Here’s what the world doesn’t need, another relationship book. I blame Steve Harvey for all of this mess. Now every man thinks he’s capable of dishing out this so-called advice.

Next up to bat at the “relationship expert” plate is twice divorced, Terius “The Dream” Nash.

In a recent interview with Sister2Sister, The Dream stated he was in the process of writing a relationship book about “getting the milk without the cow”.  I’m not sure why this needs to be stated in a book, it’s been going on for centuries.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Jamie Foster Brown:

Jamie: Would you get married again?

The-Dream: Of course! I like the idea of it. I have this book I’m writing about how, as blessed as I am, how I could have a girlfriend; I could have kids with her, chill out and that’s my girl. We woo-woo-woo, whatever it is, and get all of the same things that you get when you’re married to someone. It probably didn’t work years go, but why get married? What do they say? “Get the milk without the cow.”

Jamie: Right
The-Dream: But that word “marriage” changes who you are. Immediately you’re not that forgiving and it’s just like, “We fought all the time when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we never broke up.” You have a good fight when you’re married and it’s like, “I’m out of here. Peace!” It’s like it gets more fragile when it’s supposed to be stronger.

I guess not buying the cow saves on alimony and music royalties, because we all remember how that went with Christina Milian.

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  • Boy, Get Yo’ Life

    The Nightmare IS the cow…

  • Sasha

    I’m just at a loss….justifying grown men playing video games, citing the MRA, women aiming loaded guns at your nuts because they want marraige…..what? Men are aware that there are some women out there who have no desire to be married right? I have two sisters, they both have very little desire to be married at all. These women exist, find them, love them and your financial worries of “a bitch taking half” will no longer exist. Additionally, yes women are more likely to be the ones initiating and filing for divorce HOWEVER for a lot of women I know who are divorced, it is a last resort final option after every other option they felt comfortable with was explored. I know most men think it’s open season on their bank account, financial security/ bank accounts and the death blow to their sexuality when they get married but honestly if you already have that opinion of marraige then it’s just in your best interest to not get married. I find it funny that a lot of men run around talking about the doom and gloom of divorce/ marraige when it comes to money however most of these men aren’t making much money to begin with and the only property to their name is their car they’ve been driving around in for 6 years and are still making payments on.

    • Yep you’re right about that. They got divorced. You should here their stories sometimes. They know of what they speak. But I hear a lot of defeatism from women here that is really counterproductive. Maybe actually listening to men would set you on a better path. For truth, the most successful women with black men I know have that as a noticeable characteristic. They listen. They actually like men. They are self-sufficient so they don’t “need a man.” They have sense to know when to back off and get out of his head. They understand the he is human and has to be treated as such. Stop and think about it. Do you, woman, yea I mean you too, do you really think men are human beings, with hearts, feelings and the right to be who they are even if YOU marry them?

    • NTG

      @Ken Kojei

      Men should start by treating women as humans first. You only talk that mess because you are in America. Go overseas where you see women being treated like animals. These women are actually “submissive” and “obedient” but still get treat like sh!t. When men as a whole see women, the first thing they see are objects and animals. You all are the ones who have made most women bitter with your deceit and entitlement. Why should women listen to you all when all you do is lie? You all don’t even live by example.

  • Anthony

    As a man, I say take a lesson from women and really be selective. Sleep with fewer women, and build better relationships. Don’t lose your mind because a woman is fine, has good sex, and says the right things, Check her out thoroughly to see if she really means it. I think marriage is a great institution, but only with the right person.

  • Rodney

    I accidentally pressed the “report comment” button. Please disregard.

    Great comment, I hope it holds up!

  • Rodney

    @Red Pill

    You are out of your mind.

    Cohabitation is dangerous as well.

    If you harbor someone for 36 consecutive hours in some states, you cannot legally put them out.

    • Rodney

      @Red Pill

      As a man to interacting with women today. You have to be laser-focused/sharp.

      I agree with all your points.

      I was just saying cohabitation is BAD!

      When you live in a society where you have to know your legal rights before you get to know someone. It’s bad