Interracial Cheerios

Most Cheerios commercials are marketed to families, using adorable children and blissful couples to endorse the wholesomeness of the cereal. It is difficult to discern how the latest Cheerios television advertisement differs from all of the others – except the couple portrayed is interracial with a black father, white mother and biracial children.

The release of the ad sparked a wave of discrimination on YouTube and other sites. Cheerios disabled YouTube comments to curb the onslaught of negative commentary, but screenshots live forever.

One comment read: “They want to throw white children and coloured children into the melting pot of integration, out of which will come a conglomerated, mulatto, MONGREL class of people! Both races will be destroyed in such a movement. I for one, under God will die before I’ll yield one inch…”

It was cosigned with dozens of up-votes.

Other platforms – including Reddit – were also bombarded with bigots. The comments ranged from “White guy here. It checks out” to “Finallym [sic] now that Cheerios has made a commercial with an interracial family we can all rise to a heightened state of enlightenment.”

It didn’t end there. There were also discussions about the black dad being lazy with high cholesterol as “all black dads are.” The comments on these sites reek Jim Crow and new-age Internet racism.

The Internet provides a platform for racists to hide behind computer screens and spew vitriol, but that isn’t stopping Cheerios from valuing its advertisement.

Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios, told Gawker, “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

Despite Gibson’s optimism, the response to the advertisement proves colorblind ideology will forever remain a wish.

What do you think of the response to the advertisement Clutchettes?

  • Ms. Information

    More healthy black relationships need to be shown on television.

  • L

    I say keep doing these ads Cheerios. (Black mother, Asian dad next). I used to be offended seeing a black man with a white woman but we see it so much now, it has honestly become the norm around where I live. I would love to see the ideal black family stay alive but in all honesty it’s dying and the “others” are looking pretty fine these days.

    Just my opinion.

  • Miss A

    I saw the ad the other day and was somewhat stunned….I saw the little girl call the white lady “mom”….then the black “dad” on the couch….I instantly thought “Uh oh”…….lol. I’ve seen more commercials with interracial kids with their SpongeBob hair and fair complexion but never with a white mother. Interesting…..

  • Joan

    They put biracial kids on tv with black mothers ALL of the time. I guess nobody cares unless it’s a white mother.

  • emjay

    1. That was dude from The Temptations movie. Love that movie.. ALL 5 hours of it.
    2. They use interracial children as the children of two black parents ALL THE DAMN TIME so I have absolutely no problem with this

  • sami

    I know this it’s not the topic of the conversation but…. The commercial was so cute. I love commercials that make you smile. :-)

  • O’Phylia

    That’s all I could think of too. So adorable.

  • The Mighty Quinn

    I love it! I think it is a reflection of our times. As someone said, next have a Black-Asian mix or a Black mother and White father, etc.

  • Kos.Vee

    Nothing but cuteness. Let’s not waste time focusing on ignorance. Somethings will never change. Go General Mills!!

  • L


    Right! I applaud them for recognizing that society is changing.

  • Ms. Information

    Images are never just images. Images influence and shape the psyche of the people….propaganda is real….The same people have no problem putting money behind Stevie J and Joseline, behind Kenya Moore…behind these images that paint black women in a HORRIFIC light….I don’t know any black women who act like the ones being promoted on TV. My mom and aunts and grandmother are more like Claire Huxtable, less like Nene.

  • Ms. Information

    As black women continue to be the women seldom married…..Asian men don’t want us on a collective level. The same people you are cheering on promote black women as loud, overweight, offensive losers…..people become participants of their own destruction, sad.

  • Ask_ME

    I wish folks like you would STOP putting your inferiority complex off on the rest of us.

    Black women don’t need ALL men of any race to want us. It only takes one man and he can come in any race.

    Grow up and stop promoting racism. If you only desire black men cool that’s your business. But STOP trying to tell full grown black women who we should like, desire and seek.

    STOP speaking for men you have never met. STOP grouping all non-black men as a collective while requiring that you be viewed differently from the NeNes of the world.

    Just STOP period.

  • Cookie

    That commercial was too cute… I can’t believe people are that racist that they can’t see a kid being adorable. Rather they see their race ‘dying’ or some other horrible thing. Its sad because you’d think we’d be over this by now.

  • Ask_ME

    This comment was for “misinformation.” Fix the reply button on this site.

    *Sidenote* This commercial is cute. No problem here.

  • yetta

    So true!!!

  • cjl

    How can 31 seconds of cuteness cause this much controversy? Sheesh!!

  • Ms. Information

    Clearly you are not smart enough to know what racism is so there is really no need to debate with you. :)

  • binks

    I don’t see the problen with the commerical I thought it was a cute typical cheerios commercial. I think the uproar is because you actively see a white woman married to a black men with a biracial child who don’t have the ambiguous “biracial look”. If it was just the white mom and biracial child I bet the uproar wouldn’t be so loud. Personally I think advertisements should reflect the times…gasp there are interracial couples with children… another gasp there are also gay couples with childrent too (i predict someone will do a commercial around that if not already) Good for the company, if some folks don’t like it then don’t watch tv…shrugs

  • ebony82

    Don’t waste brain space or feed into the ignorance of others. It’s a waste of time. Live your life and don’t worry about the haters. As long as your progress, they will be around to try to hold things back. Step over them and keep running.

  • Devo

    All I have seen was a Loving family.
    That little girl was so cute, putting the cheerios on her dads heart just
    priceless. What if this was a real family then what . Would you go up to them in the grocery store and say what to them nothing. People are saying what they would never say to a real family in real life because what they are saying is stupid BS. You could mix it any way and it would not matter in real life because the only thing that matters at the end of the day is Love. Love yourself, Love your family, Love your Friends and if you see someone you don’t know and can’t understand their Love remember your Love and leave them alone. As you would like to be lift alone enjoy your Love . They don’t need or want your permission to Love who they Love. Love is not political it’s not racial it’s not hateful it’s Love maybe we forget about Love sometimes when we see other people and think what is that why are they together, and the answer never changes Love …!

    Gentleman Always B-)Devo out.

  • jazoja

    It is inevitable so they can all just calm down and accept it. The world is going to be caramel colored one way or another. I am sure caucasians did not see this coming when we were herded onto those ships back in Africa. Too bad.

  • Nina Brewton (@BaldHeadQueen)

    I think it’s ADORABLE! Not to mention, it represents the REAL world very well.
    Are we not all humans? ;-)

  • Ask_ME

    @Ms. Information

    No, I think the issue here is you don’t see how unbelievably ignorant you come across trying to 1). Speak for men you have never met and 2). Tell black women who we should like, love, desire or find attractive.

    You need to get a life with the quickness and stop projecting your issues with race on people you do NOT know.

    Maybe if you actually took more time to mind your own business, you wouldn’t have time to insert your nose in the personal lives of OTHER black women (or black people in general).

  • Ms. Information

    You sound ignorant. Just like you have an opinion, other people do also. Don’t get mad because someone does not agree with you lol. How do you know who I’ve met, do you know me? I was raised in Okinawa,…who told you who to love? I spoke about the images being pushed to millions of people..did I ever say for General Mills to delete the commercial? No. I am just for fair and balanced television. You are too ignorant for me to keep typing. I’m done.

  • Get to the Choppa

    Thank you Ms. Information

  • Whatever

    The casting is all wrong. The dad looks like he could also be the mothers dad as well. They look nothing like a couple

    Anyway, more and more ads like these will push the idea of a “post racial” America. We are nowhere close to that (have you read the racist comments?)

  • Ask_ME

    Girl, please! Your delusional old-fashioned comments on race can be found all over this site.

    You “wince” at this commercial and interracial couples in general. Then you go all over articles like this one projecting your issues with these images and couples on the rest of us as if your short-sighted bigotry should be the law of the land for black women in general.

    It is clear to anyone paying attention that your issues go beyond having an opinion. It is obsessive and often times over the top (something common with racist). You need to seek help with your issues and STOP projecting your nonsense on others. I’m done!

  • Ms. Information

    You’re welcome Choppa ;)

  • Whatever

    The people on this site are hilarious. Images do speak louder than words and as “cute” as this commercial was, they have just deleted the need for black women from this commercial. The next step isn’t black mom and Asian dad…. It’s more commercials with black dad, mixed raced children and white mom.

    I’ve read comments on here bashing black male actors for their dating choices and really, bashing just about anything that even remotely puts black women in a bad light or counts us out… Such as roles on television and in movies (ahem!), bad media coverage and yes, sometimes commercials and ads.

    People aren’t being “ignorant” for questioning the intention behind this ad. Hell, when black actors voiced they wanted to be seen as just actors, separate from race, what did we see? The cancelation of all the black television shows left on network TV. The next season, every show had their token black character in an interracial relationship (flash forward, V etc)

    Cheerios was definitely testing the waters. Maybe these bigots and racists commenting on YouTube helped by saving some black women’s jobs in ads and commercial spots.

  • Ostenatious1

    -First, a little background on race relations in Virginia from a self-proclaimed history buff:
    The Racial Integrity Act of 1924 declared (among other things) that marriages between “white” and “colored” couples were illegal. It was basically a law passed by the Virginia General Assembly that was born out of fear of racial impurity due to racial mixing. Classification systems were instituted as a way to define and further separate people of different races. Out of that ugliness was also born the “one-drop rule” that declared all persons with one drop of Negro blood Black.
    In a 1967 case (Loving v. Virginia), the U.S. Supreme Court declared that interracial couples (“white” and “colored”) were legally able to marry all across the United States.
    That was less than 50 years ago!!!
    -How this interesting history lesson ties in with the article discussion:
    The struggles of the past help to ensure that we can live the way we want today. I totally acknowledge that people will have different opinions about how others should love and live. And, yes, race is still a big issue in the U.S. And, I HATE that.
    I, personally, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the commercial and what it represents. That is, the right for people of different racial groups to love each other openly and to establish and maintain family relationships. The commercial very accurately reflects what I see everyday within my immediate and extended family and within my community. I have no qualms with the issue that the commercial mom was in the kitchen and the dad was napping on the sofa. I am Black and my husband is White and when I’m not working or cleaning or doing laundry, I’m usually in the dang kitchen. And, my hard-working husband naps in front of the TV sometimes when he has downtime. Race has nothing to do with it. That’s just what daddies do!
    I found it completely refreshing to see an obviously biracial child with parents of different races. There was nothing shocking about it. That’s how it looks in real life, people. General Mills got it right. I don’t even like Cheerios, but I think that I will buy some just because I like the commercial so much.

  • Rochelle

    I have to admit, I was taken a back by this commercial. It is funny because you never ever see a blk mom with white dad on tv. NEVER. Even though it is becoming more prevalent. People have to realize that images shape our minds and our children’s minds. Media ALWAYS has a mission of mind and image control. I think ads like this want to further enforce that blk men don’t want blk women. Asian women by far date out more that blk men and women combined. But when is the last time you saw an interracial Asian and White couple on television? Ill wait. I have no problem with interracial blk relationships (as long as it is not with my children of course), but to have it be portrayed as the norm is to our detriment (blk people). If I had a son I would not want him to think it is normal to bring a White or Asian girl home. Big ups to all the blk women that have no problem, even applaud and encourage their sons “swirling” the blackness out of future generations. I just can’t do it.

  • Rob

    If this was a black woman and a white man you wouldn’t see the racism. Anytime it’s black man with a white woman this country go off the deep end. Terrell Owens held a white woman in his arm less than a minute just before a Monday night football game and people went nuts. Some people hate Tiger Woods because he date white women.

  • leelah

    That is true but they also put biracial kids on tv with two obviously black parents all the time. I watched commercials and said to my self ‘those two black people would not create that biracial child’. Maya Rudolph tells a joke that she was always confused by the Cosby Show because Denise and Sandra were out of place. Later it became clear to her that the cute, girl next door character on black shows were always biracial. The trend is most black kids on tv are biracial, which points to our society’s preferences.

  • liz

    You’re probably going to get down thumbed, but I agree with everything you said.

  • Ask_ME

    ^^^This from the troll who lacks READING COMPREHENSION and appears to have issues replying to a comment without insulting someone.

    I offend you because unlike some people on this site, you can NEVER get the best of me.


  • victoria

    Years ago there was an IKEA commercial with a black mother, an Asian father and their mixed daughter. No one huffed and puffed then.

    So now General Mill’s has a responsibility to ensure black families remain intact??? It’s their job to exhibit black love??? Really??

    Agree or not, this is the world in 2013. This commercial wasn’t made to encourage black men to marry white women. It wasn’t made to make black women feel bad. It is promoting a healthy product and marketing to families. But some of you believe that they have an underlying desire to tell black people to marry interracially. Really???

    And this belief that people marry interracially believing it will relieve them of racial problems. Really??? Get real.

  • Ms. Information

    SMH – Checkmate!

