Most retailers in the United States carry clothing sizes from 0-14, whether in-store or online. Most recently, The Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and a few others even go beyond a size 14 in women’s clothing.  But don’t expect that to happen at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Want to know why?

Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO, Michael Jefferies, doesn’t like fat chicks and doesn’t want them to ruin his brand.

As a perpetual size 12, I would say that I’m saddened by this news, but I’m not. I was never a part of their demographics from the get-go. Hell, I’m sure it’s only been within the past 5 or so years that they’ve started to use black people in their ads.

Robin Lewis, author of The New Rules of Retail, spoke to Business Insider about the kind of people Jeffries wants advertising his brand.

“He doesn’t want larger people shopping in his store, he wants thin and beautiful people,” Lewis said. “He doesn’t want his core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they’re one of the ‘cool kids.’”

As hot as them?

I guess he’s assuming everyone who wears his clothes are “hot”.  Well isn’t that something coming from a man that looks like he’s had one too many botox injections and eyebrow lifts. He’s about to give Joan Rivers a run for her money.

This isn’t the first time Jefferies slandered the over size 10 crowd. In a 2006 Salon interview, Jefferies basically said he doesn’t care about excluding “fat” people.

“In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” he told the site. “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either,” he told Salon.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Jefferies wasn’t one of the cool or good looking kids back then, and this is his way of re-living his life through his skinny clothing line.



 Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Explains Why He Hates Fat Chicks


  • L

    “I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Jefferies wasn’t one of the cool or good looking kids back then, and this is his way of re-living his life through his skinny clothing line.”

    Bingo! You can tell by this man’s altered face he has image issues.
    As for his company brand, he must not realize there’s plenty of slumpy/funny shaped size 6s wearing his overpriced, thin fabric clothing. I’ve never been into being a walking billboard for any clothing company so I’ll pass anyway.

  • ko

    Dbag brand stems from Dbag CEO

  • SL

    We now have a clear picture of what a dbag looks like. I wouldn’t wear your shit ass clothes if they were free.

  • Squeaky

    Prada, Gucci and Chanel probably feel the same way, but they don’t come out and say it.

  • lol


  • liberiangirl

    he was not a cool kid and he’s still not cool now. his face looks like the face ppl makes when they smell something that stinks. he’s tying to impose his insurities on others.

  • Anthony

    The real insult is to his own customers. In so many words, Jeffries says he caters to assholes. I think really beautiful people would like to be decent as well as “hot.”

  • Joan

    I don’t know. Many people will like the brand even more now after knowing that it excludes others. Some of the nicest people in the world enjoy exclusivity. For some people, everything is relative; they can’t feel good about something unless they know that someone else can’t have it. There are so many people who will pay top dollar for what is perceived by most to be unattainable.

  • DEE

    Abercrombie & Fitch, You mean the store you have to bring a flashlight into just to see what there’s clothes look like?

    This guy is crazy.

  • http://darkanddusky.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    Thanks for the laugh clutch. Ambercrombie always had that thin, white, upperclass, and beautiful vibe. Now that I know who runs the brand and what he looks like. I see why. He really needs to grow up. It’s not cute for adults to try to re-live high school ambitions.

    American Eagle is the same way too with their overpriced clothes. I worked for AE at one point during training on their computers they in a very subtle way let us know who they are marketing to. Young, white, thin, and beautiful. They had the token black guy, and the token bi-racial chick. No dark skinned women, not heavier women, no latina women, total exclusion. On top of that their clothes are WAY overpriced. They especially steal women’s money.

  • Mr. Man

    Well, at least now everyone knows what CEO’s of various brands are really thinking when you see that their stuff stops at size 10.

  • Mademoiselle

    Absolutely! It’s the same reason Jay-Z threw shade at Cristale (sp?). These companies want to appear “exclusive” or “elite” in order to justify their prices. The way to do that is to give the illusion that your brand is not attainable by all. So, they offend certain groups, limit the sizes they make their clothes in, restrict the use of their image, and hike up their prices to keep a barrier up. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who gladly pay premium prices for the privilege of being “part of the club.”

  • KDJW

    “I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Jefferies wasn’t one of the cool or good looking kids back then” This is obvious lol

  • http://darkanddusky.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    Oh well, more money for stores like Rainbow, and Torrid.

  • http://darkanddusky.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    You know what? On that note I wanted to say that this is what ‘status quo” does to people. I’m in total agreement to Joan. Status Quo will say “no, you can’t sell to fat chicks”, “no, you can’t have too many people of color”, “no, you can’t carry makeup for dark skinned women” even though it will hurt your profit.

    People love to say that the only color people see is green. I beg to differ. Status Quo doesn’t care about money and never really did. Since money is hard to come by Status Quo will tell you the reason that you are not “in” is becuase of money, but as soon as you fulfill those requirements it asks for something else. This is why we have so many different companies (and other entities) acting up despite the fact that their profits, and customers say otherwise. People love exclusivity, and hate to buy what other people can easily afford. Status Quo hate to let “anybody” join the club.

  • http://twitter.com/mapachemaldito atún.jpg (@mapachemaldito)

    You get offended because he insulted a physical trait and then you go insult his face. Not hypocrite at all. As bigoted as he might be, it is a private brand, and he’s in his right to appeal to a customer of his choice. Make an article about Karl Lagerfeld, I’m sure he feels the same way about fat people and his face is equally man-made.

  • Loretta

    Old Navy isn’t much better, Not long ago they carried sizes up 22. Now they don’t. They changed their T-shirt sizes too so to not show plus size specific. Such as a Xl is actually as xxl. So to make people think they are smaller and keep from carrying too large of sizes.

    Department stores are guilty too. They only carry plus size clothes that are not attractive. As if every plus size woman wants to dress like their 80 year old granny. The plus departments are usually a lot less to choose from as well. The few that cater to plus have poor quality fabrics and cheaply made to save on cost.

    I work in fashion as a makeup artist and this doesn’t surprise me. I have heard it from designers before. I am a size 20 and have dealt with the size issue in the industry most of my carrier. It is pretty much how the industry as a whole is. Just some brands are more open to say it than others. Look at the larger brands. I would bet that you won’t find a plus size outfit in the window of Chanel too soon either.

  • He Is aDouche

    I think everyone should boycott A&F – I’m not fat and won’t be purchasing any of their items now.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    how does such an obvious asshole get into a power position?

  • BeanBean

    I’ve never worn this brand and never will. Right along with Holister. First of all you cant walk into an AF store without developing COPD! Most of these skinny “cool” girls you see wearing these clothes, actually have muffin tops hangning out anyway! I don’t see any reason to promote, skinny white blonde beauty standard, plus their clothes are cheaply made and overpriced!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CrazyLoriLand Lori Fisher

    Dear Mike Jeffries (CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch):
    I hope what I read here is not true. I immediately turned to Snopes in hope to find a big red false above this story, but had no such luck. If it is, in fact bullshit, please accept my apology for what I’m about to write.

    If what I read is true please, by all means, get a cup of coffee, let your secretary know that you’ll be busy for a few minutes and grab a seat because I’m about to nicely tell you what a despicable human being you truly are.

    I have never been a fan of your store. I can even go as far as to say that you have never even gotten a penny of my hard earned money. All I have to do is walk by your store and I can smell the putrid cologne infecting the stale mall air. From the outside, I can see your hard-bodied, but not very bright employees slaving away over folded t-shirts, khaki shorts and button down jean shirts (where I live, we call those the top half of a Canadian tuxedo) like little fashion robots. I can hear them and the sound of their fake, wanna-be California accents while speaking to customers (all of whom are 16 and under) as my youngest daughter begs to jump on the indoor trampoline that is at the end of the corridor. I can hear the crappy, hipster music flowing from the speakers out into the common walkway that is shared by all the stores in the same hallway of our mall. My first reaction is always ‘I have no idea why anyone would shop in that store’. Now I can tell all my friends why they shouldn’t shop there either and I’ll have a real, valid reason instead of just thinking your clothing is ugly, that your employees are clueless and that your store reeks of a mixture of perfumes and colognes that make it smell like someone is trying to cover up the smell of a dead, rotting prostitute in your store that’s been hiding in the middle of a clothing rack since the A/C went out last summer.

