Farrah Abraham + Montana

MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah Abraham recently dethroned Kim Kardashian in a record debut of her sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom” with Vivid Entertainment. In less than twelve hours, the 16 & Pregnant newly-minted porn star garnered 2 million views, crushing Kim K.’s 600,000 twelve-hour debut, proving that the strategic “sex tape for fame” move is alive and well…at least for white girls.

Prior to the release of the video, Abraham was not only a reality TV star, but she also became a New York Times bestselling author for her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. Her boyfriend, also her daughter’s father, was tragically killed in a car accident while she was pregnant; hence came the “whirlwind of events” that would set “the pace for the next few years of her life,” as her website describes the beginnings of her ascent to fame. She would go on to launch an Italian Pepper Sauce line with her family called MOM&ME, and is in the process of opening her first restaurant. Now, with a perfectly sculpted body, hot anal sex shots, and porn star James Deen, the young mom can add a celebrity sex tape to her list of accolades.

“I can’t believe the one time I have sex in the past year has turned into this #UNREAL,” tweeted the teen mom celeb in response to the tape’s release.

What’s unreal is that just a few short years ago, Montana “Chippy D.” Fishburne, daughter of Matrix actor Laurence Fishburne, tried a similarly “strategic” move and learned the hard way that celebrity porn is rarely a path to fame for black girls. Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is one of the few black women to transform her brand as a one-time porn star and video girl into a career as a New York Times bestselling author and multiple products, like Abraham’s. Fishburne, originally under the mentorship of porn star Brian Pumper, hasn’t experienced that level of mainstream success yet, despite her attempts to brand herself as a fitness trainer. She’s trying but nowhere near the path of former Playboy Playmate, exercise video star, and now activist, Jane Fonda. But is anyone really surprised?

Admittedly, Jane Fonda is a legend in her own right and built her fame primarily as an actress. However, the comparison is to point out that adult media is a career-catalyzing option for countless white women, while black women are rarely afforded the same boost or forgiving reputation. There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn, or posing in other forms of adult media. It’s just jarring that so many white women have been able to transform their moments as adult stars into versatile entertainment careers. There’s little hope that Ryan Seacrest will call the Fishburne’s unless Laurence agrees to pimp his daughter’s porn fame for a family reality TV show or a high-profile rapper agrees to impregnate her. Not to mention, she’s already too old for MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

Double standards are tragic. No Sears clothing lines or family pepper sauces for Montana. Just a Tumblr of low-quality photos, 11,248 Twitter followers, and a dream. The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing. However, making a sexual political statement was not her goal. She wanted a career, a jump-start to fame. What’s a black girl to do now?

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  • LKJ

    I knew that this would not work out the way she thought it would. It is sad that no one told this girl about the double standards in the way minorities vs whites are treated in just about every aspect of life.

    But it is also disappointing that she chose this path. Given who her father is she would’ve had more opportunities to break into the entertainment industry than Keisha from the block

  • Smilez_920

    I don’t thinks is a double standard as much as its about popularity.( in this case)

    Before Ms. Fishburn sexy tape nobody knew who she was other than Lawrence Fishburns daughter. So what would draw ransoms to watch her tape. This teen mom show has millions of viewers who know each teen mom. The only scandal around the Ms. Fishburns tape was that she’s Lawrence daughter , and if your not apart of a certain generation or culture who watches his movies your not going to care or watch.

    Super head was different beachside she came out at the time when hip hop was really on top of its commercialized peek. She dropped names of well known rappers not cheesy porn star who wants to be a rapper.

  • ….

    So the author is upset that she couldn’t make a career from a sex tape? Is this a joke? & did she really say that the girl should be applauded for making a tape?

  • Jeanne Cooper

    Are we really having this conversation? There is nothing to be proud of about selling a sex tape in order to get famous . I’m glad Larry Fishburn’s daughter got backlash from it & our community strongly stood against it. White people can continue this trend, we don’t want none of it.

    Also you have to remember that Montana’s father is a well respected actor in the industry and EVERYBODY was appalled by her quest to fame via pornography. Farrah has always been trash since her Teen Mom days. Of course this is not something unexpected coming from her.

    This is one case of double standard I’m glad exists. We don’t want our daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, to go down that path for an easy buck. What us black women should focus on is not so much how to get famous, but how we can continue being pillars of our communities and continue striving despite all the roadblock put upon us.

  • t

    i dont think you can compare the two. farrah was already somewhat famous from the show, her sex tape didn’t do that. montana was criticized mostly because her father is a respected actor and porn was the route she chose to try and get famous and on top of that she used his name to garner more attention for it. lots of people thought the way she went about the whole thing was tacky and it was. while farrah’s porn seems to just be a way for her to further finance her life and “business ventures” and keep herself in the public eye. but lets not pretend that everyone who releases a sex tape gets instant fame. the reason that kim k and paris hilton’s sex tapes were so popular was partly because people already knew of them.