  • leelah

    what? By your comments, I always assumed you were a man. I can’t wait to read your comments through this new understanding of you.

  • MommieDearest


    “I have no problem with interracial blk relationships (as long as it is not with my children of course), but to have it be portrayed as the norm is to our detriment (blk people). If I had a son I would not want him to think it is normal to bring a White or Asian girl home. Big ups to all the blk women that have no problem, even applaud and encourage their sons “swirling” the blackness out of future generations. I just can’t do it.”

    I feel you. I have been “programming” my young son to see the beauty in black women and girls since infancy. When we see a black girl on TV, in the mall, whereever, I’ll say “Oh, isn’t she pretty?” “She has beautiful hair.” etc… I know that he will get enough of the “other” influences just by osmosis, so I’m doing all I can to counteract and balance it.

    But yeah, I think the mainstream has an angenda. It is to push the “white is best” ideology even further by influencing more and more black people to participate in our own “erasure.”

  • Ask_ME

    Interesting…though I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion.

  • Ask_ME


  • BeanBean

    I really like this commercial. It’s not typical to see an interracial family, and it should be. Not all families are the same exact color, people need to recognize that. No General Mills doesn’t have a responsibility to promote black love. It’s black people’s responsibility to promote strong black families, and no one elses! Anyone who has a problem with this commercial needs a dang mental check. I can’t believe how ridiculous some people are.

  • AgeRi

    “Society is changing”? From what? I hope you don’t think that mixedness is new. Indeed, it isn’t veiled as much nowadays, but that doesn’t make it new.

  • GeauxMuff

    This is kind of on the topic of race:
    Last week I was at a convention and there was an Asian that frequently made remarks toward Blacks and Hispanics. She laughed at a Hispanic woman that talked about wearing cowboy boots to go line dancing. Keep in mind the Asian lady does the same thing but somehow thinks it looks odd for a Hispanic to do it. In elevators, the Asian would turn her nose up at other Blacks but she always was around me and was friendly to me the entire time. My question the entire time was why this Asian thought she blended in with white society. I’m not saying all, but this Asian in particular seemed to think she was white.

  • victoria

    So funny, a few days ago, there was a post on this site about a white father who was reported to the police by WalMart emploees b/c he was with his black children and a customer was concerned. Most commenters found that to be dispicable. But this commercial, many believes, was intented to harm black women and our relationships options. RIGHT!!

  • leelah

    I think there is a lot of truth to what you are saying. But I have seen a lot of negative comments for black women featured with white men. Big backlash against Zoe Saldana in her star trek role and K Michelle when the world thought she had snagged Ryan Lochte. But really we could go round for round with these examples because out of a country of over 300 million somebody is bound to say something, especially when we go mining for random racists comments on Youtube. I think the mining for racism sort of adds to the romanticism of interracial relationship sometimes and our general feelings of hurt(remember that post about the two little racist white teens from florida) Black people let the racism elevate their white partner to prize status. And white people think they are civil rights pioneers for dating black people. Bottom line black people need to learn to stop giving racist people so much attention, it just adds to our inferiority complex. –The two men you mentioned are two black men who have obvious inferiority complexes. Tiger was telling black male jokes to a white reporter in a GQ article. And in his text messages with two of mistress, he wanted to make sure that they had never been with a black guy before. One said he actually obsessed over the issue with her and she thought it was weird. He obviously has some issues with race. And Terrell built a show for the black female audience, brought a black woman on it as a love interest and then set her up so he could reject her. Jessica White said TO knew she was in his house because they talked 20 minutes before they filmed the scene, outside of his house.Then chose a white woman who blatantly and repeatedly rejected him.–You mentioned two black men who may have internal racist issues. I don’t know how I feel about the racism they experience in life, I just don’t know.

  • leelah

    Who knows if somebody huffed and puffed about that commercial. Did anybody go to youtube and search through the comment section for negative comments? Look racists people leave racists comments on any and every video featuring black people. They leave mind boggling stuff on videos that don’t even have a hint of a white person in them. At some point we need to realize that images of black people is like porn for them.

  • Lynne

    “Asian women by far date out more that blk men and women combined. But when is the last time you saw an interracial Asian and White couple on television?”

    I see Asian women with white men in commercials rather frequently.

  • Rochelle

    I always say the worst thing to happen to us was to be given media exposure. There is always one or two among us that will shuck and jive and act a fool for the mighty dollar. When we were NOT intergrated and had less access to the stereotypically tv roles (because really who is running the ads or promoting the images??), we were more of a community and better off.

  • Rochelle

    Name one…..and where do you live? Two important questions for you.

  • leelah

    Because she probably grew up in an all white environment. And grew up bathed in some white adoration. White people actually look up to asians. They respect asian culture, they think they are super smart and attractive. A lot of asians don’t have a racial inferiority complex with white people. This is just something I noticed living in Seattle, with an asian community thats full of rich, prosperous tech workers. She probably doesn’t know that Hispanics have a cowboy culture on the west coast which makes sense.

  • Rochelle

    You sound like a great level headed mother. Kudus to you. More blk moms should take your lead. I truly believe that. Ever find it funny that your kind of logic and parenting would be frowned upon and looked at as “ignorant” or “racist,” but let an Asian, Indian or Jewish person beat in their child’s head that they have to “date and marry their own” it is never seen as a problem. Makes you think……

  • noodle

    Its a cute commercial, nothing wrong with it all. Nuclear families need to be promoted, as well as health conscious families.

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  • apple

    i wouldn’t have gave it a second thought about the commercial, very cute/funny commercial at that.. but then i forget i don’t live in utopia and most humans are stupid and hateful

  • Anthony

    That commercial reminds me a little of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in that the black husband is shown in a way in which he has no contact with his white wife. That said, it’s really cute!

  • Velociraptor

    Man, people stay reaching in this comment section. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

    So interracial people aren’t supposed to be represented in mass media because single race couples can’t get it together? Ok, cool.

  • chnyere

    Man, let them eat their Cherrios. Plus, most of the little children of color they use in commercials are mixed anyway, where do ppl think they come from?! smh

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  • AdorkABLE

    Please explain to me what would the big deal be if your children brought someone home who wasn’t Black? I, honestly, don’t understand this concept.

  • Lynne

    @ Rochelle,

    There’s a new Subaru commercial with an Asian woman who has bought her white husband a car as a gift.

    These Asian/white commercials seem to advertise home products, things like furniture, gardening products, kitchen ware. Or cars. I won’t say I see these couples every day in commercials, but not a week goes by that I don’t see at least one.

    It makes sense to me. In my own life, I usually see Asian women with white men all the time. These couples are usually affluent and well-educated, so it makes sense that this racial combination would be used in advertising.

  • SK

    I think it is great that Cheerios can portray an interracial family and use them to market a truly American product to a mass audience. At the same time, let’s be real. Cheerios or their ad agency must have known that this ad was going to stir up some controversy and help get their ad to get more coverage.

    So to the extent that Cheerios is portraying and normalizing a growing segment of America – three cheers. To the extent that Cheerios is exploiting racism to get additional penetration from their ad dollars – five cheers. Using capitalism, a tool that has so often been used to stoke race division, in the opposite direction is an awesome development.

  • Lynne

    @ Rochelle,

    I have no feeling — good or bad — for this commercial. It’s cute, I guess. But it’s just a typical commercial. No big deal.

  • DebNBrooklyn

    “…. Plus, most of the little children of color they use in commercials are mixed anyway, where do ppl think they come from?! smh”

    This is very true. And do you really think that doesn’t effect the esteem of Black children who are not mixed. Go to an elementary school sometimes and talk to little Black girls about how often they see images of themselves and how that effects them. And remember, those same little girls will one day be women.

    Why is there a fear of displaying black on black love? Who does it benefit when there aren’t viable black families? Who does it hurt?

  • DebNBrooklyn

    Black men are unmarried at roughly the same rate as Black women. Is this not a problem as well?

  • Right

    There are a lot of Asian American women married to white men, but I see black man white woman pairings way more than Asian woman white man pairings. It is way more common to see black men and white women. I think this has to do with women’s buying power and white women being the majority. When they need a woman for a role, it is most likely going to be a white woman. But you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial with an Asian man and a white woman.

    Anyway, I don’t think these commercials reflect reality or else you would see way more Asian women and white men. I don’t think commercials with white men with black women or Asian women would go over well with white women, and they would probably vote with their pockets. People don’t have to worry about racist white men complaining. White women are the ones buying everything in the household, and they probably aren’t upset by this commercial unless they’re racist.

  • AdorkABLE

    I completely agree. Some people try to make mountains out of mole hills.

  • myopinion

    The outrage that has accompanied this video is sickening. Of course there is a biracial child present in this video! If one identifies as black he or she is signaling to the world a mixed heritage. Those who believe that they made the jump from africa to america without any other “race” I put race into quotations because that does not mean anything. We are all the same. Life originated in africa and genetic and cultural modification is what has made us seem different.

  • BeanBean

    There was another IKEA commercial about 2 years ago that was really extreme. A black woman and a white man were ripping each others clothes off and were on top of each other on a table. Nobody complained, not one controversy!!! Imagine what would happen if a black man and white woman were messing around on a commercial in the US?

  • AJW

    I wish i had a lemonade stand right now. I would a killing from all the thirsty folks on this site.

  • Rochelle

    @ Right. Your comment proves that perception is everything. Statistically you are very wrong in what you “see.” In America, Asians are dating out at 50% rate. That is mostly Asian women. Black people date out at about 10%. I don’t know where you live but I “see” many many Asian women with white men. A lot. in fact many Asian household encourage their daughters to date white men because of money and status. Plus they know many white men have that “yellow fever.” I live on the East Coast and frequent NYC. You can’t turn a corner without seeing that pairing. Again, perception is everything. What you perceive is more than likely not always true. Numbers don’t lie.

  • Rochelle

    A agree with you on one thing: Yes the Asian woman and white men are common. So they should use that moreso that the blk man/ white woman combo, which is statistically speaking less common. So why is it that they are not using it as frequently. These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

  • lol

    @Ms Info

    …and black men think of black women as lovely, beautiful and wonderful?

  • Nadell

    The response from this commercial baffles me. I did not see much past a couple and their child — a couple who happens to be interracial w/ a black father and white mother and their biracial child.
    Cheerios has done several diverse commercials including black fathers. There’s a cute one with a black father and his 2 sons – a toddler and his brother who snuck into the kitchen and ate his cheerios. Cheerios is aiming to show the normal family. I don’t think anything more or less. Folks are reallllyyy reaching w/ this one man…

    Now I read a comment here about the Huxtables and how could two dark-complected people create 2 biracial looking children (Sondra & Denise)….um??? WHAT?!?! Are we forgetting that black folks come in many hues & tones… and along generations of ‘mixing’ certain physical attributes can skip one generation and be evident in the next? Or even if 2 light-complected individuals can actually create a dark-complected child. Cliff’s parents were both light-skinned and created him. And all of their girls; Rudy, Vanessa, Denise & Sondra were the beautiful Huxtable girls! DNA has no guidelines nor does it obey what we assume should happen. Why do we think blacks look only one certain way?

    Also regarding another comment about Cheerios doing another ad with an Asian father and black mother and some dissected that Asian men prefer to not date black women because all Asian men view black women as loud, angry yadda, yadda……WoooW! So not only have the stereotypes of us invaded the minds of others & we’re thinking for and on behalf of others but we ourselves have succumb to the inaccuracies and we’ve stereotyped ourselves into thinking this lowly as well??? Monolithic-thinking is dangerous

  • Lynne

    @ AdorkABLE,

    A lot of parents feel this way, regardless of race or ethnicity. My Jewish friends all say that their mothers wanted them to have Jewish spouses. The same goes for my Italian friends.

    I’m not sure why this is, but maybe it reinforces some sort of positive sense of self for the parent. If a mother sees her son with someone who is so different from her, perhaps she will feel rejected, or that the son didn’t think his mother was a “good-enough” woman.

  • geewiz


    I’m with you on the idea of teaching your son to love his own. I’ve done the same thing to my black son since he was little. I also programmed him to educate himself. Get married first then have children. I also taught him there are plenty of beautiful, single black women to choose from so he doesn’t need to look elsewhere. Most importantly, I was sure to be a good example so he’ll know a good black woman when he sees one.
    On the other hand……..
    I’ll love and accept whoever he brings home. I love my son and want him to be happy. but I would prefer and I have encouraged him to choose black women.

