other” groups and their lifestyle beyond her perception of their privilege.

  • P

    Exactly! That is what bothered me the most – being awarded for speaking up. What you award, you support. So imo..Today Show has the same mentality as Ms.Weiss. We’re going to turn on the TV and she’ll the new host for ET. A network will create a position for her.

    It’s ridiculous!

  • p

    Right. You know when they are sarcastic with an outgoing personality, they are automatically considered as smart and risk takers. Lol

    If we don’t see this girl in the future again, I’ll be surprised.

  • Anthony

    She would probably be “proud” to be a Muslim the way Justin Timberlake is proud to strut his r&b chops for money when it suitwas unwilling to defend Janet
    Jackson when she was criticized for a garment that he ripped off of her breast.

  • Keshia

    God forbid those dang people of color that got in had better grades, test scores, or wrote better essays. I can’t take white folk serious when they complain about “reverse racism”. This fool is being praised for being a spoiled brat. I was also rejected from a school I wanted to attend I wasn’t crying oh it’s because I’m black that school must be racist, no I knew it was because of my act score. So I went back took the act, got a better score and the school accepted me. This is why a lot of people of color don’t entertain white people…they can be so ignorant.

  • Moe

    People like her refuse to accept that minorities may be just as smart or ( sit down for this one Suzy) SMARTER than them.

  • mara

    So much for “Post Racial” America! This little girl is just echoing what she hears at home. At home, Fox News is on the television and Dad comes home and complains about the black and brown waiting for hand-outs from the government.

    We have to realize that no matter what they report about the inclusive nature of millenials, they are as racist as the baby boomers & gen xers that raised them.

  • mEE

    tell the truth and shame the devil!

  • Wanda

    She reminds me too much of my highly-annoying co-workers. There are whole bunch of these young white women out here whining and complaining their way to success.

  • Wanda

    From my own experience with co-workers, I am betting that she and her family are MSNBC viewers and that they hate anything on Fox News.

  • Amanda

    Alright then, Pseudonym! I’m proud of your accomplishments. And your comment was freakin’ funny! I agree with everything you said.

  • Gmisstata

    Here is a GREAT response to Suzy Lee Weiss

    It’s weird: A recent Wall Street Journal op ed by embittered high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss — an open letter to all the colleges that rejected her — reads like an April Fools’ Day joke. Except it’s not, and Ms. Weiss seems to believe that it’s everyone else, not her, that’s responsible for her failure to get accepted to her preferred schools.
    Writes Weiss in the lengthy screed, “Had I known two years ago what I know now, I would have gladly worn a headdress to school. Show me to any closet, and I would’ve happily come out of it. ‘Diversity!’ I offer about as much diversity as a saltine cracker. If it were up to me, I would’ve been any of the diversities: Navajo, Pacific Islander, anything. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I salute you and your 1/32 Cherokee heritage.”
    Weiss then notes that in order to impress colleges she should have “started a fake charity” — a statement that undermines all the actual good works her peers do as volunteers. Then she blames her parents, whom, she says, “left me with a dearth of hobbies that make admissions committees salivate. I’ve never sat down at a piano, never plucked a violin. Karate lasted about a week and the swim team didn’t last past the first lap.” And if that wasn’t enough, she argues that her lack of life-changing summer camp experiences are to blame for her failures. “I should’ve done what I knew was best,” Weiss writes in a breezy, nonchalant tone. “Go to Africa, scoop up some suffering child, take a few pictures, and write my essays about how spending that afternoon with Kinto changed my life.” And internships? Well those are just for people who are lucky enough to have relatives that will let them hang out at their offices. “I could have been a gopher in the office of someone I was related to. Work experience!”
    Plus, she says, aren’t colleges all about you just “being yourself”? Well, no, actually. Colleges aren’t about coddling your very low personal expectations because you’re such a unique little snowflake. And in reality? Most colleges — good ones, anyway — have fairly high expectations for potentials students. They want kids that push themselves to achieve, who exhibit social and intellectual curiosity. Because, as Gawker’s Caity Weaverputs it, “Being yourself is not a talent. If you worked two full-time jobs all the way through high school and one of them was ‘being yourself’ and the other was ‘trying your best,’ you actually worked zero full-time jobs. It’s important to make time for yourself, of course, but you should be making other things in addition to that. Like goals and plans and effort.” In other words, you shouldn’t get a trophy (college acceptance) just for showing up (being yourself).
    So what did Suzy Lee Weiss do to prepare for college applications instead? It seems that she treated herself to the world’s biggest pity party. While her classmates were out getting internships, participating in after-school activities and volunteering, Weiss was doing what? Whining about how it was so unfair that other people were developing themselves? Complaining that her parents didn’t offer her the best of everything and “Tiger Mom” her into a success?
    Maybe the lesson for Ms. Weiss isn’t that she’d have gotten into college if only she’d “worn a headdress to school,” but that colleges are no different than the general population: They don’t like assholes. And they, like the rest of us, don’t appreciate deep-seated resentment, mild racism and selfishness in potential friends, mates and students.
    Maybe, Ms. Weiss, you were rejected because your piss-poor attitude of entitlement and privilege seeped out of every word you wrote on your college application. No one “lied to you” about what colleges want. They want you to “be yourself,” as long as the “you” in question isn’t a smug jerk who believes you’re entitled to get everything you want just because you want it. And that, Ms. Weiss, is where you went wrong.

  • bob

    I been trying to tell you , that white women are the most priviledged pampered people in America.

  • Jen Jen

    I have to disagree. Mock her openly and often while taking a break from working on the problems of our community. We’re a resourceful people–we can multitask. Indifference isn’t going to teach this young girl anything–she’ll ignore it just as she has apparently ignored reality. She is receiving enough congrats for what she wrote. Frankly, I’d prefer that she now received a heaping dose of ridicule. Now this mess gets you in the WSJ and on The Today Show??!?! ::smh::

  • Kay

    Oh goodness. I’ve known plenty of people like this in my lifetime. Everything’s all peaches and cream until they don’t get what they want. Then it’s like “It MUST be THEM!! They are the reason I didn’t get that job/promotion/role etc.” Used to getting everything in life fairly easy, it’s a surprise when they go out into the real world and realize that they are no longer the catfish in a guppy pond, but there are tons of people out there trying to make it, who were at the top of their class, who speak more than one language, who took AP courses, etc., etc. And I like how she is insinuating how minorities get in just because. It couldn’t be because, you know, they are just as smart and hardworking if not more than she.

  • Kay

    Thank you! I totally agree. I didn’t get into every single school I wanted. In fact, every kid I knew did the whole “biting nails,” and nervously-sit-by-the-mailbox thing the entire year we started applying. We all learned early on that sometimes, you don’t get what you want, but to not overlook a school simply because it’s not an Ivy League or a Big Ten. No one prepared this girl for failure or rejection in life. After the media brouhaha dies down and she is expected to actually compete for what she wants and needs, she will be in for a rude awakening.

  • binks

    Speaking as someone who worked in admissions for my work study in college I have to say honestly her credentials are frankly average (especially given her upbringing) for the schools she wanted to get in too. Schools all across the board are not easily impressed anymore by grades and SAT/ACT scores regardless of race. She needs more lessons in YOU don’t always get what you want in life so boo-hoo and sit your privilege behind down somewhere. But sadly, I know plenty of people, mainly white women who plays the passive-aggressive game like no other, like her in college and in the work force I mean gasp if you are black, intelligent with credentials and merit I mean clearly you didn’t work on that tobtain it through your own hardwork but it was given to you based on your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. smh…but I bet there will be a HBO show in her future.

  • GlowBelle

    This warped chick and that Abigail Fischer fool need to get together and go kick rocks, they are the kind of people that bring parts irrational anger and laughter out of me, because they have the world as middle-class white women, yet they whine, whine, whine because it’s not ‘enough’. Oh boo hoo. Save me the satire BS. She would scream bloody murder, cry on the daily, hide out, and probably try to off herself if she woke up and had to walk around as a gay person or as a person of color. She wouldn’t be able to hack it, just like she wasn’t able to hack the grades to get into her dream schools. Work ethic seems to be a lost ideal on the delusion-riddled privileged because -news flash- your skin color isn’t going to get you into schools…your education will. What a cushy lie she was fed that these school’s would fly open the doors for her just because she was being her (white) self. College is not the Chuck E. Cheese time high school is, it’s grown folks land, you gotta put in the work and follow the rules to get there, everybody does.

    My cousin went to an Ivy League school, is currently at Princeton for grad right now, and she didn’t get there because Princeton was scraping the barrel looking for black women…she worked her ass off, took internships, got excellent grades…you know, got an education and applied it thus. Same with me, I didn’t get into my dream college with my grades, but I went to the college that accepted ME. Not every college is fit for you, and sometimes that rejection letter is telling you something, telling you that you need to look elsewhere, try harder, and go where you’re wanted. Sometimes you’re not going to get what you want in life, and this girl got a rude awakening that her whiteness is not always going to be her crutch. I say I’m glad she got it, but I don’t think she’ll learn a lick from it.

  • Darcy

    The dangerous thing is that she actually believes this. I personally don’t know anyone black who only got into their college or job due to affirmative action, specifically. I know affirmative action exists, but it is really NOT as widespread as people believe. This country has a history of whites feeling threatened by any previously oppressed people gaining rights or opportunity. It comes from a superior belief that black and brown people are just not AS capable of achievement and “if one of them surpasses me something must be wrong”.

    It’s all a catch 22. So if blacks don’t get an education and get decent jobs then we are lazy thugs. When blacks do decide to become educated and get decent jobs then all of a sudden we are cheaters or only got in because someone felt bad for us for being a minority. Look at the treatment of President Obama for an example of this. Despite being intelligent and educated, his credentials and decisions are constantly questioned (more than previous presidents). This is also in the subtle undertones when we take college courses or have jobs when I have noticed some whites will accept the answers or ideas of other whites with no problem, but second guess blacks (even in a “polite” manner). All whites are not like this of course, but some are.

    The problem is people think being racist is burning cross or wearing a sheet – the worry is people who are racist who don’t realize it. There is a HUGE problem when you want to use someone as the scapegoat for the ills of society, but then say wait, TOO many of you are actually achieving. So which is it?

