A Florida high school is getting national attention for a hateful, racist rant two of its students posted on YouTube. In the egregious four-minute clip, the teenage girls claim that people “start turning black” and “catch the disease” of blackness when they enter Santaluces High School.

They spent a considerate amount of time making derogatory comments about girls who wear weaves, saying:

“I feel so bad for them. They can’t brush their hair. They can’t itch it, they gotta pat the weave. I got my beautiful real hair. I get to wash it and brush it.”

“How did they even wash their hair?”

“They don’t. They wash their hair every three months.”

Their ignorance is astounding but some people are wondering if they’re only voicing what white people think about black women who wear weaves. White women wear them (they call them “extensions”) but weave is stereotypically associated with black people.  The inability to wash, scratch or brush the “fake” hair is naturally fodder for racist white people to criticize and attack.

The girls’ offensive rant has been removed at least twice by YouTube, “as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech,” but that hasn’t stopped people from posting it back multiple times. To date, it’s garnered more than 94,000 views and over 1,000 comments, many from detractors and outraged viewers.

The Santaluces High School staff claims to be taking action but aren’t specific about the terms of the girls’ punishment. “It’s groundbreaking territory,” Santaluces Principal Kathleen Orloff said. She revealed the district’s legal department is looking into the issue and that officials in the district are discussing a plan of action that has not yet been revealed.

What do you think about the girls’ comments, Clutchettes? Do you think they’re giving a voice to how most white people perceive “weave”? How should the school reprimand the girls for the clip?


  • http://gravatar.com/kendran85 kendra

    the school shouldnt reprimand them, nor should police. no matter how egregious their words were they have a right to say them. I’m more bothered by the fact than any action is even being considered. Youtube as company has a right to remove whatever messages they want. but you cant get me to believe what ppl say on there own time should be penalized. i want freedom of speech, even for little racist white girls. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

  • silkynaps

    ha! their racist attitudes are definitely drowning in ignorance. extensions/wigs were invented for white people. they’ve been rocking those joints for centuries!

    however, while they are a couple of little racist bimbos, the sentiment is not entirely racist. I’m black and I feel the same way about women (of any race) with hair extensions.

    take the money you’re investing in rocking some indian or brasiliera’s hair and develop a regimen to grow your own hair. whatever.

  • sixfoota

    When it’s children saying/thinking these things, look at the parents. It’s learned behavior.

  • noirluv45

    Where are people finding these ridiculous stories? Why are we even entertaining these stories? And why do we give a flying fvk what they say? The very fact that plenty of melanin-challenged people spend countless hours discussing us, injecting their lips and asses in order to have full lips and big booties, and all the other ish they seem to stick their noses in, tells me that they wanna be us. Maybe more like, wanna eat us.

    Racists need to spend their time worrying about why when they get wet, they smell like dogs instead of worrying about black women and what’s on our head.

  • Dominique

    I know plenty of white and hispanic girls who wear weaves…these girls were not raised right

  • Lauren

    Hate speech is not constitutionally protected.

  • donnadara

    It’s a school issue because the blowback from the video will affect the school’s environment. And it could create a hostile environment for black students. If the school doesn’t do anything, someone may make an answer video and things can get really ugly. Remember how the Jena 6 situation erupted based on the school not disciplining white students for putting nooses on a tree?

  • http://www.thinkaboutit-knowaboutit.com/ Danté

    Just two ignorant little white girls on some adolescent bullshit. They obviously weren’t raised right. I’m willing to bet they have drake, lil Wayne, and those other dudes on their iPods though.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    The real question is why do they (or anybody else) care what black women/girls do to our hair, our hair care regimen, what we wear and how we wear it especially when you are not intellectually curious? I don’t even need any fingers on recalling how many times I thought about white women/girls and what they do…yeah it’s zero… And the second real question is why we are giving this mess press, attention and a platform? As for the school’s punishment I don’t think anything the school can do will help their attitudes and sense of entitlement because whatever the school do will be temporary fix not long lasting unless they put an asterisk on their records so by the time college admission rolls in they know words have consequences.

  • Keshia

    While I rock my weave I shall ignore these two who probably fry themselves every week in tanning bed, wear booty pops, and look for lip plumping lip gloss…girl bye.

  • http://gravatar.com/mbm1ame isa


  • The Comment

    Binks people need someone to hate. If Blacks disappeared white peoples head would start exploding!

    Go to Russia they hate Jews
    Go to Romaina they hate Gypsies
    Go to Iran they hate America
    Go to Petes Coffee they hate Starbucks

  • Starla

    I just don’t care anymore. Everybody wants to feel superior to the other while on earth. Many people with all sorts of opinons and feelings have lived, and are nowhere to be found now. There is not even a record of life exisence for some of them. Such is the way of the world, when life is in the veins the being believes all they do and say is of great importance.

    I couldn’t even care what these birds think because it is all passing. Just as my opinons are all passing and of no importance in the grand scheme of things. Who wants to get worked up, let them get worked up; who wants to feel indifferent, let them feel indifferent.

  • The Comment

    i’m sure ASAP Rocky is in love either way…

  • http:tontonmichel.tumblr.com Tonton Michel

    Stunningly ignorant.

  • The Comment

    oh no honey take it down the road

    I willing to bet they will give Drake Lil What da F*ck and those other degenerates head at the drop of a dime.

    How you suck black dyck and hate black women is a study I would love to consider.

  • Nubia08

    Just a couple of ignorant females tryna get famous.

    Although, I’m happily natural and believe in the embracing of my natural hair texture, I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business what we as Black women decide to do with our hair. We are criticized for everything we do, regardless of how we do it. We as Black women are obviously occupying the minds of so many, when these people don’t occupy ours. It’s about being secure in yourself, which obviously many white women are not with their incesant bleaching of their hair, tanning, lip injections, booty implants, the list goes on. Why should we even care about what insecure females say about us?

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays

    Unless they made the video at school, I’m not sure why the school needs to be involved.

  • Rose

    same old same old. -_-
    what im interested in is their grades because these two buffoons look like C-/D students at best if they’re putting out faulty logic like that. Good luck with trying to get into Harvard peeps ;)

  • The Moon in the Sky

    What they said is probably something they have heard from other black girls or black boys, which is why I don’t think they are voicing the opinions of how most White people feel about weave.

    Non-Black people don’t know anything about Black people unless they are specifically told.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    why is it that anyone who says something ignorant gets attention? doesn’t this incentivise people to say ignorant stuff?

  • lovora

    Sometimes reading clutch is so depressing. Is the speech hateful or is it ignorant? Why is the school involved? is this not an issue for the parents. And more importantly why are we grown ass women caring? We care about some no name rapper telling us we can’t wear red lipstick. We care and are outraged and get angry about every little comment that someone makes about us. We are allowing ourselves to be leeched. We are dying the death of 100,000 mean little cuts. Eventually we are gonna bleed out.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    Who cares what they think? Their opinion doesn’t matter, wear your hair how you want and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    Agreed! Giving too much attention to the ignorance just draws more of it.

  • http://parentingbytheseatofmypants.wordpress.com greendoondoon

    The government is not stopping these two Einsteins from spouting bullshit. The school is absolutely within their rights to censure these girls because they have violated school code. We have a social media policy at work and if we violate it, we can be in trouble. It doesn’t matter that it is our personal accounts. I hope they are dealt with in the same manner as that girl whose science experiment went wrongly.

  • darkcoco

    I Believe education is the key, weaves doesnt mean your bald, or lazy its a style choice, It is ovious the girls do not no what their talking about, just because you wear weaves dont mean you dont shampoo your hair as needed, you may certainly scratch your scalp and brushing is done on a regular….Sounds Like Jealously


  • Allie

    My hair is dirty. Say the people who have to wash their s**t EVERY DAMN DAY. Gtfo with that crap.

  • BeanBean

    These girls are ignorant little twerps. I get this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that everything these girls said in the video was told to them by a black person. I’m not trying to start anything, perhaps it was one of those black men that feel the need to put down black women whenever they start dating white women. Who knows, either way these girls are stupid. You can always expect stupid people to do and say stupid things.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Ignorance comes from a lack of knowledge, not from attention.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    According to past White acquaintances – They wash their hair everyday because it gets stringy and oily if they don’t.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Their comments, to me, seem to come from arrogance rather than insecurity.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Their ignorance about black hair comes from their racist attitudes.

    Hair length is determined by genetics. One cannot develop a regimen to grow their hair. They can, however, develop a regimen to keep it healthy.

  • NY’s Finest

    How much you wanna bet that they have black boyfriends who probably hate black women just as much, happens all the time.

  • antisocialengineering

    same way George Washington, the KKK Don Imus and all the other murdering white degenerates fuck black women and hate black men. No study needed.

