Chief Keef Threatens Katy Perry Over Tweet

by Clutch


Twitter beefs between celebrities are so ubiquitous these days, we almost expect them to happen. But yesterday’s exchange of tweets between Katy Perry and Chief Keef was more disturbing than usual.

It started when the pop star mentioned Chief Keef’s song “Hate Being Sober,” saying:

“Just heard a new song on the radio called “I hate being sober” I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Katy’s comment angered the rapper, who unleashed a series of tweets at the pop star:

“Dat b—h Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my D—”/”Ill Smack The Shit out her”

He then threatened to write a song about her:

“New song Katy Perry coming soon”

As a woman, those tweets rubbed me the wrong way. Violence against women and sexual degradation shouldn’t be taken lightly, and they certainly shouldn’t be referenced just because someone doesn’t like your song. Chief Keef has a reputation of outrageous social media stunts, and it’s high time that he exhibits more responsibility in the messages he puts out to his 600,000+ followers.

After Chief Keef’s outburst, Katy Perry apologized to him:

“Mr. Keef! I’m sorry if I offended you. I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & didn’t even know it was you in particular. Actually…I’m a fan of your “Don’t Like” video tbh. I was really just having a general opinion on our generations desire to be constantly intoxicated. Believe me, I’m a lover not a hater. x”

And he accepted, tweeting:

“I Get It Now Dont Worry”

It’s great that they were able to reach a resolution, but their “beef” didn’t need to escalate to such a disturbing level in the first place. What do you think of their exchange, Clutchettes?


  • Afrostyling

    Why the fuck did she apologize to him? She didn’t like his song, she said so and he started threatening her. That girl is stupid.

  • Afrostyling

    Why the hell did she apologize to him? She didn’t like his song, she said so and he started threatening her. That girl is stupid.

  • Shamrock Robinson (@Shamrockoff)

    I’m unfamiliar with this song, so I’m going to rely on Google for a little impromptu research… BRB

    I’m back with the verdict:

    Tis a dumb azz song.

    Keef should EXPECT for people to say that this song is dumb as all get-out. I can’t stand the dude, personally; he’s big for no reason.

    See for yourself – hook as follows:

    “On my tour bus we get dumb high you’s a floor boy
    Fredo got a hangover he toting a Cobra
    Last night he was shooting sh_t up like O-Dog
    Reesy rollin, Tadoe got h_es on mollies
    Chief Sosa, Ballout, we high riding ‘Raris
    My b_tches love drinking, some love smoking
    Let my alcoholic b_tch hit the dutch, she start choking
    Call up D-Money, now we throw money
    All these b_tches off the sh_ts walk around like some zombies
    Call up D-Money, now we throw money
    All these b_tches off the sh_ts walk around like some zombies”

    *Shaking my head while I walk completely out of the room*

  • Lisa

    I’m just mad she actually apologized to him. He’s a young kid that needs to learn that violence against women doesn’t make you hard. it doesn’t make you tough. and it certainly doesn’t make you a man.

    so why aren’t we demanding that radio stations stop playing his music? i’m curious

  • mluv

    i dont know him but i hate him

  • B

    Is this really a story? Or is it a story because it’s an exchange between an “attrachtive” white woman and a misognystic, socially-challenged, black, male rapper? How about a story on why Lupe Fiasco’s public revelations’ are being censored by his team and Chief Keef’s are not?

  • Digg82

    Exactly…I didn’t like hime anyway, but I just lost what little respect I might have had for her.

  • Ask_ME

    I was hoping this would be the beef needed (after all she is a white woman) for society, the music industry and white men to “Chris Brown” his arse. Why in the world did she apologize???

  • Milaxx

    probably to squash the oncoming dumbness.
    In the end he looks ignorant for threatening a women simply because she didn’t like his song.

  • Treece

    She got scared……that’s why she apologized. its sad that assholes like him still can intimidate women with all thier barking like the junkyard trash dogs they are. she had nothing to apologize for. ridiculous that women even give this fool the time of day by listening to his music! Why?!