  • http://www.coconutandcreamblog.com Coconut + Cream

    “There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn”
    What what what??? Is this a joke?

  • Tina

    There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn, or posing in other forms of adult media.
    Um, yes there is. Now with that out of the way.

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter was (and still is) an unknown & she filmed with someone who was an unknown outside of the p0rn world.

    Farrah, Ray J, and Kim had a larger audience before their tapes.

    Frankly, it’s a good thing that Fishburne’s tape was a fail and the tragedy would be anyone thinking that p0rn should be a path to success.

  • Cocochanel31

    Right WTF!!! I am so lost at the point of this article!!
    How about we teach young women, rich,famous, poor to value themselves as more than sex objects!

    Im still confused as to if this SArah chick made a tape on purpose or was captured by a lover..wth..either way she has a young DAUGHTER TO CARE FOR, and enough fame and money from MTV – why GO THAT ROUTE??

  • http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com Elegance

    “There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn, or posing in other forms of adult media.”

    WHAT???? Yeah there is something wrong with it! Otherwise everyone would be encouraging their kids to get into that mess! I’m glad that only White girls get benefits from doing porn, leave that mess to them and Black girls should focus on doing something more respectable with their lives! Leave them to be the sleazy one’s, we don’t need Black girls to degrade themselves like that in the hopes of getting famous or making money.

  • KDJW

    “There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn”
    Trying to understand this article soooo Montana should have recieved an equal amount, if not more praise for doing a sex tape? Why not challenge the girl to make her success in other wayS, not through a sex tape

  • http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com Elegance

    Oh and I commented before even reading this part, “The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing. However, making a sexual political statement was not her goal. She wanted a career, a jump-start to fame. What’s a black girl to do now?”

    Are you serious??? Clutch this is absolutely disgraceful! Applause for porn??? Was this a satire or something? I really hope it was. So disgusted right now…

  • Madeline

    You really have to know the author – Arielle check out her magazine CORSET http://www.corsetmagazine.com

  • Rakel

    I get the author’s point about double standards. With social media, and over night Internet stars ppl will keep trying by any means necessary to be the next big thing. When I heard about Montana’s sex tape. I was disappointed that she chose that route to quick fame. Double standards for Black women exist in every area and she was not going to get the result she wanted. I always wondered why she didn’t just ask her father for help.

  • DEE

    In my opinion porn shouldn’t be your first option, but if that’s what your into and your a grown ass woman or man then go for it.
    Doing a porn tape thinking it will catapult you into mainstream fame is a little delusional whoever you are.

    I mean it worked for a few women but what about all the other woman who thought this would be their path to fame that we know nothing about. I think Farrah thought that this would be a jumpstart for her career, unless she just genuinely wanted to do porn.

    A while back I read this article about how black women are underrepresented in the porn industry. It said something about black women being paid less than white women even if they were working together and how they would let black women go while on set if a white man/woman refused to work with them. So I really have no idea how Montana Fishburne thought porn would be her golden ticket because all it really did was piss off her daddy.

  • Chacha1

    What this article is talking about is one thing. It is quite another to simply discuss unfair expectations and limitations set for black women that are used to keep us in a certain place. And I get the author’s point about the reasons (hmm, race & worth?) BEHIND the double standard. I’d like to see us being able to make mistakes and things like that (and sex tapes are not mistakes) without being told we are horrible people while the white Farrahs of the world get to make mistakes AND sex tapes and still be seen as everything good, and right and end still up succeeding in some way. But I don’t want to see black women making sex tapes as a way to success. No way.

  • victoria

    Right! What is the purpose of this article? Now we want equal opportunity sex tape distribution and views. I can’t…

  • talaktochoba

    deserves applause for her part in further cheapening what is supposed to be a private act?

    of course white women porn stars are succesful–their men run the porn industry and the movie industry, which their men patronise religiously;

    black women historically have been thought of as little more than toys to these white men, far back as slavery, so they have good laughs at them trying to become like their women, in the porn industry as out;

    their latest joke is “Scandal”, where in soft porn slow motion soft focus everything warm and white takes turns trading her like a Whitey Ford baseball card;

    it usually takes awhile in both segments ofthe industry for the black women to catch on–usually when the teenage youth aura wears off–but by then the damage has been done and both industries are off to a fresh crop of young black starlets;

    oh, and by and large, black actors need not apply…

    what i’m waiting for is the first Tyler Perry of the porn industry-that’ll surely put the mouse backstage of the floor show!