  • GlowBelle

    This is such a great and cute commercial, and bravo to General Mills for doing this. All the racist comments are exactly WHY we need this commercial, as people continue to be ignorant to the fact that interracial/mixed families and people exist. Some people need to realize that this is 2013, not 1713, and I hope that more commercials pop up to show interracial, blended, and gay families in the near future. If some people can’t pick up a history book, they might as well learn it from a 31 second commercial. And for those whining…I see a lot of Black families and couples represented in commercials. I saw the stupid KFC “I Ate The Bones” right before this commercial last night with the Black father and his kids, and McDonald’s is always showing Black couples getting together over slushies and hamburgers. Even car, clothing, and insurance commercials show Black people all the time. I’m not trying to sugar coat the fact that there is misrepresentation in the media when it comes to Black people, it can be better, but not a day goes by that I don’t see a Black family/couple promoting some product. And I’m even not watching BET when it happens…

    So those stating that this commercial is promoting people to marry interracial, and making Black women feel bad that “we lost yet another one”, are reaching and if you get butt hurt over stuff like this then you need to check yourself. Newsflash: Interracial relationships happened LONG before TV came out, pick up a history book. And you can’t force people to be with people that they don’t want to be with. You wouldn’t want someone telling you how to love and telling you that your family is vile because it differs from their ‘perfect’ ideal?

  • Rochelle

    @ Dork

    Maybe you should ask the Jewish and Indian people what is so wrong with bringing someone home who is not one of them. You ever ask one of your Jewish or Asian friends that question? Or are you they type to beg people for acceptance on something you cannot change and should be proud of (your black skin)? I would not subject my child to beg some a–hole for acceptance for being who he is. Many times stupid blk people sign up for that kind of treatment when they date out. No thanks. Hope that clears things up. Continue begging, shucking and jiving as you probably were.

  • Rochelle

    Great post.

  • Ms. Information

    The media would have you believe that black men don’t want us…and for the ones that don’t..I can’t worry about them. All I know is, just like our physical bodies are conditioned…our minds can be too. It is about input and output. Moreso than this commercial, I am concerned with the negative images and “reports” on black women and how they are translating into real life. Look at television, every image is beautiful white woman after white woman….powerful white man…can someone argue that this doesn’t effect us on some level?

  • Ellis

    Just to clarify, what do you mean by “we are all the same?”, it’s just that I have read so many racist articles, come across very racist websites and sometimes I do wonder whether that is true. Don’t mean to be argumentative. :)

  • rochelle

    Deb you are a smart woman. I don’t think Chy will hear you.

  • Marisa

    If this is how they feel just on this commercial, then I’m pretty sure these same critics heads exploded over that State Farm commercial with the interracial couple of an Asian man and Black woman, and their deep talking baby boy lol.

  • Deb

    Yes it’s needed. People are so hung up on race even when it’s just normal people just like them (apart from difference in color) and they need to FACE their racist and prejudiced attitudes. There are so many closet racists out there and the anonymity of the internet has proven that.

  • -A.

    I know we’re being serious and all…but my first reaction was…. THAT’S OTIS!!! :D

  • Maria N

    your totally right Nina. I hoped we were past this attitudes but sadlly not. Good for you General Mills

  • Deb

    i think in general, it’s mainly black men and maybe white women that get upset when they see black women with white men but EVERYONE gets upset when they see a black guy with a white woman especially if he’s not lighter skinned. It’s just what I’ve noticed. Racial dynamics are such a mess in the US. It’s just horrible.

  • JJ

    These commercials are geared toward white suburban women who buy cereal for their families, so you are likely not to see a white man/black woman pairing in these types of commercials. Also we seem to think white men hate the sight of black men with white women, but white men who run the entertainment industry seem to promote these pairings more than any other interracial couple. I find that interesting. Would love to know why that is.

  • myopinion

    I understand that racism exists. I am a black person and I have seen it first hand. When I stated “we are all the same” I was drawing from the knowledge that humanity began in Africa. That genetic variation has contributed to the various skin colors and traits that are present in society. That beneath a layer of melanin we are all blood and bone. We would all like to be loved and appreciated. That those that have pushed racism and segregation had a hand in dismantling society. Collectively a change can be made. Divided we are a whining minority. A cheerios commercial representing a family with a biracial child is a good thing. Because it is a reality for some people. Thank you Ellis for your question.

  • L


    The Asian Man was the insurance agent in that commercial. He had on a State Farm shirt.

  • Deb


    Also, this whole black men and black women fighting and hating each other is so unbelievably exaggerated online that you’d expect to find black men and women giving each other dirty looks in the streets.

  • MommieDearest


    Excellent post!

  • Deb

    ” It’s black people’s responsibility to promote strong black families, and no one elses!”


  • blaque217

    I didn’t like the commercial, and I don’t like interracial dating. I wouldn’t do it and thode are just MY feelings. Does that make me a bigot? I’m sure soem of the comments on YouTube and what have you crossed the line, but people are entiteld to disagree with this commercial without being labled a racist.

  • Baby

    Kudos to Cheerios, people need to understand that diversity is happening (has been happening all along) and they need to get over it. Cheerios is just smart enough to realize it and bank on it.

  • Deb

    yeah yeah we are always thirsty

  • Right

    @Rochelle –

    “There are a lot of Asian American women married to white men, but I see black man white woman pairings way more than Asian woman white man pairings. It is way more common to see black men and white women”

    I am agreeing with you. I did not word that well. I meant to say that there are way more Asian women with white men in real life but I see way more black man white woman pairings in the media and few Asian woman white man pairings in the media.

  • Baby

    I get the gist of what you are saying leelah, but remember black people come in all colors and have many different textures to their hair, so those “biracial” kids you see may just be black and only black. I am sure your family has the rainbow, just like most families here in the US.

  • Z

    @Rochelle and the other ladies

    it’s nice that you all are trying to instill an appreciation of black beauty in your sons but I need to ask you something, for those of us (black women in our 20′s) who are looking to get married what are we to do in the mean time? we can’t all wait for your sons, can we? neither can we marry them and have kids of our own , heck we’d be too d*mn old! not to mention they’d be looking for women their own age.

    black men began chasing other races of women a long time ago and so for most black women looking to date out ( or “participate in our own ‘erasure’ as you called it”) it is done out of not having much of a choice amongst black men.

    most black parents (even the mothers) applaud their black sons when he brings home a non-black woman, these parents are the generation that is our parents, so if they did not install a love of black beauty in their own sons what do you expect the young women of this generation to do when looking for a mate?

    i’m just asking.

  • GG

    These posts are so sweet. I truly think this is what will change our perception of black and beautiful by seeing our parents in that light ;)

  • lol

    ” A lot of asians don’t have a racial inferiority complex with white people.”

    with Asian women chasing white men the way they do and Asian women getting eyelid surgery to look less Asian , i’m not so sure.

  • Eva

    My issues with comments like yours is you only wish to see it as the glass half empty situation.

    Would you even give Cheerios the benefit of the doubt? Perhaps, they really did want to show other kinds of families. Does it bother us so much that we can’t even allow it? Do we consider every display of interracial anything as an outright attack? (Despite the fact that interracial families are a reality)

    Or is the intentional destruction of the traditional black family the only possibility that you are willing to entertain?

  • lol

    that wasn’t “a couple and their child” , it was a mother and her son talking to an Allstate agent.

  • GG


    SMILE and FLIRT! All men like that. Date with no guards up or pressure to succeed and let your hair down. Don’t focus on the race of the man. You are only dating him! Also, try new things and meet tons of cool people. Even if just friends they will network you a Husband!

  • GG

    They probably feel since their lighter or straighter hair they fit more in. Also, to fit in more they want to outcast you to blend in more. I had an Indian friend who thought it was weird that I listened to rock music while she listened to the same thing. Although, it would make more sense for me to listen rather than her lol.

  • AdorkABLE

    @ Rochelle

    I’m guessing I’ve said something to offend you even though all I asked was a simple question and you saw it as a way to throw out an assumption about me. I’m talking about all cultures, not just a select few. I was brought up to believe that we are all equal and human and skin color means nothing, especially when it comes to love. My father told me that he didn’t care who I brought home or married as long as they made me happy because life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t make you happy or treat you well. I have the right as a person to date whoever I want to despite what people may say or think. I’ve dated outside of my race and I didn’t have to turn tricks for them to accept me. I hoped most of my own Black people would accept me when I was growing up, but I decided it wasn’t worth it if I was being judged for not fitting some unwritten standards that don’t make any sense. I did what was best for me and have accomplished much because of it. I’ve met just as many a**h**** Black men as I have men from other cultures. I am a happily married woman to an amazing man. My children will be lucky to have such a loving and intelligent man as their father. I don’t care who they bring home as long as I know they are being treated right and are happy. The only thing my husband and I are going to “condition” them to do is to be a good person, treat people the way they want to be treated, to know when to lead with their head or with their heart, and other things that will help them navigate this world. Just because you have kids with someone not of your race, doesn’t mean you are erasing Black heritage. The heritage or heritages you are born into is always your heritage. My children will know and cherish all their heritages, not just their Black one.

  • JS

    I love this commercial. That little girl is the cutest thing I have seen all day, just adorable. I know I shouldn’t be shocked at the fact its received so much negativity but the commercial was so innocent I can’t help but be taken back by the hateful things some have to say concerning it.

  • MimiLuvs


    Without the comments, this place wouldn’t be Clutch Magazine.

  • Roger

    Society will never be fully comfortable with black men/white woman pairing.

  • Trisha

    Umm…I’m not feeling a racist attack with this commercial.

    Maybe it’s is that precious lil’ girl throwing me off. She is just sooooo adorable. In this image, I see a loving, natural family. As a matter of fact, I think they are a one of the representations of a modern-day American family.

    Could this commercial be more of our interpretation? Just Asking.

    Now, I would have a problem with the commercial if the dad was sitting there playing video games, sitting in his pajamas and if HE was eating the cheerios. Then the daughter runs in there, and he’s looking as if he doesn’t want to be bothered.

    That set-up to me reflects laziness, he doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t enjoy family life (a depiction of what is believed about our Black men).

    My interpretation really is that this is a black “family” man with a white wife and a bi-racial daughter. He is tired (maybe from doing yardwork) or something. Maybe he is just relaxing on a Sat. morning. Either way, his babygirl has poured cereal on him (playing games)… I mean that’s what kids do. Yes, a bit stereotypical with the woman in the kitchen, the man on the crouch – but overall it’s still a representation of a happy family.

    It’s cute.

  • Eva

    @Rochelle, that may be a typical pairing for your part of the country. I rarely see black man/asian woman pairings. Your perception is affected by your location. I wonder what the entire USA numbers would look like.

  • Kim

    That was silly and infantile of you.

  • JS

    “If I had a son I would not want him to think it is normal to bring a White or Asian girl home”

    Sorry but this statement gave me so much pause. Why the hell wouldn’t it be normal? The only non normality there should be if your son brought someone home he didn’t love.

  • MimiLuvs

    At least this “argument” is better than an argument about BW not being featured in rap videos that I had to listen to, a few days ago.

  • AgeRi

    What about interracial relationships do you disagree with? Just wondering…

  • JS


    That was beautiful +1. I am the same. While I do agree there is some truths to what MommieDearst was saying about making sure to affirm Black beauty. Especially since children as they grow older will probably encounter the light vs dark skin = good vs bad skin stereotype. However, the overarching lesson to anyone should be to love freely, no matter what. Beauty isn’t a skin tone or a race, none is more inherently better than the other. Love doesn’t have a face or race.

  • SayWhat

    Nor are they with black women /white men

  • leelah

    let me rephrase that, asians feel that they can compete with white people. They aren’t beneath them, that asians and europeans produced the most advanced cultures. Its a racists idea but it explains why they think white culture is for them but funny for you

  • SayWhat

    The divorce race of IR couples are not that great either so apparently they are in the same ‘can’t get their act together’ boat as same race couples. So the grass is not greener on that side.

  • leelah

    No asians did it with their own media. China, Japan, and South Korea and India are all developed countries with an established film, tv, and print media industry. Asian who want to see asian representation can just watch movies from their home countries. Their movies won’t flatten them down to stereotypes which is what american movies do. And they don’t have to play second fiddle to white characters. Hollywood imports alot of established asian stars and we remake their movies because they produce some really good work. I love the asian movies on netflicks, especially the thrillers and horror movies.

  • donnadara

    You people have never seen a Cheerios commercial with a black family? Calm down. Everyone gets to be represented. Up next is a gay couple I bet and watch the bigots come out again.

  • leelah

    Girl cut the mess with the genetics lesson. We all know that blacks come in all shades. And no one thinks blacks just look a certain way. Denise and sondra are fictional characters so your whole genetic speech doesn’t apply, bill and claire did not create them. The actresses were chosen for a reason. They were teenage girls that young men are suppose to fall in love with. All teenage female characters on tv are attractive for this reason and that why they casted those actresses because their looks appealed to a wider audience. On the blacks in america special on HBO a very biracial Maya Rudolph brought up that example. Maya is an actress and she said that that was how hollywood worked. There is a trend to use biracial kids to represent all black kids. I see it and I’m not afraid to question it.

