3-2-1 Summer Kick-off!

by Krystal Glass

Summer Time!It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the official kick off to summer. Here are 3 ways to start your summer off on the right foot:

3.) Detox – now’s the perfect time for a good detox to clear your system before the summer of endless invites to cook-outs, parties, and dining out. The benefits of a healthy detox (if done right) will give you summer radiant skin and a healthy start to your summer.

2.) Seek Adventure – what’s a summer without adventure? Whether it’s a vacation or a staycation, find the time to have a play-day: hiking, beach getaway, or take a road trip!

1.) Host a Midnight Barbecue – midnight barbecues are a nontraditional way to enjoy friends and family. Last summer I was introduced to the concept of Midnight Barbecues that start at midnight and go until dawn. Imagine dancing under the glare of tiki torches, enjoying good food, good music, and good people. Consider hosting a Memorial Day Weekend Midnight Barbecue. You’ll have your friends raving about it all summer.

  • Chacha1

    1) I have been contemplating a detox, but I’m sure what kind to do. 2) I have so many things planned for this summer. Hiking, a weekend trip, a city wide scavenger hunt, and taking the kids to a water park. 3) Not my thing.

    I plan on enjoying this summer as much as possible.

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