  • Teddy

    Is it really? I’ve heard people say this, but never give concrete facts or studies about this. I don’t think hair length is only based on hereditary. Texture and color, sure , but not how long it will grow. It’s not like your hair will get to your shoulders and suddenly decide it’s done.

    There are factors such as health, diet, and hair maintenance that play a key part in how long your hair will grow.

  • Gina Wild

    Actually, these 2 girls are expressing the views of many white women.

  • minstrelsinwhiteface


    This is what I was waiting for, for white people to tell em how stupid they look trying to white face themselves with weaves. That hair toss the dark haired girl did closed the argument and goes down as a massive “sit yo fake ass down” check to the weaver community, coz after all the years of weaving you still aint even close. LMAO!

  • Jenosaykwa

    Weaves are often used as a protective style to retain growth.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    You could always do your own research.

  • Pseudonym

    Thank you, James. That’s what I was going to say. Let’s not give them the validation of thinking they are even worth acknowledgement.

  • Rasta lion

    They expressed with most of us Black men feel and think. Sisters,go natural.

  • NY’s Finest

    Oh please, most black men don’t give a damn if we go natural they just use it as an excuse for why they date non black women. Truth be told a lot of black men don’t even like natural hair on black women if it doesn’t look like “good hair”

  • Joan

    Is it wrong that I’m not bothered by what they said? I guess I just expect that certain racist white girls are going to say things like that. Their white skin affords them the privilege of acting foolish, being declared “lost,” being forgiven and moving on to less obvious ways of being racist. Obviously, they wanted attention and they felt safe saying some really offensive things. Also, I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan of weaves. I can understand a person wearing a wig or a hair piece, but having something sewn or glued to one’s head? I think it’s disgusting. I like being able to wash my natural hair. Whenever I see a woman with a weave, I know it’s wrong, but I sense that the person might be a little lazy (because they chose not to deal with their real hair) and insecure (because they have hair on their head that is not their own). They’re not going to wash their hair for weeks…I think it’s unsanitary. Honestly, I thing weaves are foolish, impractical and I just don’t get it. If I removed the racist remarks from the video, I can honestly say that I am just as disgusted (if not more so) by the whole idea of weaves. I know of someone who discovered mold growing under her weave. Seriously? Weaves are something that I wish black women would stop. When I hear a racist white woman saying negative things about weaves, what can I really say? I’m a black woman who is disgusted by weaves, too.

  • Tara

    Sd, whether that is what you think or not, two white girls used a public platform to trash black women. Guys like you we don’t even care what you think. Go to hell!

  • Joy

    Seriously folks what’s the difference in what these white girls said, and (SOME) black folks constantly dissn’ Tyler Perry’s work? My point….Negativity is Negativity. I don’t care who it’s coming from. And NO I’m not saying we ALL have to like all of Perry’ work. Sometimes not saying something at all is better than saying something negative

  • IJusWannaSay…

    It’s the truth. Black men try to gaslight black women into thinking that they’re attracted to their natural hair, when it’s just a ruse to justify why they’re brainwashed.

  • DeeD

    Hair length is not determined by genetics, hair texture is. Some hair textures are harder to manage than others which leads to breakage, but it is growing, it is just breaking as quickly as it grows, which gives the illusion of the hair not growing.

  • Deb

    “We care and are outraged and get angry about every little comment that someone makes about us. We are allowing ourselves to be leeched. We are dying the death of 100,000 mean little cuts. Eventually we are gonna bleed out.”

    Yep. It’s why I don’t come here as much. It was getting too much for me. I feel like giving attention and being asked to react to so many instances like this gives these willfully ignorant people (black, white, whatever race) power. I’m done with it.

  • Mademoiselle

    I somewhat agree with your first paragraph about too many conversations becoming a divisive blame game between black men and black women. About your second paragraph, black women are not the only group of women who wear “hairhats” — married Jewish women do, too (for religious purposes). I didn’t bring that up to feed into your third paragraph about the “they do it too” psychology; I just wanted to correct you. I want to somewhat agree with some of the rest of what you say, but it’s a little too heavy handed with negativity for me to jump on board. So I’ll end by saying I wish more black women were totally comfortable with everything about themselves, but I’ll stop short of adding to their feelings of inadequacy by attacking their choices.

  • minstrelsinwhiteface

    Brilliant post! Broke it down cold and hard.

  • Joy

    WTFL I agree with a “waste of billions” of dollars. And the sad part is that 99.9% of hair stores are owned by none blacks. We make everyone else wealthy but ourselves.

  • KitKat

    Thank you they are in the salon covering their dark roots literally and figuratively. Try getting a white girl to give up the bleach, blow dryer, and flat iron. Literally trying to mold themselves after a doll by Mattel. Let’s not start with skin coloring, butt surgery and lip plumpers, but it’s black women who are constantly ridiculed. I’m so tired of some white women/girls who spew this kind of ignorance. These are the same who can’t see the correlation between black girls relaxing their hair and white girls bleaching theirs.

  • jcross

    I’ve always wondered about that sis. I believe that how you take care of your hair to keep it from breaking determines how long your hair will be, not genetics (or maybe just not entirely genetics). There are countless black people with locks they can sit on, and all that hair is not shed hair; it is indeed growing… I believe free-stranders can achieve this length too, we just have to be much more careful.

  • Deb

    Even if they knew, they’d probably still talk crap. They obviously are frolicking in their white female privilege they given in this society.

  • Mademoiselle

    Hair texture is not what causes hair to break. Mishandling hair causes it to break. All textures are capable of growing long, and all textures are susceptible to mistreatment leading to breakage and thinning. “Difficult hair” is “bad hair’s” twin sister. There’s no such thing. People have different hair, thus different hair needs. All of life is made much easier once you identify what works for you and what doesn’t, but until you do, any perceived “difficulty” is merely doing something wrong (i.e. “Doctor, it hurts when I do this” … “Well, stop doing that”)

  • Keshia

    Just like black men spend billions on Nike air Jordan’s?? Nike is not black owned. Or is just like black rappers who rap about designer labels that want nothing to do with people of their color?

  • Keshia

    I feel you but please don’t let other people make you feel any kinda way about yourself including two air headed white girls or a rapper who insist on styling his hair like a little girl. They want to make us feel bad, but they don’t have me. Shoot Jesus loves my behind and that’s the only person I’ll have to answer to when this is all over.

  • Keshia

    Just like white people are dying of skin cancer and dying from cosmetics procedures that have gone wrong? You need to stop fooling yourself, they’ve been jealous of us since the beginning of time or else they wouldn’t be so hell bent on destroying us.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    “I guess I just expect that certain racist white girls are going to say things like that.”

    What do you mean by ‘certain racist white girls’? Are there specific types of racist white girls who say different things?

  • The Moon in the Sky

    If white people are hell bent on destroying black people, it isn’t because of jealousy, but because of racial hatred.

  • Marisa

    I know that age and immaturity plays a factor in this as Beavis and Butthead are young but, when it comes to race in this society some people are just a damn lost cause these two qualify. They are not worth the time or effort, also can this myth of only black women wearing weaves be done with already. People know damn good and well plenty of white, Latino, and Asian,Indian women are walking around with hair that didn’t grow naturally out of their scalps either.

    Check out the white fashion magazines they have plenty of wigs, weaves and extensions marketed and sold to non black women. Matter of fact I remember one of those Jersey Shore girls proudly describing her 800-1000 dollar weaves and extensions, the girl spent most of the time in a mirror brushing. If Beavis and Butthead wanted an answer to the question they same way yall deal with your wigs and weaves. Also why the hell are they so curious about black women’s hair to the point of making a freakin video, I thought white women didn’t have black women to think about, while all the world are obsessed with white chicks. Not surprised there are those defending this idiocy, and people are free to wear whatever hair they want, weaves, braids, locks, twist, dreads, afros. Now if these chicks came after the natural styles would the same people who don’t think its a big deal say the same, no because folks just love the black women head full of weave stereotype.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    “So are you saying that black women are genetically disposed to having short hair but black men are not?”

    If that is what I was saying I would have typed it. What you typed is your own opinion, not mine. You don’t need to make things up so that you can have something to argue against. I didn’t even specifically talk about black women or men.

    “You’re too lazy and self-hating to educate yourself. Stop lying.”

    Excuse you? What am I lying about? And how the hell does my comment indicate I have ‘self-hate’. I swear, people love using that term.

    Genetics does play a role in hair length. Are there not men out there where baldness runs in their family? Are there not women who have daughters who all have long hair like the mother?

  • q

    Black men this, black men that. What do black men have to do with these racist white girls?

  • smdh!

    I watched the clip and saw two extremely racist white girls attacking BLACK PEOPLE. Some sisters see this as an opportunity to attack black men. Score another one for the bigots. SMDH.

