Britain Terror Attack

A London soldier was brutally killed in the U.K. last night as part of a harrowing terrorist attack. Lee Rigby, the 25 year-old drummer and father of a 2 year-old, was on active duty when he was reportedly attacked by two assailants at the gate of the Royal Artillery Barracks (location shown above).

The men allegedly hit Rigby with a car before beheading him with meat cleavers and machetes in front of a shellshocked crowd of dozens of civilians.

After the beheading, the attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar” and demanded that passerbys take video of them. In front of the camera, one of the men, holding knives and a meat cleaver with hands soaked in blood, defended the attack, saying: “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. Your people will never be safe. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day.”

It took the police around twenty minutes to arrive. During that time, the attackers walked up and down the street with their bloody weapons as passerbys confronted them. When the police arrived, the assailants rushed at them. The two men were shot and later taken to a hospital for their injuries.

The story of a UK mom who bravely went toward the victim is getting international attention. She is shown in pictures calmly addressing the attackers, who both had weapons in hand. She was acknowledged by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The gruesome murder was documented on Twitter as passerbys posted the attack in detail as it occurred, with followers reacting in shock and outrage.

  • BloomingLotus

    I will never understand the level of “oh i didn’t know!” attitude on this site. Why are there people making references which imply that they know NOTHING about the story at all when this happened two days ago? Why not read INTERNATIONAL news rather than only news from the USA? Simply google it, read Al Jazeera every now and again, maybe a little bit of the Huffington, some indie news channels, the Guardian, the Gleaner, the BBC (if you must!) I mean the list is endless in terms of news outlets in a variety of languages from around the globe. Why do so many commenters on this site so often seem so clueless as if they are writing from communist China when they are clearly from the U.S. (yes, we all know both places are far more similar than they wish to admit but hey). Anyhow, I do hope people read and appreciate the complexities of this story. Ethnicity, faith and class-based segregation are not particular to the U.S. This is multi layered and the tension on the streets in the UK over the coming days/weeks/months will be VERY real. We are all in one world, sharing one sun and one moon, please take note of the lives of others, the world is not the USA.

  • Kacey

    I’m really disappointed by the people who are semi-defending these two murderers on the grounds that they are correct regarding the attacks by the US, UK and their allies on muslim countries.

    Besides the fact that these two barbarians (yes, that’s what the heck they are) killed a person in cold blood for something he has no power over and probably never participated in, can we talk about the fact that in many of these Arab countries men like the two killers (black Africans) are actually subjugated and enslaved? Slavery is alive and thriving in the Middle East, and guess what shade the slaves are? There is this myth that arabs view blacks as equals under Islam and that maybe what is written, but it’s not what is practiced. Sudan is only the tip of the iceberg. So these guys, who were born and raised in the UK, have no clue what they are even “fighting” for, because if the Jihadists were to achieve world domination, where do you think blacks would fit in their society?

  • Nubiahbella

    Horrible way of dying ,may he rest in peace!

    I am a bit troubled by some elements tho:

    Black African ( although I know he’ s British) are now killing for others ( I know he must not had be in his right mind) but he shouted British are in our Land killing our women ( he was talking about Afghanistan etc…) yet Muslim/Arab are killing Black Africans in Sudan, Mauritania, Niger, Saudi Arabia etc… just because they are Black (those are muslim as much as them).

    I am really confused how some never stand up for their own yet are quick to embrace other people faiths (christianism, Islam etc…) and fight for their causes.

    So apparently Only Black Muslims see other Muslims as brothers/sisters and equals yet others still see us as the bottom of the bottom.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    @ Kacey and Nubiahbella:

    I too am very puzzled as to why blacks fight tooth and nail for a strictly Arab religion. I have heard the argument countless times that Christianity is/was European imperialism in the guise of religion but when it comes to Islam, it miraculously gets a pass from many blacks……….

    I bet you if the two thugs went to Saudi Arabia (Islam’s birthplace) they would flee that country in heartbeat with regards how the Arabs treat blacks.


  • SayWhat

    ‘These people’? You realize that to whites there is no difference between you and them right?
    By the way, at one time Christians would have been labeled ‘these people’ as well. Religious conflict is one of the oldest conflicts of mankind, and unfortunately it may have no end….so let us not malign a whole community.

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