    In the article I read, it said that “He doesn’t want his core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they’re one of the ‘cool kids’.” I would like you to think about that statement for just a moment… Now that you’ve had a few seconds to process the quote I provided, please take the word ‘hot’ and replace it with ‘stupid’, because anyone who has read this article and continues to shop at your stores is just that. Now that we have the first part of that sentence corrected, I would like you to take out the words ‘cool kids’ from the second sentence in the quote and replace them with the word ‘douchecanoes’. In case you’re wondering what a douchecanoe is exactly, it’s kind of like a douchebag, only much bigger and plural. Consider the comparison of the size a sandwich bag and the size of a canoe. Is that enough for you to compare? Ok, awesome, moving on then. Your corrected sentence should now read “He doesn’t want his core customers to see people who aren’t as stupid as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they’re one of the douchecanoes.” That statement is much more the truth than the one that was published in the article I read. I’m glad I could help make it more truthful and get that straightened out for you. Make sure you give me the credit for my work when you do your next interview, please.

    What would make you think that it’s ok to discriminate against someone because they don’t quite fit your vision of beautiful? You’re not wearing A&F, are you? I’m only asking because upon googling your name, your picture popped up and I was thoroughly frightened at the sight ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Jeffries_(CEO) in case you want to see what frightened me so). I watch a lot of horror movies and I honestly don’t scare easily, but what happened to your face, man? Did Leatherface give you his prized possessions? How many plastic surgeries have you had to make your face look like a leather shoe that has been stretched out, then pulled taunt again by a fat woman’s foot? Did Lisa Rinna give you some kind of hook up with her plastic surgeon? Maybe a two for one deal? I’m asking because your lips look strangely like hers. But hey, all in the name of staying young and beautiful, right?

    Wrong. Beauty isn’t on the outside, not real beauty anyways. Pretty is on the outside. Pretty is tiny little waists and perky little tits. Pretty is chiseled abs and hairless skin. Pretty is blemish free skin and perfectly cut hair that swoops down right where it should and every hair is in it’s rightful place. Pretty doesn’t equal beauty, though, and that’s where you’ve made your biggest mistake.

    I support your free speech and your right to voice your opinions on us ugly, fat folks. But please understand that I plan on using my free speech to let people know what a shallow dick you really are. If one or two of my friends stops shopping at your crap-tastic store, well, that’s good enough for me.

    I’ve taken enough of your time and will let you get back to work. I’m sure you have a lunch break tummy tuck to get to or something fun like that planned. Take care and, please, stop with the plastic surgery before you end up looking like Michael Jackson and his missing nose. You’re already pushing it and might want to consider taking a role as Joan River’s stunt double for extra money. I’m sure with just a little eyeliner and lipstick, no one will ever notice that you’re not an old woman with a frozen face.

    Lori Fisher

  • Linda

    Because most of those power people have ass hole brains also!!!!

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Lillian Mae

    IDK about A&F quality, but Rainbow? I don’t give my money to A&F or Rainbow.

  • MimiLuvs

    IMHO, I really think that he wanted to say that he made clothes for people who were white, thin and “attractive”. But, he is not stupid. I’m sure he receives reports from one of his underlings that states that those white attractive shoppers are not the ones doing the most shopping.
    He and a bottle of Summer’s Eve might have one thing in common. But, he ain’t stupid.
    Besides, the only people that I see around my community wearing his clothes are the “orange skinned, gelled up Saiyan hair, fist-pumping, Euro Pop-loving, guido lifestyle-loving” Punjabis.

  • Abner

    Whatta “bag”, you know what kind. Really, anytime I see someone wearing the “brand” , I snort.

  • The Fryman Family

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. You go sister!!!

  • James

    Maybe he should try taking one of his “hot” shirts and put it over his face. I’m sure it would do wonders.

  • annEone

    I completely agree with you except for two things.

    1- Don’t call out the employees because the CEO is a jerk. Many of them are just trying to work at a job that they enjoy which pays the bills.

    2- Just because you don’t like “hipster” music doesn’t mean it’s crappy. I would never shop at A&F, but I love the music they play.

    Sure, my points have little to do with what the article is about, but it’s never helpful to call out groups of people when you’re tearing apart a guy for calling out groups of people.

    Otherwise? Well said!

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    When I looked at this dude’s face and read his comments, I immediately LMBO! Really, man? Oh, the unkind things I could say about this dude, but will refrain because I’m trying to be more like Jesus.

    When I read his comments, I thought to myself, “Wow! To be a grown man, he sounds awfully immature and childish.” It’s obvious that he was an outcast, and with that attitude, I can see why. He seemed like the kind that tried too hard to fit in. Now he’s alienating countless people and money because he wants a certain demographic. SMH.

    No love lost, sir. I’m not overweight, but I wouldn’t give him one nickel because I don’t like his style or stank attitude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.bogash Luke Bogash

    Ironic that many people lambasting the man for focusing on appearances are similarly focused on his appearance.

  • Cindy

    Poor insecure “little” man. Obviously, his self hatred of his own image has turned outward into the last acceptable discrimination in the U.S.

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    …and Joan, when they lose those things that they hold in such high regard, many are ready to commit suicide. To think some people base their worth on something material is beyond belief to me. How sad is that? None of its meant to last and they are the ones giving up their money for it. SMH.

  • j

    Nope, only pointing out the hipocrisy here.

  • http://gravatar.com/travelinghoosier travelinghoosier

    First, LOL at his face. Second, does he also hate the “fat chicks” who purchase his overpriced clothing for their daughters?

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.bogash Luke Bogash

    How are people being discriminated against? They have other options. Should Mercedes lower their prices so that everyone has one or are they discriminating against poor people?

    There is nothing wrong with being pretty……but you say beauty in on the inside. And yet you go and insult the guy’s looks. Not very beautiful of you.

  • Salt

    Sorority ho-bag was never my style so I have never shopped in his stores, but I hate to think that my little daughter will ever experience uncertainty over whether she is beautiful or worthy as she gets older because of douches like this guy. It breaks my heart.

  • labelwhorre.com

    i died at punjabis…lol are’nt they racist too?…

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.bogash Luke Bogash

    And doing so in a hypocritical manner. But I know most chronically aggrieved people never see the same faults in themselves they are so quick to point out in others.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CaneyheadPictures James Knight

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking like Gary Busey with Down’s syndrome… unless you make millions of dollars encouraging narrowly commercial stereotypes of beauty.

  • WOW

    The clothes are nice and hold up really well, I don’t shop for myself there, but I have shopped for my young son….don’t know if I will again….

  • http://www.613style.com #TeamLuke


  • TLo

    “I’m sure it’s only been within the past 5 or so years that they’ve started to use black people in their ads.”

    You couldn’t bother to research this before throwing out the accusation?

  • Umm try again.

    As a sorority girl, I wouldn’t be caught dead in his clothing. It’s a little too middle school for people my age.

  • Azure

    Well I’m not fat but I don’t like his hideous face…that’s besides the point. His clothes are boring to me. I work in fashion & usually you target a age group, demographic etc as your “muse” or inspiration for the market that you are trying to sell to. You don’t exclude your audience because you think a certain group isn’t cool or good looking. Now you’re letting your personal opinion dictate who you should buy your clothes. Now you give another reason for kids to bully those who don’t look or act like them. Way to go. Glad I never brought your clothes & now I never will. Good day, sir.

  • Salt

    As a former sorority girl myself, that was not a blanket statement intended for all people in sororities. Congrats to you on not being one of the people I was talking about.

  • Gene

    Well i’m a bit offended at the “workers not too bright” comment. I worked there for a few months during my sophomore year at college. It sucked. And yes, working there is exactly what you would expect. All my coworkers at the time were atleast moderately attractive, and it seemed that this was the only quality which they looked for in hires.

    I will just say that this made getting my engineering degree much more rewarding, considering what alternate reality would have been.

  • ….

    Yeah I was a bit confused at that comment too & the one abt the employees having chiseled abs and speaking with a Cali accent. Like ummmm no they don’t possess any of these qualities.Some ppl on here are being a ill too dramatic.

  • Ange B

    The clothing at the shop is nothing special..sweats and tanks as far as I can see. I have never bought anything there and nor do I desire too. I’m glad that some of these shop owners and designers, actors have foam of the mouth. The more they talk the more my dollars do not have to support them. It is clear he has some issues with his own body image….

  • Jenny

    That’s two totally different things. Your comparing clothes to a car which a dealer wouldn’t be stupid enough to say a comment like that. You say the comment she made was not beautiful of her because she’s throwing his looks in there well so is the CEO!! He’s saying it’s not o.k. to not be attractive which is a f*cked up statement on his behalf. People who are ugly are the ones that talk like the CEO and look like him too. A person could be good looking but if he or she talks like a f*uckin idiot it’s not attractive. Don’t be so blind and ignorant. Your prolly one of these people

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  • TJ

    You can fix fat. But you can’t fix ugly and ignorant.. Besides A&F is always dark, smelly and the clothes are ugly and expensive.

