Queens Girl Hangs Self Because Of Bullying

by Yesha Callahan

gabrielle molina

George Molina will never have a chance to see his daughter flourish into a beautiful woman.  Gabrielle Molina was only 12 years old, when her sister found her hanging in the bedroom they shared in Queens Village, New York City.

According to the New York Daily News:

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed Thursday that Gabby left a suicide note that talked about being bullied.

Cops are investigating whether Gabrielle was a victim of online harassment as well as face-to-face abuse.

Pals of hers said Gabby got into a fist fight with another girl that was videotaped and posted on YouTube. They also said she had a history of cutting herself and had recently broken up with a boyfriend.

“There was information in the suicide note concerning cyber bullying,” Kelly said. “Detectives have taken two computers from the home and they will shortly be analyzed. It’s a terrible tragedy.”

“She was bullied,” said IS 109 classmate Samantha Martin, 12. “She said that she wanted to move schools because she felt uncomfortable. People wanted to jump her.”

The seventh-grader, an aspiring lawyer, also was heckled after classmates saw a YouTube video that showed her getting beaten up by a former friend, said family pal Ronnie Ocampo.

“It was kind of brutal,” he said. “Based on the video, you can see that Gabby was fighting for herself in spite of the other girl being taller.”

George Molina fumed that Gabrielle’s school, IS 109, did not respond quickly enough when the family complained to administrators about the online footage.

But Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said yesterday that a preliminary investigation did not reveal any serious bullying problems at the Queens middle school.

However, the school was given only a “C” for its safety environment in the city’s 2012 progress reports.

“I don’t think I knew the word suicide when I was 12 years old or 11 years old,” Walcott said.

A staggering 70 percent of IS 109 students said they didn’t feel safe there.

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    Prayers for that poor poor baby and her family

  • Carefree

    This is what happens when fathers don’t raise their children to be in admonition of the Lord, see King James Version Holy Bible, Book of Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 4. The only thing in this life to fear is God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth.

    When folks laugh at you, laugh louder! Laugh until tears stream down your precious face. If you’re being bullied, pick and choose your battles, but before you fight, pray to God for deliverance.

    Then give Jesus the glory, you’re of no reputation!

    Jesus is of no reputation see King James Version Holy Bible,Book of Philippians chapter two, verse seven, behold his image until you awake with his likeness!

    Psalms 17:14
    Book of Psalms, chapter 17, verse 14.

  • victoria

    I think we focus so much on stamping out bullying that we forget to ensure that our children develop coping skills. We really have to make this a priority.

    God bless her family in this time of need.

  • Gabrielle

    My name is Gabrielle and my father’s name is George. Seeing this saddens my heart because I know my father would be just as torn apart as this girl’s father if he found out anything bad happened to me. Let’s send out our thoughts and prayers to this family in their time of need.

  • dbsm

    “a preliminary investigation did not reveal any serious bullying problems at the Queens middle school.”

    this is common. everyone is usually in denial because it is easier.

  • Lisss

    No offense but this is the sort of erratic and stupid comment that makes all christians look bad. you could at least have provided a verse of comfort instead of preaching fire and brimstone.

  • jj

    I think its important along with raising in administion of the Lord to teach our girls to have self esteem bullies seem to target young women who lack confidence in themselves and God no one should b making you afriad or attacking you at school if shes big you pray to God to find someone bigger then her and He’ll fight your battles this is a shame this young women lost so soon where are her parents. I DARE a little bully step to my girl i sure will make sure im time and a half for her…not tryn go to jail tho.

  • angel

    I agree with you. It is past time for schools to be held accountable for what goes on with their students. yes I agree with previous posters that we need to help studets cope BUT we also have to stop turning a blind eye to the often toxic and malignant environments that are present in some schools that allow bullying to exist. Parents need to be ready to help and not be in denial when alerted that their child is a bully. Teachers need to be empowered and supported when intervening and discipling in cases of bullying. This problem is not going to get better by itself

  • Alexander

    She went to a school near mines n her friend knew n her friend should’ve.spoke up n this would’ve never happened

  • Eduardo

    “But Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said yesterday that a preliminary investigation did not reveal any serious bullying problems at the Queens middle school.”

    In that case we should take his word for it, after all the school seems to be doing a terrific job…

  • Nicoline

    I have a serious question.

    Whats up with all these children and teenagers committing suicide due to bullying?

    When I was growing up everyone got picked on or bullied at some point but no one (as far as I know) ever committed suicide.

  • http://gravatar.com/jjbrooks QB

    the difference between them and us growing up way back when is that now kids are bullied 24/7. When we left school the bullying stopped and we were with our family taking our minds off of it. Now when students leave school, they get home and the bullying continues with the internet and text messages. Although we had internet and phones in our day it wasn’t as advanced nor important as it is now.

  • Chacha1

    I believe that it is a combination of things. Kids may not cope as well with bullying. Also, children have different means of bullying each other than in the past, and I believe they have gotten meaner and more malicious, and at a younger age. Also, it is not always easy to say that it is JUST a self esteem issue. What if it is a 13 year old girl or boy vs. a 16 year old boy/girl or a group of older kids? What if he/she is being sexually harassed daily…school year after school year, and no adult is doing much about it? Good self esteem (which can be damaged) and faith (as some have suggested) is not going to make that go away.