  • donnadara

    Your feelings are fine, but just because you don’t like interracial dating, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t allowed to do it.

  • leelah

    Most of us know our African-American history, we know that we made the jump from africa to america with a whole lot of help, force, and push from another race.

  • SayWhat

    I dont see black women disappearing anytime soon. …..Judging by the lack of representation (in the media), I would say black women already disappeared and have been replaced by light/bi-racial women…..

    And before anyone says there are light skin black women, let me save you some time….there are light skin black men as well but the ones you see represented are dark skin black men and the only women you see represented are light skin light women.

  • Gina

    This is why we can’t move on and uplift as a community.

    We see one thing that offends us and flip the hell out. Who cares? Yes, we know the political,social, and racial implications of the commercial but that’s all it is. A COMMERCIAL.

    I’m tired of focusing on ads and marketing campaigns that have nothing to do with me and what I want in my life. There is so much focus on negativity within ourselves and thats why we will never elevate beyond our problems.

    Let it go. These comments are ridiculous.

  • kelly

    well wait now some black familes do have a denis and sondra

  • Give Love Fuk Hate

    Cutest commercial I’ve ever seen!!!

  • victoria

    Actually, divorce rates for black women and white men are lower than divorce rates for black men/ white women, white men/white women and black men/ black women. In other words, black women/white men marriages are doing better than single race couples. So, we have it together.

  • Mademoiselle

    The commercial didn’t bother me… I’m just waiting to see one of these Cheerios commercials with a black woman in it. I’ve seen the black dad/black sons commercial, white grandma/white infant (my mom jokes that the baby is slow because s/he can’t grip the cheerio yet), white wife/white husband, white mom/white infant, black granddad/black grandson, white mom/white daughter, and now this white mom/black dad/mixed child commercial. So far black moms/female family members don’t exist in this “Cheerios for the heart healthy family” series, and I hope it changes soon.

  • Z

    thanks GG but I was hoping for an answer from the ladies that are talking about “erasure of blackness”.

  • Hort

    This comment is ridiculous. Do they need to make commercials featuring every possible combination of family relations?

    Why can’t you just give credit where credit is due for a company being progressive and sharing POSITIVE interracial family stereotypes in the media?

    Oh and BTW, the girl is a “black female family member” so there you go.

  • Wanda

    I thought that the little girl was so precious! I think its a good commercial.

  • MommieDearest


    “…so if they did not install a love of black beauty in their own sons what do you expect the young women of this generation to do when looking for a mate?”

    Good question!

    I will acknowledge that there are some black men who want NOTHING to do with black women period for whatever lame reason. Put them on nignore. Then KNOW that contrary to popular belief and to what is hyped, the VAST majority of black men date, love and marry black women. Then surround yourself with like-minded people, go out and do the things you enjoy doing and see what happens. If you want to marry a black man who loves, respects and adores you, you can. He will find you while you’re being your fabulous self and enjoying life. Speaking for myself, I’ve never had a hard time meeting black men (or any men) who were interested in me. Of course not all of them were compatible or what I wanted (which is true of ALL men, not just black men) but most of them were good men. They just weren’t right for ME. (I have 3 ex’s who went on to marry other black women.) Also, be open to setups from friends (I met my husband on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend.) One more thing, consider black men from the Carribean and African countries. I have friends who are married Jamaicans, Bahamians, Nigerians and Kenyans.

    Now, if you are open to dating out and want to marry a man who loves, respects and adores you and race does not matter, you can. Just don’t fall for the hype that all black men hate us therefore we must grab the first white (or non-black) man that shows us any attention and hold on for dear life or else we will die single and childless in a house full of cats. LOL!!! All that will do is lead you to make a choice out of desperation, and that’s not attractive or healthy in ANY color.

    Hang in there and keep being positive. The right man for YOU will find YOU.

  • lol


    yeesh why all the hate? she just stated a statistical fact.

  • Z

    @ Meh

    are u a black man? I take it you haven’t heard of the backlash from black men about the show Scandal? or are you going to deny it?

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  • Carol

    This commercial sucks and I was shocked when I saw it, I’m not buying cheerios anymore. If all you people can say how you feel, so can I, and I’m sure you’re going to be calling me names and hurling insults at me, go ahead if it makes you feel better, but I think the races should not mix and I sure don’t think that Cheerios should be telling innocent children that mixed relationships are normal and fine, because it’s not. It is disgusting. There is a reason that we have different races and they shouldn’t mix.

  • leelah

    You’re funny, the baby is slow. It would make sense to feature a black woman being that black women typically do the shopping for their families too. And black women have a very high rate of heart disease.

  • leelah

    she said a black woman. there is a difference between women and girls

  • kay


    But Cheerios are vile!

  • justanotheropinion

    At least you are honest and put it out there. Disturbing, rude and pretty much hateful, but honest. It’s one thing to not agree with the commercial, but to state that it’s disgusting is dis-respectuful (especially on this site). Last time I checked, this website didn’t promote such hate or ‘disgust’ as you put it. Now would be a good time to ‘move along little doggy’…

  • Eri

    Cute commercial. And I’m glad Cheerios is standing behind it.

  • Nine

    I may not have voiced my comment in the same manner as some of the previous posts, but I agree with some of the underlying issues.

    Children deserve to be celebrated, period. In one aspect, it may be very helpful to the self-esteem of a young, biracial child to see a union similar to that of his/her parent on screen. No child should be ostracized for his genealogy

    In another aspect, particularly relating to females in this situation, some of these biracial children grow up to identify themselves as black. In that case, they are marginalized in the same way that those who are not of parents of varying ethnicities, who consider themselves black, are.

    In an ideal world, love would be blind and have nothing to to with hundreds of years of conditioning, embedded divide-and-conquer residue, embellished self-hatred, ongoing implication of status hinged on disassociation with one’s female counterpart, etc.. Unfortunately, that is not the society in which we live. I have been struck by the disturbing imagery of black women that has existed in media and entertainment for as long as I can remember. Whereas it is beautiful to see unity among people of different ethnicities, nationalities and backgrounds, there is a thin line between celebrating this and, by completely removing black women from the [once standard] equation, encouraging the dissolution of the black family and implying to black females of all ages that they simply do not matter, particularly in marketing, unless it’s to perpetuate some neck-rolling, loud mouth stereotype..

  • Icarus Complex

    The only thin that struck me in all the comments I read is how much TV black people watch.

  • Mademoiselle


    Take a breath, reread the first 5 words of my post, and take your grumpiness somewhere else. I didn’t take credit from Cheerios, I stated what I’d like to see, and I was specifically speaking on black adult females being absent in this series, not children. My comment stands.

  • AdorkABLE

    @ Carol

    I wouldn’t sink to insult you or call you names even though you’ve insulted a good amount of people with your views. I don’t mind when someone speaks what they feel, but there are ways to say it where insult is minimal. I am proud of my Black heritage and all the heritages inside of me. I don’t think they’re disgusting or wrong. My ancestors fell in love with other HUMANS where people with views such as yours would have crucified them. I am thankful and proud that I have strong ancestors that defied the views of people who rather see color instead of two humans in love with each other. There’s scientific evidence that humans originated from Africa. There’s also historical and scientific evidence on what happens when new genes aren’t introduced, problems occur. Survival of the fittest is a prime example. We also wouldn’t have the varieties of animals, foods, plants, trees, flowers, fabrics, minerals, etc. Nature itself is nothing but mixing. Our own bodies are of a mixture of components. Why do you feel the way you do? What happened in your life for you to believe that color of someone’s skin is more important than their personality?

  • Mademoiselle

    Out of curiosity, what’s the “reason that we have different races”?

  • SayWhat

    No, the girl is bi-racial, it would be nice for them to feature a little black girl like the one who starred in ‘beast of the southern wild’.

  • Indeed

    This society ain’t built for us. It’s obvious what they are promoting, systematically.

  • AdorkABLE

    If I recall from my studies, it was a mix of factors. The simplest way to describe it is survival. When an animal’s habitat is destroyed they leave and find a new one. Early humans had to leave their environments and search for a new one when resources became scarce. Tribes went separate ways to find food. As time went on, people found new habitats and adapted to them. As time went on their environments changed their attributes. With skin color, think of us all as flowers. Flowers need water and the sun to grow. Flowers naturally know how much water and sun they need to grow and survive. Early humans and humans today, get Vitamin D from the sun and certain foods (Some Fish, Fish liver oils, Dairy and grain products), a vitamin that is crucial to our bodies, since it helps with calcium absorption among other things. Melanin, what gives us our skin color, protects us from the sun as well as acting as a regulator. The lighter your skin is, the easier it is for your body to absorb Vitamin D, yet, the skin is less protected. The darker the skin is, the more it is protected from the sun, yet it is harder for darker skin to absorb Vitamin D. As we all know, different places in the world vary when it comes to sun exposure. If you live in a place where there isn’t a lot of sun, your skin will be more fair because your body is trying to catch whatever sun it can get. If you live in a place that has a lot of sunshine your skin will be darker because your body is trying to protect you from getting too much sun. Too much Vitamin D, hypervitaminosis D, is rare and can only happen from taking too many supplements whereas Vitamin D Deficiency is a common problem and can cause problems in people of all ages. There’s actually a documentary on the subject of Race by the Discovery Channel called Through the Wormhole. It’s Season 3 of the series. It’s an amazing documentary on the subject narrated by Morgan Freeman.

  • Rochelle

    Well Z I really don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have sons yet, I’m just saying if I did. What I’m not understanding is what you are saying. You mean to tell me you can’t find one man that is interested in you who is Black? I find that very hard to believe. You need to explore all your options to get a date. Try socials, internet dating, There are plenty of black men that are into blk women. If you are attractive you can find a man. Im not too much older than you (31) and I decided earlier in the year that I wanted a boyfriend so I got one. you just have to put your self out there and not make excuses.

  • Rochelle


    It is clear, me and you are on different pages. Furthermore I don’t care who you date or marry. I really am only concerned wit myself and my family. You say that others accept you but “it wasn’t worth it” to gain the acceptance of your own people. I really don’t know what to say about this. Your experiences are your own, but people who say that are usually people who worship others or where peaking over the fence in the first place. You know excuses…… You probably were just not interested in blk men. Cool. Doesn’t matter. That is you. You say love freely. Great, in a “hold hands and lets sing together world” but that is not the real world. What if those that your son or daughter loves don’t accept them for their color? Are you going to tell your child to “find another white/Asian/indian etc person that will accept you since this one does not?” Or are you going to say “stick to your own, at least they won’t nit pick about you being black.” I know you would not say the latter because you didn’t even practice that your self. You willing gave up on your own. And like I said that is fine. Im just not of that mind set. Plus, why are blks forced to accept everyone but others are not? Doesn’t make sense to me. Just because I don’t want to lay down with a white man does not mean I am racist. You can get along perfectly with people and not want to date or make a lifelong commitment with them. Also, dating out just puts money out of our hands and into “others” hands. We do enough of that as it is. Why make more money leave the community and make “others” rich. Doesn’t make sense to me. I know what I wrote won’t make sense to you because like said we are of different mind sets.

  • Rochelle

    Eva, reading is fundamental. That is all I have for you.

  • Rochelle

    it would be nice to have fully black grandchildren. I find it an attractive quality. Maybe you don’t so you don’t understand.

  • AdorkABLE

    I’m with you JS.

    @ Rochelle

    Are there certain requirement that have to be met for someone to be considered fully black? If so, what are they? I am quite curious to hear them.

  • harlem

    I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up!

  • h

    Not aware of any white man ever being murdered for having sex with a black woman. EVER.

  • AdorkABLE

    The reason we have different races is biological. Early humans left Africa and separated, going different directions when their resources became scarce. Once they found suitable environments, over time they adapted to them to survive. It’s like when you move from a hot climate to a cold climate, your body takes time to adapt. Skin color is all about melanin. It works as a protector from the sun and a regulator for Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps with calcium absorption among other things. You get it naturally from certain foods and the Sun. The lighter your skin is, the easier it is to get it from the sun, yet the skin itself is less protected. The darker your skin is, the harder it is to absorb Vitamin D, but your skin is more protected. As we all know, the amount of sun in one environment can differ from another. Those in Iceland get less sun than those in Mexico, hence the difference in skin color. There’s an amazing documentary on it by the Discovery channel, Through the Wormhole Season 3, narrated by Morgan Freeman. :-)

  • q

    The truth is that a lot of black women who are complaining about the lack of good black men don’t really want one. Many of these women desire a white man and will not admit that because it makes them sound self hating. They have no interest in dating brothers so they say spout racist propaganda. Any black woman who says she has never met a decent and good looking brother is full of it.

  • harlem

    There is no other race so eager to mix with others. What is it about us? When I have children I want them to have dark beautiful skin like their mother and father. Why should I apologize for that? Whenever I see one of those beautiful African supermodels with a white man, I lament the fact that her children will not inherit her beautiful skin tone. I find it sad. We are the only race of people who view genetic erasure as progress.