  • AJW

    I don’t understand why so many black women want to out hoe white women. Tit for tat & crap. Unless we are willing to F#$* & suck off dogs, horses & other phallic objects, those dreams of out nastying (made that up) Them will never happen. LET THEM BE THE QUEENS OF HOEDOM! We’ve got enough black women & girls emulating these chicks & guess what? It ain’t working out for them. Black women don’t have to try hard to be sexy, beautiful or alluring. THEY DO!
    I’m sorry. So sorry that some of you are so GD obssesed with competing with & comparing yourselves to other chicks that honestly don’t freaking matter. I like to cruise dowm my own lane. I don’t care for traffic & their highways are congested with carbon copies of the same tired as looks & behaviors. We are unique. No other race of women have our attributes unless they’ve dipped in the gene pool or paid a surgeon & that’s not arrogance, it’s the truth. Own it!
    Please stop the insanity, let go & say F them & mean it! We are as a group becoming as neurotic as they are. Worried about everything they do. Balding ourselves with other peoples hair & bleaching. Cutting our bodies up like they do. Whelp. Yaaay! Well At least we self hate as much as they do now. Score #1 for the team! This shit is sad as hell.

  • AnnT

    I just don’t understand the deserve to race to the bottom on this one. I get the overtone of being fairly treated, but clamoring to be recognized for porn contributions? Oh…OK…

  • Anthony

    The case of Superhead was exceptional not because of her, but because of the reputation she had developed by word (wood?) of mouth. I think many wanted to see the woman who had turned out so many celebrity men.

    Kardashian already had a connection to the most reviled black man in white America, and she was filmed working the penis of a minor celebrity black men.

    Teen Mom, as others have noted, already had a following of millions.

    Ms. Fishburne was just another black girl getting pumped by a white dude online.
    Being the daughter of a rich black man still meant that she was still just a black “girl.”
    To paraphrase Malcolm X, “What do you call the daughter of a rich black man? A nigger!”

    The bottom line is that young women need to know that on the Internet their of millions of hot and not so hot women performing every sex act imaginable with varying levels of skill.
    Unless the back story is compelling, there is no reason to watch any person or any other random person having sex.

    By the way, I am all for freedom to make any legal decision, but I would tell any young woman that was I close enough to to counsel to think of another way to achieve her goals than publicly having sex. Those pictures will never go away, and when a young sexy girl is a mature woman, how will she feel about still being defined by her rendition of very private acts done in public?

  • http://gravatar.com/hellandheartaches Patrice

    The tape may be popular, but Farrah is being ridiculed for sure. She still maintains it was a “personal tape” that she never made to been seen by anyone else despite hiring James Deen to costar. Also she was on Dr.Phil and he spent an hour straight treating her and her parents like she had recently arrived to earth.

  • AJW

    By the way, I agree with majority of the commenters here. Clutch this is not the way to highlight the unfair double standards & discrimination we as black women face.

  • donnadara

    “The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing.” I can’t disagree with that statement more. First of all, she’s helping to perpetuate a “business” that very often traffics underaged girls. And if you interview women/girls who are involved in sex work, you will find women/girls who have a history of sexual abuse beginning at a young age,low self-esteem and pimps/boyfriends who are taking their money. Take a look at the film, “Very Young Girls”, and tell me again how great sex work is.

  • ….

    Girl, I’m just as confused as you are lol

  • Simone L

    I agree. I think the one thing this article misses is that the shock of Montana Fishburne’s sex tape was like “oh snap!! Laurence Fishburne has a daughter who BTW is doing porn…” We know her parents, who are actors. We didn’t grow up with them, but we got a sense she came from a good respectable family and then boom. Out the gates with a porno. This is a lose lose situation for everyone involved. This girl is bragging that her sex tape got more hits than Kim Kardashians. I read the site went down for 9 minutes due to all the traffic and frenzy over this video. You think those people were going to see if she was a sweet, intellectual individual? No. My father would roll over in his grave if I did something like that, and he’d keep rolling until Jesus came back. Lose lose.

  • Simone L

    your avatar is what greatness is made out of. And it’s how I feel about this girl acting like she won a prize.

  • EL

    Enjoying sex with your partner, lover, whatever, is completely normal and pleasurable and is more than fine but, getting passed around to many men and women who have done it ALL with each other is another thing and it’s not something that men or women should necessarily be commended for.

    I agreed with the other article, about the double standards for “upper/middle class” White women not being called sluts and hoes and “working class” women, especially Black women, being called all the names under the sun for promiscuity. Do I think it’s healthy to have multiple sexual partners, not at all. But, like the article said, the double standard is ridiculous. E.g- Sex & The City, not called hoes cause they live in Manhattan, oh please, 4 of the biggest hoes going!

    Yes, that is definitely double standard and yes Black women being paid less in the Porn industry is a double standard, but I am in no way routing for my Sistahs to take this career path in the first place. So as people have already said, the White girls can most definitely take this one!

