Morehouse Athletes Accused Of RapeThree Morehouse College athletes have been accused of rape and other charges after an 18-year-old Spelman student accused them of raping her. Chukwudi Ndudikwa and Malcolm Frank face rape and aggravated sodomy charges.  Tevin Mgbo is looking at charges of aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and reckless conduct. According to court documents the incident involving those three suspects happened March 8 at the East Suites.

The victim told police there was a party celebrating Spring Break and then they went to a club.

The victim says she admits drinking some alcohol but says she did not use drugs, and does not remember much of what happened at the club or afterward.

“If you voluntarily drink to the point that you’re still conscious, that’s one thing. But if you drank so much to the point that you pass out and then someone takes advantage of you, that’s a different thing. In this particular case, it appears that she was conscious and not unconscious. That would be tough for the prosecution. What this boils down to is whether the defendants in this particular case thought that she had given a valid consent,” said Fulton County prosecutor Al Dixon.

According to 11 Alive:

The victim told police there was a party celebrating Spring Break and then they went to a club.

The victim says she admits drinking some alcohol but says she did not use drugs, and does not remember much of what happened at the club or afterward.

Several witnesses say the victim did have sex with several men in several rooms, and one witness says the victim used a drug.

One witness also said the victim was drunk, dancing, fell and hit her head.

One of the victim’s friends says he tried to help her but she would not allow it. He told police she kept hitting him and even picked up a knife and tried to stab him saying she knew what she was doing. He says the next morning the victim was unaware of what happened and he took her to the hospital.

Another witness says some of the suspects came and confronted the victim about the rape accusations. That witness said he told them “no one forced her to do it but she was not fully aware of where she was or what she was doing”.


In a separate incident, Lucien Kidd was arrested on April 18. A woman accused him of forcing himself sexually on her at a location in the Mechanicsville area near campus, despite her efforts to physically stop him. Kidd was charged with one count of rape, jail records show, and had been arrested in January for battery and destruction of property.

Each of the four men was released from jail on $10,000 bond, according to jail records.


  1. Starla

    These are some old azz looking college students. A very strange case, I wonder if someone slippled a roofie in her drink. I don’t know how they are going to prove fault with this case; especially with no dna, an overly drunk girl, and four guys who will be standing up for each other.

    I feel bad for her. No woman deserves to have such an experience.

    • Ask_ME

      If I’m not mistaken, a woman cannot consent to sex while under the influence. The state can pursue them under that angle. They had no business climbing on top of her while she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

      Also, it’s mentioned that she went to the hospital the next day. I’m sure they tested her for drugs and alcohol. There is also probably a rape kit.

    • Women can consent under the influence, that isn’t the bases for proving rape. The only reason its controversial is proving that she had drunk so much she was not coherent or not conscious. Sounds like to me she just blacked out. Blacking out is hard to prove non-coherency on its own. I have had plenty friends drink to that point and still be conscious and high functioning but not remember the events the next morning.

      Although on the flip side I do have a friend or two who turns into another person when they drink on some Jekyll/Hyde mess. I have been the friend, like the guy in this story who tried to help her, only to be told they don’t need help. It would be difficult to prove rape in this case if she was saying she knew what she was doing and didn’t need help right before it happened.

      I’m going to research this more. I’m curious as to if she said she was passed out or tried to resist them. Nothing the Clutch story says hints to that,

  2. There are more mug shots of young black men on this site than stormfront, chimpout, n!ggerman!a or any of the other white supremacist sites.

  3. Sex, the root of black folks evil.

  4. I do not like that once a man is accused of rape his mugshot and name is allowed to be plastered in the news, over the internet, etc. What if he did not commit the crime? His life is now ruined. That allegation is going to follow him for the rest of his life, whether he gets a guilty verdict or not.

  5. AdorkABLE

    It sounds like something may have been slipped in her drink. Also if her friend tried to stop her and she reacted badly, wouldn’t that be a hint that something is wrong or off about her unless that is what happens when she drinks. I feel like there are some elements missing in this story.

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