  • youandme

    why is everyone coming down on her, calling her stupid you look no better then him

  • Starla

    Clutch, I am begging you to please give us a break on the Chief Keef stories. They are never good stories and just leave you feeling dirty, sick, and angry after reading them.


    It’s not ‘their’ beef, because he was the one who initiated it and it seemed to be one sided.

  • A

    He’s disgusting. It’s disgusting that he even has a career. He does not belong anywhere where the public can hear his nasty hate. It’s just reprehensible.


    There was no ignorance here. He knew exactly what he was doing?

  • Kacey

    Serious question – Who are the people buying this guy’s music?

    I can’t even look a him and I’ve never heard any of his music (I won’t lower myself). I would have never even heard of this boy if it weren’t for black blogs airing stories about him. If he is really the objectionable creature he is represented to be, why is so much word space dedicated to him? I just don’t understand why we feel a need to give publicity to these people. Then Clutch has the nerve to run a piece about there not being inherent dysfunction in the black community, but isn’t that what this guy represents?


    She isn’t a stupid woman for apologizing. It was unwarranted.

  • dippedingodiva

    I can understand your point, but I think it is news because Katy Perry is a well known artist. I think this would have been news if it was Beyonce, Kelly Rowland or Rihanna

  • BeanBean

    Just trash, pure trash. Perry did nothing wrong, is she not allowed to comment on an obviously stupid song? For him to make these types of comments about a woman is disturbing, it shows what his mindset is.

  • stef

    this kid is like watching a accident in slow motion, it is not going to end with a happy ending

  • omfg

    the dysfunction in the black community is so obvious. you’d have to be in denial, or just not want to air your dirty laundry, to not see it.

  • Get to the Choppa

    But the majority of people buy his music is white so let me fix that statement for you…. The dysfunction in ALL communities is so obvious.

  • Allie

    Katy Perry talkin about bad music.
    Ain’t that the pot callin the kettle black.

  • Rita

    He shouldn’t have a career. He is gross.

  • binks

    She is good because I would not have apologized especially after his reply but read him his rights down to the last word on why I think his music sucks…furthermore, I chuckle at his comeback reply he can “pretend” to be big and bad through his music but can’t take a simple “I don’t like your song” comment…man please get bent. This is why behavior like this continues because people back off to easily.

  • Yb

    But wait….did Katy threaten to physically assault him and told him crudely to engage in a sexual act with her for voicing his opinion in his shit music or did she just say she didn’t like his shit music?

  • Mike

    You have to love black women, coming to the defense of a white woman, who doesn’t even have you in her conscience. Also, why are you blaming a black young men, born and raised in the ghetto, by a single mother, who obviously, is a complete failure as a mother.

    Rhetorical question, when do we hold the black mother accountable, for how her son turned out? She’s the one, who had physical custody, for the last 17 years.

  • Kacey

    @ Get to the Choppa

    Doesn’t the fact that whites are the largest consumers of this Chief Keef person’s music only confirm that his brand of dysfunction is entertainment for white people?

  • La-netta

    Wow…he is referred to as “mr”. Mr is saying I respect you. There is nothing AT ALL to respect about Chief Keef. He is what you call a disgrace…ugh! smh and he is so disrepectful!

  • Rue.

    THANK YOU! I was just gonna make the exact comment! That man Keef (I refuse to degrade the word Chief) is such a POS that it’s unbelievable

  • LKJ

    I already had a very low opinion of him after finding out that a middle school girl was suing him for paternity (yes middle school that is not a typo).

    This boy (his actions prove he isn’t a man) needs to be checked. You can not threaten to rape and assault someone because they don’t like your music. Katy Perry did not owe him an apology and should not have apologized.

    It’s also extremely disappointing to see black people fulfilling the stereotypes that people have of us. Shame on him.

  • Catpopstar

    You’ve got to take criticism better than that. He would have definitely gotten fired in any other industry.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    don’t WE provide his income?

  • Treece

    No I didn’t….but I was specifically talking about his ability to intimidate WOMEN. Not excluding his violence against people as a whole. I realize that. I’m not dumb, deaf, or blind. I just was referring to the subject at hand, which is that he intimidated and was nasty towards a woman (Katy Perry).