  • Treece

    “I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Jefferies wasn’t one of the cool or good looking kids back then, and this is his way of re-living his life through his skinny clothing line.”

    yes Ma’am! My thoughts exactly. The nerve of this fool and his skin-pulled-too-tight, overgrown jaw, fighting off wrinkles like Jacke Chan ass trying to make Abercrombie some exclusive unique sh*t when just about every teenaged kid I know owns at least a tshirt from the store and they all look alike. Look, if you want your line to be only for sizes 00 (yes double zero) to 14 then fine. Do you and whatever you like, it’s your clothing line. But you don’t have to be nasty and treat this situation like this is Sweet Valley High and you’re one of the “mean girls”.

    I would never shop there anyway (I am a size 12-14 btw). I was a size 8-10 the first time I walked into one of this dumb f*ck’s stores when I was in high school and was followed around the store step by step by a White teenaged girl who worked there. She couldn’t have been much older than me and proceeded not only to follow me around the entire store, but brush off and straighten out anything I touched. When I realized it I messed with her for a while just to see what she would do (walking back and forth between racks, and putting my hands on everything). Then I walked out never to return. I don’t even give this fool’s ads the time of day. Don’t care if he uses Black models or not because frankly, I don’t think Black people should shop there.

  • Joan

    KissOfDanger, I totally agree with you about them asking for something else when the monetary requirements are fulfilled. It never fails! With certain companies/brands, even your money isn’t good enough and they always try to claim that there are other reasons.

    I currently live in a county that would be considered by many to be affluent. However, the county is predominantly black. I will never see a Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus at my local mall or for that matter, in my county. However, I drive over to a predominantly white county and I see Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s…And this “white” county isn’t anymore affluent than my “black one.” There are parts that are obviously considered below middle class. A friend of mine tried to argue that the white county had more money (“That’s why we don’t get those stores,” she insisted)…until she saw the actual numbers reflecting the average income, the prices paid for homes, etc. It is more than obvious that it comes down to race. Those stores don’t want to be associated with a black clientele. They like the fact that you have to drive over to a “white” neighborhood in order to visit their stores…That’s who they want to be associated with and they don’t ever want to inconvenience white clientele. God forbid! LOL.

  • Jenny

    I never shopped at his store and now I never will. Tacky ass clothes and everytime my niece brings me in there I get depressed because it’s so damn dark in there. Jeffries, why are you so bitter?? You know what?? If I looked like you I would hate the world too!!

  • http://none Carol Zembry

    Ewwwww – Is it just me, or is this man unusual looking, in a very unattractive kind of way? Now that I am aware of his bias and prejudice, I would NEVER buy from A&F.

  • danielle titus

    I am a 14 in oants due to wide hips and i can wear a&f shirts but have no desire to pay 15 fo a tank i can get at.wmart. i am thick but very beautiful size is not beauty

  • ANON

    There’s a saying, “you get what you give”…

    Now I’m sure he’d be upset if a store refused to service him b/c of his face….

  • ANON

    I’m going to assume you’re either an employee or friend..

    How do you comment section trolls find this site anyways? LOL

  • F Y I

    I am a big girl size 18 and let me tell you some I have went into A & F and bought tshirts before with no problem. And if I’m ever denied a sale because of my size after this or denied entry to his store well he’s just asking for a discrimination lawsuit… just like victoria secret even tho they angle toward sizes smaller they still make u feel welcome.

  • ANON

    I think the author was making a point of “you get what you give”…

    How would he like to be “discriminated” against b/c of his physical flaw that can’t be changed…

    well unless he goes under the knife for 20th time…


  • ANON

    You’re right…they don’t carry up to 22..

    They go up to size 30…


  • Pseudonym

    Innnnnteresting. That face says it all. I totally understand (note: I said “understand” not “agree”) where he’s coming from, but…well, that face says it all. It’s kinda like how it’s only unattractive darker skinned rappers (and men in general) who obsess over “red bones” or biracial women with wavy hair. Carrying on the wounds of being unpopular in high school, seems. Sad.

    The truly cool kids don’t have to call themselves cool. Just sayin.

  • melek aksu erbilgin


  • Muse

    Like, wth…. Can the dude even blink?

  • jolene

    I say all us fat chicks buy generic clothes, rip the labels off his clothes and put them on ours. Teach him to disgrace us!

  • Donna

    It is because of jackasses like this guy that kids are bullied becase they are not the skinny, good looking, cool kids. Who is this guy to judge. I personally think this ugly, nasty joke of a man has no room to judge anyone

  • http://gravatar.com/thebrownzone Brown

    Omg… a shallow executive who understands and caters to shallow people… not exactly a small market in America. good for him.

  • Victoria

    This guy thinks he has the right to call people “ugly”?
    If ugly people aren’t supposed to wear his brand, I sure hope he isn’t wearing it either.
    This guy is far from good looking.

  • Travis

    people think it’s okay to be fat. ITS NOT. its unhealthy and it’s child abuse for letting our youth think it’s okay to eat whatever they want. yeah lets support our kids and feed them to a lifetime of health problems and early death.

  • Kim

    Grow up and get a life.

  • http://Britta Adam

    You dont see skinny people complain about plus size stores do ya? What about “tall and large” stores?

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    why would anybody want to be that big anyway?

  • http://www.facebook.com/silver.bear.5 Silver Bear

    What an utterly disgusting excuse for a human being!

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    i love how they ALWAYS have a light skinned wavy haired biracial girl to represent black women.lol they have no issues with a dark skinned black man though. i think every company does that.

    i hope you know that the company itself specifically asks for that too when they look for models and actresses.

  • mari

    Michael Jeffries….you can lose fat, but you cannot lose ugly. You are doomed.

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    i think it’s interesting how when women have a plastic surgery then it’s “well shes doing it for herself.” and “she isn’t insecure, she just wanted to change her features. nothing wrong with that!” but when men do it then they are considered insecure and lame for it. hmm

  • http://gravatar.com/honeybeemee honeybeemee

    With his looks, he should just SHUT UP TALKING ABOUT ANYBODY!!!

  • Pat

    Well, I don’t like ugly guys and he’s ugly so I won’t buy his clothes.

  • jro35

    Some people can’t control their size. This includes medical issues, and women who have had children. Some have a slow metabolism. Superficial people like you are what’s wrong with this world.

  • Jessica

    Fuck u CEO! Take ur Abercrombie & Fitch and stick them up ur ass!! Bc I’ve been on both sides of the playing field, skinny and heavy set. And believe me, one isn’t no better than the other. So just keep ur fucking clothes bc I wouldn’t take them if they were free or while I’m skinny!!!

  • jro35

    Sad, but true. Ironically, I hate those kind of people and won’t associate with them. I prefer the down to earth people.

  • Debbie

    this guy is a douche, he looks like he has been to his plastic surgeon a bit too much too. :P

  • Elizabeth

    Well at least you can loose weight but you can not change ugly!! and with that I will never buy anything from there.

  • JC

    The sad thing here is, FAT people can get skinny…This UGLY (inside and out) idiot has to live with himself, no changing that nasty man!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.boyd.5201 Stephi BreeAnn

    I am a “skinny” woman and I dont wear his clothes, I have never liked them or thought of them as anything “special” over-priced for the quality, ugly, the sales teams are assholes…he looks like a serial killer…

  • http://gravatar.com/aarickawashington TheMuseintheMirror

    Whew! Self hate is a powerful drug!

  • GlowBelle

    Screw him. The hatchet job done on his face gives me clue that this guy is looks obsessed in the worst way so it’s completely pointless trying to understand or get angry at insecure self-absorbed assholes who didn’t get over high school like this. I have never stepped inside an A&F store — the ‘eau de douchebag’ stench coming from the place is enough to turn me the fuck away — but I don’t intend to give my money to these companies who insult and bite the hand that is feeding them. What if these ‘hot’ kids have overweight parents/grandparents buying their clothes for them? What does this asshole say about that? He seriously needs to check himself because the customer, no matter fat, thin, white, or black, is well, always right.

  • Mademoiselle

    So do you think denying fat people clothing will motivate them to lose weight? How long do you think they’d have to walk around naked before they get to an acceptable enough size for righteous people like Mr. Jefferies to outfit them?

