And the reality TV love affairs keep coming.

LisaRaye McCoy (46) and Bishop Noel Jones (63) are the latest couple to document their love on television. They will appear on Oxygen’s “Pastors of L.A.” alongside Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Jay Haizlip, and gospel singer Deitrick Haddon this Fall.

Reports claim LisaRaye’s relationship with a man of the cloth involves a tug of war about his conservative values and Raye’s uninhibited lifestyle. The divorced father of 3 who heads a mega church in LA was filmed critiquing LisaRaye’s church outfits, according to Christian Post:

“He basically told her that he wasn’t sure she was ‘Godly enough’ for his world, and she in turn told him he may not be ‘worldly enough’ for hers.”

LisaRaye’s fame and the fascinating premise of the show may draw in big ratings for the Oxygen Network, which is positioning the show as a docuseries which “will give viewers a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit.”

Would you watch, Clutchettes?


  • Misshightower


  • PMc

    I can’t wait for this one! LisaRaye is my girl and Love The Bishop! As long as the Bishop keeps bringing that word, I have no concern who is involved with his social life.

  • Lillian Mae

    Would it bother you if in the Bishop’s social life, he was having pre-marital sex, but advising you (the flock) against it? I don’t watch network TV at all, but I just thought your comment was interesting.

  • Marisa

    Grrrrrreat remember the last time Lisa was a wife she couldn’t stop calling herself “First Lady” of Turks and Caicos, well she gets to repeatedly bash us over the head with yet another First Lady of the Church title. This sounds like an already dysfunctional mess and a half, if your a Pastor I thought they sought out women who fit, according to their life as messengers of Christ. Or is this yet another Do as I say not as I Do man of the cloth, also how many times are people going to get putting relationships especially ones in the early stages is a BAD IDEA.

  • Natalie B.

    “Divorced father of three”… Hmmm… But he’s worried about her wardrobe…. Interesting.

    I can’t wait for the comments defending what is bound to be eye-raising behavior and antics on this show. I can hear it now, “Only God can judge,” in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  • DownSouth Transplant

    Good Lord Almighty, I thought I was confusing my Lisa’s didn’t she marry & Bankrupt a president/Prime Minister of a country now she’s gone straight to a man of “cloth”?? Anything is possible I guess……

  • Ang


  • t

    HUH?! i’ve seen it all now

  • MommieDearest


    *eye roll*


  • sassychloe


  • justanotheropinion

    At some point in your life, you need to have a “real” job and earn an honest living doing a hard days work. Although I am not a fan of hers, it’s sad that LisaRay has yet to lean that lesson. What’s even more sad is that she is old enuf to know better. SMDH….

  • Chacha1

    Ugh, I am completely NOT interested in watching this (or most other reality shows, with the exception of home improvement shows and sometimes Tia and Tamera).

  • tina

    When I heard they were a couple, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But unfortunately, a lot of pastors (& gospel artists) who chase fame and wealth are covered in worldliness and using the church as a means to (get those) ends.

  • Deb

    PLEASE ENOUGH WITH THESE “REALITY” SHOWS. Even the ones with non celebs are terrible to watch and scripted. The only real and watchable reality shows left on TV are pretty much A&E’s Intervention, 48 Hours and Hoarders. There are probably a few more but man, I wish to God the reality TV trend had stopped with The Real World. It’s IMO ruined the television landscape. Ugh…sorry just had to vent…

  • honeybeemee

    Apostasy is here and RAMPANT in the church!!! God’s judgement WILL begin in His own house…so-called Christians, especially men of the cloth, have no business indulging in worldliness. I was once a member of Noel Jones’ church when I lived in Los Angeles…he speaks swelling words…but just as most “mega church” (the many on the broad road) ministers, HE WILL FALL (FAIL), too. Some of the reason he is divorced is behind women…this is a BAD decision on his part….

  • PMc

    Yes, it would bother me. Until he is proven as being involved in pre-marital sex, I will still continue to listen to his sermons. And not concern myself with his social life. I personally think that is none of our business or the congregation’s. If his social life begins to influence his pastorship, then the congregation has a right to become involved. A church is a place of worship, but in order to sustain accountability, it needs to operate as a business.

    So Yes, the Bishop has an obligation to ABIDE by what he preaches. If he doesn’t, his actions could possibly destroy a person’s faith and a congregation – the very ones whom he has been called to assist with the deliverance from oppression/depression or edify to the next level. This does place a lot of responsibility on [a man], but this is the reason why people flock to the church. Also, why everyone hasn’t been called to preach (or lead). Even within that, some Pastors still fall short b/c at the end of the day – they are still a man. We (the public &the congregation) are aware that Pastors have desires. The uproar is about fear that an anointed shepherd’s faith could be derailed by whom he has chosen to date. Not that he dates.

    LisaRaye doesn’t fit the bill from the Christian Church because of her perceived “worldly” ways. It was more than likely assumed the Bishop (by his anointing of the gospel) would choose a more “Christian –like” companion to date. But she [may be] the perfect match for him. We are assuming LisaRaye hasn’t grown spiritually or that there aren’t other ways in which the two may have connected. Ok, I won’t deny the obvious either, of course there is a physical attraction.  I’m just saying more could exist that what we see.