    Also, many people talk about the “good old days” when bullying wasn’t as serious, but many young adults still have serious issues linked to their childhoods and bullying.

  • bella

    Correct!!! Coping skills to deal with arguments, different opinions, heart aches, bad days, letd downs etc…..

  • http://gravatar.com/greendoondoon greendoondoon

    I was in school in the 80s and 90s and the bullying was horrific and has affected me. I absolutely can’t stand the merest hint of bullying and I will shut that down. There are people that, when I see them on Facebook, make me bristle. I’m not saying that I haven’t been able to live my life to the full, but it just brings back all types of memories. It’s made me a hypervigilant and probably overprotective parent.

  • http://gravatar.com/sblazer227 sblazer227

    thanks. i was literally asking the same questions aloud as the initial poster and didnt really think of the bullying as 24/7. Its so sad.

  • Kay

    This is very true. I lived in an era that didn’t have FB, Youtube, texting and the like. I also think that the schools are allowing a culture of bullying to flourish. They aren’t kicking out the bullies, reprimanding them or trying to reach out to the parents of the bully to figure out a plan of action. They are telling the bullied kids to conform, to ignore the taunts and jeers, and “keep your head down, shut up and get along.” We as a society don’t get off from the blame either, we reward bullies. We teach children that to get what they want, they have to step on the rights of others, and it is reinforced through t.v., music, and the actions of certain celebs that kids look up to.

  • Kay

    Yep, denial is big in schools nowadays. Administrators are too busy looking at the numbers and crunching statistics instead of getting involved in the social realities of these children. As an adult, if I am being bullied by a person, I have the choice of removing myself from the situation, getting an order of protection, etc. But what can a child really do? They are at the mercy of people outside of themselves and administrators, teachers and others simply let bullies have their way because it’s just easier to ignore it than deal with it.

  • Kay

    You know, I’m a Christian but I also understand that action without faith means nothing. It’s okay to pray about things like this, but people really need to get involved and not let craziness like this even begin happening. I heard about this one child who was being bullied who was told to “ignore it,” and probably was told to just pray about it too. And you know what happened? He got stabbed in the neck IN FRONT of the principal by the bully. Some of these bullies aren’t harmless children, they are growing into sociopaths and psychopaths who may have tendencies toward really harming people. And when people stand idly by and do nothing, bullies aren’t getting the message that what they are doing is NOT okay.

  • talaktochoba

    Walcott is full of s**t;

    even if somehow he lived on a vacuum enough to blithely ignore it, cyberspace penetrates those vacuums, especially on YouTube;

    this is clearly another case where all the “bad” children are corralled in one school so everybody else feels safe–who cares if they kill each other off?

    after all, per “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos”, they’re all animals anyway, right?

    if there’s any justice in this world, Walcott will at the very least be demoted to principal in this girl’s school…

  • Tracey

    Plenty of kids committed suicide back in the day but these kids have the same pressures plus live in the internet age so instead of whispers down the hall they have concrete evidence of just how shitty their classmates are.
    Just because you didn’t know anyone doesn’t mean that it did not occur. Check some stats and you’ll see that there were crazy spikes in certain decades starting with the 70′s but that teens still did this in the 50′s.

  • talaktochoba

    this is very, very true…and back then there were more than a few deaths attributable to challenges to prove your manhood when a mere boy, challenges on their face suicidal because they mimicked the semi-suicidal behaviour we were taught back then what made you become a man; snow sledding down hills across freeways and the like;

    the difference is the global village created by the internet has thankfully removed the various veils of secrecy (families not wanting it known there was a suicide, friends bullied into not coming forwadr, the stigma of associating with a “mental case”, etc.) these crimes used to be shrouded in..sadly, in this case, too late, but hopefully in time to prevent others;

  • Courtney H.

    @ Kay and Chacha1:

    I agree with you points, as well as with the points of others. I was bullied when I was in school, and kids basically got a slap on the wrist (“a talking to” from the principal). During my senior year, I was in a situation when I was bullied, and when I reported it to an assistant principal, the three girls lied through their teeth. It was my word against theirs, so nothing was done. I was also bullied in college. That really through me for a loop, because I believed that in college, people would be a lot more mature. I had a hard time dealing with it. I was so disillusioned I didn’t know how to react.

    Unfortunately, many schools — today as well as years ago — don’t take bullying seriously. All these administrators care about are test scores and the schools receiving federal funding. At one middle school were I taught a few years ago, I wanted to show a documentary about the tragic results of bullying, and how it can be dealt with. My principal refused to show even after I had asked her numerous time if she had even watched it. She didn’t really care about bullying, even though it was rampant at this school. I don’t know how many suicides and school shootings are going to have to happen before people wake up and realize what an extremely serious problem this is, but it has to happen and soon … or we’ll see more tragedies.

    P.S.: I really enjoyed the video, especially the title at the end that stated that if you ignore injustice, you are siding with the oppressor. This can be applied to other injustices in society as well.

  • Courtney H.

    Oops! Sorry about all the typos!

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