  • http://www.knowtimelikethepresent.tumblr.com geniilove

    oh please. A&F is doing horrible! their stuff is on sale once a week. FACT. I get a 40% off email on a REGULAR basis.

    Its on a downward spiral…has been for a while.

    Tell this gumby wannabe that NO ONE is wearing his clothes anymore…not even “the cool kids”.

    k thx

  • Frankie


  • carmen

    What a shame because my dream is to lose weight and buy Abercrombie! :( Who would ever want to wear Chanel or Marchesa when the elite and luxury of Abercrombie exists…

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    You know what…never mind, it is way too easy to read this guy and go in and let have so he doesn’t even warrant a response. Personally, I never got the hype about A&F anyway, I don’t see the big deal concerning the clothes (they basically sale overpriced basics) nor do I like the advertisement because All American to them is a very, very, VERY narrow scope so a lot of people weren’t their target audience. Furthermore, thin =/= being beautiful. I wish people stop recycling that lie. And for those who said we should talk about his appearance, well don’t dish it if you can’t take it…shrugs

  • Cindy

    Soon everyone will remember A&F like they remember FUBU..
    don’t remember FUBU?? exactly…

  • tj.

    Who cares.

  • Me27

    i would say “let’s boycott” but i never shopped there to start. As a matter of fact I don’t know anyone who does.

    I’m willing to bet his statements are a mixture of his true feelings and a ploy to get people talking about his brand. I remember about 13 years ago when A&F had everyone screaming about the practically naked models in their catalogs (it was essentially soft-core porn). I was in college at the time and it was the talk of campus; everyone running around saying, “Did you see the new Abercrombie catalog…?” and girls swooning over the sexy male models. Funny enough, I had never heard of A & F before that “controversy.” I’m sure this will work the same way. Some activist group will come out and protest the brand and teenagers and college kids will go running to the store to find out what all the talk is about. It’s basically free advertisement for them.

  • Kimberlyy

    well he needs to remember this!!! you can change FAT asshole! ya can’t change UGLY!!! and that means you!!! so mark my words my children and I will never shop from your stores again! DICK!!!

  • ChaCha1

    That is NOT the point being made in the article.


    Hint: He didn’t say it, but (if you have dark skin), he doesn’t make clothes for you, either. Have you ever been to or peered into an A&F store, or seen a range of black faces in their ads?

  • P

    As sick and insensitive as it sounds, he is just being honest of how a lot of people feel. He is established now, probably getting ready to retire in a few years, and leave behind generational wealth. Don’t waste energy on this man…

  • Sadie

    In what universe? Most people who aren’t into cosmetic “vanity” surgery believe that women who go under the knife are doing it for reasons of insecurity as well. And if the critics aren’t calling those women insecure, they’re calling them some variation of the words “fake” and “superficial.”

    This may be one of those cases where you only hear and read things that support your argument. Or maybe you live somewhere where it’s normal for women to get plastic surgery?

  • S

    Well I don’t like fat people or abercrombie

  • Angela

    I never understood the A&F brand. I don’t shop there and neither does anyone I know. The clothing brand is is nothing spectacular anyway. I don’t see what is so big about basic t-shirts, sweats, jeans, ect. The brand is pretensious and boring. I feel sorry for his bad attitude. Oh and did I mention that the store smells so bad and strong that it gives everyone I know head aches?
    Shame on your bad behavior, you clearly have self esteem issues too!

  • gloria

    A&F is a very high school line of clothing to wear. I’ve never seen anything but teens in the stores. And the cologne pouring through the air vents in there are enough to make you choke.

    All of the clothes in this store are new-looking thrift store knock offs. Ripped jeans, aged denim, button down shirts that are already wrinkled and sleeves rolled up…basically anything in that store can be bought at a thrift store or at Target.

    So thankful that Gap and Old Navy (among others) have options for larger bodies.

    His face is scary.

  • E.M.S.

    Never liked that brand, they’re fatophobes and racists as well. Eventually they’re going to lose market share as competitors grow more accepting of larger women.

    I’m pretty sure money is money regardless of the weight of the person it belongs to. But they don’t understand that.

  • Krystel

    Well atleast this ass can Rot in Hell. And I know that my daughters are thin and I’m a bit plus size. There is no way in hell I’m going to let my girls shop there.. Asshole..

  • http://darkanddusky.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    You know what to add to that the same goes for multi-national corporations, especially cosmetics companies. Africa has so many affluent countries, and countries with affluent places. Yet I never see websites or branches of popular brands, for example, like Maybelline, Tide, Revlon, Suzuki, L’Oreal, Mary Kay, Pantene, Max Factor, and etc. These same companies go through great lengths to give other countries their own websites in their own languages. Some countries have different versions for different populations, while Africa is left at that.

    Cosmetic, and clothing brands act like they can’t use black models for their campaigns and catalogs.

    I don’t see anyone trying to build nice malls in any of these places.

    Status Quo indeed. Status Quo doesn’t want to serve blacks, dalits, aetas, haitians, black brasilians, other dark skinned people, nappy hair, and etc. Even when they are the majority.

    Status Quo will also buy out the companies that serve and profit off of these marginalized populations only to hold them back, and keep them from “global” status.

    Can anyone tell me why we don’t have a Vibe Haiti, Essence Nigeria, Ebony Angola, Munaluchi Namibia, TV One Uganda?

    I’ll wait.

  • Mademoiselle

    Unfortunately, they’re currently priced higher than most of their competitors and recently got upgraded to “outperform” by Wells Fargo analysts. It’ll be a while or take a much bigger scandal to change that trajectory.

  • Deb

    I think this guy should not wear the clothing from his line, after all, he is not beautiful on the outside OR the inside. External beauty only lasts for a while, it’s how you are on the inside that really counts.

  • C. Fields

    Being fat isn’t as bad as being hideously ugly (meaning him)! Fat people can still be beautiful and can lose weight… but there’s nothing he can do about how ugly he is. Maybe a paper bag over his head?

  • kt

    That’s a man in that picture? We’ll stick with Roxy Quiksilver… Athletes over assholes!

  • jaime bray

    You know what u stupid mo fo….. I will never ever let my daughter wear another piece of u forbidden clothing. Which in my opinion is way over priced anyway. I mean come on… you look like u put ur face into an inner tube planet to get injected with rubber to make u look younger. Well sweetie I hate to tell u… but u are still one ugly old asshole. I cant believe u would ever have the neve to tell me where I can shop or not. I could care less. I’m definitely not a size 12… 14… hell or a 20. But old navy victoria secret aeropostale all have well made beautiful clothing to fit me. Who cares what u think. You need to take a long hard look at society today. We all are not a size 9 in America. Get used to it! I’m so in love with my shape my body my size. My husband loves me for me not because I’m a larger size. Do u want a steak with just a bone or would you like a fat juicy 10 oz. steak? Different. Perspective now huh????

  • Nik

    I might be “fat” in an XL, but atleast I’m not ugly. I can loose weight, he’s ugly for life. Even If I lost weight and became a size small, I wouldn’t spend a penny on the overpriced shit in his store. Ugly prick.

  • Crystal

    haha thanks for that, i laughed a little too hard but honestly its sad to know that this a BRAND that can cultivate an idea that “hey, i’m better than you but not really because i’m just SO cool that i’ve got to make you feel like you’re less of a person”

    ps. jeffries face: talk about elitist self-image

  • ….

    Exacltly!!!! Plus anyone with common sense knew that they (the people who run A&F) have always felt this way so I don’t know why ppl are so angry about this.Especially when half the ppl on this post claim that they don’t shop there and the clothes are “cheap”.Like y are u so mad? Who cares.

  • Cece

    I wonder if he is aware that most of the kids he thinks he is catering to refer to his stores as Awfulcrummy and Filth and it is only the wannabees who actually wear his garbage.

  • Vee

    Come on everyone it’s easy to see he wants to be part of the cool peeps for once. Cause we all know with a face like his he was popular in school or in the world unless he is paying them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.legrand.56 Lisa LeGrand

    YOU’RE A SCUMBAG, CEO OF A&F. Filthy piece of shit. How dare you tell girls waht they can and can’t wear? I personally fit from size 5 to 11 (depending on cut and such). Not everyone is as “cool” as you. Which, btw, you’re not. Fuck you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.legrand.56 Lisa LeGrand

    He can’t stand his own stink!

  • sarah

    He must be a really really insecure person….

  • Laurie

    What a dick!!!