  • ArabellaMichaela

    As a graduate of two of the top Ivy league universities, I know that this is a very old story. What the Suzy Lee Weisses in this country refuse to comprehend is that basically10% of the places at Ivy league institutions go to blacks and hispanics (10% has remained fairly constant since affirmative action was implemented). If Suzy Lee Weiss was not capable ot getting in with the other 90% that do not go to blacks and hispanics, chances are almost absolute, that she would NOT have gotten in to the other 10% if there were no black or hispanic admits. Suzy Lee Weiss simply would not have gotten in, period, no matter what. I really wish the elite universities would do the analysis for the Suzy Lee Weisses of the world and debunk them of their persistent fantasy that blacks and hispanics took a slot that would have gone to her. Suzy Lee Weiss is obviously articulate and writes well. However ALL applicants to elite universities do. Students like Suzy Lee Weiss should stop blaming others and, frankly, study harder, perform EXTRAORDINARY extracurricular activities, and make herself so EXCEPTIONAL that an elite university thinks she has somehing to ADD to their sudent body of the best and brighest. Thats how you get in. Being SMART is not enough.

  • Sharon Lowd

    Now this is “satire”. I wonder if her sister will give me the hook-up – my opinion doesn’t need much space after all!

  • mitziCIO

    You mean the Ivory…LOL

  • sassychloe

    Wow – well said!

  • Anthony

    I am disgusted with the Today Show for giving this whining girl the time of day. If her parents were worth a damn, they would have told her to stop whining about Harvard and Yale and simply work hard at the school she will attend.

    The truth is that this girl will desperately cling to the idea that she lost her spot to an unworthy black because without that crutch she would have admit just how average her white ass is!

  • heavenleiblu

    Lawd, take me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heavenleiblu

    Go IN and let have!

  • kimkam

    omg are you in grad school? b/c that is all i see when im there lol

  • Ash

    White People Problems: Where a whiny high school girl can write a letter complaining about not getting into Harvard and it gets published in the Washington Post.

  • justanotheropinion

    Satire my Naked Black As*! And the fact that she got major media pubs for this and several offers of jobs and internships is disgusting but unfortunately, not surprising.

  • Nikki

    Just a ridiculous is the fact white women have been the biggest benefactors of Affirmative Action by far in education and business yet some how they don’t realize it.

    She knows not what she speaks of.

  • The Artist

    Yet another Ann Coulter in the making…..

  • Heather Korb

    Not all of us-by a long shot.

  • Heather Korb

    Sadly, I have to agree.
    That picture of her truly is worth a “thousand words.”

  • Danté

    When people are handed everything, this is how they react when they don’t get what they want. I’m assuming her parents and them laid the world out at this girl’s feet…unfortunately for her, the world doesn’t care about daddy’s little angel. I wish her success and I hope she matures quickly.

  • Len

    This is a nasty, name-calling column that is ugly in its obvious bias. Since when does recognizing the reality of affirmative action make one a racist? I approve of it, but am I to never mention it again? That’s flat-out dumb.

  • kkaoa

    Took the words out of my mouth!

  • atljawga

    Nothing provocative to say here, just that my undergrad was Emory and I’m currently a Columbia Law 2L. Hey sistren!!

  • Ron Johnson

    Liberal whites are some of the racist people on the planet. They use blacks as political and social pawns to further their own agendas but have zero respect for us.

  • Anthony

    Darcy, Clutch needs to forward your reply to the Wall Sreet Journal and dare them to print it as an unedited response to Suzy Lee Weiss.

  • Anthony

    Arabella, for a white person like Suzy Lee Weiss, nothing is as comforting as the idea that she was robbed by an inferior black. No study that does not say she was an outstanding young white woman who was robbed by a dumb welfare thief will roll off of her like oil from Teflon, even though it will leave a filmy residue of truth.

    Superiority is a notion that even the dumbest racist will hold onto in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. As Darcy has noted, the continual disregard for anything that President Obama says is a prime example of he need to discredit a brilliant person of color in order to cling to the idea of superiority.

  • ScriptTease

    Of course not…. but the majority, and when someone is not being catered to all of a sudden, it stands out.

  • Common Sense

    That freak is just too dumb to get in, plain and simple!!!!!!!

  • CeeCee

    ” If only I had a tiger mom or started a fake charity.”

    Supposedly Ms. Lee’s article is satire, but she takes some serious jabs at Asians and pretty much any non-white person who gets admitted into an ivy league university. To be honest, it doesn’t matter if one attends an ivy league university, state school, private university or community college/junior college, there will always be white people who feel as though brown/black students are not deserving of their success.

  • Latia Jointer

    Set and match. Well written!! (Applause)

  • Pseudonym

    But how can affirmative action be blamed b/c she couldn’t get into college? You think they’re taking every highly qualified white person’s application, pitting it against an under-qualified non-white person’s and then are admitting the latter based solely on race? Also, she also falls under affirmative action as a woman, which she obviously doesn’t know. So, she actually qualified for affirmative action and STILL was rejected.

  • Pseudonym

    Whaaaaat?!!! Dude, JT has always been a little R&B, even when he was in that super white boy band. He even sported hairstyles that made him look like the missing member from Immature.

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for seeing through her sanctimonious, self-serving, disgusting display. Watching the TODAY show clip made me feel sick to my stomach. The sad thing is that this girl will NEVER get it. How can she be expected to excel in college when she is so woefully uninformed and entitled?

    She should read this piece if she wants to learn what an actual satire is…

  • ArabellaMichaela

    @Clutch, Darcy and Anthony

    Please do forward Darcy’s reply to the WSJ. It is PERFECT.

  • Anthony

    There is hope after all! About half of the letters in the Sunday Wall Street Journal took young Ms. Weiss to task for not working hard enough to make herself an attractive applicant and blaming others for her failure.

    One told her to graduate from college, and he would interview her for a job, and another asked for a prom date. In other words, she has her supporters, but by no means did everyone buy her story.

  • @blackfrankluntz

    These very same arguments will be used to overturn Affirmative-Action this Summer and Steven Candy from Django will vote to set his own people back another 100 years. And Black America will let it happen because they’re too busy at church…smh…

  • Sean

    I’m also a white graduating senior and I completely agree with what Suzy says. I applied to Stanford, Princeton, Yale, UPenn, MIT, Trinity, Williams, and Drexel. I’m second in my class with a 97 GPA, 2020 SAT, 4 AP classes and an extra night class taken at a local college. I’m a rower, which requires me to practice four hours a day after school and 4 hours on Saturday mornings. In addition, my Sundays revolve around races. I also work 9 hours on Saturdays and in my “free time” I volunteer at my local recreation center, helping with coaching younger athletic teams and cleaning up around the club. I received a 5 on my AP English exam last year so I know my essays didn’t hold me back. I was accepted to Penn and Drexel and I have a strong feeling it’s only because they’re in-state schools so the state will pay for some of my education. I fully understand how frustrated Suzy is. What else do colleges want us students to so? Do I need to solve the world hunger problem, or convince Kim Jong Un to lay down his weapons? It’s nearly impossible to get into college anymore, and I’m not saying it’s BECAUSE I’m white, but being a minority will definitely not hurt one’s chances. Affirmative action has gotten completely out of control.

  • Chika

    *sigh* I was going to respond with a mini-essay but I think you’re too far-gone. I will say this, no one knows the thought process behind college admissions. I know people WAY qualified for big name schools who do everything you do and MORE and have brown skin and were STILL rejected. There’s no rhyme or reason sometimes as to why some people get in and why other’s don’t. The best thing to do is move on and try to make the best out of your life. Scapegoating AA for your perceived failures will never get you far.

  • bayougirl

    Here’s what really needs to happen. Little white Suzy needs to come to the south and go check out the richly funded mostly white state school in any deep south state (for me, I happened to get my four-year degree there). I had scholarships, but I mostly paid my own way through school by working jobs as an editor, political operative and writer. Fast forward about 15 or so years and little Suzy needs to do what I did, apply to the local HBCU law school. It’s an excellent school and the only local school to have an evening division as part of a consent decree to remedy the vast disparities between the “white school” and the HBCU school 10 miles away.

    She needs to do this so that she can see the STARK differences between the two campuses. In my four years at the state school, I never once parked on an unpaved surface. Now I watch LAW PROFESSORS slog through mud and gravel on a daily basis because not even their parking lot is paved. You want to talk what schools didn’t let you in, let’s talk about schools that are historically schools of choice for families because of their sense of pride and association with an HBCU who consistently have subpar facilities as compared to those schools attended by mostly whites. I invite every little rich privileged white Suzy to come see how these kids are getting fantastic educations thanks to incredibly dedicated professors and a rich sense of tradition, but in facilities that would absolutely make you cringe when you know how the “other half” lives.

    No matter what I chose to do with my JD, getting it from an HBCU and seeing the inequities between that school and my state school is the best education I could ask for.

  • Michael Carey

    I actually worked in Admissions. At UNC Chapel Hill, a top 5 public school, so I feel I can shed some light on this situation. Facts are the facts:

    There are 1000s of high schools in the nation (in many states alone!) and every single one of those schools has a valedictorian, a star quarterback, a “I started ___ foundation”. So let’s take the top five kids at every school, and you have enough from NC (with their perfect GPAs, 10 APs, and near perfect SATs) alone to fill up Harvard’s incoming class. And some other Ivys as well. Black, brown, white, and all in between.

    The truth is once you are at the top, you don’t get denied based off your qualifications. You get denied because its a crap shoot of way over-qualified and talented students. For every student at a top 50 school in the US there could’ve been 5 others in their exact place with no ill effects on student quality.

    That’s the facts.

    This girl thinks she is special, and that’s where she is wrong. She’s not. She’s at the summit of a very wide mountain. So she needs an excuse because when things don’t make sense we need something to scapegoat. Insert affirmative action.

    She will have to learn this lesson over many times… You are never the best, there is always someone better; if they are not there already they are coming. And sometimes, life simply isn’t fair. I find it rich that as a white woman (the most over-represented group in higher ed in this country, overwhelmingly…) she is just now learning the lesson tons of minorities, boys, and economically disadvantaged students face everyday in education.

  • Humanista

    I went to high school with people like this too. I definitely remember a white boy getting all riled up about some Latina/o student taking “his” spot (his words) in a university (this was around the time the DREAM Act was being born and debated). Mind you, he was a mediocre student, at best, but as far as he was concerned, there was a seat in some 250-person lecture hall w/ his name on it. O_o

    You have to wonder, are these kids parroting the sentiments of their parents or do they come up with this on their own? Smh.

  • nobusinessnoshow

    You know what’s not fair? Getting snatched from your native land and forcibly brought into American chattel slavery giving white privilege a 400+ year head start. I guess all those years aren’t enough for Ms. Suzy. She needs more headway time on those 400 years.

