CortlanCortlan Wickliff, 22, is graduating from Harvard Law School on May 30. When he crosses the stage and receives his Juris Doctorate, Wickliff will be the youngest African-American to ever join the elusive law school alumni club.

This isn’t the first time the Texas native entered the academic history books. Wickliff was the youngest African-American engineer in the United States when he finished a Bachelor’s of Science in Bioengineering at 19.

The Rice University alum’s research includes developing a heart-and-respiration-rate monitor for babies as well transforming pacemakers to monitor vital signs. Wickliff’s interest in medicine and engineering developed after his father died of a heart attack. He has devoted his energy to creating cost-effective medical advancements that can save lives.

Wickliff, who’s a member of the Root’s Young Futurists list, will pursue a Ph.D. in engineering at Texas A&M University.

His motivation is simple. “I really just want to make people healthier,” Wickliff told the Root. “If I can be someone who provides what doctors need to change people’s lives, I’ll be happy.”

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  • Amber Nefertari

    Proof that awesome Black men do exist, some people need to get the memo!

  • Me27

    Congrats to him! What an amazing achievement!

  • Rue.

    Damn. Good job sir!

  • Caran

    When did he finish High school, was he skipped, did he attend private or home schooling???? because I have yet to find a way to get my child advanced past her age group when she is performing 3 years above level.

  • Starla

    Amazing achievement! I wish him all the best for his future.

  • The Comment

    Clone him now! Have him make a YOUTUBE video about how he studies and how he thinks. I want to know the meticulous process of how he thinks.

  • The Comment

    someone is on a hating mission today…booo whoooooo

  • RenJennM

    Wow! Amazing.

  • Anthony

    I sure hope that I read about Attorney Wickliff doing great things very soon! Most of all, I hope that he finds a loving and loyal partner for his personal life, but it would be wonderful if that person is a sharp black woman!

  • Anthony

    Wow, I say that I hope a brilliant young black man marries a sister one day, and I get a minus. Some of you have some massive chips on your shoulders.

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    God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol because they do exist…so proud of thebrother…go forth and conquer and let him do great things..and by one of them is finding a smart , intelligent brilliant sistah to marry….

  • heavenleiblu

    I love it! Way to turn a devastating loss into a positive.

  • Cortlan Wickliff

    Thank You All!

  • Whitley

    He enrolled into the Texas Academy of Math and Science following his sophomore year of high school. It’s a program that allows one to complete their final two years of high school at the university of north Texas. Students graduate with a high school diploma as well as 60 hours worth of college credit b

  • sha banks

    Wow u go boy!!! Thats wat I’m talking about a young black man thats educated and doing his thang!! Stories like this make me so proud, cuz all we see on the news are negative pictures/stories of young black men. They never show us the good things that our young black men are doing. We need more of this 2 inspire the rest…B.E.T, ABC, FOX,CNN,CBS, n all the rest need more stories like this!

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