    Nevertheless, I’m excited (formulating an opinion from the outside) – that LisaRaye appears to possess some of the [inner] qualities that I [assume] the Bishop will need. Loyalty, business-oriented lady, fun – to be able to roll with someone who can help him alleviate some stress – (my God the Bishop is from Jamaica). Also, LisaRaye appears as if she is not as judgmental. The Bishop is not perfect and I’m sure on his downtime – he needs to be able to let go. I am hoping they are not in the mix. In the end that would be hypocritical. Not disappointing.

    The Bishop is not my God – but I do RESPECT his word. As matter of fact, I admire it very much. This is why I say, I’m not concern with his social life as long as it doesn’t interfere with his word. If it does, I’m a mature enough Christian to continue to l listen to his word and separate from his mistakes. I don’t put my faith in man – ONLY GOD!

    One last thing about LisaRaye which I think is good. I believe she is able to stand by his side (if evolves into marriage) in ALL circumstances. She is able to walk in the ugly neighborhoods to reach all people as well as the pretty neighborhoods. Talk with him to the poor and the rich, educated or non-educated. And as a Pastor’s wife or companion – you have to be equipped to do both. She just appears as that type of a person prior to even dating the Bishop.

  • Margaret

    I don’t think they hide their roots in the pentacostal church. I have known it for years.

    That said I agree about a reality show being a bad idea for ministers and/or The Church.

  • MusicFilmArtLover (@MusicFilmArtLov)

    LisaRay come from money. Her father is well off. “Working” is only out of luxury for her.

  • MusicFilmArtLover (@MusicFilmArtLov)

    Correction: LisaRay come from money. Her father WAS well off. “Working” is only out of luxury for her.

  • ScriptTease

    The Bishop is divorced, so did he become a Bishop before or after his Divorce?

  • ScriptTease

    My Favorite is the “Shark Tank” on ABC and “Face Off” on SyFy. Love em’.

  • Gina Wild

    How do you say, in English, this relationship is doomed to fail?

  • ScriptTease

    The relationship as well as the reality show. I can see people tuning in for an episode or two out of curiosity, I might even tune in myself, but after that……….

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  • Lillian Mae

    From what I understand, her ‘daddy was a hustler, so she love them’…

  • PMc


  • Anonymous

    The show will promote infidelity among clergy members. It’s a huge issue. These negros and negresses get in the pulpit and put up a facade like all their -ish is together, when they are really just MESSY and have no respect for their s/o’s, or their children.

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  • heavenleiblu

    Lawd, I’m so tired of her…

  • Set

    Sometimes one dates without having sex before marriage. Should be interesting to watch

  • Blue

    Wait…I thought they said the rumors about them seeing each other weren’t true. Now they want a SHOW about their love? Somebody has some explaining to do.

  • Nikki

    talk about being unequally yoked. Wow!

  • nikki

    I almost made the mistake of disagreeing with PMc’s comments then I remembered that God can use anyone to serve His purpose so I won’t judge this relationship. All I can do is pray that the couple in question follow the Word and like with the knowledge that they are expected to set an example for Bishops congregation. Yes we all fall down because we are human and that’s why we all need God’s grace to get through but I pray they are not going out of their way to live in a worldly fashion that makes a mockery of the life a Bishop and his (wife) should be living.

  • http://facebook stacy

    GOD didn’t put them together that on them she will be no help to the kingdom i feel sorry for him!

  • Blvdjewel

    This a mistake of EPIC proportions.

  • Alice

    Didn’t he have an affair with Stacey Francis? Didn’t Stacey have his child? Who is not more Godly for whom?

  • http://[email protected] shelly wright

    she better go on BING and take down all her nude photos that anyone can access and her nasty videos

  • alice

    Is there only one minister trying to live as God’s servant, A young one at that. He obey his father to step from preaching, because of no marriage bed. Folks read your bibles! Look it up. No puns to the rest except one.
    I wonder has he read the part it is better to marry than to burn. Or has he place his self above everyone else? And before God? Remember lucifer who started a war in heaven trying throw God off the throne? and how did that turn out, a new home in the pits of hell along with his dumb followers.
    Or has he become lukewarm? and don’t truly feel the fire of God any more? is he in a limbo of his own making? If he is not careful and truthful with himself, God will allowed much pain to you, your prestige, your house, and your flock and the bldg known as God’s house.
    All the mishaps that is happening to this man is due to his arrogance and disobediences to the word of God. He has been blessed with a beautiful home, to travel the world, but I wonder has this gone to his head, what ever is done behind closed doors and very nosy folk of the old school. With leaders like this, talking from both sides of his mouth, no wonder our church homes is mess up, every body wants to be like the jones.
    And this man has children? His and how many others are watch this poor leader of leadership, not practicing what he preached.
    When will he learned? when he is on his sick bed? start to have visions of his place in hell? when his flocked is hurt by his ways? the flocked will be truly hurt by his deceiveful behavior. Or the woman you choose God will allowed shame to come to you and your house, just as you have to his. He has blessed you. So you want to loose your blessings blessed by God

  • http://utube Roosevelt Jenkins

    Who are we to judge those without sin cast the first stone god has a reason for everything to play its self out

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