    As for her naive angst…I shan’t, can’t and refused to get wrapped up in her silly ass neurotic insecurities. Take ya Xanax boo. With the history of white people’s shadier than shady tactics as evidence she’s in no position to rewrite the meaning of “unfair”.

    Girl bye…and have several stadium seats.

  • Anthony


  • LJH

    ” Suzy didn’t get in because she wasn’t a religious or ethnic minority, she didn’t get in because she sucked and much like that Abigail Fischer girl WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH, unfortunately her parents never told her that.” Hear hear and the truth you wrote here has me rotf!

  • Nika

    This teenager, like many is just an idiot. I read the article and I can’t believe that they even entertained something so ridiculious. This is a child writing to an audience that caters wealthy adults. But I guess because that target audience is wealthy white adults, they thought this one was going to slip by.

    Well while white people sit around whining and complaining about the state of affairs and the slow shift and changes in demographics, we brown, black, yellow, and red folks do what we do best… keep it moving.

    No matter what is thrown at us, from salty hateful articles like this, to blatent racism, we get up everyday and push forward. They on the otherhand b!t@h and moan about the state of affairs because that white privilege has left them crippled. As we all know through the miracle of evolution, “only the strong survive”.

    So let them whine and moan it doesn’t matter because we’re still not going anywhere.

    It took me 12 years to finish college. I did it all while being in the military working fulltime, deploying, getting shot at and coming back to my tent to finish online classes.
    But 5 degrees later, (1 associate, 2 bachelors, 2 masters) I’m making high six figures and never went to a single Ivy League school. No one even seemed to care when I was applying to companies. It didn’t matter when I was going up for promotion, and it certainly didn’t matter when I paid off my house and my car after only 5 years. Not once did any of my employers seemed bothered by my attendance of one online only college, and one 3rd rate small college that no one had really heard of. It never stopped me from finding a job. This young lady has a lot to learn. An Ivy League $200K education is highly over rated.
    Proven technical experience is the new Ivy League education. This young lady should save her parents the headache, stop whining and go to an affordable state school.

  • I forgot it all

    I smell a FOX news correspondent job in the future of Ms. Weiss.

    A truth we here all know that escapes Ms. Weiss, even when that pesky brown girl who “stole” her spot at University sends out her resume after graduation with high grades and top school highlighted, it will still often get tossed if the name reads “Sheniqua Jones”. Check the latest Forbes article by Kianta Key on the subject.

    I’ll bet my Kate Spade pumps that Ms. Weiss will a very desirable job in 5 years. This WSJ piece is going to help her even further to leap frog right pass Ms. Sheniqua. So really Ms. Weiss will have the last laugh. In fact, she might be getting a call right now to intern for Koch Industries!

  • FRED

    My favorite part of the entire spiel was that she goes on and on about “you shouldn’t be evaluated for things you can’t control.” What did she do to earn the upper middle class family she was born into? The no-doubt private tutors and SAT classes she was given, which was allowed her to have those high scores and top grades that those “other people” don’t. Astounding.

  • donnadara

    Such a dumba**. Actually girls are outperforming boys in the race to get to college. I heard a college recruiter say that boys are being given “affirmative action” because the girls look much better on paper. Maybe a white boy took her place. Racist little b****. She is a hipster racist. My daughter had to deal with that all through high school. When a white person says racist, offensive things, they are being “ironic”. So no one is allowed to be offended.

  • donnadara

    Too many middle to upper middle class white children have had everything go their way since they were born, so they can not accept the word NO. I also blame the parents for catering to them like they are little princes and princesses so they have an exaggerated sense of their value to the world.

  • Kiki

    She should have her parents throw a million or two at the college of her choice. She would get right in! That has been white affirmative action for years!

  • David Polster

    You are a complete idiot.

    Setting aside that it was Africans selling other Africans as slaves, setting aside that the first person to OWN A SLAVE in America, Anthony Johnson, was ANGOLAN,

    Do you really think that people should pay for their ancestors’ sins? Jesus Christ, I wish I could hate you to death. I bet you don’t even know that during the height of the Arab Empire they had White slaves, or that the Irish were enslaved by the British, or that the people who were enslaved the longest were RUSSIANS and SLAVS. I bet you don’t even know that the North African Empire were taking slaves from British coast villages up until the late 1800s! Your ignorance is a disgrace to all of humanity. You should probably kill yourself.

  • SR

    No, sir. YOU are an idiot. Don’t bring up half ass history lessons and shirk the truth. LOL at people who use the weak argument, “it was Africans who sold Africans as slaves.” While this is true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that slavery in Africa as well as in other parts of the world wasn’t as treacherous as what it became in America. In other parts of the world, slavery was usually more about punishment or paying off debts, not economics at the expense of people who were treated as subhuman.

    In America it went from slavery to not providing the promised 40 acres and a mule, to lynching to jim crow laws to a broken socioeconomic structure which still disproportionately affects a lot of Black people today from the crack epidemic to extreme violence in impoverished black communities.

    If you’re going to bring up history, then be real with yourself and your probable privilege (I’m assuming you’re white) before you only bring up bits and pieces of the truth. Oh, my bad, you probably only learned skewed history from a Eurocentric perspective or from a perspective that makes your theory that Black people shouldn’t complain ok. And telling someone to kill themselves? Really? Grow up you coward. You’d never say any of this in real life.


  • Let he who is without sin…

    Meh. She’s seventeen. I’d bet most of us had pretty dumb thoughts at seventeen. I kind think some of the blow-back is missing the point. For starters, she fully admits she’s got sour grapes. About what? About having a 4.5 GPA and a 2120 SAT and not getting into the schools she aspires to attend. Translation: she kind of worked her butt off and it didn’t pan out. Surely everyone knows what that feels like. But that’s life, right? Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

    The reality is this kid just kind of acted like a jerk. Maybe she is a jerk. Maybe the admissions boards realized that from her applications. But she’s not emblematic of “whites” any more than she is emblematic of “women”. She’s emblematic of jerks.

  • Likes to Swirl

    Let’s do some street jive:
    I feed a couple of chipmunks in the back yard.
    Her cheeks remind me of how they look on the way back to their nest.
    Chipmunks are rodents, you know~~like this white rat.
    OK, I’m dissin her for how she looks.
    Is that so diff than dissin someone for their skin? No and, she deserves it.
    Can you imagine what sort of partner she’ll end up with?
    He’ll be malleable, easily controlled and have an empty scrotum.
    He’ll also have money, till she gets it all in the “settlement”.

    OK, I see her in a club.
    Hook up with her, do her and, in the AM, say, “Bye bye gurl. I got mine and, we’re done”.
    Pretty much what her kind deserves.

    One other thing I better say~~
    I’m a white guy with a life who has been into IRing since my teens.
    This creepette just gives fuel to any Black person’s angst and resentments toward any white people who they don’t know personally.
    I don’t blame them.
    She’s not part of our reality and, we don’t want those kinds here anyway.

  • Doug

    There seems to be a huge lack of common sense in this article. In a world of white privilege why would a middle class white girl EVER have to complain about not being accepted into her university of choice? The dictates of ‘white privilege’ would ensure that she would always be accepted into whatever it is that her middle class whiteness desired.

  • ihwg2002

    While I feel your frustration, none of the things you listed are extraordinary. Heck they are below average when it comes to the most competitive schools. Many students have >8 AP classes (with 5.0 scores, 2200 + SAT scores, and 95+ GPA (or even more than 100, if they used the weighted scale).

    So while I sympathize with your disappointment, you are totally misguided in thinking that you SHOULD have gotten into an Ivy League school. You achievements put you in the top 25-50 colleges range, but not the top 10 for sure.

    By the way, many of us did actually address issues like hunger, poverty, war, etc. I myself volunteered with the Red Cross and got help with flood relief. I also worked for Amnesty International and wrote letters to free political prisoners. I don’t say this to brag, because even back then I knew many people around me who accomplished SO MUCH MORE! That’s life. If you straggle, others will leave you at the starting line.

  • Shona

    Not only did her article display INCREDIBLE cultural insensitivity and ignorance, it shows the world how foolish she is.

    (To us brown people at least)

  • ihwg2002

    If you read the article you can clearly see that Suzy is just venting. She is complaining in “humorous” way, while I didn’t personally find it funny, I do see that she is not being completely serious. I definitely feel her frustration. As an Asian-American, I am one of the few minorities, that are actually OVER-represented in high education. As such, being a minority is no help to me at all, in fact it might even hurt me, because there are just so many qualified applicants of the same race.

    If definitely helps to be Hispanic, black, or – even better – Native American. Many schools will lower standards for NA’s for whatever reason. I know of many cases personally where people with much lowers scores than me got into schools like Stanford and Columbia, PROBABLY based on race. Now I don’t know 100% so I say probably.

    Anyway, I accept that life can be much harder for minorities. I accept that life isn’t fair. But, come on guys, affirmative action isn’t fair either! It’s discrimination against minorities, because it’s saying that someone should be accepted for their color, not their merit. Isn’t that the definition of racism? Judging someone based on their skin?

  • Herring

    Why would I “need to assess” anything? I can be proud of myself and those like me. Everything we’ve achieved, individually and collectively, over generations. If being a person of color is something to be celebrated, so is whiteness. If whites have different cultural characteristics than nonwhites, even going so far as to sometimes have an attitude of superiority that rubs others the wrong way, that’s just a part of who we are and we should be respected for our uniqueness. The world doesn’t owe whites anything, but we don’t owe the world anything, either.

  • Lsen

    I just wanted to say–as a complete surprise to myself–something optimistic. Well, optimistic in a best-case scenario that may take a while to unfold… And that is that it may not be the case that she never gets it. I hear you, I do. As hard as it is for me to admit, though, I once thought quite similarly to her. I won’t go on about why (the typical reasons, largely). Now, it is excruciating for me to see such an op-ed by a teenager, but I can’t pretend I didn’t once understand her point of view, and I think it’s important to continue to think about what that means, and how we try to ‘real-world educate’ and just generally communicate with those around us that push all our buttons out of what we believe is their own ignorance. (We should all “get” a lot of things, should we not?) There is some truth to the matter that she is yet a child. There is a lot of information and knowledge to gain as one ages, but also, in the likely case of individuals like Ms. Weiss, a lot of information and knowledge to shed. Here’s hoping for all of us.

  • Brittany

    AA is there so that it can correct the system that is biased in favor of white people, sorry that it hurts you but for the most part it helps the rest of us minorities. Feel free to label me as one of those whiners for AA.