  • Soulfulindustry

    I am not sure if someone already said this but… why should we care what they think?

    These sorts of conversations seem to end up in tail spins where either we go at each other’s throats (see above) or end up in an “evil white folk” rant…these conversations rarely uplift us. (black women)… not to mention these conversations bring out the trolls :D

    Who cares what two white teenage girls think about black women and weave. Teenagers are generally ignorant. If you cannot be stupid when you are young, what is youth for?

    I do not condone racist or homophobic rants on Youtube, but I feel that we give white folkx words and deeds too much power over how we perceive ourselves. To be honest their history of looking at us with love and a spirit of equality is not so good. Why do we keep waiting for it and complaining when it does not happen?

    It feels so much more pressing that we love and respect ourselves than wait for anyone else to do it…..especially white folx

    White folks, please do not read this as a pass to cut a fool. There is a need for accountability and reflection on your part. But being this is a site for Black Women, I feel our energy should be spent uplifting, loving, praising and celebrating Black Women… not worrying about the general foolishness of young white girls..They have the world to worry about their shenanigans. We need to care for love and protect us!

  • anon

    My guess is these girls are part of the growing white supremacist youth movement. Contrary to popular belief, racism is alive and well in “post racial america.”

  • http://www.dawnthescreenwriter.com ScriptTease

    Listen up Black Women…. this is how the world views us. Weave is just the tip of the iceberg. We are the most hated group of people, the most talked about, not only by outsiders, but by our own men too. It is what it is. Changes need to be made within our community because these little racist white girls ain’t the only ones talking. Scroll on over to Youtube for some black girl bashing 101.

  • http://www.dawnthescreenwriter.com ScriptTease

    Black women can’t play “Better features” card anymore. We can’t anymore. Now @ Back to Reality, back in the day when everything big (except for fat) was disgusting, it was a black thing… now that everyone wants big lips and ass, it’s no longer a black thing…. but I digress. Back to my point…. black women can no longer play that unique feature card anymore because black women, especially celebrities, are making it known that they have had work done. As I said in an earlier post, “black women are the laughing stock” and black men are are in the mix of the ones who’s laughing at us.

  • Allie

    So in other words dirty.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    I must have hit a raw nerve…*shrug*…truth hurts the hollerin’ dog…

  • IJusWannaSay…

    If you let these bitter black men tell it, this is all a figment of your imagination…gaslighting at its finest…

  • ArabellaMichaela.

    Yes, hate speech is protected, unless its accompanied by a separate offence. And yes, this IS what white women ( and Latin women(for that matter) think about black women and weaves. They smirk behind your back. If a bw wants to wear weave, that’s her choice. But appreciate that wearing their hair on your head flatters THEM, Not you.
    I actually heard some white girls refer to it once as a fire hazard in the office. Truth.

  • Sarah

    Find me a black man who date black women who hair closely resembles Michael Jackson from his J5 days and I will show you a pink unicorn. Black men all the time say they want black women to wear their natural hair,but when the hair is more Florida Evans and less Elle Varner they turn their heads. I have seen more non black men with black women with natural hair than black men.

  • noirluv45

    ArabellaMichaela, I don’t give a flying f*ck what they think and neither should you. Why do we give these cockroaches so much power in our life as if they are some kind of God.

    Why are people always ready to bow down to the god of white supremacy and lick their boots, spending more time worrying about what THEY think instead of God. Who cares???

  • ArabellaMichaela

    @The Moon in the Sky. Hair mass and hair follicles ARE genetically determined. Not everyone can grow long or thick hair no matter how healthy their hair is( as a woman myself with ok hair but born in a family of women with serious natural long & and thick hair, I know some of just cant grow it that way). But I remember a time pre-weave obsession ( the ’80s), when Black women had pretty hair and pretty hairdos. We should revisit that.

  • dmac

    What students say on their own time is penalized by schools all the time, because what they say has consequences for the other children who are part of an involuntary community with them. Bullying certain students or groups on social media absolutely needs to be addressed, and most districts nowadays have policies specifically for this.

  • The Comment

    Amen to that sister!

  • Raven

    If black men hate weaves so much why is the majority of the women you date have weaves. If black men do date women with natural hair they date women with her like Elle Varner or Tracy Ellis Ross and not like Teyonah Parris and Esperanza Spalding. Yes there was incidences where an employer (Six Flags) would not hire black women with natural hair and there are other jobs that discriminate against natural hair. If a employer would not hire a person with an ethnic name don’t you think they would not hire a person with ethnic hair.Black men blame people for problems all the time way more than black women. When black men date out they always say that it is because black women are bitter, fat, have too many kids, loud , angry and etc. Black men also post numerous YouTube videos of white women being better than black women. There are also famous black men who have publicly said they do not like black women and that non black women and mix women are better than dark black women. It is funny how black men do not tell each other how that they should do better. Black men/boys are killing each other everyday, abandoning their children everyday, dropping out of high school/ college, selling drugs/getting high instead of looking for a job. I guess you black men don’t like yourself either.

  • noirluv45

    Ya’ll, is it me or has there been an increase in anti-black/black female videos that have been coming out lately that show up on black-oriented websites. Something’s fishy about all this. In a matter of one week, we’ve seen the dipsticks from U.C. Irvine (sadly my sister’s Alma mater) in black faces, then these two nitwits talking about black women in weaves, and all the other videos lately by other races AND by black men AND black women (that you routinely on youtube). It’s as if someone is putting them up to these things to distract us. What is going on? Something ain’t right.

    As others have also stated, WHY do black-oriented blogs like clutch and Lord knows, Huff Po’s Black Voices bring attention to these videos? What’s the purpose? Why, like others have said, give these non-entities a voice?

    This is totally nonsense. What’s up?

  • noirluv45

    Brother and sisters, we’ve stood through slavery; we’ve stood through Jim Crow, and we’ll continue to stand like we always have. Like someone said, if we were NOT a threat, there would be no reason to try to squash us like they’ve been trying to do.

    Divide and conqueror is what they want. I realized if they can keep black men and women from coming together, they got us where they want us. I really believe that our enemies are employing people, even those that look like us, but are not for us, to do damage. What better enemy than the one who looks like you who comes in dressed as black, trying to set you straight about how you wear your hair, but is as far from black as God is from Satan. We cannot give in.

    I love my people, and what I wish is what other’s have expressed – that these sites be used as a tool to bring us together instead of focusing on other people’s foolishness and ignorant antics.

    Sorry for the rant, ya’ll.

  • noirluv45

    The Moon in the Sky, and why, would there be that racial hatred? JEALOUSLY. If you hate someone, you don’t spend time thinking about them. Yes, they hate us, yet they want to eat us too. They steal every innovation we have and take it as their own. They’ve infested Africa so they can pillage the resources there as well. Ivy League professors are traveling to Africa to learn fractal mathematics from the African chiefs. Yes, they are jealous. We are a group of people who has stood through slavery, the Jim Crow era and this era right now, the one who attacks us, no other group, but us the way they do. They want to destroy us. Yes, it’s racial hatred, oh, but you better belief it’s jealously too.

  • noirluv45

    Oh, NY’s Finest, it sure does happen all the time. You see it all day, every day in the Pacific NW. Chile, it’s sick!

  • noirluv45

    To be honest, I don’t believe white women are thinking about weaves and how black women wear their hair. They need to be thinking about all that bleach they put in theirs and how to keep it from smelling like a dog when it gets wet. In other words, they need to stay in their lane and mind their business. When one is about THEIR business, they don’t have time to worry about mine, yours, or anyone else’s.

    Even if they are expressing the views of many white women, SO WHAT? Who are they and why should we care what their views are?

  • antisocialengineering

    “I feel that we give white folkx words and deeds too much power over how we perceive ourselves.”

    Well walk your talk and stop weaving then.

  • http://gravatar.com/nubiahbella Nubiahbella

    On another note the girls’ hair look busted and damaged , if they think this the type of hair Black women dream of …

  • antisocialengineering

    How many times are these idiots going to bring up “white women do it too”?

    First of all . . . who said white women don’t weave, don’t nip & tuck, don’t tan and the rest?

    Nobody, so drop that one.

    The objection, correctly stated, asks why black women ARE doing the same things as white women when it comes to so called beauty enhancement?

    White women use these so called beauty treatments TO ENHANCE WHAT THEY’VE ALREADY GOT. You could say, to make themselves look more white.

    But that IS EXACTLY what black women TRY to do . . . . use the treatments to make themselves look more white. To get what they AINT GOT.

    You aint got straight hair, argu-a-ment dun.

