• justanotheropinion

    Mariah is the poster child for “let your talent speak for itself”. If I just hear her, its all good. When I see her, I cringe. When you have to do ‘all this’, it comes off just like it appears – trying too damn hard. She has the pipes and shouldn’t have to prove that to anyone. The rest of her stuff appears desperate.

    Note to Mariah: True Diva’s don’t try to prove it or shove it down everyone’s throat – they just are a class act.

  • Anthony

    Wow, Mariah is trying way too hard! First of all, she looks great, but she is only a little younger than my wife. There comes a time when a person needs to project sexiness in a more subtle way. She needs to leave poking out the breasts and butt to Rhianna or even younger women.

    I always get the idea that Mariah was repressed when she was married to her much older and white first husband. Once she divorced him, she dropped her pants and popped her top, and she has projecting “hotness” ever since.

  • Anthony

    Mariah Carey reminds me of Whitney Houston in that both started out with clean cut images, but over time, the real person came out. I believe the real Mariah is who we see in these videos. She is an exhibitionist and a bit of a “hoochie” (if any one uses that term anymore.)

    I don’t think she is tasteful, but I sure believe she is having fun!

  • RenJennM

    I really like the song! Dope collaboration, but then again, Miguel rarely ever disappoints me, so I should’ve expected it. Honestly, the song is cute enough for almost any female voice on this song, but Mariah did a pretty good job.

    Many of you think she tried too hard in the video. I honestly didn’t mind her. That’s how she’s been for years now, so I’m used to it. Didn’t really faze me.

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