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Is there a double-standard? Hell yes. However – considering that I have encountered very few people who hold the likes of Kim and Paris to high esteem, as famous as they are/were, I REALLY am not eager for more Black women and girls to play the Sex Tape to Fame lottery. =/

  • BeanBean

    Fishburne situation is very different, and I’m not sure the double standard has to do with race. Fishburne has a very successful and respected father, for her to being doing porn is ridiculous and shameful. Farrah was trash to begin with, so I expect nothing better from her. If there is a double standard based on race, I gladly support it! The last thing I want is to see a young black woman doing porn, doesn’t that play into the jezebel stereotype people are always bringing up??

  • Pat

    We are unique. No other race of women have our attributes unless they’ve dipped in the gene pool or paid a surgeon & that’s not arrogance, it’s the truth. Own it! — loving this statement!

  • http://gravatar.com/nattynay nattynay

    *I understand the authors point and observations*

    I also understand many times there are double standards when it comes to black and white fame. However,on the subject of sex-tapes and porn why would black women want to make sure that the black women who do decide to take this route get accolades?

    What made Montana Fishburne’s porn scene so disappointing is that she comes from fame (her father) and could’ve of found potential success maybe entering Hollywood as a rising star.

    I’m no one’s judge-and-jury, but deciding to put out a sex-tape as someone’s mother didn’t seem like the right move. Women should be encouraged to pursue success beyond sex, looks, and catty behavior, but hey whatever sells right?

    I think the “White people can do this, but if a black woman does it…” statement shouldn’t be used in regards to the adult-film industry. I’d rather see black women in a better light in front of a camera.

  • Anthony

    I agree. Although I support erotica and adult entertainment in principle, in practice, it needs to be shunned because there are just too many cases where I have a sneaking suspicion that the actors might be underage or abused in some manner.

  • http://gravatar.com/rastaman1967 rastaman

    I consider this a double standard I am willing to live with…SMDH

  • http://thecommentatorspeaks.wordpress.com The Commentator Speaks

    I mean! That white women vs black women argument was, I’m sorry, the dumbest statement ever. For goodness sake.

  • Anthony

    One thing that really irritates me about Montana Fishburne is that she is so pretty, if she has any talent, she could actually make it as a serious actor given her family connection.

  • Sasha

    White women can have this one, I’d like to see no more sexualized images of Black women thanks.

  • EL

    Hahaha, indeed!

  • Jessi

    Spot on and very well said… sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the business of hating ourselves because this is the norm for so many women these days.

  • Yvette

    “The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing.”

    No she doesn’t.

  • Yvette

    “Before Ms. Fishburn sexy tape nobody knew who she was…”

    The same could be said for Kim Kardashian and look where she is now. I agree with the author that there is a double standard based on race, but it’s a double standard that I can live with.

  • Marisa

    I thought this double standard was established long ago before these two anyways, something had to be off in the Fishburne family dynamic for Montana to lash out that way. Her dad has loads of acting connections she could have used nepotism like the others have done to get on. Lets be real a black family would never be put on in the Kardashian way, especially if the momma was the pimp like Kris Jenner. Yall think we seen online petitions before the outrage would be Shawty Lo times a millions lol .With that said I don’t care what anyones says Kris Jenner and her family will be paying a price for that sleazy money pit they have built, and that should be no model to follow for any race of women.

    Also this ditz Farrah need to put the camera down and start prioritizing in being a decent mother, she is one that is spoiled and entitled like when she wanted implants and nose jobs. Girl grow up and focus on your baby and start being a decent person that she can look up to.

  • Lola

    One thing that you said was true is that white men support their women, and where are the bm to support bw? nowhere to be found. But wait they do support non-bw *Kim Kardashian*

  • Anthony

    I agree that something probably is not right between Montana and her dad, although as a father, I can attest that kids can be very impulsive and oblivious to the long term consequences of their actions.

    I also think that Montana may simply have been a rich young woman who was actually clueless about the dynamics of race in this world.

  • Shay

    Omg i thought i was the only one who kinda felt that way about Scandal. i thought to myself “what is so interesting about a black woman sleeping with the MARRIED president?” And people , especially a lot of black women seem to be on her side. But call women who sleep with married men in real life whores….TF is up with that?

  • T

    When it comes to black women and sex. We will never be viewed the same as other women. I think it doesn’t matter who the black woman is. The double standard comes from the stigma that we are promiscuous and not pedestal –worthy. Hence — why black women aren’t targeted for marketing .So, if your career started out in the porn industry, advertisers aren’t going to utilize any talent you may have. It was already limited in the first place.

    As far as the exception to the rule — Karrine Steffans. I think she gave an audience what they always wanted to know (gossip/inside info), thus becoming a brand and a sought – after marketing tool. She had the right package and the right skill set to make the industry money. And she knew the right people. She is not even considered as a whorish woman unlike the average black woman with that type of past. Well at least from the conversations I’ve had with men. I’m not saying I support this method, but it is a wonder how Karrine made it work for her. On the other hand, by Montana being who she, she lost respect from the very beginning by choosing the porn- industry route. I would imagine some people would even think there is a mental balance (other problems). Most teens/adults would typically choose this path out of desperation.

