Tionna T. Smalls

MTV is attempting to diversify its programming lineup and Girl, Get Your Mind Right! is a new show on its roster for the young female market.

Tionna T. Smalls is an author, blogger, and relationship expert who is on a mission to help young girls build healthy relationships and manage their dating issues. Recently the star of VH1’s series What Chilli Wants, Smalls serves up her non-nonsense relationship advice to a different demographic in this new series. On the show Girl, Get Your Mind Right! Tionna offers straight-edged guidance to improve her subjects’ love lives.

“I do not sugarcoat the truth”, Smalls says in the opening segment of the show’s first episode. The relationship series features interviews with her subject’s friends, environmental observations, and intakes of her head-on advice.  She also helps instill confidence in the young women she coaches by providing them with transformational makeovers and constant feedback.

The show seems like a promising attempt for the network to offer a fresh reality show perspective, one filled with educated lifestyle messaging versus degrading drama.

What do you think of the show? Will you be watching?

  • Gina

    Great, another show about ‘finding love.’

    Can we instead be advising girls on ways to help them through school or college? Financial advice? Something?

    I will not be watching. It seems vapid and shallow. I’m all for instilling confidence in young woman, but ‘finding love’ isn’t the only way to do it.

  • http://www.womenaregamechangers.com Ms. Gamechanger

    I’ve seen one episode. I like what she has to say. I think what she says applies to all women who don’t know their self worth. It’s time women go back to letting a man chase us. You start weeding out the rejects when you do that. Congrats to Tionna for getting back on TV.

  • Starla

    So is this MTV’s version of Iyanla Fix My Life?

    The show does sound interesting though.

  • Eva

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Definitely MTV’s Iyanla Fix My Life.

    But I will tune in, especially since I am interested to see how it will be brought to MTVs audience which is different from OWN’s audience…

  • Ash

    I just watched it. A cute show and the advice isn’t obnoxious like some dating gurus can often be. Congrats to Tionna!

  • sam

    show was boring had to turn by first commercial tionna too ghetto and the show isnt believable and she should not be eating on tv she clearly has eaten enough this show wnt be on long sorry

  • ImJustSaying

    I had mixed feelings about it when I saw the title in my cable guide. She doe give some good advice but sometimes she lays on the Sistagurl real thick. I don’t know why that irks me and I’m thinking it shouldn’t but it still makes me go hmmm. Does she need to say “she has to look like a BOSS!” When she could just say confident?
    It made me think of the “dialect” article posted a while back. Is she speaking naturally or is she putting on a character that MTV asked for?

    I might watch a second episode because it is definitely bringing women up rather than tearing them down.

  • Marisa

    I saw the ads but no I’m not watching and of course we never see a show entitled BOY GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Nobody EVER addresses all these screwed up males walking the earth, who know nothing of how to handle themselves correctly to have decent relationships. The rare times they do bring up dysfunctional males its only to blame their single mothers for their behavior. Its weird society has this man is the KIng of the castle crap and need to be given that role but, turn around and don’t know sh%t about leadership, then turn around and blame women for every damn thing. Bottom line enough with these lame ass shows geared to females as if men play no part in dysfunctional relationships, because they are not walking perfection. Also just like Millionaire Matchmaker, Find My Man, I ask the same of Tionna does she have a man and is that a good relationship, for her to be some expert.

  • Buttons

    Sorry to say, but I won’t watch it and I wouldn’t allow my daughter to watch it. To be frank, it’s silly. I realize that it’s more entertainment based than it is for providing serious advice. But, I don’t see it as quality TV and even as entertainment. Some young ladies could misinterpret her advice and use it to their disadvantage.

    Also, I agree with some of the other comments. I was always taught that the woman was God’s gift to man and not the other way around. So, I don’t buy into the idea that women have to adjust themselves around the standards and whims of a man. There are too many shows that center around women improving themselves so that they can land a good man, as if they are the total problem and the man is the prize to be won. Every empowered woman with knowledge of self knows that the PRIZE lies within her, therefore SHE is the prize.

  • Ads

    Im excited to watch, i love the idea of a young woman earning a reality tv gig because of her ACCOMPLISHMENTS of being an author and life coach. Viewers, and marketers, still get drama, but on an axis of positivity and female-led empowerment. Yes please!

  • http://darkanddusky.tumblr.com/ KissOfDanger

    I’m sick of shows showing female dysfunction. When will men have their problems addressed?

  • http://gravatar.com/libpatriot GeekMommaRants

    Nope! Do young girls and women need to refer to themselves as “bad b*tches?” Who’s mother’s a bad b*tch? No ones. Why can’t she advise young girls and women to plan their futures in a realistic manner as oppose of getting their freak on. Maybe if all girls and women were encouraged to be more than sex partners, than a lot of issues women face would be at least taught, thought and planned. This show is just garbage.

  • http://gravatar.com/heavenleiblu heavenleiblu

    I have no point of reference for her, since I never watched Chilli’s show, but she’s slightly less annoying to listen to than Bevy Smith.

  • cristalee

    i just watched this show and I love it , it teaches us young girl more things like how to say NO love it (:

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