  • h

    We are the only people who view genetic erasure as progress.

  • John

    I see why there is such dysfunctionality with black children.

    Their mommas don’t understand that television affects how people view other people, places, and things.

    The people who made that commercial knew what they were doing.

    Television has a negative affect on adults, yet alone children and for some reason black women can’t see it.

  • John

    They buy into those made up superior images of whites and the negative images of blacks.

    Message to black people: Leave the radio, tv, internet, magazines, and newspapers alone. Especially if you can’t think on an analytical or logical level.

  • AdorkABLE

    @ Rochelle

    Thank you again for putting words in my mouth. I don’t have any excuses and even though your comments only reminds me of the fallacies of some of our Black people, you’re allowed to have your own opinion. I didn’t give up on my own people. I gave up on being upset by people in my own culture trying to make me believe that because I don’t fit their view of how Blacks should be, I must be against them or trying to shun my culture. I was raised in a diverse setting. I had different races in my classes from 1st grade and through college. I watched tons of people date outside their race, it wasn’t anything new. I wasn’t peeking over a fence because there wasn’t one. Other races date outside their own, but I can’t because I’m Black. That’s absurd.. I’ve said before that I’ve dated many men from different races including Black men. Three of those Black men are my best friends and I wouldn’t care who they dated or married as long as they were happy and vice versa. I didn’t go searching for a white man, I just fell in love with one. It wasn’t his skin that attracted me to him, it was his heart, his intelligence, the way he supported and helped his family, the way he would go out of his way to help a friend in need. I fell in love with those qualities and I hope my children find those qualities and more in the people they choose to marry, no matter what color they are. I’m always happy when people find love and happiness because it’s great to have someone to wake up to that puts a smile on your face everyday, even when you don’t feel like smiling. I know the world isn’t all “hunky dory”, and I never said it was. I’m optimistic, but you seem to see it as being naïve. I think all people should accept people for who they are and not judge them on their race. That would be amazing, but I know that it may never happen, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to lose faith that it can. Your comment about taking money out of the community. I don’t know what community you speak of. I’m saying everyone should be able to make their own decisions and date whoever they want without people getting pissed over something as stupid as skin color and this blood purity propaganda. Teaching children about the beauty in everyone, not just our own and that all our differences make us interesting. My family is a prime example, we don’t all look alike, or even look related, but the same blood runs through our veins. We are all a mixture of colors and different ethnicities because of our ancestors, but it doesn’t make us any less Black. Genetics jump like crazy, no gene really dies off, it jus doesn’t pop up again until something activates it. Anyway, thank you again for your lovely assumptions about me.

  • Ellis

    Mainly an inferiority complex. It is very sad.

  • Hmmmmmm

    You do realize that if those African models were with Black men there is no guarantee that they’ll have the same skin tone.

  • Gamma

    See the father was allowed to get some peace and sleep? Never happen with a bitter black woman in the house.

  • j

    That’s true. But you can be 100% sure that they wouldn’t have that beautiful dark chocolate skin with a white father.

  • h

    The vast majority of people opposed to this commercial are white men who view the idea of a white woman having sex with a black man as a threat to western civilization. These same bigots have absolutely no problem jumping into bed with a black woman. Many white men have a sense of entitlement when it comes to the bodies of black women. A belief that goes back 400 years.

  • Hmmmmmmm

    Stranger things have happened. Genetics is a gamble, you never know what can happen.

  • Raya

    For “h” below, there was one recent case out of San Diego. Murder of Jan Pawel Pietzak and the rape and murder of his wife Quiana Jenkins Pietzak.

  • harlem

    @Hmmmmm- Sorry, but no white man can produce a child who looks like Ajuma Nasenyana.

  • harlem

    99% of the complaints are coming from racist white men. These same men have no problem jumping into bed with a black woman. It has always been this way.

  • Helly

    Racist racist rochelle… Praying for your poor sons. Hopefully life will teach you a lesson….

  • Hmmmmmmm

    Ah.. I had to look Ajuma Nasenyana up. I had never heard of her.

  • Miakoda

    What difference does it make to you if someone else’s child won’t inherit their parent’s skin color? Why would anyone ever be that invested in someone’s else’s life?

  • harlem

    @Miakoda- Your comment perfectly illustrates the type of thinking that separates the dominated from the dominant. Whites have always understood this. The “one drop rule” was an attempt to maintain the “purity” of the white race. Black people view dilution through reproduction as something positive. It’s not.

  • chnyere

    @DebI agree with you 100% and it saddens me.Most ppl r blind to this fact. We need to let our little girls know they are beautiful regardless of what a man (or society) thinks.
    @rochelle, I heard her

  • JS


    I find nothing wrong with not being ashamed of who you are and taking pride in your own race. However I always feel its usually the ones that are go so far as to separate themselves from other races do so because they either A) have a superiority supremacy complex, or B) because they have something to prove because they really are ashamed of who they are. I just can’t believe that someone who is secure in who they are, would feel so threatened that they would go out of their way to separate themselves from other races. Doesn’t make sense.

  • Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    I don’t think that people are falling for hype that all Black men hate us, but people aren’t addressing disparities in income and education between Black men and Black women.

    For example, for those of us who have college or advanced degrees and a certain income level, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to find Black men with comparable education and income. When we throw in factors like Black men with children, geography, and criminal records, the pool gets incredibly small.

    I don’t think it makes sense for people to expect us to just wait around for a suitable Black match when there might be dozens of men of other races who do fit the profile. On an online dating site I’m on, I probably got 6 or 7 emails from men this week alone, all of whom had degrees, no kids, no previous marriages, etc. I may have gotten one from a Black man, and he had not attended college. It just so happens that all the other men were White.

    Also, some are forgetting that for some of us, almost any relationship in this country will be interethnic if not interracial, since we’re not American Blacks.

  • leelah

    You should probably expand your comment and provide some specifics

  • IJusWannaSay…

    That’s because the black father has no job…not because it’s ‘peaceful’.


  • Tara

    That’s okay. He wont be in her life by the age of 10 whether the mother is black or white. Gorgeous little girl had better enjoy her time with him.

  • Tara

    Who says they are married? Cute commercial but it is common for black men to live with their white baby mommas and even more common for them to leave these white women.

  • Bill

    Normal signifies common or the majority and despite how hard the lame stream media tries to portray blk man wht woman as the norm (majority) within the Black community as a whole, it is not. What it is, however, is another attempt to create a situaion where life imitates art and to convince those blk men who are on the fence about the idea of dating outside of their race, who are impressionable and/or who alreadydo so exclusively and are seeking some type of validation for their ‘cultura betryal’. No, as in the days prior to desegregation (even pre-slavery), we must instill witin our blk boys and girls a sense of cultural pride, responsibility and self-love…This is the only way that we can keep our people from looking ‘outside of themselves’ for validation and a sense of acceptance by having others tell them what ‘is’ or ‘is not’ beautiful, dateable, and/or marriageable. Many of us do so; however, some blk parents have fallen for the ‘we are all the same and it doesn’t matter’ bit. The only problem with this type of belief system is that ‘other culturesraces’ DO NOT teach their kids this when it comes to dating, etc! This creates situation where naive blk men/boys chase after an false image of beauty that the lamestream media tells them, daily, is so. Seek love within your own culture/race. If God sends you an ‘other’ TRULY pray abount it for guidncon how t proceed then if ‘yes’ so be it. DO NOT, however, at anytime be a sellout, looking for anything but that which is your own ancestry.
    This is what blk parents need to nstill in their own children. If all ofus do this,ou community will be stronger and more powerful than the Jewish community who teaches their children JUST THESE SAME lessons.

  • Bill

    There is nothing racist about loving ones own culture and desiring a grandchild who has two parents who both identify with that same culture. This creates a child who is more likely to develop a healthy psyche and less likely to grow up feeling lost like he/she does not belong.

    Again, I am not speaking of biracial parents; for example, if one or both parents are biracial but they identify themselves as part of the Black community. They, of course, are members of our community, in full – as would be their offspring. The same holds true for a couple where one or both parents are ‘fully’ Black and produce a Black offspring…equally part of the Black community.

    Now, for example if you have a child of parents who one is Black and one is White who does not identify, know much about and/or even despises Blcak culture (it happens way more than you’d think)…their offspring is more likely to grow up feeling disconnected and hold that same disdain for the Black culture that their ‘other’ parent held. These types become problematic for the Black community. They hate the part of them that is Black; yet, due to society’s ability to ‘see’ their Blackness in part, they more times than they should be, are called upon to speak for the Black community…then their disdain comes out and poisons our community. It really is about how we train our children to love themselves – ALL of themselves and to pass this love of ones culture onto our society – all inclusive.

  • Bill

    However, we can also look at it from another angle. With soooooo many beautiful, qualified Black actresses OUT OF WORK and with the majority of female roles going to (let’s be real) White women, it is IRRESPONSIBLE for General Mills to cast a White woman in a role that could have easily been filled by a Black actress!! There is no way that you can convince me or anyone else that NO additional thought went into the casting of this bi-racial couple for this commercial. Part of that thought process should have been consideration for the Black female consumer who have bought their products, faithfully, for years; taking the opportunity to give back to these Black women by hiring one of them; and considering how seeing this casting might affect a good % of their Black female consumers! If not just for this one fact, this casting was a bad and disrespectful move for Genera Mills – one which Black women should answer with thei wallets, really.

  • Bill

    Why is there a fear of displaying black on black love? Who does it benefit when there aren’t viable black families? Who does it hurt?”

    Black unity scares the dickens out many! The reasons? That all depends on ‘who’ it is that is scared by this unity. White women have, for 100s of years been put on a pedastol by White men, and thus society – so the knowledge of/acknowledgement of Black and beautiful women chosen ‘over them’ (how they see it) terrifies them and makes them feel insecure. White people, as a whole, fear Black unity/Black love because they fear an uprising (silly right?) or our surpassing them – despite their incredible headstart given to themselves by themselves, historically speaking. Other cultures, too, have been brainwashed into the ‘colonialsim wayof thinking about White people so they, by default, have the same fears for the same reasons. Our successes challenge everything many have been taught to believe about the Black community, unfortunately. This is why so many fear our sccesses, our unity and our love. This is sad; however, should be a non-issue for our community.

  • Bill

    Actually, Black women (with trillions to spend) have just attached a negative emotion to all General Mills products and pushed on – verbalizing ourselves on these sites as we push along. But, when it comes time for shopping, whether we remember the ‘commercial’ or not…we remember the disrespect and the negative emotion attached to all General Mills products…and we will buy, accordingly. This is how we Black women will handle these types of situations.

  • Bill

    In the long run, they’re actually going to lose profits from this strategic move.

  • Bill

    THERE IN lies the core of the problem with General Mills!!! BLACK WOMEN do NOT BUY ANYTHING GENERAL MILLS FROM THIS POINT ON!!!! clearly they do not want our business as they have gone out of their way to NOT represent us and to misrepresent our family structure culturally and as a whole.

  • Bill

    All the more reason why if Cheerios was going to do a blk on wht interracial coupling, the woman should have been a beautiful Black woman and the man a handsome, nurturing and successful White man! These types of relationships exist in great numbers(Black woman and White Male married); however, they are absent from lamestream media representations.

  • Bill

    Cherios NEVER showcases Black women in their ads. They are a ragainst Black women and the Black community company and we should boycott everything General Mills.

  • Bill

    So eoquently put and you stated eerything that most Black women (and self-loving Black men) feel about this issue as a whole. Well put.

  • Bill

    Ii’ve learned to make it a abi to ensure that I and my chldren watch at minimum 70% Black positive TV stations and shows when watching TV, etc. This is one way to combat these subtle assaults on our cultural existence and existence within our own cultural, as Black women.

  • Bill

    Oop! That’s “make it a habit” laptopkeyre sticking…

  • Bill

    Many Black wome do see this, John. People need to remember tht art imitates life….imitates art imitates life….so on and so forth. TV is a presentation of someone’s vision. When a person never sees thmselves represented or wrongly represnted this des affect them in more than one way: ‘ohers’ see these same images and believe through conditioning these to be true representations and 2) due to the perceptions of others, those misrepresented are treated a certain way when coming into contact with these ‘others’. This can affect job interviews…how one is treated in public places, etc…..who people chose to date….

    Yes, Generall Mlls reps knew EXACTLYwhat they were doing an we, as a lage % of the buying community should answer in kind DO NO BUY ANYTHING GENERAL MILLS! Let’s send a message.

  • Bill

    Personally, I have not done it mysef, but for those Black women who cave in and date a White man, I offer you this advise:

    ‘Make him respect you’ before you give up your body.When he falls head over heels tothe point of craving you, you put yourself in a better position but even then, proceed with caution. Mke hi prove that he is not just on a Chocolate journey orseeking a Chocolate dip then dip.
    Do yourselves a favor.