  • dee

    Well, she may be sassy, but she sure ain’t smart. She was rejected by all four universities NOT because she was white, but because she didn’t make the grade. She wasn’t good enough; if she were they would have found a way to accept here.
    Or maybe they saw through her application, into her racist, entitled cluelessness. Yes, that was probably it.

  • Jay

    @ihwg2 the fact that you make comments about Affirmative action not being fair, tells me what kind of up bringing you’ve received, including your education and house hold. You’re probably not even familiar with why affrimative action exists and whom it was started for. You’re probably not familiar with any African American/American history, which is a shame, because without Black History you wouldn’t have American History. Read a book called black labor white wealth and it will shed light on why affrimative action was put into place. I understand as an Asian you or your parents or both were blessed to make a decision to immigrate here legally or illegally, and you were blessed enough to bring your culture with you and contribute to this fine society and feel privileged enough to lack the understanding of the real history of this country, but it gives you no right to questiion something that was fought long and hard for, for many many years.

  • lune

    I don’t know if “fair” is the word you should use. I admit, like many laws, affirmative action can be abused but you are also assuming that marks are the only thing these schools look for. I am Haitian and just graduated from Harvard (merit scholarship recipient) where there is a huge “minority” population. Many of my non-white friends went to Yale. Schools look at the person in their entirety. It is the package that they admit. You may have gotten better grades, but they may have been more experienced in the world and overall better qualified to take on the curriculum. You received exactly what you deserved. I dare someone to tell me that affirmative action got me into Harvard. Affirmative action is the only reason unemployment has fallen and educated tolerance is on the rise. I am sure that if it were up to your lot folks like me would never have gotten a chance.
    P.S. I have no patience for whining or undeserved self-intitlement. This little girl needs to be slapped with some 3rd world humanitarian work.

  • lune

    Thank you!!!

  • Come on

    In this country, anybody has a right to question anyone or anything at any time. There are no credentials required. One’s legitimacy in discourse should not be dependent on the granting of that very legitimacy by the other. I mean, isn’t that sort of the the whole point?

  • s4p

    Hence her complaints… Kinda like a statistically improbable event…. It’s possible but not probable… Someone had to fill out those ends of the distribution; this time it happened to be her…

  • s4p

    Adapt… and overcome. Even those spots that are highlighted by AA detractors would hardly satisfy the demand by the many “near misses”. If one was truly as smart as this gal purports to be, one would hedge and diversify by having great schools to fall back on and there are many…

  • Alfalfa

    She got a 2120 on her SAT and thought she was guaranteed a spot at Yale? Tell her to come see me; I got a 2300 while black and got waitlisted (and never taken off the list). Does she know how many 2400s HYPMS (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, similar) rejects? Her entire argument is misinformed, not only about the effects of racial bias and the need for affirmative action in the US, but also generally about college admissions. A 2120 is NOT in any way high at schools like HYP.

  • Bob Roberts

    She has a GPA of 4.5 and a 2120 SAT. So, it’s pretty clear that she made the grade, and failed to gain admission for some other reason.

  • Slaps

    To be fair, I think affirmative action is rather stupid, at least purely on a racial basis; take a scenario where the kid of two black doctors in a rich suburban area is applying to the same school as the kid of two poor black parents in a crime-ridden urban area. The scenario of the rich student is not much different from equally rich white counterparts, whereas the poorer student has no such benefits; obviously judging just by race would be stupid. Insert any other type of race in there, Hispanic, Asian, white, whatever. The number of opportunities you have is more correlated with economic position than it is with race. So I’m all for affirmative action as long as it’s based more on economic situations (which still correlates with race, so this wouldn’t be removing the racial aspect, entirely).

  • Shobobee

    A 2120 SAT is actually more on the low end for Ivy acceptances– the average score is something closer to a 2300. Neither is a 4.5, really. She’s a very normal Ivy applicant. The fact of the matter is that she thought she was ENTITLED acceptance to at least one of the Ivy’s instead of hoping and dreaming that she could get in. As a high school student, I got a 2370, a 4.8, wrote a book, formed and managed a club, and am a black female. I got waitlisted at all of them but UPenn. There isn’t a magical formula to this stuff.

  • Glo Mo Go

    Only 7% of applicants got in. She’s the 93%.

  • Shobobee

    This is so not true. They’re WOMEN, which means that they have to get the woman-package– being judged by appearance, jeered at in streets, barred from leadership opps, etc. Let’s not get hasty and start generalizing. :)

  • Rhett Koonce

    GPA’s are rarely taken into account, considering the fact that many schools grade their classes on a variety of scales. For instance, in my high school that would be an A/B average. Not exactly Ivy material in my opinion.

  • harvard.

    meh 2120 isn’t that high. I bring diversity to my school and I was nervous about my 2220 being too low. The fact that she feels entitled with that low of an SAT score is kind of annoying to me.

  • John R. Posey

    This is my sixtieth year on the planet as an African-American male…I attended and graduated from Dartmouth and have a fair understanding of the accpetance process at elite schools. There are a number of considerations that go into the decision process besides test scores and GPA…With the right parents and money, one can manipulate the grade systemm and take SAT prep classes ad infinitum…GPA and test scores don’t indicate exceptionalism, but rather to get the best education your parents can afford…Elite admissions staff are looking beyond that to what makes you exceptional…I was a National Merit Semifinalist and never took one test prep course because my mother couldn’t afford…My ACT and SAT scores were well above the mean…I was an exceptional leader and outstanding athlete as well as someone who did substantive work in my community…My test scores didn’t tell that story, but the attorney who interviewed me learned all that when we met….He knew, given the hand I was dealt, I was a miracle student to have gotten to that point…My mother didn’t graduate from HS and my father abandoned us when I was 15…From the day I walked on the campus at Dartmouth, I knew I could compete and excel…I own 3 businesses including a communications firm…I have had more than 2,400 images published and 1,700 articles, short stories and essays published…My daughter was on the US National Junior Volleyball team and has 3.84 GPA…She is exceptional in her own ways…The Suzy’s of the world think that GPA and test scores should gain them admittance into elite organizations…From what I reda of her, she is not exceptional only very good which is why she was accepted into Big 10 Schools…She might also consider that applying to elite schools means you’re competing with wealthy students from around the world who are graduates of school systems far superior to ours. Elite schools factor in a % of admissions for legacies. Students who attend US Prep schools and Catholic schools are the competition..Suzy is whining and thinks she’s exceptional because she’s white and blames people of color for her rejections…Let this be her first lesson in competition, because it only intensifies after this…So welcome to the real world Suzy because white folks aren’t always the best and brightest…

  • Lily

    The average score is high, yes, but it is not a 2300. It is more like 2100-2200. Other than that, I agree with you. Admissions really is a crapshoot these days. I got a 2020 SAT score and a 3.85 GPA (unweighted) and was accepted to Columbia and Brown. It’s a holistic thing, and no one is entitled to it.

  • John Posey

    On point alfalfa…I’m a Dartmouth grad and understand the process…Nothing about her stands out or is exceptional, but her whining..

  • Caitlin

    Read up on white privilege before you make jokes about how much your stock in life sucks. I read the damn piece. It wasn’t satire. It was a bitter attempt at satire. Minority groups have been oppressed for decades. They need a leg up a hell of a lot more than the privileged white demographic does. What an uneducated piece of crap.

  • Faye

    There are people all across the country with grades and scores like that. They certainly don’t all go to Ivy League schools and, to be honest, 2120 is almost a little low for an Ivy League. The piece just comes across as ridiculously entitled and I feel like anyone who’s applying to an Ivy League knows that goods grades and test scores don’t guarantee you admission. When schools tell you to “be yourself” in your application, what they’re really saying is to show your passion, something that sets you apart from the other thousands of applicants who are great students. Rejection sucks, but the fact that she instantly leaped to the conclusion that she didn’t get in because of her race or sexual orientation is disturbing. She may be smart, but she’s a little clueless if she thinks that good grades guaranteed her a spot in an Ivy League school.

  • Alfalfa

    JSYK, Yale’s 25-75% ranges for freshmen accepted in 2012 for all sections of the SAT were:

    SAT-Verbal: 700-800
    SAT-Math: 710-790
    SAT-Writing: 710-800

    Shobobee is right that a 2300 is nothing impressive there. As you can see from Yale’s numbers, it takes a 2390 to hit just the 75th percentile for all sections in their applicant pool. And you’re right that 2200 (more like 2250, if we asume that these ranges all have normal distributions) is more like average for Yale.


  • j

    just another privilege white kid thinking they are entitled to having the best and allowed to be institutions that were initially meant for only whites, like its their given right to be allowed into. Sorry you were not pushed into any arts, sorry you had a comfortable house to live in with 2 parents, you sure do know what diversity even means or anything, thank god they didn’t allow you. You insensitive, ignorant girl.

  • Sam

    Ha! Same GPA, my SAT was a 2360, ACT 36, 5s on 11 APs, 3 sport athlete, editor of the paper, Eagle scout, mentor, tutor, volunteer. Didn’t get into a single Ivy. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a bit of perspective and realize that it’s a crapshoot, Harvard rejects a full class worth of valedictorians every year, and the universe didn’t owe me anything. Doing just fine at a small liberal arts college and feeling grateful to not have the sort of bitterness and resentment towards others this young woman displays.

  • James K

    For goodness sake, the piece was mildly sarcastic humor. If it strikes a sour note for you, well perhaps the author should not dare to speak about such things, or on the other hand perhaps you need to lighten up. It was not seriously intended to explain her failure to be admitted to a top school. When I read the lines -

    places the blame squarely on the shoulders of those pesky black and brown people who don’t deserve to go to college because, well, they’re black and brown

    - I expected to find similar sentiments in the article, instead there is only a laughable mention of a headdress and a person who makes a big deal about her 3% minority status.

    Come on guys, at best this is another Oberlin, at worst you are making idiots of yourselves.

  • Joe Dod

    It is true that diversity weighs in a lot nowadays, it has gotten to the point that my little sister was told by an admissions counselor to lie on her applications about her ethinic origins, and that it was “ok” because they do not check. It is sad how much emphasis is placed on mandated diversity. I wish we could finally move on to the time Martin Luther King spoke of “when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

  • DanE

    White people are privileged? Talk about uneducated. If oppression is why minorities need a leg up, why don’t Asians and Jews need this leg up? My guess is the answer lies in the way those families raise their kids.