  • Sarah

    haha here is what this man doesn’t understand, the only people who want these clothes are middle school and high school aged kids who are trying to look cool. Guess who buys the clothes for those kids? Do you really think mothers and fathers are going to be supportive of of your discriminatory remarks. Does he really think that parents want to instill his values on their kids. The store needs to be shut down. It’s a waste of space and a choking hazard in the mall. Have fun going bankrupt dumbass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.legrand.56 Lisa LeGrand

    Exactly. I gained a lot this year because I found out I have hypothyroidism, which makes losing weight hard cuz the thyroid gland does not secrete enough hormones. But luckily, I lost some of it. :)

  • Tayshay’


  • Kandaisy Chaney

    But he ugly

  • Lisa Mailings

    Like you?

  • http://heather65.wordpress.com heather65

    ewwwww….he looks plastic

  • JS

    No one wears Abercrombie but middle school and young high schoolers. I say young because about my junior year of HS I got tired of wearing clothes that had the label and logo printed over everything. It was the “thing” to wear however when I was younger (grew up on the west coast and went to majority white private schools). I agree though that the clothes are nothing special and being in the store always gave me a headache because of the strong perfumed smell and the music blaring like a rave.

    However its Abercombie’s prerogative not to cater to fat people if they don’t want to. Lets not act like similar comments haven’t been made my top designers like Karl Lagerfeld (for Chanel). There are plenty of companies and designers willing to cash in where others wont. People should not feel offended by it but just keep it moving. However I don’t like all the PC-ness of a designer or company having to make plus size clothes and if they don’t then they are horrible. Lets not act like obesity isn’t a problem. Plus its a whole other ball-game making plus clothes. With a lot of styles you cannot just add more fabric, a redesign of the style has to be done in order to make it so it flatters a bigger shape.

  • Il Taker

    Big girls don’t need to fret. That’s what sites like ASOS aka ASOS curve (there stuff is soooo addicting, I binge there twice a month, gonna hit again on Friday), or Carmakoma, FashiontoFigure,etc…A&F from the CEO to clothes ain’t about sh*t, ain’t never gonna be about sh*t and never will be about sh*t.

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    “Fat” people can lose weight — but his botoxed mess of a face is forever. He should almost get a guinness world record for looking worse than Joan Rivers.

  • Soap


  • cam

    had a bit to much work done…..

  • Carole

    Only thing fat here is his lips from plastic surgery/botox filler injections. Guess he’s not perfectly made either.

  • Chelcie


  • http://ronrule.com Ron Rule

    This is marketing, plain and simple. His words are an effort to make the brand seem more exclusive so the teens he targets will want it that much more. And it will probably work.

  • MB

    First of all, it is indeed an attempt to point out the man’s hypocrisy. Secondly, I’m not sure there’s a non-hypocritical way to point out an ugly person’s discrimination against other “ugly” people. If you attempt to call him out on it, you are accused of being as superficial as he is. But truthfully, only trolls and below-average people incapable of thinking things through would actually accuse these people responding of hypocrisy under such circumstances.

    Fortunately, most of the people here seem to realize that you are either a troll or not very bright if you don’t understand why it’s necessary to point out this man’s own hypocrisy, even at the risk of being labeled a hypocrite themselves.

  • Renn

    I think 10 girls larger than a 10 plus should visit his store for at least and hour then a new 10 should go in. His own lips wouldn’t fit in his largest pair of jeans. What the heck happened to his eyes? He looks like a cat that got ran over by a car. See the problem is larger women can make it a quest to lose weight if they wish to but there is no fixing an ugly skinny person, especially him. Abercrombi is old school crap..that is like shopping a JC Penny. (though I do enjoy shopping at JC Penny) lol

  • http://gravatar.com/kewlcate kewlcate

    I’m thrown at his all American comment. America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, so…….idk?

  • Dinky Teruel

    we can’t blame him, just boycott his products

  • http://www.facebook.com/love.mando.1 Missez A Rodriguez

    Lol, he said he wants to.target the all American GOOD ATTITUDE! Hah !! Im guessing he considers himself as.one of the ‘good attitude’ people lol . He sure as hell isn’t if hes being a straight d*ck excluding a specific size! Never liked they’re clothes anyways, especially because of the PEOPLE THAT WEAR THEM! Lol conceeded ass rude stuck up people

  • http://gravatar.com/thebluntobserver thebluntobserver

    I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Jefferies wasn’t one of the cool or good looking kids back then, and this is his way of re-living his life through his skinny clothing line.

    FCUK, and the guy is good looking???

    Someone should introduce him to the Mirror….ugly bastard…

  • Angie

    Michael Jeffries is a damn pig!!! Makes me sick. I will never shop at this store again OR allow my beautiful… GORGEOUs kids who fit his dumbass profile. He lost many many beautiful customers. After this stupid ass statement I see alot of beautiful people leaving that piece of shit store…. Hollister… Here we beautiful people come!!! That ugly mf better look in the mirror before making a statement like that.

  • Done with stupid

    Use soap for ur stupid ass mouth

  • emme

    How about I take my size 14/XL butt into Abercrombie and buy all of those ugly shirts and cheaply made pants and wear them all of the time…in the worst possible way. Sure the clothes will be way too tight because you don’t sell my size and ill fitted and since I don’t qualify as the “targeted demographic” I will look horrible in it….ON PURPOSE! and if anyone asks Im gonna say “i bought all of this stuff at Abercrombie and their associates put this look together for me don’t I look good!”.

  • Busy Bee

    Honestly…it’s this kind of crap that makes me glad that even at my thinnest, I retained enough personality to never give this man a red cent. I’d rather weigh 500lbs than buy one of his shirts at Good Will.

  • BiteMe

    One more reason to go buy some shirts @a&f tomorrow! Absolutely love when political correctness gets shit on… You people watch TV and get lied to a hundred times a day without batting an eye but when someone refreshingly speaks his mind you cry. Go get some kleenex you wankers

  • I

    They do sell over size 10. I wear jeans size 12 from there.

  • http://gravatar.com/designdiva40 paintgurl40

    A&F didn’t like black people working in their stores or modeling their clothes either. There are too many other BETTER options out here to be worrying about their boring ass clothes or what he thinks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandra.riggle Sandra Riggle

    He is about the ugliest mother fucker I’ve ever seen and you are probably just as fuckin ugly. Who would want to wear his clothes any way they are impractical and trashy.

  • http://gravatar.com/designdiva40 paintgurl40

    you forgot to add poor folks as well…LOL!

  • CT

    This isn’t about political correctness it’s about common decency which evidently you are lacking, wearing his clothes only makes you one of his sheep. So go buy his ugly overpriced clothes if it makes you feel superior, based on your name you need all the help you can get!

  • Susan smith

    It shows what type of man he is….ugly inside as well as out!

  • Chris

    Awesome this should hang outside every hollister a&f and gilly and hicks

  • rain

    that is the most shallow, egotistical,prejudice,low life, inconsiderate, self absorbed, belittleling, most f’d up thing ever. this.guy is.a piece of #!$& as are the people who share that perspective. i understand not promoting an unhealthy weight , but to purposely target, and promote prejudism to all plus sizes is morally wrong. idc what size a person is, did we all forget its.whats inside that counts?

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  • Simone L

    THAT FACE ALONE shouldn’t be explaining anything. Oh lord!!

  • http://facebook d l

    I worked in the Abercrombie and Fitch, New Albany Ohio based warehouse for over 4 years. I can honestly tell you that this man cares nothing about no one except himself. I quit in 2011, it was the best thing that I ever did. That was the most poorly managed place that I have ever worked. It all boils down to appearances. I will never purchase anything from that company. Not a penny of my $ shall ANF receive.

  • Ms Write

    Sorry…I couldn’t get past his face to hear what he had to say. Moving on.

  • Ms Write

    Anyway…Team H&M!!!!

  • Ms Write

    Exactly! He is trying so hard to be exclusive but dude, nobody over the age of 16 takes your brand seriously anyway. A&F is such a junior high brand.

  • Jed

    Middle aged men with bad plastic surgery aren’t cool, either.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cgalysh Clarence Galysh

    To get a job there you can not be fat? If you fat your not good looking? If your fat you have no friends? If your fat you are not cool? If your fat you are not popular? Fat people are not beautiful? If this guy does not want to offer larger sizes in his stores then fine, that is just his companies loss.. But to discriminate publicly like this there is no excuse, this guy need to go down and his company need to go with him. SHOW HIM HE IS WRONG AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, POST THIS EVERYWHERE ONLINE AND STOP SHOPPING AT HIS STORES!!!