    Why can’t black women develop treatments that enhance what they’ve got? . You have kinky curly hair and BLACK SKIN (don’t care about the ones who claim to have a non-black “international” look, them ones can fuck off)

  • Ms Write

    You know what??? Eff em…Who cares what these ignorant and trashy teenagers have to say? It’s funny how some of them talk about us calling us “ghetto” “ratchet” etc. (read n***er) yet I don’t see any Black people making a Youtube video saying hateful things about white people or any other race.

  • Ms Write

    Preach!!!! Wish I could give this comment 8 thumbs up

  • Joan

    The Moon in the Sky, I think so. Not all white girls with racist views express them in the same way. Some never say anything, but their actions reflect their views. I’ve seen racist white girls exclusively date black boys and then somewhere along the line, their true racist views (particularly about black women) are revealed. The girls in this video seem to be the types who might be angry and resentful because their parents don’t have the money to send them to a school where there are majority white students. (I see that a lot.) Maybe they don’t feel they should have to go to school with black kids. (Must be hard for them to wake up each day knowing that we have a black president and black girls in the white house. LOL.) Whatever the case, this sort of thing is not new to youtube. Every once in a while, I’ll see a video similar to this, then a huge backlash, then a response video. What is annoying to me is that we have to keep seeing things like this on Clutch.

  • KDJW

    Stupid kids making stupid decisions…..I don’t get mad or feed into ignorance….Next story please

  • Ms Write

    Also…I’m not sure how an article about two racists white teens became an black man vs black woman issue. SMH

  • Bell

    Fake hair is fake hair. Trying to make a “distinction” between a weave and and extension is BS of the first order! STOP IT, NOW! Trying to make weaves a negative by associating them only with black women while ignoring all the drastic, over the top lengths white women go to in order to remain relevant and desirable is the height of ignorance. Race is a social construct and has no basis in biology whatsoever. Women who wear weaves are who they should be targeting if anybody. Convenient to ignore the millions of black women who WEAR THEIR OWN NATURAL HAIR TOO!! So ignorant and annoying.

  • http://gravatar.com/dginki dginki

    @BacktoReality and ScriptTease, if you two are Black women, you need intense psychological intervention. If you are not Black women,you need to get a life. Why are YOU so worried about women you obviously have o respect for? You two are clownish and silly.

  • Joan

    I think there’s a difference disliking a whole group of people based on ignorant stereotypes and not having a preference for a certain filmmaker’s work. I happen to admire Tyler Perry for his determination, work ethic, business skills and courage, however, I do not like his plays or films. My dislike for his work involves constructive criticism. The girls in the video quite likely hate black people whether they have weaves or not. Their statements are not constructive criticisms.

  • Delores

    The thing to realize is both theSE beak nose chicken lip pasty skin manfaces —(ESPECIALLY the blonde one) are ugly as HELL! HAVE ALL THE HAIR YOU WANT BUT YOUR FACES ARE STILL BUSTED! I seeblack women who are bald who STILL look prettier than these two ghosts.

  • Ms. Vee

    These two broads are no doubt racist. The difference between them and the majority of their ilk is that they are openly racist while the rest are closeted. I would rather you show your true colors in my face then behind my back. Nonetheless the opinions of two mediocre, prepubescent, mental misfits should not be causing lack of sleep.

    Now i will say this, yet again…The whole “OTHER RACES WEAR WEAVES TOO” is a bullshit excuse. If you want to wear weaves, then wear weaves. Just don’t justify it with nonsense.

    1.Other races of women do NOT use weave in the same proportion as black women (80% of weaves in the U.S is purchased by black women).

    2. When other races do wear weaves/fake hair, they typically use hair that matches



    This is far from common for non-black women (do NOT point out anomalies)?




    3. But it’s common thing seeing black women like this:





    …Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. By trying to look closer to white you are indirectly putting them on pedestal. Just don’t complain about it, if that’s your choice.

  • Nadell

    Obviously, they have camera balls only. I AM CERTAIN these 2 chicks would NOT confront any black girls at their school with this foolishness! All done behind a screen. Which is all the more reason why it isn’t cringe-worthy. Keep it moving! Besides, this has to be the umpteenth time some intellectually challenged little white girls have took to YT to express their trashiness.
    It is very evident these girls are literally studying every single detail of their black peers because they are fascinated with the greatness!

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    I see this video has accomplished its main objective: divide and conquer. Black men insulting sisters and vice versa. Here’s the thing. You may or may not agree with weaves (I personally prefer to wear my natural hair) but criticizing someone who does is not going to help. You build up what you DO like instead. Instead of trying to shame black women who wear weaves, uplift natural hair, get it? Maybe that would encourage more women to embrace their own hair rather than become resentful.

  • Chic Noir

    A very truthful comment if there ever was one.

    In Ireland it was White people fighting over religion. When there aren’t any visible minorities around, people will fight over klan and religion.

  • guest

    Good grief! How did this become a black man versus black woman thread? Are we really that f*cked up? I seriously believe that there is a group of black women who are determined to undermine any type of unity between brothers and sisters. The question is why?

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Dude it’s a hair style, get over it. Omg the video is not even impressive, it’s stupid and boring. Plus if anything, it might create a problem in the future for them. Not saying I am looking to anonymous but someone will. Just to give these girls grief. All over the world people are going to try different things with their hair. White women wear weaves as well, and let me tell you it’s pretty gross how they maintain it. On the train in NYC a white girl literally pulled out a part of her weave and there was gunk at then end. Anyway I have better things to do then discuss hair.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    HOLY SHIT DUDE! You know every Black male’s thoughts in the planet. LIKE EVERY Black male. Crap someone needs to call the Today show. Hey everyone this guy here knows what EVERY black male on the planet is thinking. Hey…. do you know my brother’s thoughts on women. Please do tell.

  • Anthony

    They can learn all about the care of black hair after they have a few biracial babies.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    I don’t know people, even you are thinking way too much into this. It’s just a hairstyle. These girls are what 15-16 without a prayer in the world. They are going to live in their boring town with boring lives and have boring kids with boring husbands. It’s a vicious cycle for them.

    Moving on to your comments about black women. It’s not like we are summoning Chululu. Not every black woman are throwing black men under the bus. I tried a weave once, it was too much work to deal with. So I stopped, guess what. I didn’t get a ego boost, I just wanted to try something out. I didn’t go home and yell to the rooftops. FINALLY WHITE WOMEN! I’M JUST LIKE YOU!!!! No, I sat down did my nails and played Dark Souls. So thanks for the insult to every black women on the planet.

    I get what you are saying with the whole white establishment, and hair, and self esteem issues. Here is my attitude on that. FUCK EVERYONE! I will do what fucking I feel like. If I want to grow out a X-Men Storm Platinum White Mohawk. I’ll do it, because fuck off, I want to. If I want to shave my head (which is my style now). It’s because, fuck off, I feel like it. My mom used to tell me. There is a whole world out there and you have a life. Why are you so pissed off all the time. Go out and enjoy it. Now go outside have a slice of pizza and a beer. Maybe some Zoloft.

  • Shirl

    HaHa…Good one!!!

  • Wanda

    You REALLY think that these two brain-dead adolescents intended to divide and conquer our people?

  • BrighterDae

    Indeed that is what I use it for from time to time!

  • Wanda

    “Who cares what two white teenage girls think about black women and weave. Teenagers are generally ignorant. If you cannot be stupid when you are young, what is youth for?”

    You know who cares? Apparently, the legions of us so insecure now that mean girl teenage foolery cuts like a knife.

    I’m beginning to believe that this generation is the WEAKEST emotionally we’ve ever seen.

    Can you imagine the current emotional generation surviving slavery or Jim Crow like previous strong generations? No way!

  • Soulfulindustry

    You’re funny.. I generally keep my hair short.. right now I am bald as an eagle :)

  • Shirl


  • Char

    HA. Love it.

  • Char

    Personally I feel, let them say what they want. Truth is if they were actually educated they would realize that several white women and other races besides black women wear weaves, extensions, wigs etc…

    Having turned natural myself last year, I can care less what people think about black women’s hair. If you accept yourself and love who you are then who’s opinion really matters anyway? Not a bunch of high school kids for sure.

    We spend so much time consumed with what other’s think. They’ll grow up and probably have other opinions different then what they’ve exhibited today or maybe not. Point is why should we even care? People are going to talk about black people until the end of time, so what.

    Bottom line is ignorance is bliss, they are looking for attention and we just gave it to them. SMH.

  • Shirl

    Minstrels is a troll, never acknowledge…just disinfect your screen so you don’t catch nothin’ nasty..I have…..

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    Maybe not their original intention, but definitely to spread some negativity. That worked too! Got everyone in here ready to fight lol. I bet those girls would get a real kick out of the catfighting. I won’t give it anymore of my attention. Peace!

  • Shirl

    “What kind of queen are you when you’re wearing another woman’s crown?”….Wow that was really deep (no shade) and beautifully put…and I’m as neutral as they come regarding weave, relaxed and natural hair..