  • Lynne

    This so-called man is absolutely disgusting. He’s ugly both on the inside and out.

    But I must say, I’m actually a little glad he’s a rapper. God only knows how this thug would be making a living if his little rap career hadn’t worked out.

  • Nadell

    THANK YOU! I thought she should’ve stuck to her opinion. So now Keef has brought it to Perry’s attention that this terrible song in fact is his it somehow isn’t terrible anymore???
    If it is a horrible song w/o your knowledge of who the artist is shouldn’t it remain a horrible song despite figuring out who the artist is?
    Perhaps she feels apologizing is to keep her name out of his mouth for negativity… his behavior is quite frightening.

  • Apple Pie

    What do you expect? She’s scared just like any normal person would be. She was actually very smart to deflect the situation because these boys are nothing but monsters. People should take their threats seriously.

  • Nestafan2

    So black women should defend his disgusting comments because he’s black? It’s this type of mentality that breeds bad behavior. He was wrong, I don’t care what color his skin is. In fact, that’s exactly what makes the situation all the worse.

  • GlowBelle

    Don’t like either of them, but Perry isn’t being stupid for apologizing. She stated her opinion, and unfortunately she got side-swiped by this ignorant asshole and well, she got scared and didn’t want to challenge him further. Sometimes apologizing keeps things moving esp. when you’re dealing with crazy assholes like that guy. I know, we love to state our opinions/take up for ourselves, but I don’t blame her for being scared and rushing out an apology, you have to pick your battles and assholes like Keef are wastes of time to even trying to explain yourself to — those kind of people will NEVER get it.

    I wish we’d stop giving Keef press, he’s not contributing a damn thing to society and I would have never heard about him if it hadn’t been for black websites like Clutch giving post time to him. Time to dim the spotlight on him now…

  • Daijana

    Well that was immature..

  • Anthony

    If Chief Keef has some of his boys pump you or one of your family full of bullets, would you be so understanding?

  • Anthony

    Who is we? I doubt if Clutchettes buy his downloads. I doubt if men in our demographic buy his music. My guess is the people in our community who like his music have no problem with his behavior.

  • Anthony

    Chief Keef is too dumb to realize that Katy Perry apologized from a position of power. As a young, famous, rich, and attractive white woman, she could make him wish he were never born if she wanted to put the law and social opinion after him.

  • Child, Please

    I’m mad she had to be the bigger person and apologize. He was waaaaay out of line and someone should’ve educated him as to why that is the case. Ugh! He’s the most disgusting kind of creep if I’ve ever seen one and he isn’t even deserving of the minimal success he’s had. This is just sad.

  • Child, Please

    Exactly! She wasn’t stupid for taking what most would consider “the high road.” Though she didn’t have to respond, imagine if she’d stooped to his level and call him what he refers to his friends in a song he’ll call “art.” Then she’d be labeled more than just stupid.

  • Missi

    She stated she apologized if he was offended. She didn’t apologize for her opinion. She is correct.

  • Missi

    She stated she apologized if he was offended. She didn’t apologize for her opinion. She is correct.

  • Margaret

    I saw the video of Chief Keef beating up a young woman. My general opinion is he has some kind of emotional issues. Katy Perry probably saw the same video and didn’t want to end up like that girl. Very disturbing.

  • Rue

    Keef: the poster but of why there needs to be more contraception in poor black communities.

  • angel

    This is utterly ridiculous. She voiced her opinion and was basically punked into an apology. WTH. I never cared for or about Ms. Perry but I admired her tweet. Now because this…..I don’t know what to call him was offended she backpedaled. Yes she did, don’t even act like she didn’t. So basically everyone has to like everything that everyone does and not have a dissenting opinion. GTHOH. I am tired of people (I am ranting about celebrities now) not standing for anything. Ok, wait, my bad, clearly this dude stands for acts of violence against women and the liberal use of weed. Ok. Check. But if someone makes mention of standing for something against this….its an issue. I’m sorry, I’m so frustrated by the article I can’t even articulate very well. I’m going to have to come back on this one and comment again.