  • Faye

    Ugh, just stop. First of all, Asians and Jews weren’t kept as slaves in the United States for hundreds of years. Racism toward black people was deeply ingrained and STILL is in many parts of the US. Segregation only ended in the last hundred years, barely within the last fifty even. Hell, there was all that news recently about the town in Georgia that’s having it’s first integrated prom this year. Why is it so hard to accept that you’re privileged because you’re white? There is still so much hatred toward black people in the US. I’m sure there are black people that hate white people too, but because white people run the country, they’re not going to be discriminated against and lose opportunities because of that hatred. Also, why do people only talk about race when they talk about affirmative action? Why do people never mention the fact that affirmative action also helps first generation college students, regardless of race, and people from states like Nebraska that are underrepresented at top schools? And the Ivy League colleges are private institutions and will admit whoever they want regardless of affirmative action and the top schools want diversity because that’s what intelligent people want in a college. So black people will still have a better chance of getting in because they will still be underrepresented in the applicant pool, along with people from Alaska and other random factors. And seriously? Labeling an entire race of people as bad parents? What the fuck.

  • Cheryl A.

    Thank goodness for sanity. I thought this article was great and thought maybe, just maybe, the comment section wouldn’t be full of useless vitriole. Just when I was about to lose faith & give up, I read this one. I wish I could read an article like this that makes really valid points and then join a discussion that would be useful dialogue on the topic instead of people doing what happens in most comment sections. It’s the whole purpose of the article and as a writer it can be discouraging to see the caliber of people who comment on articles that could otherwise be useful in furthering communication. Great comment, Faye.

  • Sarcasmo

    Affirmative action is racism. It’s amazing how many people don’t recognize that. Or refuse to.

    How is discriminating against an innocent white person more appropriate than discriminating against an innocent colored person?

  • Sarcasmo

    Would you be angry at her if she were an unprivileged white kid? Or do you save your animosity for people with connections and/or money?

  • Belle

    Because unlike his “innocent white” counterpart, the “innocent colored person” is and has been subject to a system of institutionalized inequality in practically every facet of his life — ESPECIALLY education.

    It is 2013 I honestly cannot f*cking believe we are still going over this.

  • ebbie

    Its not racism! Minorities are still socially oppressed in this country. There have been studies for years about educationally inequality and other forms of oppression against minorities. When the gatekeepers are WHITE damn right minorities need a way to level the playing field. And did this girl’s spot really get taken by one of the handful of black/brown ppl at her desired university? Doubt it! What about all of the Legacy admissions at the Ivy league schools?! So try being a minority in a country that has historically put things in place so that you can’t fully enjoy your god-given and constitutional rights, before you talk about how hard it is to be refused entrance into a school because you are white

  • ebbie

    FYI I live in a city with many prestigious private schools and Jewish kids are categorized as minorities in many of them, and thus receive any concessions allowed to other minority groups including financial aid, so they get the LEG UP too, buddy!

  • sarcasm0

    You don’t know that. Just because a person is black or brown does not mean they have been “institutionally” discriminated against ever.

    Are you implying that all people of color who apply to Ivy league schools are only there because of handouts? What if they, too, were born into wealth and privilege? Should they be shamed for having more resources than their peers, or are we clapping them on the back for “overcoming the pitfalls of white oppression?” Do they deserve the opportunity more than the white girl who, like them, cannot control the color of her skin?

    None of your argument changes the fact that you are now simply redirecting your social impropriety. The practice of institutionalized prejudice was unjust before, when blacks and other minorities were denied a chance at equal opportunity, and it’s still unjust now that whites are being denied that same chance at equal opportunity. Both have been victimized regardless of innocence or involvement. America is no better off now than you would be if you attempted to pay off your credit card debt by using one card to pay off another. The statements look different, but the debt remains.

    Yes, it’s the 21st century, but what does that mean? Nothing has changed.

  • Sarcasmo

    Also, I’m just being the Devil’s Advocate here. Let’s not name call or get mad. I honestly don’t agree with affirmative action but mostly I enjoy debating things and hearing opposing viewpoints that are well thought out.

  • Anthony

    Sarcasmo, Weiss produced no evidence that she was denied anything because of Affirmative Action. Weiss just assumes that to be the case. As I said earlier, she is comforted in a perverse way by the notion that she is a victim. Being a victim allows her to maintain her self image in a way that accepting that she was simply a good, not exceptional, high school student won’t.

    I have worked my entire life in traditionally white institutions of higher education. In all of them the percentage of blacks was small, and in all of them there were whites who acted as if 1-5% blacks somehow robbed whites of opportunity.

  • Sara Amis

    Funny, she seemed to me to be making fun of the “every child is above average” culture, and the way parents push their children to be prodigies so they can get into Ivy League schools, etc.

    Racism is a real problem. Sub-par schools for minorities is a real problem. Lack of diversity in higher education is a real problem. However, having eighteen-year-olds write essays about their “diversity” as part of the admissions process is not a solution to any of those problems and is idiotic to boot. She was right to skewer that. Her main mistake IMO was not explaining what she was really referring to.

  • Mark

    This article is as juvenile as its subject.

  • Dave

    Do you live in 1930? Please name one of these schools where Jews (I am one) get additional financial aid or affirmative action (beyond what other white ethnics or religious minorities would get, in certain areas). Honestly, they don’t exist.

  • Dave

    Let’s not use “Asians” as though people from that majority of the world’s population are all the same, folks (on both sides). Hmong, many other SE Asians, many South Asians and others are as much in need of help as any other poor immigrants; established East Asian 2nd-gen and later kids are just the opposite.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    @ Sarcasmo
    “I’m just being the Devil’s Advocate here. Let’s not name call or get mad. I honestly don’t agree with affirmative action but mostly I enjoy debating things and hearing opposing viewpoints that are well thought out.”
    Well, I wouldn’t even try to present an argument for Affirmative Action to you because that would be as useful as talking to my dining room table. However, I will say this. You oppose Affirmative Action. Tell that to your white wife, white daughter, white sister, white mother–all of whom probably owe their jobs to Affirmative Action. The main beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are white women, BY FAR.

  • Jim Baround

    LMAO did you really get this pissed over a high school student’s satire piece?

  • Jason Hoffman

    I know, right? Maybe the writer should have gotten mad about all the people who whole-heartedly agreed with the high school student’s premise that she didn’t get into the school she wanted because she wasn’t “diverse enough.” It could be because schools are moving in the direction of creative, interesting people who are also smart and hard-working.

  • June Franco

    Dear God, why did you censor the word cracker? Thats Stup*d

  • June Franco

    The jews got reparations?!? I never got my check!

  • June Franco

    Yeah! Get that stupid fucking 18 year old pre college girl for not having a nuanced vision of racial disparty!

  • June Franco

    Totally! Just look at her dumb face! Dumb teenaged idiot. Look at her physical appearence and judge her! In the name of the end of injustice!

  • June Franco

    So true! An 18 year old pre college is usually complete as a person and thus has no chance to learn to change! Certainly not in college!

  • June Franco

    I am offended you consider her a hipster.

  • June Franco

    Its almost like she’s 17!

  • June Franco

    stupid 17 year old piece of crap!

  • June Franco

    Also you seem like a lovely mom.

  • besuperb

    Why do non-minorities always complain about minorities being accepted? The majority at these ivy league schools are WHITE! Why don’t middle class white people ever get angry with the white people that were accepted? I went to an ivy league school and I worked hard to get there. I had four siblings, near a 4 pt gpa in all ap courses, was in at least 8 clubs for 4 years and was a concert violinist – self taught. I didn’t have a tiger mom, I had to work jobs for school supplies, and get donations for graphing calculators. I was blessed with both parents and character from the night jobs I had to work as a child. And no we were not on welfare even though we qualified. I worked for everything I got. I had no connections. It frustrates me to hear this girl down play what it takes to get accepted minority or not. Also, I just don’t think she knows what it takes to be a minority, get into one of those schools and then graduate. She doesn’t understand how people treat you – how everyone automatically assumes your “less than” because of your skin. I guess she doesn’t understand because she’s one of those pointing fingers. At some point people need to learn how to take rejection and move on. Rejection is a part of life. Yes, not getting into your top choice school is upsetting but it’s also character building. Adversity is character building. She’s lucky college acceptance is her biggest problem.

  • besuperb

    I’m sorry you were rejected. You worked really hard but admissions is kind of a crap shoot. I went to an ivy league. Just so you know, black students must have the same credentials as any other applicant. Most of the top schools only have about a 5 or 6 percent black population (that means 94-95% are not black). I did way more than 4 ap/ ac courses (I started freshman year with 6+ advanced courses a semester for all 4 years ), worked jobs, was on student council, latin dance team, theater member (4 + hrs a night in season), played in a grammy award winning orchestra (self taught on violin), ran school wide fundraising campaigns and the list goes on. My gpa was near a 4pt – there were 800-1000 people in my class. I was in top 10-15 percent. Please don’t assume that black students or minorities are stealing what you deserve. We worked just as hard and got rejected at universities too. I was rejected from my top choice school. Sports like crew, lacrosse and field hockey are often the edge students need to get into their top schools. I was rejected at Harvard (even though they recruited me) but I knew a legacy white girl that got in on a C+ average because she was great at field hockey. I knew other girls accepted to top schools solely because they played elite sports. Sometimes things don’t work out. Being that you are so talented, you will do well wherever you go.

  • besuperb

    also, a lot of school don’t go beyond the 4.0 scale -meaning even if you make an A+ (in an ap course) or 105 you still just have a 4.0. Schools also bring the grades off of the elevated scales. So I wonder what her gpa would be unweighted.

  • besuperb

    I went to Dartmouth too! And now I’m going to Columbia for grad school!

  • besuperb

    also that gpa is on an unweighted scale ( meaning it can’t go above a 4pt even if you got an A+ or 105 in an ap course).

  • James Stoddart

    This article took a turn for the overly pc ridiculousness when you bleeped out “saltine ******* (cracker).” In no point in that clause was that term used as a derogatory term for a white person from the 70′s. I don’t think this article does anything to raise awareness to the race dialogue in America in the slightest.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Weiss there is a fantastic song with your name on it. It’s called You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Words to live by,

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Funny how she wrote this article discussing the politics of the college network. Yet she used something that all upper class / rich / elite have always used, nepotism. If she had no connections to WSJ and wrote the article on a blog or whatever, then maybe I would have been different outlook, but she used her connections.