  • Blue

    I’ve met white women who where extensions & aren’t ashamed of it. Plus a lot of their favorite celebs where weaves, extensions, hair pieces etc. It’s sad we still have people who think like this in 2013

  • noirluv45

    dginki, after reading their comments, I doubted very seriously they are black women. There are so many non-black people showing up as trolls on black-oriented websites posing as blacks.

    Right on to your comment!

  • Shirl

    Well said!! I agree.

  • Chic Noir

    Well said WTF :)

  • No_chaser

    There was a hilarious line in a Prince movie. “Follow a stupid kid home, see if someone stupid don’t answer the door”
    I’d like to see the tripe that’s raising these little devils. Let’s expose them and hold them accountable for what their children are spewing out.

  • noirluv45

    One thing about me, is when I voice my opinion, it’s not based on black men in general. It’s based on the individuals that my opinion applies to. Sometimes I fail to distinguish that.

    I LOVE black men, but I don’t like the negativity many of them spew, and trust, there’s a lot to go around.

    The black men that are my allies, are the ones that mean the most to me, like my man, and my black male family and friends. All the rest of them that spew negativity towards black women, I don’t need them, so *shrugging shoulders*

  • chike

    White insecurity is really making them do stupid things.Black women should wear weaves if they want to, its a free world. we shouldn’t spend our time trying too prove something to other races-there is so little to time and we still have a lot of ground to cover.
    Remember no matter what u do, they are still gonna hate.

  • pride and courage

    It would be beautiful if sisters threw away their weaves and showed pride and courage in their natural hair. Wearing asian and european hair does send a terrible message and tells non black women that they are envied. It is true that many white women wear extensions but they choose a texture that is similar to their own.

  • JS

    Why am I not surprised this ignorant shit took place in Florida??


    Sooo, is it racist when a black man says the same thing?

  • DEB

    I wear my natural hair and weaves. Just because I wear a weave does not mean I don’t take pride in my natural hair.

  • antisocialengineering


    they’re still pretending not to get it.

    If a white women didn’t tell you she had extensions, weave . . . or whatever in her head, you’d probably think it was all hers. The End.

    There’s no getting around it. the facts are self evident. You weave coz it’s the only way you can think to get into the straight hair sisterhood, membership: every race but black women. .

    Everyone’s got straight hair but black women so “woe is me”, right?
    “How come I’m in the only race that doesn’t have straight hair . . . .boo hoo sniff sniff.”

    Black women are in the only race that doesn’t have straight hair.

    White women are in the only race that doesn’t have melanin.

    Which of those two distinctions carries the greater risks?

    Yet we don’t see white women trying to black up or melanize to protect themselves from the sun. If they did, it would be understandable.

    But we, on the other hand, have legions of idiots who claim to be so “traumatized” by not having straight hair that they feel compelled to get it no matter what the costs.

    Weak to the Nth power

    Strong Independent Black Woman my black arse.


  • MommieDearest


    “Good grief! How did this become a black man versus black woman thread? Are we really that f*cked up? I seriously believe that there is a group of black women who are determined to undermine any type of unity between brothers and sisters. The question is why?”

    Thank you for saying this. I thought it was just me. BTW, I think there are black men who undermine our unity as well. Some folks will not be satisfied until the black community is destroyed. *sigh*

  • Gina Wild


    Oh yes, trust me they do! These 2 girls didn’t censor themselves while others do. Oh, They think the same thing about blacks folks bearing their slave maters’ last names.

    Your second paragraph is certainly the proper attitude to have against such racist comments.

  • Playwitit

    I agree with you 100%! Why should I care about wtf some high school kids from Florida (of all places! Sorry Floridians but yall know you have a lot of the goobers) think? Why should I care about what white people MIGHT think? I’m more mad we gave these girls the time of day. But I have to wonder if they’ll get the same treatment as the girl who was recently expelled for her science experiment gone wrong.

  • antisocialengineering

    This isn’t black man against black woman, it’s one set of blacks calling out another set on their MALADAPTIVE, assimilationist behaviors.

    Behaviors which exalt whiteness, devalue blackness and perpetuate the cycles of self hate that alienate blacks from each other.

    I for one am not going to be silenced by hypocrites who want to invoke black unity, but only when it’s convenient, to fend off scrutiny and criticism of their behaviors.

    Especially when these same people have no qualms about slamming into blacks when the subject matter is one where bashing blacks has the white surpemacist seal of approval.

    I don’t think so.

    The objection is not so much against weaving per se. For some. (although I personally think it’s a foul, unhygienic and unhealthy practice)

    It’s about the misuse of weaving as way to experience whiteness and escape blackness.

    Wanting to escape the inferiority projected onto blacks and the inferior conditions imposed on blacks; is understandable, righteous and imperative. Wanting to escape from oneself is defeatist, tragic and ultimately . . . futile.

    Since you won’t listen to reasonable and heart felt argument from your own people, then I’m happy to step down and let white scorn and mockery shame you into correcting your behavior.

    Maybe that will trigger the growth of some “fuck you” balls, and you’ll come out beautiful Nappy Hair blazing.

  • Pema

    Sheesh, I’m a black woman and that’s how I perceive weave (aside from the washing it every three months belief). I constantly see women patting their hair on the train and they look ridiculous. Why do so many of us hate ourselves so much? I just don’t get it.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    This pissed me off. (White girls wear weave too) I don’t even wear weave! They need to get their butts kicked.

  • http://gravatar.com/mbm1ame mbm1ame

    I really don’t understand why people are getting their panties in a bunch over this video. Two ignorant little girls have a bad day at school and make a video making fun of black womens hair and everybody loses their minds. GTFOH
    I wear braids , most of the time. I try to avoid weave because I’ve never been comfortable with them. Other times I wear my hair natural. The comment about black women unable to itch or scratch their hair I don’t think that’s possible unless you’re wearing a wig. Only an idiot would believe that (perhaps till this video came out). Besides if you scratch your head too much people will think you have lice

  • jamie

    Everytime the conversation oof black women wearing weave crops up, there is always a mention of white women, and women of other races who wear ‘weaves’ in the form of extensions. YES, many women regardless of race may add extra hair for desired fullness, length and style. But at the end of the day black women are the only women who wear weaves. The only ones who sew indian, european, brazillian, hair ontop of their own in order to completly cover it up. Different types of women wear wigs, extensions and hair pieces, but black women are the only ones with that needle and thread ready to create a new look.

  • jamie

    they dont wear weaves, they add to their own hair. black women completly cover up their own hair, replecating another texture. Why do black women use this as some kind of counter-response? Com’on people.

  • Joy

    WTF: Big ups to you for almost doubling your money (investment)!! Most people just buy S@@@,i.e., hair, clothes, sneakers, expensive cars, and homes (that they really can’t afford)etc. for the purpose of (trying) to impress people. They have no clue regarding long term investments.

  • Danny

    I’m a black person who would sell my soul to be white. White people are superior in every way and that’s the painful truth.

  • renitta

    WHO THE F@CK CARES? there are so many hateful problems in this ugly f@cked up country, hair should be the least of your concerns. the NRA is on the rise and they,re pointing their fully loaded automatic weapons and your black @ss. When that bullet split your cap, its not gonna care whats up under it. Weave or no weave, you are one dead nigga. Theres only one thing worse than a white bigot, and thats a white bigot with a fully loaded automatic weapon pointed at you. Don’t lose focus my black people, remember, the monster always strike when you least expect it.

  • renitta

    as for the two ding dongs in the video, I’m sure that was the mutterings of two chics who just got off their knees from performing oral to the black guys on the football team at their school. Trying to convince themselves that black guys like them because they have pretty hair. you’re right girls, it’s the hair. Idiots!

  • Medusa

    I agree. I hear this all the fucking time, and then people always use Britney as an example of this. Seriously? Celebrities are not your typical humans. Britney Spears isn’t the white girl in your office. A completely disproportionate number of black women use weaves.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    That’s not deep. I don’t know why Black people think they are queens and kings when most are not descendants of royalty.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    There is a reoccurring theme in the comments here, which is “Black women, you are sensitive for not liking that people feel free to openly display their hatred for you. Who are you all to get upset and defend yourselves!”

  • Pinoche

    You are not black, so stop lying.


    Then why do I keep seeing “Who cares?”

  • Pinoche

    Sisters, don’t live in fake hair. Wear it occassionally. Shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week( I wash mine twice a week and wear ponytails and hair pieces only). Stop being lazy, exercise patience, and GROW YOUR OWN HAIR!!!!! It’s working for me.There is a lot of truth in what those two bimbos said. We are only envied for aging the best (most of us, not all of us) our sense of humors, and perserverence(We have the lowest suicide date in America). Weave dependent black women look ridiculous.It’s sad but true.

