Lauryn Hill recently released a new song, “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix),” a scathing critique on the state of our society. In the song, Lauryn makes some references to the LGBT community that have a few critics up in arms.

The lyrics in question read:

“We’re living in a joke time…commerce and girl men…quick scam and drag queens.”

Lauryn has every right to her opinion, but many are questioning how she can champion womens rights and give commentary on race relations and then shun the LGBT community.

BET’s Monica Miller writes:

“Neurotic Society” proclaims again that Babylon is falling — thanks in part to tricksters like ”girl men,” ”drag queens,” and the lies of ”social transvestism.” Whether or not Hill is merely using these comments as examples of the smokescreens and sleight-of-hands that pervade this “Neurotic Society” is unclear. Beyond intention, these sorts of statements suggest that society is in a shambles because it’s been taking too many cues from the LGBTQ community, acting like “girl men,” “drag queens” and “transvestites.” Is her beef with oppressive society or is her issue with people who don’t abide by a traditional family structure? For those who don’t feel me, would it be okay if her song criticized “neurotic society” for acting like “N—–s,” ”mammies” and ”jezebels?” No! Then why does she think it’s cool to critique society by using stereotypes about a community that suggest the community isn’t as valuable as another?

What are your thoughts on Lauryn Hill’s commentary on the LGBT community, Clutchettes and Gents?

  • Tonton Michel

    I stopped being a fan of her after her first album, but I don’t know, I would have to hear the whole song and see the context in her writing. She maybe just commenting on the conduct or style of men today. Not sure if that makes a difference if she uses homosexual imagery.

  • Grace

    The LGBT community is always looking for something to cry about. Not everyone is buying into their agenda, get over it.

    There’s nothing wrong with these lyrics.

  • Reality

    Lauryn is an artist. She is simply reflecting the time in which we live. She is not attacking the LGBT community. The writer of this article even states she does not know Lauryn’s intent. She is simply projecting her own insecurities on Lauryn. She could have easily posted Lauryn’s lyrics in context or posted the song in its entirety. The actual lyrics are posted on Lauryn’s tumbler page. People think for yourself and stop letting people lead into supporting their hidden agendas. What exactly did Lauryn say in her song that is not TRUE that would be a good place to start.

  • AgeRi

    Perhaps, but why not ask Lauren herself? You asked, “would it be okay if her song criticized ‘neurotic society’ for acting like ‘N—–s,’ ‘mammies’ and ‘jezebels?’ I don’t think that the terms “N—–s,” ”mammies” and ”jezebels” are analogous to ”girl men,” ”drag queens,” or ”social transvestism”… “Transvestism” might be more analogous to “blackface,” “whiteface,” “racebending,” “whitewashing,” for example…

  • Kelley Johnson

    Lauryn’s an idiot. Having a bunch of out of wedlock babies like it’s nothing is far more damaging to society than a bunch of drag queens. Of course, Lauryn has always been good at playing the role of righteous poet while her mess of a life is nothing to emulate.

  • Demetria

    I’m disappointed in Lauryn. Black folks, we need to do better at allyship.

  • KGA25

    No, Lauryn needs to do better. One black person actions does not define all of us.

  • Malik Hemmans

    Thank you! I’m glad somebody said it

  • havingaviewdoesntmakeyouabigot

    Im so with lauryn shes with the ethiopian church. All religions condemn the antilife stance of being gay and from someone who choose to have her child over her career and is very pro motherhood id say she has a right to feel exactly the way she wants. All those clutchettes who listen to zion would do well to check themselves its not popular nowadays to have this view nevertheless its not always about whats popular. To b pro creation and anti gay does not make you hate ppl who are trapped in homosexuality. lets see if this gets published. And for the record gay means happy and i have yet to know some one trapped in this to be so.

  • havingaviewdoesntmakeyouabigot

    Somehow i d assumex shes accomplished more than you even with her ‘wedlocked’ babies if that is so shameful some how im sure its easy to pick which sins okay and which are not. If being not married with child is wrong how is being gay okay…hmmm? GOD DOES EXIST

  • havingaviewdoesntmakeyouabigot

    Well her words define this black just lost one

  • Demetria

    Absolutely. However, Lauryn is not the first, nor will she be the last black person to say homophobic things. I’m not condemning Lauryn. I love her. However, I do not agree with those lyrics and I have no desire to place the blame of a systemic problem on one individual. We all have work to do. From reading some more of these comments, and just from personal experiences, there seems to be this misconception that being black and being queer are two separate things when we know that it’s not true and we know we have plenty black queer folks in our community that don’t experience enough love from us. If I believe that I have the right to express myself fully, why shouldn’t I fight for the rights of others to do that as well. Holding people accountable is a good way to start dialogue on this topic.