  • DC

    My guess from this picture, someone trying to fight their age with too many procedures. Another segment of society I’ve never bought into as well as the I need some label to make me cool and/or relevant. Thankfully I was raised with better values.

  • Kimberly

    Wow… Does he have a mirror. He is not only ugly but he doesn’t look that skinny to me. My daughter used to buy from A&F but not after the ignorant comments that came out of that idiots mouth. He should be ashamed and be fired. As parents we teach our kids not to judge others and in one uneducated comment young girls are again made to feel unworthy. This man is pathetic. I hope he has no daughters of his own at home.

  • Cheyenne

    I’m a size 12 and no one I know thinks I’m fat. And I’m “one of the cool kids” shoot, I’m even a little athletic. Even when I was smaller I didn’t buy from this clothing store. This guy is pretty shallow.

  • BP

    1) Who said anything about the cost of their clothing?
    2) Calling people out who do wrong….she’s making a point!

    Obviously you missed it! I don’t for a second think she’s running around verbally bullying people. It’s called being facetious. Look it up…that’s me being sarcastic!

  • BP

    Because zombine, koolaid drinking people were told it was cool to dress in cookie cutter clothing!

  • http://theafrolatina.com Kiki.Lightbourn

    This is so sad. Unbelievable that people still think like this.

  • BP

    You are my hero of the day! I’m thinking perhaps you telepathically read my mind…our frequencies crossed paths, and I thank you for saving me the time!
    I know you got some flak for being “mean” to him, but I understand the necessity of your facetious and sarcastic writing to make a point. And you did. I hope people take it as just that.
    Now on to my bigger plan, which I began many years ago, and that is to boycott A&F and anything they touch. It amazes me how few people use their ability to control merchandisers by merely altering their purchases and being more choosey where they put their hard earned cash. We DO have a choice! We have the power to bring down big companies if we simply refuse to give them our money. So simple, and yet again, the masses of Kool-Aid drinking zombies, who are compelled to look like one another, act like one another and have the same things as one another, rule the world with their purchasing power. Maybe we need to begin being a little more vocal in the mainstream?
    Would you mind if I posted your letter on my Facebook? I’d like others to read it and the article.

    After reading your thorough response, I’ve decided to adopt your name douchecanoe for A&F. Now, I’m no bully, and I won’t go around pointing fingers and calling people wearing douchecanoe clothing douchecanoes mind you; however, perhaps we need to change his clothing image for him…from “cool” to douchecanoeish. I can’t imagine anyone, no matter how much they desire belonging to the society of non-“vanilla” cookie cutters, being caught dead wearing clothing that would render them a stupid douchecanoe by the “average” person. Am I mean to feel the urge to take down his brand? Is it wrong to right a wrong? Is it wrong to feel he’d even give a rat’s asstronaut that he’s a corporate bully, PURPOSELY making kids feel like they aren’t good enough on many levels. Gee, thanks for his great contribution to society. He’ll be long remembered when he passes, leaving behind a legacy of bullying and making kids feel insecure and excluded.

    Final thought…what goes around, comes around, and I think he’s been spanked already…but he took all his spankings in the face! Sorry…did I just type that outloud? No really, if I see him walking down the street, I’ll be the bigger person (no pun intended) and give him a high five…in the face….with a blunt instrument! Again, obviously not the first to do so…repeatedly. Sorry, my fingers have no filter today. Then again, he’s not deserving of one.

    Thanks for speaking your mind and making my day. I love it when people speak their minds at the same time they are reading mine! It just works for me…guess I’m lazy like that!

  • Lulu

    Just not fat but also beautiful as in perfect facial features, what the media says is beautiful. I heard about people, even if they are thin..if they aren’t “good looking” they work in the stock room which is in the back and no one can see you.

    It’s not just fat people, they also don’t want “ugly” people wearing their clothing.

    If you don’t look PERFECT, they don’t want you to work there or wear their clothing. They made a girl work in the back room when they found out she had a prosthetic arm but tried to claim her cardigan was against their policy.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Misery will always display itself on the outside.

  • Frank

    First of off, Fat people are not a protected class (yet fortunately!). So he is not discriminating. Obesity (and yes you size 12ers do qualify because most of you are lying to yourself. a muffin top is not a proper fit) are one of the leading causes of our rising health care costs in this country. If this guy doesn’t want your business, good for him. It’s funny how fat women can call every fit women they see anorexic, yet the minute someone points out that fat people are actually fat, there is an uproar. So now you should understand why your friends don’t tell you you are fat! If you can’t see your belt buckle without moving your stomach, you are FAT! Just because you say you are thinner than the people on Biggest Loser just means you have you have moved the bar to compare yourself to morbidly obese. But that is the way fat is justified in this country.

  • http://gravatar.com/keimia Kam

    He is discriminating. Do you know what discriminating means? Secondly I don’t even know what the second part of your rant has to do with the story.

  • Missi

    We walked by that store in the mall and we about threw up. It was the funkiest odor ever and that was not flattering. Now I see why, he thinks over bearing odors are okay because he looks likehe just stepped out of a pig pen..What an asshole

  • Missi

    He’s not speaking about health, he’s being insulting ass. He’s talking about his ugly ass clothes

  • Frank

    Maybe Kam you should change the ratio of Cheeseburgers to Law books you pick up.

  • Cool kid

    Remember thongs for kids? Scumbag!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Drevikkdrevik Janet K Holmes

    When I was hyperthyroidic and was deemed underweight by doctors, I was told that I looked like a skeleton with skin hanging off of it. I was size 12. Some people are just built big,

    Since having my thyroid out and having many health issues, I am no longer thin like I was, but frankly, I don’t care what people think.

  • Cassie

    LMAO! I’ve got news for the CEO. A&F clothes are so poorly made that it’s a cinch to take out the seams & remake the clothes to fit anyone. I’ve been doing that for my aunt for years & she’s a size 18. Of course, each piece is much more fashionable when I get done with it.

  • CaptainDan

    “We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. ”

    Huh that’s funny, most kids at my school who fit that description are also coincidentally foul mouthed irresponsible assholes who are addicted to their iphones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.cadle1 Andrea Bjørnvig

    You go chic! You just keep truckin!

  • Julia

    Its a good think “Fat chicks” don’t want to wear that ugly crap. Its just sad to see people still discriminate over weight, & color.

  • Alayna

    Your rant has no meaning.. Yes people know when they are and aren’t fat, still doesn’t give any right to say these sick things. It’s not the fact that we don’t know were fat, it’s that we know were fat and they are being ass holes about it considering he didn’t have to say anything. It’s not that we aren’t aware, it’s that it is discriminating and sick!

  • ME

    I wonder who is going to blow his ugly disfigured bad plastic surgery ass. Not the fat girls, that’s for sure. LOL

  • Jillian

    Damn asshole. I am a 15 year old female standing at a height of 5’10 1/2″
    I have a large athletic frame ( and I’m not talking about wimpy female frames I’m talking about a rowers body) extremely muscular but have close to zero fat on my body.. I’m not a highschool soccer athlete I actually weight train…. Not the adverage body type but whatever… And I’m a size 14. Large hips measuring 41″ but a waits measuring 28″ this man has no right to call anyone over a fucking size 10 fat. He feeding girls with larger bone structures negative messages. He’ll if I were a size ten I would be severely underweight at an anerexic level and wouldn’t be able to walk around the block without passing out . I hope the asshole reads this because he has got himself in way over his head

    He better get his fucking head out of his ass its not a fucking hat. I’m not a frail skinny girl but I’m just as beautiful you low life son of a bitch

  • http://twitter.com/bkassoy Ben Kassoy (@bkassoy)

    Sad indeed. Abercrombie should offer clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, not just skinny people or those deemed “cool” by some sad, sallow CEO.

    If you agree, sign the petition here: http://www.dosomething.org/petition/abercrombie

  • http://twitter.com/bkassoy Ben Kassoy (@bkassoy)

    I congratulate your attitude for sure. Don’t you think people who are “built big” deserve clothes in their sizes (not just sizes for skinny people)?

    We want Abercrombie to be inclusive and promote equality. If you agree, sign the petition here: http://www.dosomething.org/petition/abercrombie

  • http://gravatar.com/isengdoang oh lawd

    If Abercrombie & Fitch’s clothing was my only motivation for keeping fit, I would be bed ridden fat by now. There are so many more clothing lines I’d rather be wearing.