  • Pinoche

    I wear my hair relaxed and black men don’t have a problem with it. Most black men don’t weave and wigs.

  • Pinoche

    Let the truth be told. Most black men prefer chemically straightened hair, which is why they NEVER give me flack about relaxing my hair. Not that I care what they or anyone else thinks about my hair. I’m just speaking from experience and observation.

  • Pinoche

    l concur, sis!!!

  • Pinoche

    The bottle blonde in the video ought to lay off the bleach. They both look like they were born and bred in a trailor park. I hope they can afford those botox injections they’ll need when they turn 30.

  • Pinoche

    True that!!!!! This generation of black Americans are clueless about what racism is.SMDH

  • Pinoche

    Really? This is enlightening!!!! The majority of black men I see walk around thinking they are the bomb. They actually
    think that all women want them. The broke, homeless ones have the same attitudes. I work with the homeless, so I know what I’m talking about.

  • whatever

    I will wear my weave whenever I want too.
    I have good natural hair, but my boyfriend thinks, that I look good with everything.
    Luckely my white boyfriend, choose me for my personality and not for my hair.

  • Pinoche

    No, dear. Black people in general are the most hated people. This includes black men. Stop splitting hairs, folks.We are in this together.

  • WhatIThink

    Basically the whole point I get from this is that no matter if white folks tell you to your face that “n^^^gers just want to be white”, black folks will cling to their weaves and extensions as if it is the definition of what makes them black. ANYTHING other than accepting the fact that everybody else views you as a clown and a sambo trying to be a fake white person.

    And the only reason they don’t say it to your face is because it would be considered racist and they could be punished for it. But don’t think that they don’t think this way for real.

  • Pinoche

    A very keen observation, in deed!!!!

  • Pinoche


  • Pinoche

    I meant to say that most black men don’t like weaves or wigs.

  • Pinoche

    Bottle blondes who
    have 1 inch roots and try to pass themselves off as natural blondes are fake, too, idiot. Botox dependent white women are not even close to black women, who for the most part, age beautifully. Didn’t think about that, did you?

  • Whatever

    You can think what you want to.
    If I look like a clown to you, so be it.
    I could give a f… about what some insecure and unintellgent person thinks about me.
    Like at the end of the day, hair is the only f…king thing thats matters.
    I dont need people to define my blackness, because I know that I am black, and proud.
    Fact is some people will, take anything to aim at black women, if it is not their hair, then its their figure or something else.I would say go find yourself a women without weave.
    Always talking crap about black women, but there is no other race of men in this world,
    who are so disrespectfull to their own women.
    Even if a white women has weave, or is fat, her husband wouldnt say to her,
    all you white women are ugly and fat.
    The problem is you have no pride at all!
    Go to university and get a master degree,
    like I did, even with my weave.

  • MB

    I find people’s ignorance so amusing. I’ve worn three weaves, I washed my hair twice a month (like i do with my own hair), I don’t “pat” my hair, and I still have nice hair. I wear my hair natural anyways, so washing it every day or every other day, is unacceptable. I just have one question… Who told these girls that their hair was so beautiful? My grandmother always told me that “hair texture doesn’t make you have ‘good hair’, the fact that you have hair, is what makes ‘good hair’”

    My advice to the girls: Ladies, get some black friends. That way you won’t look stupid on the internet, for talking about a topic you clearly know nothing about O_o

  • Darcy

    I agree. Sure, anyone can wear their hair whatever way they like. It doesn’t change the fact that black women have been so conditioned to be frightened about the hair that grows out of their scalp that even when it is brought up, some STILL deny their conditioning. It can’t be both ways – if we’re going to claim white women get lip injections, butt implants, and tan/s to emulate the features of blacks, then we can say the same about black women and weaves. Yes, these two girls are idiots and I’m not sure why they care so much what black girls are doing. However, we can’t pretend that relaxing and weaves are not to emulate the hair of non-black women. If it wasn’t to emulate non-black hair, more women would be wearing natural or afro-textured weaves for length and versatility and not bone straight or wet and wavy styles.

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    Medusa said, “A completely disproportionate number of black women use weaves.”

    Ya know, I cannot believe that people spend all this time worrying about what’s on someone’s head. This is absolutely re-damn-diculous! If I’m not paying for it, I don’t care if people wear a mop on their head. What someone eats, doesn’t make me shyt. I don’t care if people wear weaves, go natural, go bald, whatever. People can do whatever they they want too with their hair without having to answer for it. I just don’t get this obsession with black women and what we do. It just boggles my mind.

    Why won’t people just leave us the fvck alone?

  • http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2013/05/racist-video-by-two-santaluces-high-girls-leads-to-extra-security-at-school/comment-page-14/#comments Adeen

    And their complexion too. But not all Black guys are like that though. We both agree that these ugly White bitches in this video are ignorant. Not all Black women wear weave and I don’t and I am a Black woman. I am so sick of the insults that people throw at Black women to make themselves feel better.

    And honestly, who could like this bitches, they are so blasted ugly, it is unreal! Only a color struck Black man would go for them!

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    BeReal, there are many black men who go to extreme lengths to demean, aka, correcting or trying to help black women. Go to youtube and there are countless, “black women need to (fill in the blank) commentary. Somehow, they’ve been given the title of “The Keeper of Black Women” all the while telling us that we need to listen to THEM because they know all the answers. I keep wondering why they spend so much time criticizing if we are so unpleasant. Oh, I know why. Because the “care” about us. Oh, I see.

    Whether or not we wear weaves and all the other things people find so displeasing about us, is NO ONES BUSINESS. I just wish people would leave us the hell alone. If people spend time worrying about someone else’s life, it’s taking time away from their own, and unless the person is a perfect human being, then they better work on their own issues instead of trying to use the “black women better do x, y, and z” in order to make themselves feel better.

    Live and let live is my mantra. I don’t think it’s paranoia. I think it’s just from our perspective, we get slammed on a lot. We are sick of it!

    As far as conspiracy, I can tell you that in the Pacific NW, some of these black men with white women are a trip.

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    The Moon in the Sky, maybe because they choose to. Some people call their daughters, “Princess.” There were kings and queens in Africa and in other parts of the world as well. Who’s to say we aren’t descendent of royalty. Even if we weren’t, so what? Now people what to tell us how we can refer to ourselves. LMAO. White folks telling us not to use the term, “African American.” Now, it’s a crime to call ourselves kings and queens?” I guess N would suffice. SMH.

  • KnowYourHistory

    The world can clearly see that black women aren’t comfortable or confident in their natural state. It is embarrassing that black women literally WASTE billions of dollars on someone else’s hair but no one will pay one red cent for yours, let alone put it in their hair.

    And black women have the nerve to call themselves queens. What kind of queen are you when you’re wearing another woman’s crown?

    Bing-bing, BING !

    THAT is the HUGE unspoken ELEPHANT in the living room of the US’ black community. The evidence of self-loathing and desperation hidden under your “stylishness” and being “fabulous”.
    Those teenagers are only parroting what they’ve heard and felt in their communities, probably from the cradle. It hurts not because the girls are ignorant; but because there’s an element of truth in what they’re saying.
    Black women, ofttimes can be fooled, if you sprinkle enough unicorn glitter on something, and promise cross-racial sisterhood.
    Black men date so many heavyset, bewigged, or women that wear weaves because we don’t have much choice. Really kinda sad.

    It’s a huge laugh; to the rest of the world. Just because they smile in your face, caucus and gossip about men with you, and act cordial towards you, black women, doesn’t mean that they’re NOT laughing at you when they gather together, or, on the internet.

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    Why is this such a concern for you? Are you worried about what others think of black women? I’m not. You know why? Because they are nobodies to me. They don’t feed me, clothe me, pay my bills, or supply not one need to you. If I wear a weave, it’s my business.

    I have a suggest for you and them? I know what the deal is. First of all, I don’t care if THEY laugh (which I don’t think they do, but if so, so what? Who are they?) Secondly, I hope your spiel to criticize black women gives you a boast in your life. Maybe you can feel better about yourself after that little rant.

    You are going off about black women’s hair. I’m sure you have other concerns like how you have so much time on your hands to try to “prove” that black women need your advice. We don’t. It’s hair, sweetheart. So what? Are you paying for it? Is this just another something people have to bitch and moan about when it comes to black women.

    Neither you nor these twits are going to change the fact that sisters are going to do them. If it’s wearing weaves, so be it. You aren’t paying for them, are you? If no, then STFU. Secondly, please stop thinking we care about what white folks say or do. Their shyt stinks like everyone else, that is, of course, if you think they shyt gold bricks. You will never, ever tear a sister down. We’ve survived hundreds of years under some horrific attacks, and some unknown, ignorant, no-name, no-fact commenter on a blog is going to change that. I suggest, whatever race you are, that you focus on yourself instead of black women and how we are seen. If people can take so much time out their day to think about us, evidently we are truly a force to be reckoned with.