    Also, I think Jamie Jennison excelled as well. I think she was even on Oprah at one time. Don’t forget, white women are respected (by society) no matter what they do which is more reasons why we should push to educate our girls..

  • BriA

    Kim didn’t set out for this sex tape to be placed in the public eye……the only reason people watched it was because Ray-J was having sex with a pretty exotic girl….No one knew who Kim was but she turned it around into her own little “empire” …..These girls Fisbourne and Teen Mom set out for these to be made public so they could get some fame/money from it

  • The Other Jess

    I understand what the author is saying. Some women, depending on their circumstances, choose to use their sexuality as a way to get ahead. I don’t personally agree with it, but some women choose to do this – some Black, white, Asian and Latina women have equally tried this route as a means to express their freedom, sexuality, and in many men’s eyes, beauty.

    But the equality stops there. White women who do it are generally celebrated in the media, given more opportunities to go “legit” and enter the mainstream among whites, and are still seen as decent, dateable/marriageable women who happen to have strong sex drives – this is a true perception among white men and definitely by Black men, and MANY Black women.

    No matter what white women do, it is always somehow forgivable, less egregious and rectifiable. In fact, sex tapes and sexual openness for white women makes them “more desirable” and is considered acceptable. The more sex tapes / strip clubs a white woman is part of, the more black men run after her and feel “honored” to be with her – can anyone say Kim Kardashian or Kendra? Latina women are afforded a more positive reputation as well. Karrine Stephens is considered a used up whore, while white womenare considered to have just “made some mistakes” and are still conidered sexy, desirable and even marriage material.

    On the other hand, Black women who try the same thing are rarely if ever seen as more desirable and are treated harshly for expressing their sexuality in the way mentioned in the article. Black women are roundly considered whores, hos, bad girls, street walkers, called ugly names in many cases and are not seen as good enough for long-term dating or marriage. They are not celebrated in the mainstream media, not celebrated by Black men, despised by Black men and many Black women, and at the most, get the dubious reputation and “recognition” in the hip hop industry as “video ho” to be passed around, dissed and then discarded as “ho’s” by men in the hip hop industry.

    In other words, Black women on sex tapes are considered only good enough for emotionless sex – like a prostitute – but will never be seen as beautiful, desirable or marriage worthy like white, Latin, or Asian women. Just sayin. This mindset is particularly true in the Black community. White women always get a pass.

    There is definitely a double standard – a racist double standard.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    You are so on point with this comment sis, nuff said

  • The Other Jess

    Sure, you can live with it. You’re not a woman. And while I would never do a sex tape or anything of that ilk, I still think that Black women should not be castigated for doing something no different than many other women.

    And the numbers of Black men hightailing it over to non-black women should be indication of what they REALLY think about it.

  • http://forcefullyexpressive.wordpress.com forcefullyexpressive

    Yes! This, exactly this.

  • GlowBelle

    “The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing.”

    Huh? I can’t even process this…you’re upset because Laurence Fishburne’s daughter didn’t get fame and got backlash for a sex tape but a ratty ol’ Teen Mom did? Um, I don’t know about you, but this sex tape thing is not a competition we need to be a part of, or a ‘+1 for them a zero for us’ moment. What exactly are we tallying here? I understand what *point* was trying to be made, but still this is lopsided thinking. We fight against the over-sexualizing (and de-sexualizing) of us daily.You know who Sarah Bartmaan is right? You know why people were pissed at the Onion over calling Quvenzhane Wallis a derogatory word right? Sure white women get lauded when they shed their clothes, and having sexual freedom is one thing, but this is a completely different story, this is heralding a business that demeans and abuses women…of ALL races. There is nothing to applaud or be selective about it. Didn’t we just see this week three women escape after 10 hellish years of sexual captivity?

    Actually I feel sorry for the both of them as it’s sad what desperate lengths people go to obtain fame and fortune. Sure Teen Mom got her checks and glory and Fishburne’s daughter got some buzz, but having dignity and self-respect for yourself is priceless and that is what is really lost in the shuffle. Fishburne’s daughter is the even sadder case because her father is actually IN the business…she had some damn easy access and to me, she squandered it by taking the cheap, easy way out. So don’t give me this “Black folk can’t get this, White folk can”, cause in this case it doesn’t work…look at Willow Smith, Angela Simmons, and Tracee Ellis Ross…all with famous parents who found celebrity status themselves without going down this road. Better options…we have them.

  • JaeBee

    I don’t know much about this “teen mom”, but just because one has received many views of their “work” doesn’t mean that many people approve of it, or don’t think poorly of her because of it.

