All’s not well in VH1′s reality show empire. TMZ is reporting that several castmates from “Love & Hip Hop: New York” are contemplating a strike against VH1 producers.

Fed up, several cast members refused to show up for the taping of a trailer for the next season of the show. The few that did reportedly stormed off set.

What’s their gripe exactly? The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” cast is allegedly angry about contract negotiations. Several believe their contracts should be changed and their salaries doubled.

Others are at odds with their portrayal on the show and lobbying for more creative control.

Mona Scott-Young, who once said she is changing lives through the reality shows she produces, has yet to comment on the alleged debacle.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?

  • LadyI

    I was never into the show; I thought that the portrayal was a bit embarrassing for love and hip hop. Hopefully they can win their battles, however once the entertainment business can make money off you looking foolish it will be hard for them to take you seriously, good luck.

  • MimiLuvs

    It looks like Frankenstein’s Monster is starting to lash out.
    Mona Scott might not keep her beast happy and content just by handing them a paper check with their names on them.

  • The Artist

    “Others are at odds with their portrayal on the show and lobbying for more creative control.”

    I’ve never understood why people sign up for these shows, then complain about their image. Don’t you know what you’ve signed up?

  • Ashley

    I think nobody cares about the NY crew, so they should all shut up and take whatever crumbs Mona is giving. If you want better you do better, and this ain’t the place for better, so pack it up and move on if that’s how they really feel.

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  • brran1

    IMO, outside of Yandy, Tahiry, Erica Mena and maybe Lo’rel, the rest of the cast is largely replaceable. I think Mona mentioned that this was by design in a way as the series is meant to tell a wide range of stories. I also think it’ll be interesting to see K. Michelle transition from LHHATL to LHHNY.

  • kelly

    i was thinking the same thing oliva, and many others are lucky to be on show because there not really the main intrest.Yandy, Tahiry and Erica keep people watching the others can go.

  • RenJennM

    The Atlanta spin-off is better anyway. Yes, the series straddles the line between “reality” and a scripted soap opera. But regardless, it’s entertaining. The New York one (even though it’s the original) is boring now, and has been since last season’s cast change.

    The only people worth watching on the New York one, in my opinion, are Yandy (because she’s the only sane one on there), Mandeecees (because he’s hilarious), and Joe (because he’s somewhat psycho, yet interesting). But I honestly wouldn’t bat a lash if the New York one wasn’t renewed for another season.

  • Karhai

    Yay! Stay on strike ladies so the show can just be cancelled.

  • NY’s Finest

    Unless they bring Chrissy and Jim back it’s not gonna be interesting.

  • WhatIThink

    Just goes to show you can have black people dressed up to look like daffy duck and black people will like it.

    And for you who don’t agree, how would you like your mom coming home trying to look like Ronald McDonald or Grimace? Yet this is exactly what they are selling to our folks. 50 year old black women walking down the street broke as hell with a fake blonde weave falling off their head….. SMDH. But Beyonce is glam!! She’s a clown and she is getting paid to sell that sh*t to you.

    Don’t believe this makes black folks look like cartoon clowns? Maybe the normalcy bias is a problem. So lets take America out of it and go somewhere more “foreign”……

    Like Nollywood, where they LOVE that look:

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