    Thanks and good night.

    Oh, BTW, I suggest you read before you go making erroneous comments about others not imitating us. They do it all the time. White and other women wear cornrows; Asians and whites have been know to wear Afros. White people wear dreads. Whether it’s our style, our hair, our bodies, they do it. Of course, you wouldn’t recognize that,now would you boo boo? Get your head out your ass.

  • DK

    PA Leeze.. this is NOTHING compared to the racial filth black thugs throw at white people or the HUGE black on white crime rate in America.. Keep on lying.. It will get you NO WHERE.. PS.. Maybe it is time for a conversation about such things as the Knoxville Racial Murders or Wichita Kansas or the fact white people have been literally ethnically cleansed out of black areas and schools.. I know. Let us pretend that is not happening.. The same way we can pretend most blacks voted for this president due to merit instead of what we ALL know- his RACE… We hear worse things said on a bus or train every day from black YOOF….

  • http://www.dawnthescreenwriter.com ScriptTease

    Denial I see. :(

  • Ronnie

    “Several white women and other races besides black women wear weaves, extensions, wigs etc…”

    That may be true, but answer this for me:
    Does women of other races and ethnicities wear Afro- textured hair weaves?

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    @BeReal, oh, how special. I’m happy for your charmed life. Perhaps if you worked and had such a wonderful life, you wouldn’t be on here bumping your gums about someone’s hair. LOL!!!

    Oh, trust, sweetie, I’m living my life like it’s golden. That’s why I don’t have time to worry about what someone else is doing, especially over some nonsense like weaves.

    Just ask my hubby and ma chirren. :-D


  • DEE


    people like this exist.

  • Kim

    I worked for the military as a physician and I can out right say you are not telling the truth. You and the other grey boys are what you are. Do you need a tampon?

  • v

    Yeah, women in India are really respected by their men. SMH.

  • Kim

    @noirluv45, some of these same people will willing lie down and have babies with nonblack partners and produce children who are not Black and yet rail against someone wearing a weave. Some Black folk have truly lost their minds. “I’ll breed myself out, but God forbid you wear a weave”. GTFOH.

  • http://gravatar.com/noirluv45 noirluv45

    Kim, you ain’t NEVER lied!!! You hit the head right ON the nail. They’ve totally lost their minds. I wish I could thumb your comment up 100 times.

  • Noneya

    Wichita, KS? What about Wichita? Are you saying that Wichita has “ethnically cleansed” it’s schools and communities? As someone born and raised in Wichita, Kansas… I can say with all certainty that you do not know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • Kiki

    Maybe maybe when all the white girls stopped bleaching their hair, tanning and get all the silicone removed from all their various body parts maybe I will give a damn what they think about what black women do with our hair. sheesh!

  • antisocialengineering

    In this society, black male misogynists have no power to implement action to control black women, which makes black male misogyny irrelevant as an influencer of black women’s behaviors.

    Always talking crap about black women, but there is no other race of men in this world, who are so disrespectfull to their own women

    No other race of men has to deal with women who are so easily seduced by an enemy culture, to abandon their own culture.

  • Ronnie

    I take it that when you say “good natural hair”, you are referring to all curly hair types, even 4c curly hair.

  • Ronnie

    ” there is no other race of men in this world,
    who are so disrespectfull to their own women.”

    Women of other races or ethnicities in this world don’t sew in Afro- textured hair in their natural hair. If they do sew in weave or into their natural hair or wear extensions, believe me you, its going to be hair that resembles that of their natural hair.
    Maybe these 2 teenagers are wrong for publicly bashing African American women, but you can’t deny that there’s some truth to what they are saying. Coming from a woman of African heritage, there is really no need for me to be offended by anything they are saying because for one, I wear my beautiful Afro-textured natural hair, and two, I don’t wear weaves, and if I wear extensions, they are going to be braided all over my head and the hair will resemble that of my natural hair texture, let alone hair color. Now if these women simply don’t like people of African heritage, they are the ones who have issues, not me, because when it all boils down to it, I’m proud of my Moorish ethnicity, my African heritage, and I love the skin I’m in. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I am also proud to say that I don’t need to have hair texture of another race or ethnicity to feel beautiful. As far as what these teenagers are saying about African women and hair weaves, I really can’t disagree with them. There should be more African women who are proud to wear their natural hair anyway.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    “I had never seen a natural black woman until recent years.”

    Maybe you were just never paying attention.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    “I am so sick of the insults that people throw at Black women to make themselves feel better.”

    You are no better than they are by throwing around insults

  • http://twitter.com/jwilson931 Jenay Wilson (@jwilson931)

    Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Consequence.

  • Mare

    This happened like a year ago! Why is everyone just now talking about it again?

    BTW…I am a blonde, white woman. I am a doctor, mother of 3 and am very active in the community. I have extensions, and yes, I have to pat my head to scratch them! LOL Also, I only wash my hair once a week. Any GOOD hair stylist will tell you it’s better for your hair.

    These girls are idiots!!

  • Nakia

    He’s not talking about ignorance, he’s talking about the way in which it is expressed.

  • Pema

    @ Kim – And what about blacks who do not marry interacially but still dislike weaves? What about them?

    I’m a black woman with a Masters degree married to a black man. I also work in a Corporate environment. I have never worn a weave and have been natural for most of my adult life. There is a self-hate issue going on in our community. I don’t care how much some of us choose to put our heads in the sand. The self-hate is evident for anyone with eyes.

    As for the women who think black men are the most disrespectful men in the world – you need to travel a little bit. I’ve traveled to four continents and there are misogynistic idiots EVERYWHERE.

  • talaktochoba

    well, it’s clear what they’re learning in the streets–and what they’re not learning at home;

    odds are one or both have a piece of raisin bread hidden across town they’ll be multipully pregnant two before 30…

    and so it goes…

  • oh please

    You’re about as white as rotten banana peel, with none of the slapstick potential

  • Lola

    It’s amazing how much of a ruckus this is causing. They’re just young and obviously don’t know any better. You shouldn’t think all white people feel this way..
    Btw, I’m black with natural hair. Not because I think I’m better than those who wear weaves, it’s just my preference..

  • Dr. C.

    I am a professional black women who does not opt for weave and to some extent I agree with you. As ignorant as it may be, it is an opinion that they have the right to express(perhaps in a different forum). NOW as a former high school principal, when actions as such bring chaos in the school building and disrupt the learning enviornment, that is when it becomes an issue of receiving consequences. I would suspect that the backlash they are receiving will affect them way more then what the 5 to 10 day suspension I would have imposed could have ever have done.

  • MsBrooke

    Ignorance is bliss! I am a natural who chooses not to wear weave however they should know before speaking that weave is not limited to blacks but is worn by many a race. Like I was told as a child if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Charlita Cox

    I would just like to say that it does not matter what these white chicks think about me and my weave. I absoulutely love weave hair, because it enhances my look. In this way I am able to try different styles in different colors. Maybe these girls are jealous of black women because the weave does enhance their look, and they are afraid that their white men may be checking the sista’s out. Think about it, they talk about thick full lips as well, but they sure are having their’s pumped up. These girls have issues within themselves, because misery loves company, for happy people are not even concerned with these type of things. It is sad to be so young and so miserable.

  • Diamond

    You know what? The problem isn’t even the girls anymore, its us. I read these comments and its sad b/c of how DIVIDED we are over natural v. weave v. perm v. braids which can go to light skin v. dark skin to black man v. black women. If a girl wants weave let her wear weave, if she wears her natural bantu knots then may she rock the hell out of them Bantu knots. If she wants to rock the Bantu knots for a few weeks then get a rapunzel weave then shave it all off and have a buzz cut like amber rose then be bald let her and still be bad as hell. At the end of the day its hair, it falls out and regenerates so we can do something new to it. And weave, natural, half natural, half weave can we just take the time to appreciate how creative we are as a people to be able to style our hair in damn near anyway, shape or form with any texture and still be beautiful, in ways no other race of people can even fathom instead of debating it?

  • Bea

    Exactly! I’m a professional Black woman, I wear weave and I love it. Yes, my natural hair is unpermed and HEALTHY, I love that I have the OPTION to wear weave or my real hair. Ant the last time I checked, white celebrities are weaved down to their back sides. I think people are forgetting the racist part of the video and focusing on the wrong issue. These girls were raised this way, they’re parents taught them this, and it will continue on unless people open their eyes. The real curse is the stain of racism.

  • Jo

    Why have many individuals remarked about the hair comments and not the racist comments?
    I also think that these two should receive more than a 10 day suspension!