    She should really be ashamed of herself–doing such a stunt and having a young child (a daughter at that) who she needs to be a better role model for. Can you imagine how embarrassing that will be for her daughter to know about and have access to the video when she is old enough to understand such things? Does anybody really want to see their parent in such a position? I can imagine there will be much bullying and taunting when future schoolmates discover the video and tease her about having a mother who’s a “ho”. And she won’t have any ground to defend her mother cause the proof will be forever immortalized in a tacky sex tape.

  • Ms Write

    ” Fishburne, originally under the mentorship of porn star Brian Pumper, hasn’t experienced that level of mainstream success yet” Umm…yea Brian Pumper is her mentor and you’re wondering why she hasn’t been successful? That guy is a joke… Anyway, it is not a similar comparison. To be fair, Farrah had “Teen Mom” which is a show I’m sure has millions of viewers. Montana Fishbourne thought people would be interested in seeing her in porn just because of who her father is.

  • Apple

    I dunno the media maybe playing into it but regular people are laughing at her and talking about her bad bad. Saying she’s stupid, a whore and worst that she has a “blown out ass(anus)” and “loose vagina” literally .

  • Pops


    That KK s*xtape was PLANNED!


  • D

    This isn’t a race issue its a fame issue, before the tape the white girl had been on MTV for years & had endorsements, I didn’t even know fishburne had a daughter till her tape came out.

    Bet money if a famous black star dropped a tape it would be big news, not everything is about race sometimes its just about fame.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Precisely! Having a heavily viewed sex tape doesn’t mean that people like her or respect her. Now tell me why I should be sad that Black women/girls are left out in the cold of that ‘market’.

  • B.

    Yep! I saw some tv host say that Abrahms, took her child to Vivid studios????? They said she was a bad mother. Can’t get any worse than that.

  • http://gravatar.com/rastaman1967 rastaman

    Yup, you figured me out, i am all for keepig black women from exploiting themselves for so called fame or fortune. I am going to go on home now to my fat white/asian/jewish wife, the former porn actress.

  • T

    I have the same question “When will (some) black women stop trying to gain validation in OTHER PATRIARCHAL COMMUNITIES?”

    I said we will “never” — NOT that I wanted us to be. What we have is what “they” glamorized – it is just not respected the same which is fine with me – b/c it is inherited and can never be taken away. I love being a BW and “always” have. And I try to instill this same self-love in our younger women. Besides that, similar to how patriarchal communities and their commercial advertisements don’t elevate us above their own, it is still some of our men who do. We don’t see it in mainstream as much, but black women are admired. The PC just will have us to believe otherwise. So, I can understand how one would THINK it is a cry from BW to gain validation from OTHER PC since we often see other women’s affection readily displayed. It is noticing the difference, not a cry for acceptance.

  • http://gravatar.com/nattynay nattynay

    I believe like most commenters here that it is a popularity thing, Farrah had a fanbase for being on Teen Mom 2, no one really knew of Montana prior to her porn debut(some still don’t). Race probably does play a part in this as well.

    I’d rather no woman use the “sex-tape to fame/success” road, but if it came down to terms of race I’d prefer black women to sit this one out.

  • Pseudonym

    Did anyone else read the title and think, “Who is that vs Who is that?”

  • http://creativegirlinacorporateworld.wordpress.com Esta Fiesta

    What about Ray J? He was a recording artist and actor THEN in the Kim K sex tape too but he hasn’t been able to turn it into much.

  • Lo

    This article is pointless. The author is basically calling for an uproar over the fact black girls aren’t selling enough sex tapes?? GTFOH! This is cause for celebration! There are enough hypersexualized images of black women out there as it is.

    And like others have said, who the hell knew Laurence Fishburne had a daughter? Teen Mom was one of MTV’s most popular shows ever.

    Please delete this ish & try again.

  • GG


    Good point. Ray J is struggling with little career he had before while Kim K is everywhere so race does have a play. He only got 2 million dollars for the tape while Kim received 5 million and she was not even famous.

  • mEE

    was this supposed to be satire?

  • E.M.S.

    Personally I don’t understand why anyone would WANT to be famous for porn. It’s just my personal opinion that porn turns sex into something dirty and disgusting. So I myself would never choose that just to cash out.

    Forgive me if I’m not up in arms because black women don’t get as famous for having sex on camera. How about we get famous for other more positive things?

  • harlemnyc

    The vast majority of porn consumers are white men. White men are far more interested in seeing naked white women than they are in seeing naked black women. Period. For this reason black women in the industry make far less money than white women. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • JS

    EXACTLY, Kim would have not got her chance to jump off had it been some silly black man porn star in that video and not a well known hip-hop artist. That was around the time when Ray J was actually relevant for being more than Brandy’s brother… a relatively short lived time but I digress.

