A Florida high school is getting national attention for a hateful, racist rant two of its students posted on YouTube. In the egregious four-minute clip, the teenage girls claim that people “start turning black” and “catch the disease” of blackness when they enter Santaluces High School.

They spent a considerate amount of time making derogatory comments about girls who wear weaves, saying:

“I feel so bad for them. They can’t brush their hair. They can’t itch it, they gotta pat the weave. I got my beautiful real hair. I get to wash it and brush it.”

“How did they even wash their hair?”

“They don’t. They wash their hair every three months.”

Their ignorance is astounding but some people are wondering if they’re only voicing what white people think about black women who wear weaves. White women wear them (they call them “extensions”) but weave is stereotypically associated with black people.  The inability to wash, scratch or brush the “fake” hair is naturally fodder for racist white people to criticize and attack.

The girls’ offensive rant has been removed at least twice by YouTube, “as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech,” but that hasn’t stopped people from posting it back multiple times. To date, it’s garnered more than 94,000 views and over 1,000 comments, many from detractors and outraged viewers.

The Santaluces High School staff claims to be taking action but aren’t specific about the terms of the girls’ punishment. “It’s groundbreaking territory,” Santaluces Principal Kathleen Orloff said. She revealed the district’s legal department is looking into the issue and that officials in the district are discussing a plan of action that has not yet been revealed.

What do you think about the girls’ comments, Clutchettes? Do you think they’re giving a voice to how most white people perceive “weave”? How should the school reprimand the girls for the clip?



  1. alexes

    Black women are getting laughed at behind the seen whenever chinese or other countries come here and sell weave to black women. Its alot of white milky creams that black women can use but black women don’t know that it will grow and moisture the hair:(

  2. falseflaggot

    WOW. I’ve only seen one commenter get to the bottom of the real fear of these poor, terrified little bimbos, and that is the fact that beneath all of the insults regarding Black women’s hair, there is real fear of being bred out. Look at the demographics worldwide! Fear of a black, nappy headed planet. White Caucasian traits are recessive, meaning that they are at real risk of racial extinction. This little rant of fear helps racists’ sleep better at night. Period, the end.

    The sh*t- talking is just huffing and bluffing bluster as a means of psychological warfare in an attempt to shake Black women’s confidence in themselves. It’s the oldest game in the book whenever someone who wants to believe that they’re superior is trying to maintain control of whom they perceive to be subordinate. It’s called “negging” , or using a negative perception to diminish an enemy’s self confidence. Pimps do this to hookers to keep their parasitic hooks in damaged women off of whom they profit, loser men do this to their significant others to devalue their worth on the mating market, and these chicks are doing it because their pedestal is being rocked by the increasing number of Black and brown women of every shade getting worldwide attention and acclaim in the media and on the streets, with every grade of hair texture ranging from nappy and short to long and silky, and every grade in between. White men and men of other races are definitely taking notice, which is why you hear the vitriol of these twits, only it is masked as ‘dissing’ Black/Brown women and their hair, the achilles heel of Black women. Black women are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. In the days when White supremacy was not threatened, Black women who did not alter their hair texture by means of wigs or straightening were shunned. Now that that has changed, insecure little bimbos such as these are trying to shame Black women for doing just that. See how that works? Think, people, don’t just react with emotion. Every race has an Achilles heel (that would be a weak spot, for those who don’t know), and believe me, the White race’s Achilles heel is being bred out by their “inferiors”.

    To whomever said, “What queen wears another woman’s crown”? You are misinformed, and that’s the nicest way that I can say it.. If you had any real understanding of tribal warfare and evolutionary mating strategy, you would understand that to appropriate or mimic an aspect of another race’s ethnic features is a sign of dominance over the race being mimicked. Why do you think that Blacks get so mad when Whites wear dreadlocks, or native American Indians get enraged when they see Whites wearing tribal clothing?

    Most Black women will let this attack roll off of their backs and not let it alter their decision to adorn themselves however they wish, because at the end of the day, it will not change the fact that Whites in general are very anxious about their increasing minority status in an increasingly non-White world. Does anyone else find it strange that non-White people, who outnumber their White counterparts all over the globe, are being referred to as ‘minorities’??

    To anyone who doesn’t like Black women, I say sit down and take a seat with the other fools waiting for us to give a damn. Black women, wear your hair however you please, Black people are being imitated all over the globe and it scares those who see a loss of status.

    At the end of the day, these little bimbos are also scared of aging, because they know that their looks have a short shelf life, and it won’t matter how silky their hair is when they are running to the salon to dye it, and to the plastic surgeon’s to get a boob, butt and face lift. In about 20 years, LOL! Fear is a hell of a drug.

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