  • nicole

    Actually that’s not true. I’m an black female and cut my hair off and started over. Through wearing braids, switching products, using certain shampoos/conditioners and not putting in relaxers my hair in 10 months went from being above my ears to past my shoulders. It’s all about health care. Vitamins and water….IJS it’s possible.

  • nicole

    “They don’t wear weaves, they add to their own hair”. Seriously wtf do you think a weave/extensions are?! Every where I turn I’m seeing white girls with braids, weaves/extensions and trying to wear the same hairstyles that black women wear. Little do they know WE are laughing at them every time. White women LOVE to talk shit about us but are quick to sleep with black men, wear our hairstyles, inject their lips and asses to be fuller and tan to achieve DARKER SKIN. GTFOH!!! Black women who choose to cover their whole head is no different from a white woman in a wig. Before you say racist, ignorant statements do your research dumb ass.

  • nicole

    This is an ignorant comment for sure. White women with huge lips, dark skin and big butts obtain them from lip injections, tanning and booty injections (ex: Ice t’s wife coco). If white women were so proud of their “pale skin” why try to even look Italian or Latina. Any white girl that I’ve seen with a big butt usually is plain and simple big. Black women have natural big butts without any medical interventions and working out 6 days a week to tone up. Why don’t you guys worry about yourselves and stop trying to have what we naturally have.

  • JaWKe

    Two random high school teenagers saying racially insensitive things gets immediate national attention. But it took the media 6 months to actually cover the Benghazi attack and the scandal/cover-up that followed. This is the country we live in now.

  • Right

    These men just have an extreme dislike of African American women. Everyone is superior to us. I have lived in rural areas and major cities with lots of black people and there is ALWAYS a significant number of African American women who wear their hair naturally, but let these guys tell it, we are all walking around with a cap of fake hair. I think they just lust after the weave wearers and ignore everyone else.

    And don’t African women wear weaves and relaxers? And aren’t bleaching creams purchased a lot in Africa?

  • Mina

    This is not the first time these two immature, dumb girls have talked about black and latino girls on Youtube and I wish people would stop giving them attention.f They’re haters with nothing else to do but talk sh*t all the time. If they were happy and rich, they could just do the whole “white flock” thing and get the heck out of that school if they were so afraid of catching the “black disease”. I’m pretty sure these girls get bullied or picked on a lot by the students at the school too. They feel like they need some type of attention b/c they aren’t getting it at home. So they make all these ignorant rant videos on Youtube so people can listen to them talk nonsense b/c no one at home bothers to listen to their issues or help them get treatment either.

  • Mandty

    The haters will end up wearing a weave

  • Khuthadzo

    I am an African person and I personally find women who wear weaves unattractive. To me, wearing a weave implies that you hate the fact that you are African. I think sisters should leave the weave because I have personally never met an African girl/woman that looked less than beautiful with her natural, curly dark hair but I have met a lot of African women that look really bad with weaves on.

  • realLY

    I have no problem either way. I love my natural hair and I love extensions. It takes me 12 hours to two days to do my natural hair depending on my schedule. It’s a mixture of hair types through out so detangling can take six hours since I have to take breaks from my arms getting tired and my fingers cramping. Add in the pre-shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning and waiting for it to dry and then styling it. It’s a lot of upkeep and work and I don’t always have 12 hours- two days to do it, especially with my workouts where my scalp also sweats. Extensions make it easier for me to get ready and not worry about my hair since it’s nicely braided and I can easily wash my natural hair underneath and dry it with a blow dryer. For me, it’s all about convenience and my hair tends to grow faster this way because I’m not pulling it out when I’m detangling and there’s less chance of it tangling, while taking less than ten minutes to style.

    Besides people have been wearing hair pieces since Ancient Egypt.

  • Steve

    Big damn deal.. Why aren’t we talking about the black guy who killed his white girlfriend.. I’ll tell u why because we live in a fearful Caucasian society who’s liberal nature is screwing their own people.

  • tina

    Get em! The truth hurts. Been wearing my hair natural 2yrs. Get compliments from brothas. No I don’t have Puerto ricon curls lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JackieT.Banks JT Banks

    Ignore the silly teen racists. I’m interested in the discussion about growing ones own hair–if interested. Those of you old enough to remember jeri curls will remember how women who never had long, thick hair were able to grow it with the “jeri curl juice” regiment–why? Because the hair was being moisturized and not subject to constant heat. It wasn’t braking off. Yes, we all can grow hair–if that is important. I’m not so sure it is important, but growing it has never been a problem for me.

  • truth hurts

    *standing ovation*

  • truth hurts


    Just like that.

  • Icarus Complex

    @renitta bottom of page 23

    “. . . . . . performing oral to the black guys on the football team at their school.”

    Black women do it too. LMAO!

  • tina

    While it’s nice in theory, afro hair is a tremendous humiliation for a female. It’s like a man having a short stubby penis.

  • tina

    Ok here’s the thing, blackness and maleness compliment each other but as women, we are at a dichotomy in that while we may display black racial pride, but we still need to be and feel like women and blackness and womanliness doen’t coexist well. Either you be female or black. One or the other. Hair be it real or fake gives a woman confidence. Black traits don’t. Sad but it’s true. Black women aint never abandoning weaves.

  • tina

    It’s not hatred, we just notice we feel better with beautiful manes. It’s like finally having breasts when you’ve been flat chested all you life.

  • sally

    these r jus silly teenagers-wat else was ppl expecting? so they voiced an opinion..wat do u do when u c a black chick staring down a white woman bcuz she’s wit a black man or make comments? no one talks about that rite? or puts it up on youtube rite? well maybe hey should>>>

  • niyah

    wow what some dumb girls its ok they are just acting dumb cause i think they lern this from there family ……….. i feel bad for them hold wait let me that back i dont feel bad cause if they have black kids in there school they maybe will learn there lesson

  • poetess

    Yes, white people have extensions. But you know what? It’s an extension of their natural hair texture. They are adding to what they already have not hiding their natural hair texture like black women are doing with weaves. White people have not been brainwashed for 400+ years into believing their God-given features are ugly and undesirable like black people have. That is the difference. So yes, this video doesn’t surprise me. White and Asian people are LAUGHING at Black women behind your back that you need to emulate their hair texture with a fakea** sew in weave. It proves to them that black hair, looks, women are UGLY and they need to be pale imitations of whites to be even half-way decent looking. I call BS on that, and that’s why I take pride in my natural hair texture, and my fit, (not skinny as a twig) body. I am not trying to emulate the racist oppressors.

  • poetess

    Wear you own hair, black women! BURN THE WEAVES and stop making excuses.

  • jay27

    black people love to throw other people under the bus to make themselves feel better and above. as if to say “oh i’m not like the rest I take pride in my natural hair texture.” people like you give theses racists the shit they need to say the things they say. stfu. they laugh at a natural hair woman too, they say she look like a man, and her hair look like pubic hair. if the idiot is a racist then they’ll find something.

  • Sophie

    But that’s the same thing Kim, one is breeding himself out and the other is hiding their true self and masking it with a feature she does not possess, both playing their part to eradicate the Afro look as much as they can. Call it what you, but its still self hate to an extent.

  • alexes

    Black women are getting laughed at behind the seen whenever chinese or other countries come here and sell weave to black women. Its alot of white milky creams that black women can use but black women don’t know that it will grow and moisture the hair:(

  • anongirl89

    This is true, I wear clip in extensions because it fits my hair type, never worn anything else, and I love medium long hair. Plus I love the way it accentuates my features, my real hair matches the extensions when relaxed and with hair oil I use from asian stores, but it is quite short, so thats why I wear extensions, not to look like caucasian, but to add more length. I love my real hair, because its not fuzzy and kinky in its natural state. And yes I actually wash my hair like every other day, because I dont like greasy hair like everyone else. But I think some african americans just dont take proper care, that why it is stinky, greasy, and they cant wash it after they straighten it…. its interesting though the hard work and effort they go through to wear wigs, weaves, sew ins whatever, when they need to put that hard work into their normal hair… yes I think they do try to look caucasian or asian when they cover all of their hair.. and it looks really bad, because they cover who they really are. They should wear clip ins to only add length, not to hide the normal hair…

  • Brittney M

    Its funny how people associate fake hair with black women but ALL white celebrities wear extensions and weaves ALL the time. Some of them even have their own line of weave. But somehow, it’s okay when white girls wear it and not be judged at all. I flipping hate society.

  • Mary

    Black women look very unnatural almost like plastic when they sew hair into their hair that do not match their ethnicity…White women are wearing weaves that go with their natural texture and ethnicity…Please do not hate society for noticing that the majority of black women hate their own hair…Black women should learn to accept their natural hair!!!

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