  • Brian

    “It’s Abercombie’s prerogative not to cater to fat people if they don’t want to.” Thank you for making this point. Just like FUBU targets the black population, Mercedes addresses the more affluent market, and Claire’s addresses pre-teen girls, Abercrombie has all the power to cater to the attractive, skinny, “I’m better than you” demographic. He could be voted the ugliest man in the world, and could have been the least popular kid in middle school, but he still has that right to run his company in whatever way he chooses (given his management team and Board agree).

    However, in keeping with the business line of thought, he has to evaluate everything he says, as he is the “face” of the company. By being so candid about his viewpoint, he is making sure his brand image remains the same, perhaps reassuring the hot and popular kids that this is still the “exclusive” place for them to shop. Likewise, anyone with a passing interest in A&F – hot or not not, skinny or semi-obese – is more likely to be turned off by his comments. His lack of tact here, I believe hurts him more than helps him from a financial perspective. Just an opinion, though rational minds can still disagree.

  • Veronica

    lol if any of you work in A&F good luck, this company won’t look good on your CV/resume

  • Jill

    As if being skinny equates to being popular….He appears to be like the father who wasn’t an athlete in school and lives his life vicariously through this son. Sad.

  • agnar

    boycott his products that is all you need to do.

  • J

    Maybe more plastic surgery for you asshole!! You are one ugly son of a Bitch. Your eyes look like Spock. I don’t think they can stretch your faux face back anymore.

  • jan

    He is not a cool kid so hope he doesn’t wear their clothes!

  • Jannet

    Good luck trying to push an elitist attitude among your young core customers – hopefully they are smart enough to see what you are doing. As hot as them? lol He is a long way from being hot, so his attitude surprises me. I was thinking exactly what the author said, this guy really needs to learn how to just say no to a few cosmetic procedures. I’m a size 4 or 6… I won’t be buying the brand for myself and I will no longer purchase it for my son (who has a 30″ waist, Mr. CEO). My husband loves the cologne and has worn it for years, but is slightly overweight so I need to turn him on to something else. What an azz this guy is.

  • marylou

    From his heads shots he looks fat and so why does he hate fat people?

  • Nakia

    Remember the clothing store 5-7-9? Clothes in only those sizes. I do. Nobody was sensitive about that. I don’t totally disagree with him. his line, he can sell to whomever he wants. There’s a lot of size 12+ money he won’t get and clearly does not want. Most brands have a target, he’s just not very tactful in his business plan execution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/coachniiwilson Nii Wilson

    Truthfully you can’t get mad at the guy. At least he has the guts to tell the truth and true to his brand.

    Weather he is truly an asshole or not does not matter. It’s that fact that he knows who he wants to target and who he wants wearing his brand.

    Obviously if his clothes only go up to a size 10 he doesn’t want fat people wearing his clothes. Have you people ever noticed the reason why high end fashion designers..
    A) have expensive clothes
    B) have clothes in certain sizes
    C) will have certain types of models wearing their clothes

    If Halle Berry wore a Versace gown and that same Versace brand made a size 18 for Honey Boo Boo’s mom that would immediately cheapen the brand.

    Who in their right mind would pay $10,000 for a dress that every woman on the planet can fit in.

    People want these high end brands to “talk” to them or seek their attention when these high end brand don;t care about you or your dollars to represent you. Certain brands and social group don’t want everyone in their group.

    You would never see a guy that looks like he would belong to a country club in a Roca Wear ad so why would you expect Abercrombie to portray “everyone” in their ads??

    If that was the case Lamborghini would make minivans. and who in their right mind would pay $600,000 for a minivan?

    The sad thing is that most people will band a brand when the designer or owner actually has to verbally state that they don’t want certain people wearing their clothes. But if people were paying attention to their brand message and advertising in the first place they would realize that that brand was reaching out to them in the first place.

  • Jo

    I understand your dislike for Abercrombie & Fitch. The individual is nothing but a prejudice ass! The clothes are not worth the $$$. What is it about fat people that you don’t like? I would appreciate your explaining your dislike of fat people.

  • Anon

    Wait, did you just say Vibe Haiti? The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere?… … … Okay. Frankly, I’m surprised that Vibe still exists in the U.S. of A.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.kegel.5 James Kegel

    Fat people can lose weight with discipline. When you’re as ugly as this guy, there is no hope.

  • Kelly M

    I understand the sensitivity, however aren’t the stores that sell to plus sized women doing the same thing?

  • http://aol Janis Shouse

    you are an ugly man yourself!!! and we don’t want your ugly over price clothes so take them and go to hell!!!!! it is where you are headed anyway!!!!

  • Joshua Freeman

    Really?? He looks like a mutant.

  • http://mynameisntmediumcoffee.com Confessions from the Hairdresser

    He’s not reading this.

  • http://mynameisntmediumcoffee.com Confessions from the Hairdresser

    How extraordinarily mature. He’s been accused of disparaging the way that people look, so you’re going to disparage the way that *he* looks.

  • Dawn

    I stop shopping there or letting my kids shop there when it looked like there were pushing soft kiddie porn in their windows. Seeing how he looks doesn’t change my mind.

  • Melissa

    I have 2 daughters who like Abercrombie. The clothes are cute and soft. They are actually worth the price. They hold up well in the wash and consistently look good. I am a plus size mom to these adorable daughters. I am beautiful. I am special. I have no desire to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch for myself. I shop at plus size stores, where I know the clothes is made for me and my body. I am not going to pick on this man’s appearance, but I am disappointed with his words. I don’t like his comments for the fact, that I teach my daughters that people are awesome because of who they are, not what they look like. My daughters are VERY popular and have loads of friends because they love all and accept all. The CEO who is targeting my daughters just made a couple of popular, thin and gorgeous girls think twice about the values their favorite store holds.

  • http://gravatar.com/fawnlily Bea

    I find it hilarious when he reminds me of the Pale Orc from the Hobbit…

  • http://mynameisntmediumcoffee.com Confessions from the Hairdresser

    He never actually said that he “hates fat chicks” someone else made that up about him along the way and it’s caught-on.

    He didn’t do anything wrong, all he did was market a brand like all corporations do.

    I wrote a post addressing all the silly people complaining; feel free to check it out, if you feel so inclined:

  • LdyLefty

    You defend this arrogant asshole? Birds of a feather. Of course I won’t read your alleged journalism…

  • brittany

    Imagine how many customers he would get in a larger group was involved. As a size 14, I don’t see what’s wrong with including bigger people in. They have feelings to you know. Plus, it doesnt help the fact that teens girls nowadays feel pressure to dress a certain way and feel a certain way. A lot of those girls are bigger and not being able to wear the same brand of clothing as a thinner girl because that brand name excludes bigger people is just down right wrong. It’s not like that asshole looks “perfect” He looks like he’s spent his life savings on Botox

  • GeekMommaRants

    It’s real simple, if you do not look like at 13 year old boy from the neck down. Avercrombie & Ftich is not your spot.

  • Sasha

    Why such visceral reactions? Do people not understand the concept of a brand? So you’re fat, he doesn’t want you wearing his clothes, and? Clearly there’s a certain image he has in mind of who he wants in his clothes and if you don’t fit then there are other stores that are willing to cater to you, no one is forcing anyone to shop at A&F.

  • Martha Benefield

    He probably wasn’t one of the cool kids in school and by his looks, he still not! Will not shop his brand.

  • Tish

    If this is the best HE can look with all the money and best (plastic) surgeons at his disposal, then he doesn’t “fit the brand” of A&F, either…I also find it hilarious that his idea of including everyone makes a brand “vanilla”…No sir, a bunch of exclusively size zero white models does that.

  • Ms. Vee

    No matter how much of a douchebag and/or surgical mess one considers him to be doesn’t change the fact that with a free market system he can advertise to any demographic he deems suitable. He has that right. Don’t like his clothes and/or aesthetic favoritism? Then don’t buy his stuff. Simple….and life continues on.

  • commonsense9

    I totally agree. How many “cool” people really admit to buying their clothes at Walmart?

  • tw

    He obviously doesn’t shop there either…look at him? pulled a little tight, albino man?

  • jack

    looks like he does not like mirrors, would be like waking to a nightmare every morning, and having to deal with that image, would be stressful. that’s life

  • nichole

    Who give a shit what that old dried prun says……. I rather be fat and happy than skinny and hungry

  • Natty

    Look at his face…that is all!

  • A

    Just FYI, I happen to be skinny, but I’m not hungry, soooo…. that’s ignorant, too.

  • http://none Elorie D

    typically male ignorant attitude. Not to slur males. I know a lot of guys who have no prejudice against large women. But this man only propagates the unhealthy dangerous trend of “only thin is good”. His own personal appearance alone should scare people away from his store.