  • Bleeding Heart Liberal

    Sound familiar? Wow. Pot calling the kettle black.

  • talaktochoba

    sorry, but homosexuality is a CHOICE, skin colour is an INHERITANCE;

    now please stop trying to link the two;

  • au napptural

    Agreed. And further I don’t think being a drag queen or any of the other things mentioned is something to emulate. I don’t think she meant it like that, but if she did, bravo! Shoot, these “men” like Ms.J and the rest look lost and confused parading around in women’s clothes, heels and makeup. No wonder our community is in trouble. I’m waiting on somebody, anybody, to tell me that is the picture they want representing black people. Yea, yea, we’re not a monolith, but they only let a few of us be on tv and in media.

    Either it’s the hyper-sexualized and masculinity Super-Negro, i.e. NFL, NBA, Kardashians shows, etc. Or it’s the gay black man dressed like a woman- take you pick. True Blood, ANTM, Bravo Divas, every reality show. I could go on and on. I just want a balanced representation of what’s really out there. Name a positive black show now (none of Tyler Perry’s coonery)? Name a show where the black characters are together and the black man isn’t whoring around or with a white chick- reality show, scripted, cartoon, w/e. I’ll wait. Not a webseries. Not reruns of Fresh Prince. But a show that is on now and in the top 50 shows on TV for ratings, not some obscure thing.(No counting Bailey/ Weber on Grey’s Anatomy, I’ll explain later.) I’m not saying there are NONE, but you have to search compared to a black man rolling his neck, talking slang, and dressing like a woman. I can name three or four in 10 seconds and I don’t even watch tv. I think Lauryn is saying we normalize and even glorify dysfunction- which is certainly true.

  • Demetria

    I think I’m done with this thread :) I wish you all an abundance of peace and happiness in your life.

  • Buttons

    I have no problem with Lauryn’s lyrics. I have a problem with the flagrant use of the word “homophobic” every time someone speaks out against homosexuality- if in fact that was what Lauryn was doing. The words that she used are not offensive terms, they are accurate descriptions that homosexuals use to identify themselves, maybe for the exception of “girl men”, but which is still accurate because that’s what many homosexuals are- men that act like girls.

    Furthermore, what is “people that don’t abide by a traditional family structure”?? That’s like saying “people that don’t abide by the traditional way of having a bowel movement”. The traditional family structure is mother/father/offspring, or mother/father figure/offspring (e.g. aunt, uncle, grandparents, etc.) It’s possible that Lauryn is against both an oppressive society and homosexuality, which seems to be permeating the entire world and if that is the case, she and anybody else should be able to express that without being blasted by the LGBT community. So, as far as I’m concern, go Lauryn and continue to speak truth to power.

  • Jes

    Actually Im gay and I am happy to be so also I do not one bit feel “trapped”- you obviously don’t know a lot of gay people considering your views.

    I don’t see how pro creation has anything to do with gay people wanting to be gay… Not every single person on this earth has to bear a child lol This world would be over run with people – look at china their country is very overpopulated as is many others.
    Being anti gay does make you a bigot just as being anti Semitic would make you the same.
    “Having a view doesn’t make you a bigot” – Yes , that can be a true statement depending on your view of course. If your view as a result of ones prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on basis of a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, language, then by definition you are a bigot.
    Also how can you say you are anti gay (meaning : against gays) and then claim you don’t hate or hold any contempt towards us in our “trapped homosexuality” – sounds like bs to me.

    Yes I do agree though that you are entitled to your opinion but facts are facts and you seem to be missing a lot of them on this issue.

  • Buttons

    @ Demetria

    It sounds like you’re frustrated. I happen to understand your point, but you have to understand as well, Sis, that many people are not in agreement with homosexuality and they have every right to have and to express that opinion without backlash from the gay community or anyone else. Contrary to your belief, everyone that doesn’t accept homosexuality is not homophobic. There are many reasons why people do not accept it and fear is generally not one of them. So, being called homophobic is very annoying.

    Also, LGBT’s have the right to exist and to have human rights as anyone else. But, they do not have a right to attempt to discredit and lambaste people who do not support their agenda. The LGBT organizations make a concerted effort to publicly attack anyone that speaks out against homosexuality and to silence them and they are wrong.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Next time anyone wants to play the denial game when non-black folks talk about the rampant anti-gay attitude in black America, I’ll be sure to direct them to this thread. Bigots galore.