  • Bill

    Sistas, keep your knees locked. As the origintors of life of all mankind, hold out for only the best and that is a man who will treat you like a box full of million dollar bills – all his worth….treats you like you are priceless, because you are.

  • AdorkABLE

    I didn’t cave in when dating my husband. He approached me and we got on famously. I met his best friends and his family during our courtship who all welcomed me with open arms. He offered me a key to his apartment after a month, which honestly scared the s*** out of me, but I explained to him that I wasn’t comfortable and he understood and waited til I was. We were together 14 months before he asked me to marry him and we married a year later. He may not relate to the struggles of Black people, but we relate a lot to our own personal struggles growing up. If I need to talk about the struggles of my people, I have three of my best friends, brothers from another mother, to talk to. Him and I haven’t had outside problems and we know there may be problems in the future, but at the end of the day, we have each other, and that’s what really matters.

  • YepP

    That’s just how some people are. It’s a pick and choose. It’s okay for Black women, but not okay for Black men and vice versa. None of the flip-floppers have written a decent or logical argument about why that is.

  • Ms. Information


  • SayWhat

    I never understand why people always give that black pride talk to black women. If you really care about ‘erasure’ then you need to speak to black men, after all, you/they are 3x more likely to date/marry IR than a black woman.

    If you really care about seeing beautiful brown/dark babies, then again, go to sites that black men frequent, because given the women that are featured on those sites as love interest, I would say that having black/dark babies is not really a priority.

    I’m not saying that you don’t have a point about us as a community always being proud to be anything than just ‘black’, but it seems like you are lecturing black women, which is a lot like preaching to the choir.

  • SayWhat

    Wait, so now it is racist for her to want her son to bring home a black woman? I hope I missed something.

  • Mademoiselle

    The thing is, if that’s the logic behind not buying GM products, such a boycott should’ve taken place long before a biracial family was highlighted. While I definitely want to see a black mom in this particular series, it’s not like black women are absent altogether. There’s a commercial of a single black woman eating honey nut cheerios and stating that it’s not bad for you, it just tastes like it (or something like that).

    To walk out only after a biracial couple shows up would give the impression that the outrage is over something other than the presence of black women because so far, nothing’s new as far as that goes (so why now?). In fact, if we truly wanted to make it about black female representation, the outrage should’ve shown up when the commercial with the black dad and 2 black sons came out because the black mom was merely implied there, yet still absent.

  • Miakoda

    Post my comment, goodness gracious! Y’all back on that disappearing comment crap.

  • Miakoda

    “Many white men have a sense of entitlement when it comes to the bodies of black women.”

    So do Black men, but people still date them.

  • Miakoda

    Is that what sex is for a woman, her ‘giving up her body’ like it is some type of thing?

  • Miakoda


  • Rochelle

    You have a lot to learn JS. Especially by your last statement. It is like you are in your own world.” Go out of their way to separate”. You know I am a blk woman right? You are speaking to a BLACK woman about going out of my way to separate. AGAIN… I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WHITES OR OTHERS…..JUST BECAUSE I DON’T DESIRE MYSELF OR MY CHILD TO INTERRACIALLY DATE DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST. It doesn’t make or anyone else, of any other race that feels the same way……a racist. IT DOES NOT. If a white girl’s family does not want her to date my son, I would not be offended. I would perfectly understand. You ever lecture an Asian, Indian or Jew about this issue? Is it wrong they make their own little communities? Hell, that is separating. Are you chastising them, or is it just blks that should strive to mix and mingle?

  • tina

    I agree….I don’t need to get every man in every race, just one man who I want regardless of race.

  • AdorkABLE

    Z- Do what is best for you. Find a mate that loves you for you and vice versa. People are always going to have a problem whether you date or marry outside of your race or not. I’ve gotten just as much strife for dating my own as I have from outside of it. Only you know what you need and want in a man, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be social. Men are everywhere. I’ve talked to men in museums, bookstores, bars, clubs, outdoor concerts, even standing in line at a grocery store. Don’t be afraid to approach a man too. Men like compliments just as much as we do. The worse he can say is no. Men take that chance with women all the time, knowing that there is a chance that she may turn him down. Start with a smile and go from there :-)

  • Miakoda

    You want to talk about people being dominated, then let’s talk about how when I was growing up BLACK kids were always questioning my racial background, because of my fair complexion. Let’s talk about how I have had other Black people TELL me: “Ain’t you mixed!”, “Somebody in your family HAS to be White!”, “I know you mixed, so what you mixed with?” Or, let’s talk about the Black men who street harass me and try to get my attention by calling out to me, “Aye, light skin!” I am not the one with the problem.

    “Black people view dilution through reproduction as something positive. It’s not.” – What does that have to do with what I asked?

  • Miakoda

    Because once again it is up to Black women to fix the problems of everyone else.

  • Rochelle

    You pseudo-progressives kill me. Let’s not act like the media hasn’t traded the black family for the half-black/interracial family. I’m all for incorporation, but complete dismissal of dark skin (especially women and girls) is a bit much.

    And spare me the “love is colorblind” comments, because in case you haven’t noticed, love is more color-conscious than ever these days. Forgive me if I’m not too excited about these ever increasing racial types of media portrayals, because quite frankly they’re discrimination disguised as progress.

  • Rochelle

    @ Bill

    Thanks for explaining perfectly what I was trying to explain to Dork. Dork doesn’t want or care about a black community. She even gave up on her people. Seems that she lives in a utopia.

    @ Dork,

    I read your comment. You and I are different and I will leave it at that. Just for the record, you grew up in a mixed community and stated that to prove the point that interracially dating was the norm. I grew up in an all white/jewish and Asian community. Very few blacks. In fact I was one of 3 blacks in my whole elementary school of houndreds. I say this to say that I had special bonds and best friendships with many white women. None of them would want to date a black man. Now were they curious about the sex part? Sure. In fact they jokingly expressed that to me in high school. But to take one seriously for relationships and marriage, was not something they desired. Now why would I want my son to be looked at like an object? Why? Now is there a chance he would find a perfect white woman who would take him at face value. Sure. But why gamble? Why go through all that just to be with someone? All of us (my girlfriends) grew up and they all married white. Do I consider them racist. Absolutely not.

    Matter fact, See Bill’s comments. Saves me a lot of time from responding to you.

  • shorty da sweetie

    You need to think outside of your box, because todays black woman has relationships with all races of men.

    Just like on the show “Scandal” black women are desired by all races of men, powerful men!

    Black women like you and white racists men can’t let go of the past and move on.

    “Scandal” is proof that America is changing for the better and people who don’t like will be ignored!

  • Nadell

    So Maya Rudolph’s opinion has shaped your entire outlook on the representation of black kids on the silver screen?
    Forget the fact that the other fictional characters on The Cosby Show weren’t biracial….
    Since we’re being so technical, Whitney Houston was also being considered for the role of Sondra but turned it down for her music career instead. Is she not biracial looking enough for you?
    The genetic speech does apply otherwise why are we having this discourse? And we are discussing FICTIONAL characters…that’s how TV shows are created, with fictional characters.
    Cut the mess with thinking that only biracial kids are used to represent all black kids on TV….

  • Miakoda

    Why aren’t you all allowing me to respond to this comment?

  • John Jo

    “Swirling out blackness”

    Don’t you think “blackness” is much deeper than the darkness of our skin? What about a deep understanding and regard for our history, and the lessons it teaches us? Those lessons which we carry with us into every situation, as we do everything that’s most important to us?

    If people (of any race) think “blackness” is simply skin color, we’ve got a much greater issue on our hands.

    –A Black Man

  • lol

    thank you Saywhat! why is this always being told to the person that does not need to hear it????????????

  • Z

    but the black man traded the dark skin woman in a long time ago, so the media is doing nothing new. why rail on the media instead of the black man?

  • Z

    why are black men always spewing black women on as if they are their very own raging pitbulls?

  • Z

    then how come black men are never vocal about this?

  • Z

    income and education disparities.

    thank you!

  • JustSaying:-)

    You seem upset that some of us have evolved past things as petty as skin color when there are more important things going on in the world. That commercial was sweet and that little girl is adorable. Unfortunately people like you don’t/won’t see that and see it as an excuse to stir the pot. It’s a commercial about CEREAL. Love to look for a reason to feel “offended”, but at the same time offended by the wrong things and ignorant of the right things. Be offended by our people killing each other over stupid things, such as, territory that they don’t even own, clothing and shoes that can easily be cleaned or replaced, and words that can be ignored. Be offended by our women who are looking for love and thinking it’s a man that will be with them in the day, but go to their wives at night or knocks them up and their neighbor down the street in the same week, or even a man that whispers sweet nothings into their ear one moment, but kicking their a** the next. Be offended by our young boys and girls who are contracting STDs and becoming parents at ages as young as 9. Be offended with our rappers who perpetuate a lifestyle that will get our children incarcerated or killed, while degrading our Black women, and making money off it as they live in Mansions. Be offended by our parents that take no interest in our future’s education, but will be the first to go to a school and assault a teacher if their child is in trouble, but won’t show up to a parent-teacher conference. Be offended by our people who protest school closings, but didn’t do a thing while the schools were failing. The list goes on, but you and other people rather concentrate on a commercial selling Cereal because it’s a mixed race couple with a mixed daughter who wants her daddy to be around for a long time, like most little girls do, no matter what skin color they are, instead of real problems going on in our Black community.

    MLK said in his I Have a Dream speech:

    But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.

    The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

    We cannot walk alone.

    And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

    We cannot turn back.

    You getting upset over us “colorblind” people who are just trying to treat others how we want to be treated and just see a cute commercial for CEREAL… should just throw that out and be ignorant and “offended” like you and others. Don’t think so. It’s 2013, move forward, not back.

  • AdorkABLE

    Thank You Collette Most men have trouble with women that make more or are more educated. They find us intimidating or worry about what their family and friends will think. We want someone on our level.

  • Johana

    That’s rather desperate of you. Lmao, you can point out how pretty YOU think another girl or woman is all day every day, but that doesn’t guarantee that your son/daughter will agree or think the same/different for a similar reason. If anything, your kid could end up saying and doing certain things in front of you, but the exact opposite when they aren’t around, which could lead to you missing out or being excluded from a lot that goes on in their life.

  • Jason

    Flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites and then forcing assimilation is a program of White genocide.

    Africa will still be full of Africans
    Asia will still be full of Asians.
    Only White children will suffer from this.

    Read the UN genocide conventions: It is genocide, White Genocide.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • AdorkABLE

    Great Point…

  • JustSaying:-)

    @ Rochelle :-)

    Oh yeah.. Still a CEREAL COMMERCIAL.

  • Stop Censoring Dialogue

    Hogwash. Too many holes in your argument.

    First, you do not command a higher income than Black men. Secondly, men are significantly more put off by oow kids, and Black women clearly take the cake on that. Third, you are no more educated that Black men that are your social peers.

    In raw numbers, you are only marginally more advanced in school, and that is because you essentially get hand held through the system while Black men catch hell through life. This is neither a statement to your character or intelligence, nor is it valued by men. Also, a masters in “Social Work” is certainly no more educated that a BSc. in Economics. You are no one’s intellectual or socioeconomic superior. If you were, the outcomes would not be so dismal. The fact that the only Black man that sent you a note is not college educated is the most empirical indication of your socioeconomic value. All of this is dating IQ 101.

    It always makes me laugh when black females like you all spew meaningless statistics to imply that you are somehow superior to the same men you seem to have difficulty winning over. You are clearly not, and you are only fooling yourselves.

    I’ve never in my life seen an intelligent, fit, childless, feminine, attractive and well-adjusted Black woman have trouble attracting a quality Black man. The truth is that your peers who are able to make connections with quality Black men are just more competitive, and you need to face that fact.

  • Rpchelle

    @ Bill

    Thanks for explaining perfectly what I was trying to explain to Dork. Dork doesn’t want or care about a black community. She even gave up on her people. Seems that she lives in a utopia.

    @ Dork,

    I read your comment. You and I are different and I will leave it at that. Just for the record, you grew up in a mixed community and stated that to prove the point that interracially dating was the norm. I grew up in an all white/jewish and Asian community. Very few blacks. In fact I was one of 3 blacks in my whole elementary school of houndreds. I say this to say that I had special bonds and best friendships with many white women. None of them would want to date a black man. Now were they curious about the sex part? Sure. In fact they jokingly expressed that to me in high school. But to take one seriously for relationships and marriage, was not something they desired. Now why would I want my son to be looked at like an object? Why? Now is there a chance he would find a perfect white woman who would take him at face value. Sure. But why gamble? Why go through all that just to be with someone? All of us (my girlfriends) grew up and they all married white. Do I consider them racist. Absolutely not.