  • London

    I’ve been hearing of this new trend of men blaming black mothers for the way black men turn out, and I find it sad and tired. Black men are always looking to blame others for their shortcomings.

    I remember in the 90s, y’all were saying it was “the white man.” Then it was “the system.” Now it’s your mama? Do you tell her that to her face?

    So Chief Keef can abuse women, do whatever the hell he wants, and not be held accountable because he’s a poor (not so much now), young, black boy? GTFOH.

    Black man do better! You are spoiled and entitled. Start holding yourselves accountable for the decisions you make in YOUR life. Stick around. Provide for your families. BE FATHERS. BE TEACHERS. BE MENTORS. Bet you the population of Chief Keefs would decrease if you did.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    He’s not even a man, but a 17-year-old boy who threatens women, but cried when he had to go to a juvenile detention center.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    *That’s not suppose to be a question.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    No, ‘we’ do not.

  • i.mean.really.

    He’s a child in need of a spanking.

  • Anthony

    You all don’t think a white female celebrity could give Keef grief at level he has not seen before? I am sure should she could hurt him if she wanted to. This goes double since he publicly suggested sexual violence against her. White women are already prepared to label all black men as predators and abusers. In the case of Keef, it would actually be true
    and losing his record deal would not be out of the question.

  • Anthony

    Can’t you make a comment without a personal attack? I guess you will start calling me a woman again as if being female is something to be ashamed of.

    What exactly has Chief Keef done that is so liberating? Impreganating a middle schooler, cheering on a 16 year being shot, posting pictures of himself getting oral sex on Instagram? Or is his arrest for a political crime?

    I guess cussing out a pop singer on Twitter and telling her to suck him makes him brave?

    I’ll just keep handling my business my way.

  • Chacha1

    No, do you?

    I am trying to figure out exactly who is making this scum-of-the-universe popular, because I don’t think I know anyone who actually buys his music.

  • thetruth

    What did she expect when she insults a guy who is a well-known psychopath?

  • Anthony

    Of course, he is a minor, and his mother has legal power over him, but realistically, if she had any practical over him power, he would not be who he is today.

    She failed him, but Keef is at an age where blaming Momma ain’t gonna cut it.

  • ….

    Well for one he’s done worse and hasn’t lost his record deal so…Secondly,you probably got downvotes for basically saying that bcuz she’s white she could ruin his life…as if that’s a good thing.It just sounds really wired for a black person to talk about how a powerful white woman can ruin someone’s life just bcuz she’s white with such glee.

  • kiki

    WOW. One more violent rapper. I am sure he has hit women in the past. Sad she didn’t whip out a comeback on him. I cannot figure out why these labels allow their artists to behave like this. Chris Brown is another artist that uses foul language on his Twitter account.

  • sapphiresandsisters

    This is the same chick that blew up off of a song promoting homosexual promiscuity, which she doesn’t even take part in. She’s dilusional. Both songs are wack.

  • Z

    I was waiting for someone to acknowledge this. Anthony is right. Katy has white, female, privilege in her corner. If she really wanted to she could make this very ugly for him by roping in the media, feminists, and any white male protectors she may have. They’re both in the same industry so Katy has her team too, they just operate under different methods.

  • Z

    I see many black people are in willful denial about this.

  • The Other Jess

    Publicity stunt…but Keef is an idiot anyway, and Perry is a fool for apologizing to him simply for having an opinion.

  • wow

    Ok. She should have pulled his card. The last thing a degenerate like this ragga-muffin wants is the feds coming down on him for harassing a pretty little white girl. I would have triple dared him.

  • T

    Lil Reases pieces, lil dumbo Chief Keef…they all the same filth that need to be put away for life.

  • The Comment

    Where is the petition?

  • The Comment

    OMFG!!!!!! They should have nevah gave them niggas money!

  • The Comment

    I’d pay to see him tazed by the L.A.P.D myself.