  • Engaged

    Herring– You missed the argument m’dear. Check out Tim Wise’s website and get back to us. No one is putting down your culture—this is a discussion about the access you have due to that culture and assurance you have and expect from it. Yes, your culture has accomplished many things—some of them very worthy. Research how your culture paved the way for those accomplishments. Don’t take our word for it….

  • disneyeyes

    Sarcasmo, there is no such thing as an unprivileged white kid or person or what have you. By virtue of being white, you have a privilege. Now, as a white person could you be unprivileged in other ways? Certainly. Privilege does not always refer to economic standing. The word privilege refers to the significant social/financial/health/etc. capitol that a certain personal characteristic affords a person. Take this girl. She is a white female from a middle class family. Her race and her class are two characteristics that make her privileged though the fact that she is woman is a non-privilege since being female does not afford her any significant social benefits since we live in a patriarchy. Now, lets say you’re looking at a black woman from a middle class family. She has one privilege: her class. The fact that she is black and a woman are two non-privileges. Almost everyone in this country can list at least one privilege that have if they are willing to look.

  • hey

    you do know that the people that benefit most from affirmative action are white women right?

  • hey

    Do you know who benefits most from Affirmative Action? WHITE WOMEN.

  • James K


    there is no such thing as an unprivileged white kid or person

    Try looking at the studio audience for the Jerry Springer show.

  • Tina-T

    When White women complain, they get praise and employment.
    When Brown women complain, they’re difficult and unemployable.

  • Stephanie

    So basically the point of affirmative action is to stop discrimination…not just in institutions of higher learning, but generally. This has now become more synonymous with universities because it is the easiest to measure. You, my friend, are Asian.The sole fact that you are Asian means you’ve been helped by affirmative action. You wouldn’t have even be considered for admission if it weren’t for affirmative action.

    Now I feel like your resentment is pointed towards the wrong group of people. It’s not blacks and latinos that are causing you to be “hurt” during the admissions process, it is because schools don’t admit students solely based on academics. If you look at a lot of universities, the amount of Asians barely ever reaches 20%. This isn’t because blacks and latinos are taking your spots.

    UCLA and Berkeley are approximately more than 50% Asian and it’s because they do it mostly on merit. Even if you removed the underrepresented minorities, there’s still a good chunk left that’s being “taken” by white females. Even if any of those groups weren’t considered for any university, I’m pretty certain they’d still limit your numbers…

    However, I think it’s better to do holistic admissions because college is more about meeting new people and opening your mind…it’s better that it isn’t just about going there and juuuust doing work because that’s high school all over again! Bleghh

  • Latisha Brown

    I think her point was that the expectations to get in are unreasonably high. Why is this about being white?

  • Takeshi NiggaSaki

    You’re right asians weren’t slaves. Oh wait, except the ones that worked on railroads. Oh, and then the ones that got put into internment camps. But who cares about anybody who’s not black right? Go ahead and thumbs down my comment. I know what audience I’m speaking to.

  • Pingback: Critical Mass Progress | For Middle-Class White Girls When Being Privileged Isn’t Enough

  • ayre

    I was a little confused by the article’s tone, which I now assume is sarcastic. Interesting point, but not executed very well ; I think it could have made a better argument against the WSJ article in question.

  • kathy

    Affirmative action is racism, huh? Then what’s a “legacy”?
    Caitlin, you hit the nail on the head.

  • handsomeblackcaveladbrad1953

    Another crop of PLAIN B.S. from over-privileged white broads who,incidentally,likely be-
    lieve we blacks should RETURN TO BEING THEIR MAIDS AND BUTLERS!!!!Well,FAT CHANCE,GIRLS!!!!Get used to the fact that you whiny b****ES are not the be-all and end-all of the world!!!!(Or join the “Tea Baggers,i.e.,your EVEN MORE DISGUSTING
    AND ENTILTLED,to say noting of senile,elders!!!!)

  • jenze

    Nope. Racism in American isn’t dead. It’s alive and well on every side of the die.

  • Brian

    I’m not sure that the tone of the article helped make the point. Also, I’m not sure that disparaging all young white females is a good way to condemn a girl who (willfully or not) mischaracterizes racial realities in our educaiton system. Perhaps making convincing counter arguments would be a better way to go? On a side note, it seems to me that–while Affirmative Action may be necessary considering the unequal access to quality primary and secondary education currently– it is inherently unconstitutional at its core and is fleeting (in public institutions that is). That is all.

  • davidbikman

    “That is all.”

    Haha! That is some seriously passive aggressive mansplaining, dude.


    I’m not an islamaphobe, I “fear” their agenda for PERFECTLY RATIONAL REASONS!

  • CT

    It is
    it is not Islamaphobia when they really are trying to kill you. BTW the term was coined by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Nicolas

    Who isn’t trying to kill you?…

    If anything, everybody should have a perfectly reasonable fear of white people. hmmm…maybe we should do some “pre-emptive action” to deal with our “perfectly rational” fear.

    face it, your afraid of anything that is even remotly beige…you probably panic at a beach.


  • Cindi

    besuperb…..congrats to you on your hard work. You don’t mention your race because it’s not important. You are a woman who has worked hard to become successful.

    If you are not a “middle class white”, but a minority, don’t you think that saying that you were admitted to an Ivy League School because you were a minority would take away from your success?

    You clearly earned your way into such an elite school. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.

  • Willard A. Vaughn

    I agree with this girl because I think affirmative action laws are reverse racism. But, what angers me about it is that we as a society still need it because racism is still alive and well.

  • No More Mythology

    @Nicolas: I think you misconstrue Scorch’s comment. He says he fears Islam’s agenda, not the Arab races. So equating is like saying being christianophobic (how’s that for a new word!) is the same as being racist against Caucasians.

    The conservative right of Islam sees its religious mission as bringing the entire globe under Shari’a law. This is no joke. It is a severely militaristic version of the way the Christian religious right in the U.S. is trying to bring America in-line with their religious views, damning meaningful dialog in the process. The difference, though, is crucial: The radically conservative Christians of the U.S. aren’t cool with killing people and blowing shit up to get their way; radical Muslims have no such qualms.

    On the flip side, there are the Seiks, which is the much more liberal end of the Muslim spectrum, akin to the liberal Christians of the U.S.: peace-loving, people-loving, live-and-let-live people.

    Calling one who opposes radical, conservative religious doctrine is not racism; it is a legitimate concern we should be talking about seriously.

  • Botyfltiger Edwards

    There is already a white affirmative action, since the majority of people in this country are still white and more then 85% of the business are white owned, I don’t see what more white people can do to stay in power and control. Sorry your whiteness feels threaten, image how them brown skinned folks have felt for the past 400 years of being oppressed and denied. Oh I know eye rolling since slavery has been abolished for 150+ years and all, and you know 160 years makes up for them 400 years, even thought 70 of them 150+ years brown skinned American’s still had very little to no rights… One little white girl is denied and all of a sudden it is racism… HAHAHAHAHA I am white and I can’t wrap my head around how the majority of us can’t see these are the re-actions to our previous whole.

  • George Nassar

    As one of those folks that are all full of DIVERSITY! that are directly responsible for her not getting into the college of her choice — y’know what, how about we don’t beat up on a 17-year old on the Internet? Yeah, OK, so she’s sheltered, ignorant and completely devoid of awareness of the greater context of racial discrimination in America. She’s all white-privileged up. I got that. You know what that makes her? 17. …OK, and an upper-middle/low-upper class suburbanite. Still, she’s in the same boat as a few hundred thousand other kids. And y’know what? A lot of them will learn, eventually. And if they don’t, at least they deserve to be given that chance without becoming an Internet pariah.

    If we want to be excoriating somebody that *actually* deserves it, how about whatever J-school flunkie it was that managed to get himself into enough of a position of authority at the WSJ to actually *run* this crap? Or, heck, the WSJ itself. If the best op-ed they could pull was an angry missive from a 17-year old, maybe it’s time they shut their doors.

    Except, of course, the problem isn’t that that was the “best” they could get. They weren’t going for “best.” They were going for “more sensational,” or “most shock value,” or “most attention-getting.” There’s probably a tangent there about being purchased by News Corp., but I’ll leave that to someone else. The takeaway here is: this isn’t journalism, and it isn’t the sort of enlightened (or even at a minimum informed) social commentary that we expect from a renowned newspaper of national repute. Which is unsurprising, because the WSJ isn’t any longer, and hasn’t been for years. It’s high time we stop considering it as such.

  • John Cross

    I don’t really understand how this merits a column in the Wall Street Journal when there are so many real problems to talk about.Oh, I forgot. Its the WSJ.

  • Angela Monger

    Hey you know what you stupid cow? I didn’t get to go to a university because I am Native American or even because I’m a woman. I joined the United States Air Force,served my four years to my country and got college benefits. So get off your lazy butt, serve your nation, and maybe you can achieve your dream. By the way, the universities that you applied to will never grant you nor I admission no matter our races because neither one of us come from the type of thoroughbred families you need to come from to go to Yale or Princeton. You just flat do not have the right daddy baby. Deal with it.

  • Jay

    I agree with you because I’m a privileged ass.

  • Walter Lipman

    I’m surprised at all of you. Thank heavens little Suzy never heard of Jonathan Swift; otherwise, she would have advocated dining upon minority applicants.

    That, young lady, is satire, as opposed to your screed. Used with olive oil, it would make an acceptable salad dressing, albeit somewhat on the sour yet bland side of things.

  • Dr Phrogg

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but I agree with her. She seems to be saying that, 35 years later, we are still being judged by the color of our skin instead of the content of our character. Because a number of rich white men (about 2-3%) owned slaves, all whites are discriminated against trying to balance the scale. In the mean time, we still argue for tax breaks for the rich. The idea of getting minorities into college based on skin color or religious minorities does not advance the cause of those that need it the most. IF, instead, we concentrated on improving education to prepare them for college so that they can meet the same standards expected of all others, we would actually make a difference. Give them the skills to succeed, not just the chance to try without proper preparation. In the mean time, I know far too many people who are either white, or don’t have enough minority blood to qualify for minority programs, who are denied the opportunity to achieve the American dream, based on ethnic status. We have always been taught that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Discrimination against anyone based on skin color is wrong, it shouldn’t matter what color you are. If you are going to do anything, develop programs to fight poverty and to give the people you want to help, hope. Through education, we can provide the skills of success, but it doesn’t start with college, it starts with 1st grade. Instead of bemoaning the broken schools in the inner cities, and talking about vouchers and charters, fix the schools, including decent nutrition, internships to learn skills, support for career counseling, and support for parents who care, but are at their wits end. . Don’t put it on my back that someone else didn’t get a fair break by denying me one. That will not solve any problems, and will only serve to build resentment. We must identify the cause of the problem and fix that.