    Matter fact, See Bill’s comments on page 8. Saves me a lot of time from responding to you.

  • Rochelle


    That is only if your children don’t respect you. If that is the case, you have more problems than who the are dating.

  • Rochelle


    That is only if your children don’t respect you. If that is the case, you have more problems than who the are dating. Plus I doubt an 8 year old will disagree with you on who is beautiful. Blacks should utilize programming their children more, and not just letting the tv do it.

  • Rochelle

    @ dork

    This is the worst advice. You should never approach a man. That’s a recipe to be used by that man. Z you are better off with my advice.

  • Rochelle


    You have a lot to learn. Please get out more and utilize my advice on page 9 on how to find a decent blk man.That is if you want one. I believe you were the one who asked me about that in the first place.

  • Rochelle

    @Just Saying

    You typed all that nonsense for nothing. You don’t have to school me on anything, especially the ills of the black community. Im an educator myself and see all the dysfunction the blk community has embraced on a daily basis. So please save me your foolishness…….as if you know what I do for my community. Just to make you look like more of a fool, know that I run a club that focuses on black girls’ self esteem issues and volunteer for the police department aiding domestic violence victims. Now don’t you feel stupid? What do you do for the community?

    FYI This is not an issue for me. I don’t care who anyone dates and can do nothing to change it. I’m not angry, I’m just stating the obvious that I see when I look at this commercial. Plus: NEWSFLASH: People can focus on more than one issue at a time. You can fight fires on the weekdays and teach Sunday school on the weekends. Novel idea huh?

    Now go put back on your dunce cap and sit back down in the corner………..speaking of things you know nothing about.

  • R

    Well, this is what happens when a black man is with a white woman. The white man shows his true colors even though white men do more interracial dating than any one and his favorite is the Asian woman but some how the black man with a white woman makes the white man feel like the white race is doomed. At the same time black women are with white men but that doesn’t seem to be a threat to white male supremacy. I’m just thinking about the rapper Eve and how she is dating a white man. She was talking about in an article about how black men been doing interracial dating and how no body says anything. I don’t know if she doesn’t know whats going on or doesn’t care, but for her to say no body says anything is just crazy. The black man white women couples face the most brutal comments and its from the opposite genders of this couple. White men as you can see hate it and also black women hate it but at the same time you see Kerry Washington on tv having an affair with a married white man on the tv show Scandal which black women are the biggest supporters of this show but don’t like Taye Diggs. She was with a white man before. Where is the outrage like what you see with the Cheerios commercial. I’m not saying people should create problems just because of people of two different races on tv but you see the double standards? White men don’t see the black woman as a threat even if she is with a white man. You heard about the two black men who wanted to been on the ABC show The Bachelorette kissing on a blonde hair blue eyes beautiful white woman competing to make her his wife. Those white men would go insane and would most likely have to cancel the show due to severe threats. ABC knows that and they aren’t taking any chances. This is why I don’t understand how black women see the white man as God like. I see all kinds of books, ebooks, websites, blogs, youtube videos and other black women celebrities trying to convince other black women to be with white men when you already see how he acts only towards a little commercial showing a black father with a white mother. It didn’t stop yet on the Cheerios youtube home page. On the section that says discussion, the white men are going at it with the racist comments. Cheerios disabled the comments because I contacted them about the racist comments and then they deleted them. The other Cheerios video called Big Brother which shows the two young black boys also had the comments disabled due to the racist comments after I again contacted Cheerios about the racist comments. The white man hates that Obama is the president and hates seeing black men with white women. The white man feels that the white race is in danger only when its a black man with a white woman but some how a black woman with a white man who has a biracial child, he doesn’t mention anything about the white race. If a white man gets a non white woman pregnant, the baby isn’t going to be blonde hair, white, and blue eyes. He doesn’t have super sperm such that he could get a black woman pregnant and the child still comes out white. The child would look the same color as the little girl in the Cheerios commercial. The white man is getting worst. He’s buying guns like someone buys flat screen tvs on black friday. He is preparing for a race war. A black man hockey player Joel Ward scored the winning goal last year and got the most brutal racist tweets towards him by white men saying things like hockey is a white mans sport and to play basketball. They fear that one black man will open the doors to a predominantly white male sport and then you will end up seeing loads of black men playing hockey like you see playing basketball. That means another sport that a white man dominated lost to a black man. The black man is a threat to the white man and the white man knows it. All this black girls rock and thousands of black women and girls empowerment and date a white guy book mean nothing to the white man. One black man with a white woman on a Cheerios commercial causes more attention than Psy gangnam style. Its something about the black man that the white man knows now and knew back then in slavery times. He don’t care about the black men shooting each other, the drugs, black men incarcerated given hard time in jail that don’t deserve to be in jail or how illegal guns are being sent into the black community in the hands of a black male younger than 18. Some one should contact the date a white guy author and inform her on how the white men are writing racist comments about a black father and white mother which was so bad that Cheerios had to disable the comments. Then ask these black women are they still desperate for white men after seeing how he acts and feels like the white race is in danger. By reading some comments from black women on the site Bossip and Mediatakeout, they seem to be a perfect match for the white man because both share the same anger towards black men with white men but neither one say anything when a black woman is with a white man.

  • E in Hartford

    Thank you! But that’s ‘natural’….

  • E in Hartford

    They got this new thing called PARAGRAPHS… breathe.

  • R

    They got this new thing which really isn’t new called the truth. This isn’t a small issue that would take a few sentences. This commercial is being talked about everywhere. Race is still a huge issue. Truth hurts doesn’t it. Happy now, this was a PARAGRAPH. This wasn’t meant to be a professionally written novel. Just a comment… breathe.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah


  • Yes, I’m That Leah’t.

  • v

    Isn’t it interesting that the same racist white men who are going crazy over a 30 second commercial have no problem with the hit show Scandal. Anti-miscegenation laws were not created to prevent white men from having sex with black women. They were designed to stop black men from havig sex with white women. Some things never change.

  • JS

    I think it just depends on how you view the half-black/interracial family. Some see the showing of integration in families as progress, so the media isn’t so segregated in their view of families. Others like you see the assimilation as a watering down of our culture and value being placed on trying to be White rather than celebrating Blackness. I can see the points in both, however I would rather them show all types of families than not. It is progress, however it isn’t as big of step as some would say it was.

    In this commercial however the father clearly is dark skinned, so Cheerios isn’t dismissing it here. I definitely agree that dark skin girls don’t get there fair share of positive media time though. Who knows if it had of been a white man and black woman in the commercial if she wouldn’t have been dark skinned?

  • h

    Black women are far more willing to date and marry white men than vice versa. This is the real reason for the disparity in interracial marriage numbers. I don’t know even one sister who would outright dismiss a relationship with a handsome white man. So lets stop the “black women are too loyal to the brothers” nonsense. Loyalty should never be confused with lack of options.

  • AdorkABLE


    I understand that we have different mindsets, however, just because you don’t agree with my advice doesn’t mean that it is wrong. You rather a Black woman wait around for a decent Black man to talk to them instead of going after what or who they want? There is nothing wrong with simply complimenting a man and a conversation could start. If it doesn’t no harm, no foul, if it does, maybe it could be the start of a connection. What happen in your life to think that simply approaching a man means he’s going to use you? People will use anyone regardless whether they realize it or not. Most men actually find it nice when a woman compliments them and vice versa, especially if someone does it honestly and politely. It puts a smile on both parties’ faces. It feels nice to give someone a compliment and it feels nice to receive one. Besides, she could take either of our advice. I wouldn’t be upset if she took your advice, it’s her choice. :-)

  • JS


    No I am in the real world, if anything you are staying in your little “Black community” bubble and that clouds your opinions. I have had the pleasure at my young age of traveling the world and living in countries where not only was I the only person not of that race but the only Black woman around. So YES I am talking to a fellow Black woman about going out of her why to separate.

    I didn’t say that made you a racist. Where did I accuse you of that? I listed two scenarios, you are the one who assumed I meant you had a superiority complex. That is something you are projecting onto yourself, which says more than anything I could about it.

    Regardless, yes I would chastise other races for excluding others. One of my best friends is half Chinese and White. She is ostracized by her Chinese family because of her Whiteness and was told in school by other students that she “wasn’t Asian enough” to join the Asian cultural Club. It’s a bunch of BS really.

    There is nothing wrong with celebrating your own culture and wanting to be absorbed in it. Every culture here has culture dense communities. However, like with everything, it can be taken too far. It goes too far when you actively exclude others and close yourself off to possibilities. Your child should never feel like they are disappointing you or letting you (or their race) down if they date other races.

  • Miakoda

    How do you know that those White men are one and the same?

  • AdorkABLE

    @ Rochelle

    You seem to be skimming my posts and making assumptions before even trying to see it from my point of view. Yes, we have different mindsets, experiences along with belonging to different generations. I grew up in the Midwest, it was the norm to date whoever you wanted because no one cared. Again, which saddens me that I have to constantly reiterate this, I know I don’t live in a perfect world, or even an easy one, and you constantly adding your backhanded comments at me because you disagree with my comments or advice tells me something about your character. I can see where you are coming from with your views. I can even understand them, but there is a large amount I disagree with. I’ve experienced racism, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to blame that whole race or races for something a few ignorant people have said or done to me. I also don’t agree with your logic with what you’ve said about your White female friends. From your comment:

    I say this to say that I had special bonds and best friendships with many white women. None of them would want to date a black man. Now were they curious about the sex part? Sure. In fact they jokingly expressed that to me in high school. But to take one seriously for relationships and marriage, was not something they desired. Now why would I want my son to be looked at like an object? Why? Now is there a chance he would find a perfect white woman who would take him at face value. Sure. But why gamble? Why go through all that just to be with someone?

    Have you met and talked to every White woman in the U.S? I understand that you are talking from experience, but not every White woman thinks that about a Black man. Any woman can perceive a man as an object and vice versa, some people even make careers out of it. A Black woman could treat your son like an object, what would you say and do then? I’ve heard just as many stories of Black women using men as I have other races. Every time we have an experience with anyone is a gamble. Any man or woman could have a nice covering, but be a completely different person once you really get to know them. There is more than enough evidence of that in all races. If you don’t want to date out of your race, that’s perfectly fine, I have absolutely no problem with that because it is your choice. I just ask that you are able to respect my opinion and see where me and others that may agree with me are coming from. I do have a small question. Have you ever been out of the United States?

  • AdorkABLE

    Programming children? What happens when they leave for college and live on their own? Once their 18 or out of the house, any parents’ programming can go out the door. Once they experience life without mom and dad over them, making their own money, paying their own bills and doing what they want, full programming will fall under selective programming or go completely out the window. You can have the most respect for your parents, doesn’t mean you’re going to follow everything they taught you.

  • JustSaying:-)

    @ Rochelle

    I don’t feel stupid at all, actually you’ve only proven to me how ignorant you are and saddens me that your pushing your views onto impressionable young women. You’re an educator that teaches a class focusing on self-esteem to young girls, do volunteer work at the police station which seems to be the only admirable quality about you, yet as I’ve read through all of the comments, refuse to see anyone’s side but your own.

    NEWSFLASH (as you so elegantly put it)

    Anytime someone says something you don’t like or you disagree with, you go out of your way to say it’s wrong. You as an educator should be able to be objective and not subjective. Do you think the racism against Black people is worldwide? From your posts, you seem to think so. This commercial wouldn’t cause a blip on the radar in some countries, but I wonder do you tell the young girls that you teach that the world treats us the same way, that we’re treated in the U.S, (I am Black by the way despite what you may think). Here. let me give you back your dunce cap..

    I know the black community’s struggles, I’ve watched it with my own eyes so for you to tell me that I don’t know, shows again, that for an educator you lack the skills of reading comprehension and simple logic. I FEAR for the young girls under your tutelage. I know you’re going to respond and “go off’ on me, but just save us both the trouble and do something that I know is going to be really hard for you, be an absolute dear and DON’T. I can keep it coming so lets not hog the Comments section. I actually thought about apologizing, but then after reading your post where I NEVER even SAID that you DIDN’T know the struggles of the Black community and you again assume that I know nothing even though my post shows more than enough that I do (and have seen it with my own eyes) because I STILL don’t see a reason to be offended by a little girl who wants to make sure her daddy is healthy, who just happens to be biracial with a Black father and a White mother, one of the many types of family in this large world we live in, I decided this would be much more amusing. The only thing I find most offensive about the commercial are the comments against it.

  • h

    @Miakoda- It seems like the only thing you are doing on this comment board is apologizing for white men. Trust me, they don’t need your help.

  • a

    I really hope you are getting paid for your passionate defense of white men.

  • Z

    gentlemen, not everything in this world is about you. why do black men have such an overinflated sense of self?