  • Jes

    It has been proven that homosexuality is caused during gestation and is linked to the kinds of hormones the baby is exposed to during pregnancy. So its an innate trait from birth not some “choice” you anti gays like to cling to with no actual proof to back it up.
    Running with your logic, since there is no scientific proof to back up your beliefs the only way you can know that its a “choice” is by personal experience – so if you claim I can choose to be gay then that must mean you are choosing to be straight their by implying that you also have a sexual attraction to the opposite sex but just repress it because you view them as wrong. But thats flawed because I don’t have an attraction to women so it clearly doesn’t work like that.
    Also the conversion therapy has been proven to be psychologically damaging and has shown no actual signs of working.

  • Lynne

    I feel sorry for Lauryn Hill. Yes, she’ll accomplish more than I ever will in life, but she seems troubled.

    For one thing, and maybe this is my own misperception, but she seems to be painfully out of touch with the way the world is today. I get the feeling she lives far, far away in a “reality” of her own making. Circa 1998.

    While she’s free to have her opinions, voicing them won’t win her any sympathy or brownie points from the public. Unfortunately, she needs all the love, accolades, and resultant funds from the public she can get.

  • Layla Lei

    Sooooo is being heterosexual choice too?? You chose to fall in love with the opposite sex…. or did it just happen without a second thought? *sigh* Our community needs help. So many blind sighted bigots…. so little black people time….

  • Sasha

    When is the LGBTQ community going to UNDERSTAND that not everyone has to accept you/ your cause, tolerate you/ your cause, support you/ your cause, like you/ your cause or rally for you/ your cause. The least, the absolute least and most at the same time, we as people have to do is give you basic respect as a fellow human being. People of this movement seem to have a difficult time understanding that not everyone is buying the agenda and that you can’t bully people into feeling the way you do about everything. Lauryn has an opinion, she didn’t bash the LGBTQ community, she wrote a lyric referencing drag queens and gays. Move on people, find something worth being pissed about.

  • Sasha

    I agree with you 100%, leave the children out of this! The LGBTQ community went so far as to suggest that Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street were gay and that there should be a marriage ceremony between them in an episode. That was pretty much the final straw for me.

  • Miakoda

    “girl men”?

    Are women who don’t perform strict gender roles ‘boy women’?

  • Shelly

    If you see this comment, please leave a link to a credible source that proves your point. I often hear some people say that “it’s been proven” that homosexuality is not a choice, but I NEVER, not even once, have seen any evidence of this.

  • Jackie

    People in glass houses? And she’s a tax evader, too? Point is, no one is perfect, so she probably should put those stones back in her pocket.

  • Jackie

    And you won’t, because none exists.

    Some folks feel they are “born this way” and they most likely are. Others come to it later in life. You reach a point in life when you start to sexually mature – you know what you like and you know what you don’t like. Often gay folks start out in hetero relationships because they haven’t yet come to their maturity. Or they feel humiliated or put down so they hide it and go about doing what the rest of the world is doing, but feeling uncomfortable about it. I think this is also how bisexuality begins. Being uncomfortable as a gay person. Eventually, when you don’t have your family or church watching over your shoulder, you can be who you feel you need to be.

    And I think it’s hardest to be gay in communities where males play a heavy machismo role, like in the Black and Hispanic communities where it’s far less acceptable. Pity, I think.

  • Think Critically

    “The Black community is always looking for something to cry about. Not everyone is buying into their agenda, get over it.”

    That’s what I will say the next time any black person is critical of the way that we are portrayed or raises concerns about anything.

    This site has so many articles about women and black folks taking offense to a multitude of things, yet when gay people do the same, it should just be dismissed. It’s homophobia, pure and simple.

    I won’t speak to the nature of these lyrics, but boy, some people sure have a sense of superiority, don’t they?

    And also, how do we know that gay people have complained about these lyrics? For all we know these two writers could be heterosexual. People jump at any opportunity to attack gay people.

    To think that I thought the the Clutch community was an open and progressive-minded community.

  • Think Critically

    Why are we in the year 2013 still having a debate about whether or not sexuality is a choice? Did anyone in this thread go to college? Did anyone study human sexuality?

    And even if it is a choice, who cares? What’s the big deal? Who does it hurt?

    Also, sexuality is not something you need to agree or disagree with? Do you agree with someone having blue eyes? Do you agree with someone being 6ft tall? What kind of arrogant bullsh*t is that?

    Being gay is a state of being for the majority of gay people. We don’t actively work on being gay. We don’t wake up and go, “today I am going to be gay”. Why do people ignore our voices and when we, GAY PEOPLE, say that for the majority of us who are not bisexual, it is not a choice, why are you ignoring us? Is my experience not valuable or worth you listening to? It’s not, I guess. Because this country and black people do not value me. I am less human. I am less holy. I am less woman. I am less black. I am lesser than. And no matter how much we say, “this is who we are and we just want to be left alone to live our lives”, we will always be considered to be immoral freak shows by those who refuse to acknowledge our humanity.

