Show Some Leg: Tips For Shorts and Mini Season

by Kweli I. Wright
Blogger Locks and Trinkets

Blogger Locks and Trinkets

You’ve been going in on the squats, and you’ve got some plans for this summer that will have you hitting the town. Why not show off those legs? Flip through this gallery for some outfit ideas as well as tips for getting your gams sexy, smooth and even more shapely.

  • P

    Thanks for these tips! This is my look all summer long!!! Starting this weekend… As matter of fact, I thought the lady in #7 was me until I looked twice. lol

    I also love the outfit in #1 as well. Great tips!

  • Simone L

    And please…show leg, but remember where your legs end and your ass begins. That little nook right there? The underside of your cheek? Meh nah wan see it.

  • Verity Reign

    Gorgeous models!

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