  • guest

    Why are black people the only ones who talk about the “beauty” of race-mixing. You never hear white people fantasizing about some wonderful utopian future where everyone is “carame”l colored. Never.

  • lol

    I find it really interesting how black men will come out of the woodwork to defend their right to date ww, but never, never to defend bw or black love or even black communities…

  • Audra M. Akins

    This is truly a Non-Issue. I don’t care about this commercial one way or the other being that anywhere from 20% to 30% of African Americans will find European Ancestry on their paternal lines this is now a proven scientific fact. See the Rick Kittles work.

    About 30% of black Americans who take DNA tests to determine their African lineage prove to be descended from Europeans on their father’s side, says Rick Kittles, scientific director of African Ancestry, a Washington, D.C., company that began offering the tests in 2003. Almost all black Americans whom Kittles has tested descended from African women, he says.

  • AdorkABLE

    Nicely said. :-)

  • Chancesare…

    Thank you Audra for posting this. I am one of those 20% -30%

    Unfortunately, there are going to be some people who will take this the wrong way. If you’ve read the posts for the past few days, you can easily see which people will take offense to this and they’ll definitely be posting soon.

  • sarcasm?

    My goodness!!! Those terrible black men!!! What is wrong with them? If only they could be more like those wonderful white men!!!SMDH.

  • guest

    You are no different than the white supremacists who are on sites like Stormfront and Chimpout. You spout virtually the same exact racist propaganda. The only difference is that on Stormfront they make it VERY clear that they hate black women too.

  • Miakoda

    It seems that your perception of things isn’t quite right.

    I don’t think the question I asked warrants the insight you incorrectly provided.

  • Chrissy

    I’ve never understood this…..
    So having an ancestor that was white is the same thing as being biracial?

    Why does no one tell white people this? For every black person that has a white ancestor there is a white person with a black ancestor. However, not many people bring that up when talking to white people. I don’t get it.

    So, it is completely okay for black people, women in particular to be represented by biracial-multiracial people because there is a white person way back in the family tree? Huh?

    Only black people say these things.

  • Miakoda

    You mean you have never heard such.

  • Carefree

    The little girl is cute!

  • AdorkABLE

    For some of us it’s not as far back as you think. All of my grandparents are biracial, two are Black-Native American, one is Black-White, and the other is all three. I know this from what I was taught from my father, my elders, and from researching my family tree. I’ve traced my family back as far as the early 1500′s. Fortunately yet sadly, it’s easier to trace back the White side because censuses made sure they would get White Americans’ names right over Black Americans and the older the censuses get the harder they are to read and the more digging you have to do. All of our family knows about our family tree and pictures are hung up in the family houses of our ancestors. Plus when you have Aunts, Uncles, and cousins of varying shades and hair textures, questions get asked. We can’t ignore our past and we definitely can’t change it so we embrace it. There’s nothing wrong with being mixed. It would be more of a surprise if we weren’t considering all the nationalities and ethnicities in the world.

    Some of the reasons that Whites don’t talk about it is because some of them might not know. White American families would disown and completely write off their children for mixing races and some Black Americans would as well and you wouldn’t know unless you researched it. You can erase someone off a family tree, but you can’t erase them off a Census. Some white Americans do know, but don’t want to say anything or feel it’s a bad thing, especially if they have been taught to. Some have other reasons. America has progressed somewhat over race issues, but there still hasn’t been a decent dialogue to discuss them. I could choose to ignore the mix I am, but I would still have Black people coming up to me asking me where I’m from and what I’m mixed with.

  • KnowYourself

    Well did you tell her that? You have to speak up and tell her the facts. African Americans invented rock n roll for ffs! Don’t ever be silent about that because you are just shooting yourself in the foot.
    You need to take the opportunity to educate these idiots.
    You are more American than these immigrants. Even white ones who come to America and ride on their white skin privilege.

    In fact, some African American slaves came to the New World aka America before many whites. Unless whites are descendant from mayflowers they have no right to talk about “All American”.
    Asians, Indians (dot),Hispanics need to have several seats.

  • guest

    That’s because, deep down, a lot of black people want to be ANYTHING but black.

  • Chrissy


    If you come from a multiracial background that is fine. I was not talking about that though.

    I was talking about how people are so eager when conversations like this are had, to bring up an old ancestor. How is that relevant today? Especially if it is not a direct mix. Are they giving black people perks with a white ancestor? Is racism gone? Does this change media representation? I mean I really don’t get it. Are we not black anymore?

    We should not care about the possible potential of being erased from media because we are all ‘mixed’ anyway? Mhm. I think that is what happened in another country full of mixed people. They just ended up being represented by their whiter counterparts….

    Like I was saying white people also have black ancestors. They would have to know that. If they don’t know personally I’m pretty sure they could put two and two together.

    The difference is many white people do not mind being mixed especially if it is with other white nationalities or even native american. On the other hand, for many white people to know they have a black ancestor that might be more recent(or even far back) is not a source of pride for many. On the other hand, black people will champion any mix they could find, no matter how far back it is.

    Go to a conversation with white people. Tell them they have a black ancestor so they need to give up their white status and be more diverse. Tell them they should tell people they are mixed with black. The conversation should be interesting…..

    Anyway I have my own opinion about what I think race relations would look like in the future…. I won’t be jumping for joy anytime soon.

    The commercial was fine. Just had to comment on this comment about our ancestors.

  • guest

    Black people LOVE to talk about their european ancestry while white people do everything in their power to hide their African ancestry. Tells you everything you need to know about race in America.

  • John

    How dumb can you be?

    Just a cereal commercial.

    If this is how your mind works then you don’t ever need to turn on the television or radio ever again.

    Everything that you see on tv, radio, and now the internet is for mental manipulation. They want to change your value system which will in turn change your behaviour to one that will benefit other people, an organization, or a business.

    The fact that someone has to tell you that speaks volumes of your intellect.

  • John

    How do you think these problems are going to be solved outside of positive family structures.

    Having insanely high interracial relationships or having interracial relationships as the majority is not going to help black Americans one iota. In fact its one of the causes of the ills of black America.

    It shows just how pathetic the low self-esteem of black men has become.

    White women have the heaviest, baggiest, thickest, most wrinkled skin of any women on the planet. They look 5 to 20 years older than what they really are beginning in their 20s.

    Yet you have black men who will give their testicles to have a white woman.

  • JustSaying:-)

    Smarter than you. It’s still a type of family in the U.S. and in other places in the world. Other Westernized countries show commercials with multicultural families and no one goes nuts. Yes, images are everywhere and there is something behind them, but it doesn’t mean there is always a negative means behind it.

  • AdorkABLE

    I understand what you’re saying Chrissy. It can be difficult to convey your views and tone on these comments boards. :-)

    I think when it comes to the one white or two white ancestors way back I think it may deal with cultural identity. Africans know there ancestors are from Africa, Whites know theirs are from Europe, but Black Americans, we don’t exactly know for sure where are ancestors are from. Some of us can trace where our Black roots come from, but not all of us can. We’re told that we’re from Africa because of the triangular slave trade, but the slave trade made a stop in the West Indies, dropping off slaves and adding more onto the ships before it reached the U.S. so ancestors can be from either one or both. Plus, Africa is a big continent and we have no idea where those Africans slaves come from as well and same for the ones in the West Indies. There’s only so much of those cultures that can be passed down after hundreds of years before most of us assimilate to our environments and create a new one.

    I also think some Black Americans also use it as a way to separate themselves from what is considered as Black American culture these days. The stereotype for us has gotten way out of hand, yet at the same time, we have a few too many Black Americans who believe and practice that same stereotype, enforcing it and cementing it in the mind of other races.

  • Chrissy

    I understand what you are saying about many black people wanting a cultural identity. I agree. I think many black people would like to have a POSITIVE cultural identity like other black ethnicities

    I just don’t think we were able to form one because the US is so big and we were spread out everywhere. So it would have been harder for us to form our own language, flag, etc

    Yes, I think some black people want to separate themselves from the image of black people today. I can’t say that I blame them, but the eagerness to prove you are ‘mixed’ when you haven’t even seen them? A little bit of a stretch….

  • Eden

    I beg to differ. My ex was Filipino and Thai and the ex before that was an Irishmen. I grew up outside of the U.S. and in it…. (NC bred residing in the D.M.V. by way of Germany and Hawaii). Where I would DEFINITELY want more positive imagery of my people on TV, Cherrios has done a pretty good job of doing that but let’s not pretend that biracial families don’t exist. This ish is ridiculous.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Well, damn, you really went there! LOL, preach.

  • Love

    General Mills is a racist company. I state this NOT because of the little White/Black girl who they happily paraded as an ‘acceptable’ image of Black female BUT because if you google it you will find stories of how General Mills hung nooses on Black employees work stations and the managers were either in on it or did nothing about it; fired Black employees in drastically higher numbers than their White counterparts; have (to our knowledge) NEVER had a Black woman representing their product on ANY commercials!!! Then….along comes this White woman, mixed child and Black man (a small % of couples represented within our culture).

    Ban General Mills until they can show us, IN ACTION, that they are NOT racists!!! They don’t want Black women buying their products??? Great, no problem. There’s always Kellogs…or, maybe we’ll pool our money and start our own cereal production company :)

  • John

    Where is all of this historical interracial sex between whites and blacks producing children coming from? Historically, logically and commonsense wise I’m not seeing it.

  • Sawbuck

    I fail to see the basis for any hate as to this ad. This may be one of the most delightful and charming commercials of all time. It was funny and warm – all made me like the product more – which is kind of a big deal since Cherrios have been around FOREVER – and isn’t that the point of the exercise?

  • Tenisha M.

    Judging solely on the ad itself, being that I have no knowledge of the company’s history regarding race, I will say that I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever. All I saw was a little girl who loves her daddy and wants him to care for his heart. It was cute…adorable really. Anyone who’s first reaction is to comment on race and/or color is extraordinarily small minded, imho.

  • Dawn Solomon

    How come no one got mad about the All-State commercial with a black woman and Asian husband with their baby?

  • Kay

    The commercial is silly…unrealistic. A child that age should know better than pouring food on a parent. :(

  • coco

    The actress playing the mom seems unnatural.

  • JaeBee

    Lol. Furthermore, she wasted food.

  • ella

    So, I’m just wondering, after reading some of these comments, am I wrong to like the color of my skin? I mean, I personally have no problem with mixed races. Shemar Moore is a beautiful man ;). But, since I don’t necessarily wish to be “caramel” colored or “fantasize” about making caramel babies, I guess I’m in the wrong? I’ve dated outside my race and have never not dated someone because of their race. I have not necessarily “ruled out” having a mixed child, but I don’t really think about it either. So, according to some of the comments, I guess that makes me racist?

    Oh, and I thought the commercial was cute, but the white lady was a bad actor (I didn’t not like her because she was white, she just sucked).

    Oh, and… guess my race!

  • Xelaz Aughra

    Anyone who says this is about race is stupid. Quite frankly the race card is over used, worn out, and falling apart. Its not racist, its morally wrong. Im not here to change anyones opinion, but rather reinforce those who are like-minded as myself. I do not support inter-racial relationships or marriages.

  • Nor cal asian dude

    as an Asian guy, I gotta say that BLACK PEOPLE have always been a strong entity in defending their images compared to ASIANS. Have you noticed all these commercials with Asian women and white men?? they are a really marketable ATTENTION GETTERS. Marketing is trying to use the Asian woman image as both, grabbing creepy older white dudes’ attention (The DULCOLAX commercial-product used for men over 50 who usually develop yellow fever).

    They always use Asian women in dating sites commercials usually in the beginning, to grab Asian fetish attention. (Trust me that Asian fetish is a bigger problem than it seems). A Subaru commercial where the Asian chick drives for the guy, goes out and buys him shit, hangs up all 400 of his shitty paintings and then in the end the white guy rudely tells his Asian wife its upside-down. Media is using and trying to form mens’ minds to later use Asian women to more EFFECTIVELY use subliminal messages to sell products.

    MOVIES- JUST THIS WEEK OPENING- WOLVERINE in japan is banging an Asian chick and the other movie opening this week- PACIFIC RIM- where another white guy is banging another Asian chick.

    BLACK PEOPLE have always been a strong entity in defending their image and making change. THEY DONT LET THE NEWS get away with making racist names in an ASIANA PLANE CRASH…. seriously ASIANS did absolutely nothing to the news station. And we do nothing when Hollywood MAKES US LOOK SO TERRIBLE IN MOVIES, NO WONDER ALL OF THE ASIAN WOMEN HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR OWN CULTURE AND THE ASIAN MEN

  • Offthepink

    And on top of that, in the average white woman, black man relationship, either both are fat, both are normal, or the black man is slim, average or muscular, while the woman is fat. NEVER heard of or saw a fat brother with a slim caucasian woman.

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