NJ High School's "White Girls Club" Members Sent To Counseling

Last month, Franklin Township, New Jersey’s Board of Education became aware of white girls at Franklin High School posting pictures of themselves on social media with the name “White Girls Club”.  According to NJ.com, a whistle blower sent a local newspaper screenshots of tweets by members of the “club” each posing with three fingers creating a “W” — apparently to symbolize “white,” with the hashtag “#wgc,”MyCentralJersey.com reported.

A girl also allegedly retweeted a tweet sent out by a boy that said “the hallways in the high school,” and featured a photo of a group of monkeys or chimpanzees. He also posted a photo on Twitter of the Confederate flag hanging on a wall near bleachers of a gym with the hashtag “south will rise again,” the report said.

At the time of the incident the township’s superintendent, Edward Q. Seto,  expressed sadness and embarrassment when he learned about the ‘club’. Seto said, that the district was  “deeply saddened by the insensitive remarks and allegations attributed to some of our high school students.”

He said while students have a constitutional right to call themselves by any kind of name — even one “which most reasonable people would find offensive” — there is no school sanctioned organization that goes by the name “White Girls Club.”
“Any incident of inappropriate behavior which is reported to the principal or anti-bullying specialist at Franklin High School will be investigated and when appropriate, discipline in accordance with our Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy and the Student Code of Conduct will be implemented,” he said.

At the time of the incident, several students were disciplined with suspensions, but now the school board is taking more disciplinary actions. Seto announced last Thursday night that the board of education had completed its investigation into the club, stating that all participants involved were required to go to counseling.

“I required all students who were involved in the incident to participate in individual and group counseling,” Seto said. “Parents of the students were also encouraged to do the counseling.”

  • Karyn

    If they can’t do it in high school…they’ll eventually venture off to college and definitely be out and wild about it.

  • Perspective

    Let them have this club – because when black folks have their club about BLACK ISSUES – or things that pertain to black people – I don’t want to hear them bitchin about REVERSE RACISM.

    As long as they’re not talking about lynching black folks or other racist BS – we cool.

    “Throw up your W” I don’t care.

  • http://gravatar.com/rastaman1967 rastaman

    i guess they just made it more official….LMAO!

  • Sasha

    Girls- the untelevised, real life edition.

  • Anthony

    In college, they will just join a sorority and be socially acceptable.

  • Stacy N.

    This is my alumni mater. Wow. I am completely embarrassed but not shocked at this buffoonery. I mean, it was known that there were a few white kids that probably felt this way, but they were not crazy enough to be bold and out with it. This technology is the devil. People think stuff like this does not happen up north. Wrong. There is a reason New Jersey used to be called North Mississippi. SMH.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    This is stupid. I just…..wow. Stupid. And not only did they have this club, they took it too far!

  • Stephanie

    The world is already a white person’s club… White privilege is nothing more than perpetuated ignorance…This is hopefully why they were punished. They have no idea that their actions are ideologically unsound. Its a pitiful display of insensitivity. Since they are the majority, they have no idea how it feels to NEED to have “your own” in an exclusionary world …Its not cool to start a white student union, or any other hate group for fun. But their parents never taught them that… wonder why???

  • The Comment

    What are white people afraid of. Do they not see Arabs, Chinese and Indians taking all their high paying jobs????

  • RJ

    I remember a couple years ago when Oprah was interviewing Jay -Z and he said “white kids cannot be racist because they listen to rap/hip-hop all day long” Oprah shook her head and agreed and I remember thinking then that they do not have a clue.

    These kids will find their cool in whatever is black but they still think they are better than the black person standing next to them.

    I was raised in an all white community and I know how many of them think.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    DEAD!!! But yeah…I’ am not surprised. There goes the post racial theory that this generation doesn’t have to deal with racism and kids/teens are so much open and fluid with one another.

  • The Comment

    I know how many of them think.

    I too grew up around non-blacks and it is true. You have to know how people think. You need to know how everyone thinks. But the key is to get it from the horses mouth.

  • http://gravatar.com/trueletterson trueletterson

    Well it’s their right to have a white girls club if they want to and be proud of who and what they are without being force or shame to feel guilty about it!

  • http://gravatar.com/trueletterson trueletterson

    It’s their right!