  • JS

    Girl preach, it is TOO common for people especially the media to oversexualize Black women and girls as being easy, loose or low-morals even when they are far from it. We don’t need equality when it comes to selling yourself cheap, we are worth more than that!

  • JS

    Yeah KK and Paris Hilton, put theirs out during a time when Hollywood was obsessed with the “party girl scene” and no one got any flack but was in fact praised for acting messy as possible. Glad that phase is over (too bad Linsay Lohan never got that memo).

  • http://gravatar.com/statum1 shanae

    Farrah was a nobody until she became famous from being a teenage mother (and a horrible one at that) “Chippy D” was a daughter of a well established Actor in Hollywood…totally different.

  • LemonNLime

    Umm this is one “double standard” I really don’t care about. Besides, free market my friend. The market wants what the market wants and I guess the markets like porn from white no-namers rather than black no-namers.

  • Carefree

    This just goes to show three things: The world needs Jesus, Black women idolize white women, and the porn industry is catered to the likes of white men. White men like to see white women have intercourse with black men.

  • Carefree

    It’s you’re not your, and what do you mean by beachside? Besides?

  • Lynne

    I’m all for women being free to pursue diverse interests, second chances, the free market, whatever else. But forgive me if I don’t shed a tear over this issue.

    I will shed a tear for all those poor women of color and their babies who were treated like garbage by the likes of Dr. Gosnell of Philadelphia.

    Disparities in promoting trash? Who cares?

    Disparities in medical treatment? Let’s do something about that.

  • Job

    Stupid comment. No men want to marry porn stars or strippers. No man respects them. White men are in no rush to marry such women. Where do you come up with this stuff?

  • JS

    Ray J was all but relevant for 2 minutes. Which says less about any standard and more about his lack of talent as an artist. Not saying Kim has any talent, because she doesn’t, however Ray J didn’t have a money-hungry-looking-for-the-next-come-up-mother like Kim did either. Also Kim should have been payed more regardless as the video featured more of her than it did him.

  • Anon

    I literally clicked on this to see who would be STUPID enough to champion this. Noted.

    Girl, seek therapy. Being known as a wh*re is NOT the business. And let’s not act like one person wasn’t strung out, and used her father’s name to get recognition. #Dobetter

  • Anon

    @Job… Hahahahaha!

    Ask anyone who’s worked military in Asia what their new wife’s occupation REALLY was, and you’ll get stared down by the hubby, and shrugged shoulders from whomever else is around and knows the truth. Men marry white and asian strippers and wh*res all of the time. Russia/Thailand ring a bell?

  • Anon

    Nah. Once a white woman goes black, it’s hard for her to go back… because they won’t take her. Literally. White women who do interracial usually NEVER are able to command the same price again. Actually, same goes in the dating world.

  • shawty the sweetie

    Black women need to stop thinking they can do the same things white women can do, feminism is a lie.

  • The Other Jess

    hmmmm AJW, you made me rethink my comment. Great points, and i agree with them all. And this:

    “Black women don’t have to try hard to be sexy, beautiful or alluring. THEY DO!”

    I never thought of it that way, but maybe that’s why so many white women are represented in porn- they’re trying wayyy too hard to be keep up the image of sexy/alluring. Your comment is great – I revoke my comment. :-)

  • The Other Jess

    @ Job:
    hmm, let’s see…Kris Humphries married Kim Kardashian and a whole slew of other guys want to wifey her too, and now Kanye has a baby with her. Kendra, former sex industry star (now called “glamour model – how’s that for the double standard) is married to Hank Basset, a black man. Montell Williams married a white porn star. Tiger Woods was involved with NUMEROUS sex workers who were white. I mean, the list goes on and on. So where are YOU coming from?

    Many men marry sex workers, but generally, White girls can make mistakes and be forgiven and given legitimacy, Black women are not afforded the same.

    But I agree that no Black woman should ever aspire to that – we are so much better.

  • The Other Jess

    The only idiot is you, Rastamoron. And I’m sure you’re enjoying your fat white and whatever else wife. I’m sure she matches your ugly pathetic arse perfectly!

  • The Other Jess

    “When will black women stop trying to gain validation in OTHER PATRIARCHAL COMMUNITIES.”

    I guess when Black women can gain validation in their own communities.

  • MommieDearest

    Are some of us SOOOO obsessed with trying to do everything white people do that we are getting mad if our attemps to whore ourselves out fail? WTF? *smh*

  • The Other Jess

    The porn industry is catered to the likes of all men – what, you don’t think the sex industry is huge in other communities and countries?? Please. And what weird Black women do you know? Black women don’t idolize white women in anyway.

    Try again.

    Women all over the world are in the sex industry, including all over Africa, Latin America, Euope and Asia, many forced into it. And men in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America are demanding the porn industry stay in business. Many make mistakes and enter into it willingly. But white women in many case in America are forgiven for it.