  • http://facefuck college prof

    you just made her point and her satire relevant with your tirade .thats the point she is illustrating

  • chris

    Life isn’t fair.

  • Raquel

    Oh yes, the military – who lets in dummies, but keeps out folks with terrible conditions like… eczema. GFY – you’re just as bad as the stupid cow you attack.

  • Expatmom

    I see employment at Faux News in her future.

  • Lindsey

    I watched the video, and I can’t even stand the way this girl talks or her stereotypically snotty voice. So uppity and definitely privileged. Now that she is getting attention (lots of negative attention), it’s “satire.” Yeah, sure. Hopefully whatever school she ends up going to will open her eyes to the real world.

    I just wonder what her college essays were like. If they were anything like she appears in this video and article, then I can see why she was rejected.

  • Rick Smith (@mightysmith)

    The same Wall Street Journal who feel that Egypt needs a nice Pinochet style military government?

  • Guest

    She is jewish.
    The most privileged minority in America.

  • Aaron

    First off I’d like to say screw the anti-Semitic cunt who left the previous comment. Secondly, people like this girl should stop looking at this as a problem and start looking at this as a blessing. Ivy League is overrated. So you can go to Ivy League and be among the rest of the hoity toity rich folk and be an average student? Or you can go to University of Michigan or Texas A&M or Purdue or Penn State and be one of the best students in the university, be recognized, be respected, and still get an extremely well paying job (Aggie grads I believe now have the same starting salaries as Harvard grads). Employers today, especially in high paying jobs have a new mentality that they didn’t 25 years ago. They see Harvard and they see a student who didn’t have to work and got there because of privilege. They see a top tier public university like A&M or Penn State and they see someone who worked their ass off to get to where they are.

    This girl got offers from top-tier non-Ivy schools. She should have quit her bitching and taken one. I worked my ass off to transfer to Texas A&M from the second-rate 4-year university I was at. Now I’m making more than all but one of the people I knew there (she is a computer programmer for the Air Force so it’s a given she’ll make more), and living in America’s greatest city: Houston.

  • Bena

    This is a racist anti Semetic statement.

  • tiedyejedi

    Did you seriously censor the word ‘cracker’?

  • pooru

    “Everyone my age (who looks just like me) thought it was great- She’s an entitled white cunt.

  • sarah


  • MGG

    i want to slap her parents for fucking on that one, horribly disastrous occasion that resulted in this infinite waste of oxygen.

  • Sally

    For starters, anyone who uses the phrase for starters in a published piece in the WSJ shouldn’t be admitted to any college.

  • nornwen

    She did what a lot of people do these days: they see a real problem (she couldn’t get into college) and they scapegoat people who are totally innocent. Its like saying “no, we don’t ALL deserve a good education and good opportunities.” Its a real problem when someone’s oppression (especially from someone who is still so privileged) causes them to oppress others. Instead of uniting under with people who have a problem with a common cause, lack of funding for education, hence very limited spots.

    Its like men saying “men are not allowed to cry, men are oppressed by women”, when men are oppressed to a lesser degree by the same thing women are, the patriarchy.

  • lg

    She says applicants are being judged for things “they have no control over”. I guess she has no control over being white and privileged, so she should be admitted BECAUSE she’s white and privileged? That’s how they used to do things Suzy. Ivy League schools also admit many students as legacy admissions. If one of your parents didn’t go there, you have to compete against everyone else. 7% admissions means they have 14 applicants for every spot in the freshman class. That’s 14 applicants every bit as smart as she is. Suzy needs to study vocabulary a bit more. There’s a big difference between cynicism and satire.

  • George Greene

    quoting the National Journal statistics with FULLY 40% OF THE STUDENT BODY COMPLETELY *UN*accounted for, re ethnicity, was just insane. The National Journal should be ASHAMED. If the student body is only 36.4% white and the country at large IS DOUBLE that, then, YES, SUZY HAD A POINT, and the fact that this article would use the National Journal statistics PROVING that she had a point, WHILE DENYING that she had a point, is very loud proof that neither the National Journal NOR the people writing THIS ARTICLE deserve to get into Princeton,EITHER!

  • karen

    You’re wrong; the radically conservative Christians are quite happy blowing things and people the name of “freedom”..or was it an oil and mineral agenda?

  • karen

    Your comment leaves nothing else to be said :)

  • nornwen

    I just wish this article didn’t emphasize that she is a girl, that does make her privileged. Being white and middle-class definitely does, however.

  • nornwen

    *does not make her

  • Stephanie Gramacki

    How is this opinion piece worth anything? It sounds like it’s her own fault she didn’t get into an Ivy League. She readily admits she could have worked for family for work experience. She states she couldn’t even commit to her extra curricular activities and then blames her parents for not pushing her. F’ that B

  • george muller

    George–the only point she’s made is that she is a self-absorbed, over-privileged brat who thinks she has a RIGHT to attend whatever university she chooses, ignorant of the fact that as legal entities, universities have the right to accept or deny applicants as the see fit. Those statistics do not validate her position at all. Simply because the wall street journal, a rag and bastion of the ignorantly over-privileged, didn’t have all the exact information doesn’t mean the university didn’t have an accounting; in fact it states that those 40% were multiracial, foreign, native American, or unknown. So where is the lack of accountability? where is the lack of pertinent information? The article DISPROVES her point, relative to the statistics offered, as it points out that not only is the white portion of the student body out of ratio w/ the national average, but so are all the other ethnicities ratios as well. So really what she is bitching about is that she didn’t get what she wanted, her daddy couldn’t buy, bribe, or otherwise cajole it for her…and she thinks she was LIED to and treated unfairly. First, life isn’t fair bitch…get used to it. Second, you’re only special in your mind…get over yourself. Third, how spoiled is a person, such a Suzy, as the article pointed out, to have so much in life and complain because why? She lost a bragging point over one of her douche-bag friends? huh. Lastly, I wonder if she’s remotely intelligent enough to pick up on the satire with which this article of rebuttal has been written. Doubtful, though I’m betting she’ll just blame that on someone else too. I’d pity her, and those like her (George?), but I’m too busy helping those in the world who actually need it, not spoiled douchebags and their nincompoop supporters.

  • geroge muller

    how does being female make her “privileged”, exactly?



  • george muller

    perhaps it is, but it also correct.

  • Linda Lambrilaz-Greco

    If she worked for family, wouldn’t that have been nepotism? And extra curricular activities don’t round out the student. I believe this girl is right.

  • Shelby

    Let’s leave out the fact that she’s a girl. She’s certainly privileged, alright, but she’s still a young woman in a society that seems to be taking a militant stance against woman’s rights.

  • JPB

    Interesting information that was a bit muddled and convoluted by an attempt at satire.

  • Boodie Ugwumba

    If only all those meddling minorities had connections at WSJ.

  • Idee K. Kwak

    Graduate programs at Ivy Leagues usually pull from small colleges like Trinity or Middlebury. Everyone knows it’s where you get your doctorate that counts, not so much your undergraduate so get yourself into one of the small colleges and make straight A’s. Get work experience in the field you’ve chosen, even if it’s without pay.

  • Bets

    Our son, a middle class, white male who had graduated in the top 5% of his class and volunteered in Guatemala one Summer during high school- got into every college he applied to…including Cornell, an Ivy League school…and Drexel, Boston University, Ithaca College, and a state college. He chose Ithaca because it is an excellent school and they gave him almost a full scholarship. I wonder if her essays just reflected too much of who she is and she wasn’t appealing as an applicant to the schools she applied to. She seems like an incredibly entitled young woman who can’t see much past her own eyelids. Sure, she wrote an article and whined about how poorly served she has been in this process and perhaps some think that shows she has initiative. If I didn’t have yet another son who applied to only one excellent school because that’s the only one he wanted to go to and he GOT IN with a huge scholarship, I would be more sympathetic to her. But our reality has been that if you apply yourself and you are personable and don’t expect the world to be handed to you, people give you opportunities…because they know you will work for them. If you expect something to be handed to you just because you’re you…eh…not so much.

  • Boodie Ugwumba

    If white people in America have any idea what hand out means, they’d know that 99% of them couldn’t survive without it. But, of course, this brainless nincompoop is the quintessence of a majority of whites.

  • Sam Jones

    Wow, Suzy you are truly clueless. There’s no satire in here, you’re just pissed off that colleges might have picked a minority over you. And clueless as to why that might be a good idea. You have no comprehension at all of the privileges you’ve had in life or of the xenophobia others have experienced and the impact it has had on their lives. And that is, pure and simple, racism.

  • JG

    Great piece! Many thanks.

  • Jimmy Rustle

    I love how the link for how blacks are getting subpar educations says that they couldn’t find any discrepancy in the difference between how people of different races were being taught. Affirmative action is a joke, putting people in better schools or worse schools doesn’t make a difference; Chicago schools tried assigning people in random schools and all the kids remained at almost exactly the same grades they had been at before. It’s not some conspiracy to keep colored students down, and it’s all upon the child and their parents. But god forbid you blame anyone but the teachers, god forbid the parents have to take the blame.

  • cunt

    Vanderbilt is not ivy league, c*nt.

  • Stephanie

    You made so many good points I don’t know what to highlight. I’ll just sum it up by saying WELL DONE. I went to one of the best universities in the country for grad school and while affirmative action may have helped me to get in (I had a 3.8 GPA and my GRE scores were excellent), it had nothing to do with helping me to graduate. Until we FIX the way we finance education and ensure that EVERY child receives a quality education, we must maintain affirmative action, financial aid and other strategies that level the playing field for low-income and ethnic and racial minority populations.

  • Dave Jenkins

    I went to a mid-ranked state college, lived with my parents and worked part time across all four years as a full-time undergrad, graduated Summa Cum Laude, got a job as a seasonal science tech for a couple of years, and got into Yale University for grad school. Had great job offers before I even had my graduate degree. And I did it without taking away from anyone and without accruing any student loan debt. I’m no hero … several of my fellow undergrads did the same thing. What set us apart from most undergrads, however, is that we appreciated every single moment in the classroom. Many … too many … undergrads think that they are on a four year vacation from reality. But I digress…

  • Dave Jenkins

    Let me guess: you have no college degree and you are an avid fan of Megyn Kelly.