  • The Comment

    Can I ask ya’ll a question! If you were a white woman with money and resources…would you be scared of him? Like really, what is he going to do…..jump on her while she shops in Hollywood and tries on Balmain? Where would their paths cross where she would be scared of him? Unless they have the same dope man I would use all my white power to crush this fool and do us all a favor.

  • Anthony

    The biggest slave imaginable is a young man who makes a living glorifying the sort of behavior that destroys his own community.

  • The Comment

    R U serious…….she can put his ass in jail TODAY for making a threat! Tell me how he can hurt her. Please tell me in what way…….he can harm her in anyway. Just because brothas can walk all over a black woman and get away with it.

  • Lisa

    am i a child, no but he is.
    if you have a better suggestion please speak up,
    if not, let me direct you to the seats where people who always have negative shit to say about other peoples ideas but have none of their own occupy —–> __/

  • yes maam

    Most artist use foul language period.. They are not above using foul language like common folk. They are human which people choose to forget…. And I know Chris has his own faults, but please do not compare him to this idiot.. This child is so far gone it’s not even funny..Chris is bullied, this child is a bully.. Huge difference..

  • The Comment

    Thank you @ Anthony!!!!!!

    Like really! All the discussion about white power with the law and you mean to tell me that all of a sudden…this chick is somehow afraid of him???? For Realz???? He may have goons but she has the LAPD…and they don’t like rappers.

  • The Comment

    *tears and stitches*

    Now it’s your mama? Do you tell her that to her face?

    I’m done…,LMAO…….yo’ mama….oh god help me now.

    Have a good weekend ya’ll.

  • Ask_ME

    I acknowledged it first on page 2 :-)

    I completely agree. Katy Perry and everything she represents could destroy this misguided hoodlum.

  • Ask_ME

    This comment was to Z.

  • Shelly

    that’s the same thing i’ve been saying. she has no room to talk…her song was as ignorant as his. her whole image is sex-driven. the world could do fine without another song from either one of them.

  • Allie

    I don’t I said anywhere in my comment that she deserved to be threaten I was simply stating that her opinion on music is basically invalid due to the fact that she pushes sh*t music.

  • E.M.S.

    Why the hell is SHE apologizing to HIM?

    I cannot stand the fact that Chief Keef even exists. He clearly has a problem with women and nobody’s doing anything to reign in his behavior. When are we going to demand better of the rap community’s poster boys?

  • ScriptTease

    I have to agree with both London and SMH. Black men played a big part with helping black women get to this point of almost no return. I would like to elaborate a little more, but I’m tired on so many levels….

  • SayWhat

    @……, he has done worse to black people. Whites generally don’t care if we kill/hurt each other, it’s when you forget yourself and attack one of their own that they go HAM.
    Trust and believe, in this world, white women are a ‘protected class’ and one tear would have been enough to finish him for good.

  • apple

    but i doubt shes talking about how to beat and exploit women in her music.

  • Kay

    It is obvious that this Chief Keef has not been raised to accept criticism when warranted and to have a healthy respect for others. I have to say she’s a way better person than me in this matter. I would never have even deigned to set my fingers upon any keyboard to type out an apology to him. I would have told him to go grab a stadium of seats, have a nice cup of STFU and keep it moving, preferably to any place with dictionaries and a smidgen of actual talent to give to him.

  • chnyere

    WTF!! How dare she be so weak and apologize to him and not even bring up how he threatened her. And all she did was criticize his song!! My mouth dropped

  • Eri

    Yes, yes, yes. Said it better than I could. I had to put the thumbs up on that one!

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)

    well said!

  • Nyala

    What’s boggling to me is why she even apologized in the first place. She was just stating her opinion. Why didn’t she defend it?

  • Misty-Mac

    This bum deserved no apology. She even called him “Mr.” SMH.

  • Misty-Mac

    She should never have apologized. What makes it so bad is she addressed him as “Mr.” (Thanks for posting the lyrics to his “rap”. Pure ignorance. As a race, we cannot afford this ignorance. Let others engage in nonsense; it is much to detrimental to our community.)

  • jayellemarie007


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