Forbes released its annual list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. It is more diverse than usual, featuring an array of women of color from the Americas through the Middle East. The list also boasts 11 women of the diaspora from business, pop culture and politics. Clutch commends these women for their accomplishments and highlights them here.

  • Ask_ME

    Awesome! Black girls rock!

  • omfg

    i like this list!

    there were some people i wasn’t aware of.

  • Starla

    Ursula Burns is doing it! Thanks for the article, Clutch.

  • L

    I did not know of Rosalind Brewer. Walmart is not the easiest company to climb the ladder. Go Girl!

  • Hayna

    Congratulations to this accomplished group of women.

    Please note the following comment is not a swipe. However, how does Beyonce rank higher than many of these women who have made strides for humanity?

  • RenJennM

    This is incredible, but I find it weird that people in entertainment are considered more powerful than people people who are presidents and top philanthropists. Do we as humans really put entertainers on a higher level than those aiding to the good of humanity? Or has that question already answered itself?

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