  • Anthony

    Whenever I hear an entertainer say that whites who like their music cannot be racist, I realize that the person talking is clueless. Anyone who knows just a little history or social science would understand that entertainers are not seen as social equals by those who consider themselves to be of a higher class. Black folks have always entertained white people, and have often made a lot of money doing it. That does not mean that the whites see these entertainers as their peers anymore than a horse owner sees his stallion or mare as his equal.

  • Shango

    If African Americans can run around creating “black this”, and “colored that”, then these white girls can create their own little white club.
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…………but that will probably be unacceptable to the “black community”

  • Shango

    While “African Americans” keep complaining about menial jobs they are not qualified for and their perpetual double digit unemployment. Then they complain about free enterprise, white people, black immigrants, arabs, mexicans and everybody and everything under the sun.

  • chnyere

    I think u only read the first paragraph. It would be fine for them to have a white girl’s club (even though many would see it as offensive and it is unnecessary), but they racist and offensive things they did as an organizations deems the club inappropriate.

  • WifeofaCO

    Me too. I say this all the time. Which is why I don’t care what ‘they’ think. I could dress in a suit, have the same hair style and speak the king’s English. At the end of the day I’m still considered a ni**er, or a monkey! Hell the PRESIDENT is black and still racism is now more blatant than ever. Post racial society my @ss!!

  • Njshrty0410

    But they WERE being racist in their postings concerning the club. Posting a pic of MONKEYS with a caption stating “high school hallway” says it all!

  • The Comment

    What is ur point exactly? I said those people are taking high paying jobs in science, tech, plastic surgery…….

    You sound like you have a uneducated monkey on ur back. Cause who in the world complains about a low paying job they are not qualified for???

    Try Again. I’ll wait.

  • The Comment

    Great short history lesson. Now send it in the mail to J-Duh and his Bo Thang.

    That’s my beef with B and J; they are really dull thinkers. Great for them that they are a power couple. Just wish they would say something real.

  • ScriptTease

    I see white women are beginning to smell themselves more openly now. But can you blame them, especially when they have the support of not only their men, but ours too.

  • ScriptTease

    I feel you on that…. I was born in raised in Florida. I was probably around more whites than blacks, even to this day (through work). I know how they think and I know how to handle them. They are just like any other privileged white person who don’t notice a damn thing until they feel like it ain’t about me me me. Another thing black folks, don’t ever let a white person use that hush tactic on you… When you know racism exist, but they will swear up and down you’re using the race card. I call them mofo’s on it, and I’m quick to let a black person know when they ain’t right either.

  • ScriptTease

    Show me a club that consist of humans with “White” listed in the title that don’t emulate “White Supremacist” then I will give you an apology for assuming it. That my ignorant friend is the difference between the “black community”. Every damn group/club/association created by black folks was pretty much enacted back in the days when our black asses was forced to drink from a “black only” water fountain… which y’all didn’t seem to have a problem with the black only shit back then. Given the BS that is still going on to this day, do you actually think it is safe to dismantle any organizations catered to black folk or any other person who is considered beneath “white almighty” which includes po’ white folks? White folks always revealing just how racist they are when they go to complaining about black folks having groups when y’all no damn well what they are for. And you damn sure no “hate” ain’t being spewed, unlike your “White Power” groups…… (in James Brown Voice) Please, Please, Please stop insulting our intelligence with this nonsense. If I could zapp all y’all clueless white asses back to the Mississippi Burning days as black folks just for one damn day…… LORD HELP EM’

  • ScriptTease

    You are absolutely right @Trueletterson, this falls under the first amendment,you have the right to be as ignorant as you want to be…. I hope they just remember this incident, and hope it don’t turn around to bite them in the arse.

  • K. Michel

    Wha- -? I don’t support that foolishness…

  • http://gravatar.com/designdiva40 paintgurl40

    EXACTLY! Found this out the hard way years ago. Never forgot it either….

  • talaktochoba

    gee, wonder what class they learned this in…

  • leslie

    II did not support stupidity

  • leslie

    look check this out they don’t need no damn club in the school. learn how to be a ladies.cuz because these rappers are people and they are talking about something different .and I thank her personally they should go to church

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