    And I think you have that ass backwards – it seems to me that it’s black men who enjoy seeing white women with Black men. Don’t try to make this into an “only white men do it” thread. Black men go for porno as much as other men. And are just as guilty for keeping the porn industry alive and kicking.

    Demand is what keeps that industry going, and many women and girls mistakenly go into it looking for fame, fortune, status and beauty accolades.

    White women have a much better shot at those accolades than Black women do, but really no woman should aspire to work in the sex industry – most will never reach any level of legitimacy, whether white or Black, and it’s extremely degrading and dangerous.

  • The Other Jess

    And where did you get those stats from? Porn consumers are cross communities and racial boundaries. The illegal sex trade including the selling of young girls is worldwide including in Black communities in America. Don’t believe it doesn’t exist in Black communities.It’s a scourge that knows no racial boundaries – just some women, white women, are not shamed as badly as others for being a part of it.

  • talaktochoba

    if you’ve ever seen a porn star up close, after you got past the unnatural smell, their skin generally has the pallor of a shark and their skin is almost as rough–and that’s just the outside;

    overall, they are some hard, hard women, women you really wouldn’t want to run into alone in an alley or bedroom or anywhere else, women so hard they’d make an NFL linebacker wince hard as a WNBA star would;

  • Anon

    You ain’t NEVER LIED. I don’t have a few friends anymore after pointing this out (and their “experiments” turned out wrong afterwards). We DON’T have that kind of protection or care in this country, heck in this WORLD! You see Asian and Eastern European chicks embracing this nonsense? Heck, you see lower-class white women embracing this without dyed blonde hair and under a certain height/weight?


    A lot (the vast majority) of feminism is for middle-class and up Western white women who will ALWAYS have a back-up plan b/c their men will protect and defend their image 4.Ever.

    And even that is on the wane with some of these antics, mail order brides are on the up-tick for REASONS. There are a lot of angry (some single) middle-aged white women out there for REASONS. Most of that noise is for young white women with easy access to college-educated men of all races, we ain’t got it like that.

  • Anon

    @the other jess

    Yeah, okay. I speak as someone who used to volunteer for women in shelters & former prostitutes, and ALL of the white ones said that. The money drops once it is known that they may take black clients. And they said it was true in porn and the stats back it up.

    Welp, nevermind. I see other folks agree with me too. Sorry to burst that bubble.

  • Anon

    You said a lot, but who are they PAYING for?

    I don’t know of any black millionaire porn stars of off a few tapes, and yet (not condoning it b/c ole’ girl is a mess), Jenna Jameson DOES have money that runs long.

  • Gina Wild

    Double standard! You’re kidding, right?

    Well, possibly and it’s ok too because it’s not like making a sex tape is a badge of honor. So on that note, them Farrah, KK and PH can have the prize!

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlackBot Black Bot (@TheBlackBot)

    I was thinking about the other day, but I can’t say that it’s a double standard in this case. I had never heard of Montana before her sex tape, and I still have no interest in her. However, I have followed Farrah’s life from 16 and Pregnant and throughout all of the seasons of Teen Mom. In short, I’ve been familiar with Farrah for years. She’s *always* in the tabloids, so naturally, when she releases a sex tape, it’s going to be popular.

    Furthermore, Farrah made her sex tape with a famous porn star. I don’t think anything more needs to be said here.

  • Sanura Rose

    I know right? I find the idea of making money off having sex disgusting and nothing to commend people for. I find it rather sad that many people go this route to make something for themselves. It’s nothing to be proud of.

  • http://miss-zorro.tumblr.com Miss-Zorro

    “Forgive me if I’m not up in arms because black women don’t get as famous for having sex on camera. How about we get famous for other more positive things?”

    Thank you, I was thinking the same exact thing! Double standard?! We shouldn’t even be trippin about this mess!! Instead of complaining about how black women don’t receive the same recognition for having sex on camera how about talking about other things that black women could be doing to uplift themselves in a positive light; not this garbage here. I’m sorry but aiming to be a porn star should not be counted as a uplifting achievement…c’mon Clutch.

  • Sanura Rose

    Exactly! I too was happy to see the backlash. I don’t want young black girls falling into such traps. I want them to grow up not believing that they’re easy, sex kittens with nothing else to offer (I wish that for all girls). No way.

  • Sanura Rose

    That line really bothered me. Young girls and women are sexualized in every shape and form. I’d like to teach women that we don’t have to go that route. We are more than what’s between our legs.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Agreed! I don’t think these women will have the last laugh sure they may have money and a little fame but people generally don’t respect them and have a low opinion of them. Hell look at the comments regarding kim k lately and this chick. The only market for them is basically a media’s punching bag. Let these birds have this standard. I rather not lay on my back to make it. There are already to many stereotypes going against black women in the sexuality department and uphill battles of people policing us to worry about getting on equal footing on a standard nobody should strive for…

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