If you’re hooked into the fashion blogging world you’ve heard of plus-size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg. If not, Gabi is a popular fashion blogger (formerly of Young, Fat & Fabulous) who has been featured everywhere, InStyle, xoJane, MTV and notably The Today Show, where she discussed body acceptance, being plus-size and her notable post where she wore a bikini.

Recently, Gabi collaborated with swimwear company Swimsuits for All to offer other stylish ladies the “fatkini” bikini for plus-size women. In bright neon colors and a starry galaxy print, the galaxy print fatkini sold out in hours! While this was great for Gabi Gregg, Swimsuits for All couldn’t handle the demand and revealed that they would not be fulfilling orders; though they’ve charged customers’ credit cards. And to top things all numerous customers have complained that refunds on orders have not been issued.

Gabi Gregg issued a statement on her blog saying that Swimsuits for All couldn’t fulfill the orders and would not be restocking the galaxy print fatkini because of production issues.

What do you think of fashion blogger collaborations? Would you wear a fatkini? 

  • Chacha1

    1)Why do they have to call it a fatkini? To me, they just look like bikinis in “plus” sizes. 2) No, I’m not fat but if I were, I wouldn’t buy, especially since they aren’t *fulfilling orders*. Are they giving the people back their money?

    I’m not big, but I don’t wear bikinis now, so….

  • sixfoota

    Wayment… they didn’t give them their money back yet? That’s the only problem I see here

  • eh

    like you said “plus-size”. They are actually made for bigger women, not bigger women trying to squeeze in bikinis cut for slimmer women. Also, big girls don’t usually have cute swimsuits.

  • heavenleiblu

    Let me just copy and paste what I said over t C+C ( didn’t realize this got posted both places).

    he debacle was out of Gabi’s control, so I hate that her name has to be attached to the negative aspect of it. Swimsuits for all is bogus as hell for how they carried this out. No doubt, seeking out a popular plus size blogger was a move to boost their visibility, so how could they not foresee an influx of orders well over their typical stock demands?

    The non-apology apology that they issued to buyers (and potential buys) of this launch was bullshit, too. It was something along the lines of needing three months of combined lead and turnaround time if they were to issue more stock. Ok, and? Would most of us not still be in the throes of summer by then? Do we not take vacations is tropical climates year round(or some of us LIVE in said tropics)? I could see if this were a retailer that has a number of departments, but is their name not Swimsuitsforall? Is the site only live during spring and summer or…what?

  • Kara Zor-El

    Boy, I’m sure glad there aren’t any stupid people on this site who think that photographing smiling, fat women in swimsuits by a pool encourages obesity.

    Oh wait. . . I stand corrected

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