After becoming the first openly gay athlete in American team sports, Jason Collins is hitting the media circuit to share his groundbreaking story. Oprah Winfrey tapped the free agent to appear on “Oprah’s Next Chapter to talk about his courageous decision to come out and how he’s been handling the subsequent criticism.

Oprah plans to speak with Jason as well as his twin brother Jarron and family members about Jason’s homosexuality and his history-making choice to go public with it. His parents, in particular, open up about how they came to terms with it and reinforced their love for him after learning he’s gay.

Jason’s ex-fiancée, Carolyn Moos, who was with Collins for eight years, is not listed as part of the interview. She’s recently come forward saying she’s freezing her eggs after “losing” eight fertile years during her relationship with Jason.

The 90-minute episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will air Sunday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. EST on OWN.

Watch a sneak peek here:


Will you watch, Clutchettes?


  • sixfoota

    I really feel all sorts of empathy for his fiance, Carolyn Moos. I could only imagine what she’s going through. While Jason may feel liberated, which is great, Carolyn is going through it! Yikes.

  • Child, Please

    Agreed! My jaw dropped when I saw that line about her freezing her eggs. I hate it for her and wonder if she questions if he was intimate with other men during their relationship.

  • http://gravatar.com MCMAHON

    He came out, now he got to go on a press junket. It’s his personal business and he should have never involved this young woman if he was struggling with his identity all this time. He had no right to do that, but all of a sudden he is a HERO, really…go sit down.

  • http://gravatar.com MCMAHON

    Could we please go ahead and name a national COMING OUT day so it can be done once a year….IJS…I suggest August 1, any seconds, Seconds & so it is…

  • talaktochoba

    NO, i will not watch even a frame of it;

    does no one care for his ex-fiancee this selfish bastard deceived for eight years she could’ve spent making a home and family with a real man?

    she’s the ONLY one i’d want to hear from;

  • Pema

    Nope I will not watch. I didn’t even know the man had a fiance until now. What an asshole.

  • bijoux


  • http://gravatar.com/mrhymes10 DBG

    No chance of that. He’s about as interesting as his career.

  • kelly

    Well I fell bad for his fiance, but to be honest people like this really dont care. Oprah has interviewed a lot of people, I remember one about the husband who truned into a women and was married to his wife. It was like he felt that everyone in his life had to adjust to his new life and behaviors. AndI remember when he said his wife and kids left he was casting blame. Oprah gives selfish people like this guy interviews all the time but yea thats pretty sad .

  • Simone L

    You know, I think there is one…I think my friend was going to some coming out parade today. Maybe Oprah could wait in the stands and interview folks.

  • Simone L

    Let me tell you…if I spent a decent fraction of my life with you, possibly expecting a future and then you come out and then now you’re some big hero, you can bet I will beat your ass to the white meat. I could have been married, had kids or traveled the world. You don’t do that to someone. I’m not watching it. He didn’t save a small village of African children, he just openly admitted he’s gay. No. Ellen went through it when she came out; that would have been worth an interview and she got it. This…I’m over it.

  • http://myfemalepersuasion.wordpress.com myfemalepersuasion

    I won’t be watching. I think it’s awful what he did to his fiancé (although some people blame her – assuming she was in denial the whole time). I don’t care if he’s gay and I don’t think his deceptive lifestyle is worth applauding.

  • justanotheropinion

    Good for him for finally being comfortable in his own skin to come out. Maybe he will help some other folks. However, what he did to his ex-fiance is in-escuseable. He knew when they got together that he was gay. He clearly wasn’t ready to deal with it in the public eye, but he what he did in private to her is no joke. (note: her supposed law suit or public grumblings do take away from her legitimate beef. Folks – keep your ‘ish private).

    If we are going to applaud someone, lets stand up and applaud something worthwhile.

  • http://gravatar.com/mbm1ame mbm1ame

    meh. But… if she interviewed his fiance now that would be prime time tv

  • Darcy

    I’ve always believed just because you may be confused (note: I am not referring to gay people as “confused” but referring to anyone who doesn’t really want the person they are with ) doesn’t give you the right to confuse or mess with others. Relationships don’t always last, but any time you enter a relationship under a false pretense it isn’t fair to the person you’re deceiving. I don’t doubt that he felt he had to hide his sexuality for his various reasons, but I’m not impressed.

    He revealed it only after he felt he had nothing to lose since he was done with the NBA.
    He also didn’t even have the decency to tell his ex-fiance the truth directly at any point before this came out. That is truly messed up and I hope he doesn’t think that his difficulty with his sexual identity trumped this woman’s right to know the truth.

  • haffie

    Will never watch that crappy interview… this world would soon come to an end better things to worry in life than some gay down low athlete who wasted 8 years of his ex fiance ‘s life. pathetic…

  • http://www.myfemalepersuasion.wordpress.com myfemalepersuasion

    Very well stated. It’s a shame that people are applauding and glorifying his deceptive, dangerous behavior. Sad day.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    @Simone L … not the white meat! Lol. I died when I read that. But apparently homegirl is taking the news well considering. 8 years is a loooooong time to stick it out anyway and then find out this was going on. He’s lucky. No I won’t be watching either.

  • Rob

    Her network is losing money. OLD NEWS….

  • Trisha

    I recorded it — and I am looking forward to seeing it because I’m mostly curious to hear what he has to say and how his family feels about his sexuality.

  • talaktochoba


    bravo zulu, granddaughter!!!

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