  • Kelsey

    Jimmy Rustle, your comments are so incredibly deluded it boggles my mind, but I suppose after a lifetime of having my concerns about suffering discrimination due to being female dismissed by privileged males, I shouldn’t be shocked. If you think that redistricting or placing students in a new school district is some panacea that is somehow going to undo the years, nay, GENERATIONS, of crushing poverty, the daily witnessing of physical violence from within and outside their communities, the constant hurling of epithets and stares of unmitigated hatred, all because of their color, then you sir have apparently got the right to seek special treatment yourself under affirmative action because you most certainly must be mentally handicapped. I’d be willing to bet that someone like you considers the mentally handicapped unworthy of anyone’s time or the communal resources afforded them under the law, so perhaps the only logical solution is for you to go off the grid and take your misinformed crapmongering somewhere that the rest of us don’t have to be exposed to it…

  • Justin

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Julia

    Are you using all these caps to try to convince us that you’re right? Cause it’s not working.

  • Susan

    Kirsten – I really enjoy your writing! This article is particularly timely. I get so tired of listening to whiny white kids on the matter of who gets into college or gets a job. Unfortunately, none of the kids today really appreciate what it was like before the civil rights movement of the 50′s and 60′s. I’m old enough to remember. Guess what? I couldn’t get a job right out of college because I was not a minority and I didn’t come from a poor family. All the entry level jobs I could qualify for without experience were CETA Title VI jobs. I didn’t whine about it. I understood the reasons for CETA Title VI job requirements AND I was able to get another job, albeit not one commensurate with my education. However, within 3 years, I did have a job commensurate with my education and with an above average salary even for many men. However, I have known black women who never were able to get a job after college that was commensurate with their education and abilities. Then it got worse because they took secretarial jobs often to make a living and then eventually couldn’t qualify for a job in their degree area because 10 years had passed since they graduated and their skills and knowledge weren’t current anymore. Catch 22. All because they were female and black. It didn’t matter how qualified they were. So I have no sympathy for her or that girl here in Texas who recently sued because she didn’t get into a Texas university. However, she did get in to an equally good school elsewhere. So I just can’t feel any sympathy and feel these types of law suits are just wasting the courts time. It’s equally obvious from watching the video clip that this little girl is clueless and thinking like a typical, self-centered teenager. It’s all about her.

  • Joey

    Why was saltine cracker censored in this article? Was that some kind of joke?

  • Hillary

    Cracker is technically a racial slur. I don’t think she meant it in that way but rather than offend, censor.

  • Michael Rebholz

    for anyone in a position of power, white or otherwise, it becomes very difficult to see all the advantages and only focus on the 1 or 2 things that are denied to us in order to make up for our own past oppression on American minorities

  • neener neener neener

    Really? Now “cracker” is being bleeped like the “n” word? False comparison. Cracker has zero connotation to a segregated, violent past. It is not a racial slur that is harmful in any way and that is why it does not rise to the level of being bleeped.

  • atthewall

    Maybe they discovered what an empty headed, flaming little asshole she was and rejected her on that basis. Oddly the only thing she didn’t complain about was that there are too many Jews in higher education. Wonder why that was?

  • jo alfano

    Perhaps her lack of understanding of satire partially explains why these schools rejected her.

  • QuinnCreative

    While I’m sure she is completely against affirmative action, I bet she is completely for legacy admissions.

  • Susan

    You are correct. Most don’t realize that “cracker” was what the overseer was called by the slaves. He “cracked” the whip. Ergo the term “cracker”. While it is not considered complimentary, it’s really just a slang name for the overseer created by the slaves. The term peckerwood is the closest derogatory slang term for a white person and even that does not rise to the level of how the N-word has traditionally been used.

  • SteveLaudig

    Legacy admission, affirmative discrimination for white people, gave us GW Bush with an Ivy league degree. And the rest is history, blood-soaked, tortured, war-criminaled history. War criminal, worst president…… ever. Thanks, Ivy.

  • Jat

    Maybe it’s just me but I beleive white people will never be under the gun as the minitories are now. I mean really? The educational system was designed so that all miniotires would suffer and not learn the basic level of education as white americans do…you would have to move into a neiborhood outside your race in order for your child to receive a good education while everyone else receives less. Why?

  • outspokentoken

    Umm…maybe she didn’t get into an Ivy League school because she wasn’t good enough. These kids are academically lackluster, but they convince themselves that they are being overlooked so that black and Latino students that are way less qualified can take their spots. Ignore the fact that affirmative action actually benefits white female students more than any other group, the benefits that wealthy students and legacies have, and the racist idea that black students only get into Ivy Leagues because of diversity quotas; if you’re a middle-class white student, you have the RIGHT to an Ivy League education, no matter how undeserving you are! If it helps them sleep at night, I guess.

  • BB

    Guess what? Weiss is a Jewish name, not a white name. Which pretty much dismantles the purpose of this piece.

  • Susan

    She’s a white Jewish girl. Jewish can be an ethnicity and/or a religion but it is not a race. Your ignorance is showing.

  • BB

    Please, look at her photo. That is not a white person. Who is ignorant here?

  • Stewart

    You linked to a sub-literate, unpublished, un-peer reviewed, typo-ridden paper that appears to have been written by a college freshman in order to provide evidence of widespread anti-Muslim discrimination on campuses across America? The focus of the paper, even if it was well-reasoned or compelling in any way, was on ONE specific college campus anyway. ” A lot of young American (sic) doesn’t realize the fact that there are only two types of people in this world, there are bad people and there are good people.” Does this passage sound like a credible reference to you?

  • Abby Darling

    As someone who reviews college applications for a highly regarded and competitive public university, I see what the issue is. Ms Weiss got her straight A’s, probably did some community service building houses for Habitat for Humanity or volunteering at her local soup kitchen, headed some great school committees and held some sort of school office. She is likeable, well-spoken and admired in her peer group. She did well on her entrance exams. Here’s the thing – so did nearly all the other applicants.

    College acceptance is a combination of statistics and balance. We want the best students. We want the ones who will go on to represent the University well. We want hard workers and leaders. We also want diversity. My department is a STEM field with approximately 10% female enrollment. We would dearly love to recruit more women. However, a lot of my older faculty believe that women are not conceptually able to study is this field. They believe they will fail and therefore will not offer admittance to them. I don’t see Ms Weiss pointing out this kind of discrimination.

    Conversely, as an Admissions Officer, the number of times I’ve been told to admit an under-qualified family member over a qualified minority is about three times as high. Sometimes money is donated and an acceptance letter is sent out. I imagine this happens far more often at private institutions than it does at mine, so keep in mind that nepotism takes spots away from less connected, more qualified students a lot of the time.

    So Ms Weiss crossed her T’s, dotted her I’s and was stunned to learn she didn’t get accepted to her choice colleges. Her first response? Some minority took her place. Her op-ed piece and subsequent “explanation” in which she shows her failure to grasp the definition of sarcasm clearly demonstrates that she cannot comprehend that there was likely nothing to set her apart from the other applicants. For one college to reject her may have been a case of reverse prejudice, but for all – what was it, six? – to reject her is a clear indication she was bested by other, more qualified applicants.

  • Brahmi

    I’m a white girl who at one point applied for university and I find this girl’s entitled whining to be as false and gross as any person of colour would find it. I was initially horrified that this girl is getting attention, internships, affirmation for spouting this racist bullshit, and embarrassed by the increasingly awful white girl stereotype that shames us all. Buuuut the one ridiculous sliver of hope for humanity that I saw on the Today Show clip was that 70% of the survey clickers on a mainstream TV station’s website basically told her to STFU….so, I hope that’s something?

  • Aaryn

    Why don’t non-Whites just move to a non-White country? Then, they can have all the privileges that non-Whites get in a majority non-White country. Why do they want to live in a majority White country in the first place, if it is so awful for them? I know I wouldn’t want to live in a non-White country where I would be discriminated against for my race.

  • Shona

    This is a joke right? I mean you can’t be serious?!

  • Mae

    @ Susan…cracker to me IS a racial slur…so is the N word and others. Get used to being “in charge honey…I never owned anyone and neither did my family, so to classify me as something less than is degrading. Guess it’s okay for you to have feelings but not European Americans?

  • boy wonder (@boy_trippy)

    entitled white people are hilarious

  • Floyd Roberts DPR

    Kirsten, this is a Great piece ! I am one of the “middle-class white students” to which you refer. I am neither proud of this nor ashamed of it. I regard the full and unbiased use of our human capital to be one the most important issues for our nation. How we educate ourselves and our children is our investment in the future. You did a fantastic job of re-framing Suzy lee’s post for me. Admissions decisions being indeed a function of bureaucracy, i will avoid a discussion of their merits, also I will avoid any comparison of the quality of education as that is quagmire which I would, if possible avoid. I would offer a frame of what I hope is American origin..,

    Its about the money.

    A few points.

    If your family had provided endowments to a private non public university instead of bankrolling the money for their descendants should your children receive favorable admission treatment?

    Given that these non public institutions do not mirror the national diversity “ 16.7 percent Latino, 13.1 percent black, 5.6 percent Asian, and 1.7 percent Native American, according to government data.” Is this reflected by their customer base and investors?

    I respect your defense of any process which promotes eliminating merit-less biases. I reiterate the need for us as a nation to make the most of all of our people. Each year (as if it really happened this way) our congress must make decisions on how much of our available capital (or how much on the credit card provided by nations to whom we are in debt – work with me here) to invest in improving under-performing assets (brilliant children with lousy opportunity) how much to invest in our current crop (average kids in average circumstances) and how much to invest in our super star athletes (brilliant kids with better than average circumstances). Assuming an unbiased by money or lobbyist congressperson (a low odds bet I realize) the under-performing schools you note in what I presume are low income areas takes on a more economic than racial bias approach. In fact a decent quote regarding those schools from the administrator “To refuse to challenge the status quo that is failing thousands of African American students, that’s what I call racist,”

    Quite frankly it is an interesting discussion because one of the principal advantages offered by these institutions is networking with the children of high net worth individuals. Education, whilst indubitably first rate, is not what you are paying for, nor is it conducive to the establishment of a meritocracy. Perhaps as education evolves in front of our eyes it is better to think of these institutions as social clubs (valuable indeed for business contacts) where education may or may not occur. In that light her diatribe assumes a different hue. Yes?

    Floyd Roberts
    Go Bulldogs!
    BS GWU
    Go George

  • Floyd Roberts DPR

    John you are too correct. Wisdom with age and often not even then….

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