  • Ugh

    Delusional black people crack me up. Sexuality Nazis also crack me up.


    You know what’s killing the black community? Mostly heterosexual black men with guns. The fact that 1 in 3 (mostly heterosexual) black men are at some stage of the criminal justice system. The fact that black women (heterosexual) have more abortions than any other race of women. The fact that black kids (who are raised by mostly heterosexual parents) are illiterate. The fact that HETEROSEXUAL fathers are abandoning their families. The fact that heterosexual parents are having too many kids that they can’t take care of.

    That’s what’s killing the black community.

    If you think some flamboyant men in drag and heels who like to crack jokes and do hair are going to be the demise of the black community, please get your entire life in order.

  • Ugh

    If these lyrics are homophobic, then all I can do is laugh at Lauryn Hill. This is a woman who has 6 children out of wedlock and is in jail for not paying her taxes. If she’s a homophobe, then I won’t be surprised because most homophobes are flaming hyocrites who pick on gay people because they can (e.g. the entire black community – we are fraught with every “moral” dilemma, yet we have laser sharp opposition to homosexuality). Give me a break. It’s really laughable.

  • Nakia

    100% on-phucking-point.

  • zyasia

    she better hope none of her children come out as gay. that is all I have to say about this foolishness. Doesn’t she have enough issues in her own life? how dare she pass judgement on ANYBODY. have a sat.

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)

    you’ve never read a book on heterosexuality but you believe it to not “be a choice”,correct? tell me,why is it a “choice” when it’s concerning us lgbt folk but “natural” concerning you/certain straight folk? if it’s because of the bible then you’ve told me all that I need to know.

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)

    so sexism and homophobia mean nothing to you?

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)

    how ignorant and arrogant. “gay agenda”? change “lgbt” with blacks,asians,etc …how do you sound to yourself now?

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)
  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)

    lol! I was shocked to learn that black folks (i’m black) are some of the most conservative people around.

  • cjl

    Not cool, Miss Hill! Not cool!!

  • D. McAuliffe

    “Many are questioning how she can champion womens rights and give commentary on race relations and then shun the LGBT community.”

    Why do these issues always get lumped in together? Gay rights, women’s rights, and rights for black people are not the same thing. The common denominator in all of these is oppression of some kind, but that doesn’t mean they all come in a package deal.

    I talk a lot about race relations because I am black. That doesn’t mean I have to support gay rights and women’s rights as well.

  • kelly

    Red pill you really gave these people the syrup today. I have been wondering the same thing about this site and its followers. Public enemy number 1 is black women, then black man and christians and muslims, then the mexicans. Black people really need to wakeup to whats really going on. Especially Black women

  • kelly

    i agree

  • Chic Noir

    If this is true, I hope Lauren but a line in her song about women who have 6 kids out of wedlock with married men. Cause God don’t like that either.

  • Chic Noir


    You have a few points there except on the abortion issue, by the number, we are still at an even rate of replacement.

    Two I think au natural’s issue with gay and effeminate Blk men on TV is that is one of two, the other being the irresponsible player, images of Black men on TV in popular programing.

    Is there one show on TV where you have a wholesome Black dad like the dad’s on the Cosby show or Family Matters?

  • L.Hoskins (@cherubicnerd)
  • Me27

    Ummm Lauryn did criticize black people for acting like Ni–as and Jezebels. Has Monica Miller never listen to “Doo Wop (That Thing)”

  • apple

    didnt she have tons of kids of wedlock with someone elses husband?

  • apple

    gay isn’t a choice. maybe acting on it is.but still not an exact choice

  • Miakoda

    How does one ‘act on’ being gay or lesbian?

  • Miakoda

    “because that’s what many homosexuals are- men that act like girls.”

    That makes no sense unless all homosexuals are men.

    And really, men who are gay are not acting like girls. As a woman, the behavior of a gay man is nothing like mine.

  • D. McAuliffe

    As I said, the common denominator is oppression. An apple and an orange are both fruits but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy both.

  • talaktochoba

    if homosexuality is not a choice, what is it–an elective?

    if homosexuality is “genetic” like skin colour, where is the incontrovertible scientific evidence?

    as i thought, more PC BS in another modern-day attempt to rationalise an alternative abberant lifestyle…

  • UgoBabeeee

    Proven when, where , and how? i havnt heard of that-please spread the knowledge..

  • Santi

    The burden of truth is not on heterosexuals to prove they are normal or natural. if it wasnt for heterosexuals, nobody would be here. can the world survive without homosexuality? Yes, it can. Can the world survive without heterosexuality? No it can not.

  • talaktochoba

    well said, granddaughter, well said…

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