Awaiting New Scandal Season: What we’re looking forOne of the hottest and highest rated shows on TV is hands-down Scandal. Since the creation of Scandal the craze has yet to die down, rightfully so, the scenes are vivid, the passion is intense, and Kerry Washington’s wardrobe is *everything*!

With the show on pause until its new season airs this fall, many fans are left on the edge of their seat waiting for the new scandal to unfold.

As things heat up between Olivia and Fitz, some loyal fans may begin to notice Scandal is approaching its 3rd season and every single character in Olivia Pope’s firm has had some form of a relationship with a love interest except….Harrison (Columbus Short).

Episode after episode there’s been no sign or indication that Harrison will have a love-life. Some speculate he will be gay, others have their fingers crossed in hopes that he and Olivia will strike a flame, but many are left wondering where’s the love for Harrison…

  • RenJennM

    Really? I think Harrison is just cool and sharp, and he cracks a witty joke at least once or twice per episode. If you mean “dry” as in dry humor, then I got you. But if you meant “dry” as in boring, then… I totally don’t get it. lol But to each its own, I guess.

  • RenJennM

    CCH Pounder would be a great choice, but that’s more so if they decided to make Liv’s mother a strong woman. We’ve already been introduced to Liv’s father, who’s totally wrapped up in the underbelly of politics and military and seems pretty intense as a person. It’d be interesting if her mother was the exact opposite… or maybe used to be strong but became broken somehow (maybe a goon that had it out for Liv’s father got to her or something… I don’t know). It’d be even more interesting if Liv’s mother died when she was really young. But regardless, CCH Pounder really would be a great choice.

  • BrownandBeautiful

    I just have to ask: when it comes to Fitz, are ya’ll Team Liv or Team Mellie?

  • talaktochoba

    and when men use you like a spittoon, like the First Whore, are you lol then, RenJenn?

  • http://. Tara

    CCH Pounder is a total class act. The world needs 2 see the classy black woman in the media.

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