  • idonthaveanaccountonhere


  • blissed

    Sorry to break it to you. But females take 50% of the blame, if not more. The fashion industry market predominantly female, so its them who seta the standards.

  • John

    Whatever, he is entitled to his opinion, it doesn’t mean you have to report on it. He is an ugly dbag anyway, anyone that wears A&F or Hollister (which is owned by A&F) is a dbag too, it’s how we can easily tell if someone is a dbag and avoid talking with them

  • leprecaun

    You can’t even see what anyone looks like or what the clothes look like because the stores are so dark……I wouldn’t buy his crap clothing, on sale….

  • phoenixwilliams

    Hey Frank, have you heard the saying Karma is a bitc*. Because when you are 50 and can’t see past your beer belly, think back on this moronic rant. Have a nice day.

  • phoenixwilliams

    Have never purchased clothes from this brand before and after reading the idiotic statements from this scary movie extra, will NEVER buy clothes from this brand. And I plan to tell friends and family to stay away too. Hey buddy, ever hear of ‘word of mouth’ regarding business? Guess you will know when you go out of business soon.

  • Sandee

    I may be fat, but you’re ugly….and I can diet!

  • Mmmmkay…

    Dat nigga ugly.

  • Rich

    nice plastic surgery little self conscious?

  • Tony C

    This guy’s complaining about ugly people when he looks like he fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down before getting attacked by a swarm of bees.

  • B

    Fat isn’t healthy and it’s not attractive.

  • Debbie

    Define fat. In biology, fat is a bunch of carbon chains, either with cis or trans bonds. Hydrophobic tails, with hydrophilic heads. In Hollywood anything that is not size zero is called “fat”. Jennifer Lawrence is considered fat in Hollywood! Obesity is not healthy, that’s a fact, but not all people who are called “fat”, is unhealthy. There are many reasons why a person might not be super slim, as society today would like all people to be. Also some people may find those who are “fat” to be attractive. If you don’t find them attractive, that is your own opinion, but there are plenty of beautiful people who don’t fit the standard of skinny.

  • Akumaleva

    Does this guy not have a mirror? Fat chicks can lose weight but ugly is forever.

  • Z

    Obesity isn’t healthy, but if you have a body type that isn’t the norm but is still healthy, you are attractive to me :)

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.odonnell.5473 Robert Odonnell

    incorrect. too much fat isnt healthy. too much fat is unattractive.

  • Rebbie

    seriously Bud Tugley man, what the heck happened to his eyes?? I hate ugly, that is why I will NEVER SHOP at HIS store. hate fat all you want but like akumaleva says, people can lose weight, but ugly is incurable.

  • Rebbie


  • Jerry

    I’ve heard and seen all of their racists t-shirts in the past, and of course I would never shop there because I’m not a complete idiot and would not pay for cheap, overpriced t-shirts advertising for them. But I’d never seen the CEO before. WOW. That’s one ugly man. They’re not doing well, the business – slowly going under. It’s probably because the face of heir company looks like that. It might do them some good to replace him with someone that – i don’t know – looks human? I wouldn’t get my haircut by someone with messed up hair. I wouldn’t try to look cool by going where the ugliest man on earth was the boss. I’m going to have nightmares…

  • https://www.facebook.com/ashley.felsman1 Ashley Felsman

    Well I have never seen such an ugly man. You can’t fix ugly. He will be permanently ugly. A heavier person can allay lose a few pounds but he will be ugly forever. I am not a size 0. I have a voluptuous and curvey body. Nobody skinny even has boobs. A woman should look like a woman and not like a boy. Abercrombie and Fitch is for the stuck up, rich kids who wish they were cool. I could not fit my legs in their jeans and don’t want too. I shop at Maurice’s where everything fits us above a size 10! And is super cute!

  • glitter

    Abercrombie is still cool? It use to be the rage when I was in school. Remember that song by LFO? I had just turned 15 when that came out and I remember wanting to be like the cool people that wore Abercrombie. He’s right, the cool kids always wore his clothing. I was a size 14/16, had just lost weight. My goal was to loose enough pound so that I could buy from that store. At least he was honest. You’re not going to change the way he or anyone else thinks. America hates fat people. That is the truth. BTW, to the Author size 12 is NOT fat. When you get into the 18′s and 20s that is fat.

  • lurker

    Michael Jefferies is himself a former fatty. That is fact. And he’s a racist – also fact. Cannot believe he’s still at A&F. He was never good looking, but now he just looks awful!

  • Gifty

    This is funny coming from him. He is outrageously ugly, yet still he has the guts to talk about fat people. I know a lot of fat people way more good looking than him.
    I’d rather be fat than ugly as he is. At least, I still have “hope” then.

  • http://Clutch Tara

    This is obviously and ignorant person. I have recently for Christmas and beyond bought items from this establishment. Had I known someone this ignorant was representing this cloting line I wouldn’ve. This is an absolute shame that someone thinks this way. Do you know how many kids kill themselves, attempt suicide or isolate themselves due to bullys whom are usually their age. But here we have an adult who represents a co.of now of which I will call clown gear because anyone who thinks this way is a total clown and is the ringmaster of a circus! I am to be clear a “plus size” woman that is COOL as H E double hockey sticks and I am not angry because I can’t fit the clothes. I purchased them for my nephew and exhusband whom {even though I feel these clothes are for a younger demographic} I must say looks good on my 45 y/o exhusband} I HOPE if this person has children or grandchildren they are WAAAY smarter then him.This guy cannot know GOD to be so ignorant! I know everyone needs their job in this economy. If I had to work for a person with these kind of beliefs? I would have to pull up my worthy boots and get to stepping. I wish I had enough time in my life to boycott this establishment however there are more important issues in this world to deal with and accomplish. I will NEVER spend another one of my hard earned dollars in A n F” This guy may have been one of the “cool kids” {doubt it} but ugly he definitely! those kind of comments are not indicative of who I am as person (the ugly comment} but this person has made me angry and he should be really happy I am practicing my faith walk because this “cool Kid” knows how to curse ugly people OUT! He may have money now? but its never pretty on the way back down. I feel sorry for anyone whom has to be associated with this SCUM!

  • http://clutch Tara

    Gifty you hit the nail right on the head. This guy is a joke! {lightbulb moment} he kinda looks like the JOKER!

  • http://Clutch Tara

    This is obviously an ignorant person. I have recently for Christmas and beyond bought items from this establishment. Had I known someone this ignorant was representing this clothing line I wouldn’ve. This is an absolute shame that someone thinks this way. Do you know how many kids kill themselves, attempt suicide or isolate themselves due to bullys whom are usually their age. But here we have an adult who represents a co. now of which I will call clown gear because anyone who thinks this way is a total clown and is the ringmaster of a circus! I am to be clear a “plus size” woman that is COOL as H E double hockey sticks and I am not angry because I can’t fit the clothes. I purchased them for my nephew and exhusband whom {even though I feel these clothes are for a younger demographic} I must say looks good on my 45 y/o exhusband} I HOPE if this person has children or grandchildren they are WAAAY smarter then him.This guy cannot know GOD to be so ignorant! I know everyone needs their job in this economy. If I had to work for a person with these kind of beliefs? I would have to pull up my worthy boots and get to stepping. I wish I had enough time in my life to boycott this establishment however there are more important issues in this world to deal with and accomplish. I will NEVER spend another one of my hard earned dollars in A n F” This guy may have been one of the “cool kids” {doubt it} but ugly he definitely! those kind of comments are not indicative of who I am as person (the ugly comment} but this person has made me angry and he should be really happy I am practicing my faith walk because this “cool Kid” knows how to curse ugly people OUT! He may have money now? but its never pretty on the way back down. I feel sorry for anyone whom has to be associated with this SCUM!

  • Jess

    Lmao.. This is nothing new and at least this man has the gall the admit his views unlike many other clothing companies. I’m by no means saying I agree with his policies or preferences, I’m just saying “well, he’s honest” where as so many other companies try to portray the same message through advertising, fashion shows, etc. I never have nor will I ever wear his crappy “afternoon at the Hampton’s/chilling on my yacht” clothing. I mean all it is, is a glorified GAP/Old Navy. Buy clothes that make you feel good people – and just ignore sad, obviously poorly aging, old designers. He’s just bitter all that money hasn’t filled his Grinch heart and never will.

  • honeybee

    No DIET will EVER FIX THAT UGLY FACE…then to top it off, he has an UGLY disposition…he is pitiful….

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