The jury in the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman was selected today. Six women will decide Zimmerman’s fate, after he fatally shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager. Five of the women are white and one is Latina, according to several reports.

All of the jurors names have been kept confidential, though small details have emerged: atleast four are mothers, two rescue animals as a hobby, two recently relocated to the area (one from Iowa, another from Chicago) and one was arrested before but has no animosity toward the legal system because of it.

The panel was chosen after two weeks of jury selection from a pool of 40 candidates who progressed to the second round of jury questioning. Two men and two women were also picked as alternate jurors.

Critics have already expressed disdain for the fact that no African-Americans were selected for the panel but others argue that the jury’s racial composition reflects Seminole County, which is 78.5 percent White and 16.5 percent Black.

Opening arguments are set for Monday.

What is your take on the jury selection, Clutchettes and Gents?


  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    he just got off free…..

  • LadiesNight

    Why didn’t they put a black man or a black woman on the juror? See,just by that they’re trying to get Zimmerman off by a cakewalk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets off just like Casey Anthony.

  • http:tontonmichel.tumblr.com Tonton Michel

    Don’t know what to make of this one.

  • apple

    well maybe someone will shoot him outside the court house like Nino Brown

  • Treece

    “Zimmerman, your soul is required in hell!!”. LOL, that.movie is a classic…

  • ArabellaMichaela

    And Seminole County should burn when he does, not that I would ever advocate such a thing.

  • Leslie

    Maybe but, what 3 of them are mothers and one has been arrested. I think it’ll make for an interesting challange.

  • Shirl

    I agree

  • sixfoota

    This is a toughy. It feels real calculated to me. ALL women? ALL white? Bc it’s a chance the Latina is a white Latina & that would work in the defenses favor bc the defense will more than likely bring up his Latino roots as to show he can’t be racist. IDK man

  • http://urbanexpressive.com/ J.Nicole

    I’m really nervous about the outcome if this. I do understand the disparity of Blacks & whites in that county but I find it hard to believe there was not one single Black person that could have been placed on the jury. Even if not to appease the masses, how could the prosecution team let that slide? I guess we shall just wait and see, but I’m expecting the worse….

  • hm

    i said it before and i’ll say it again… he will be found not guilty. there are no witnesses who actually saw what had happened. they are going to use that and be like “reasonable doubt”.

  • Sandy

    Yeah strange stuff happens in FL.

  • Dee D

    That’s what I’ve been thinking too, reasonable doubt. You can’t send someone to prison without any solid evidence, that is how Casey Anthony got off. We all know she more than likely killed her daughter, just like we all know Zimmerman more than likely was not acting in “self defense”, but there is no real evidence to prove otherwise.

  • Marisa

    They put back on one of those ladies whose question was “why was Trayvon out so late” Bish its 7:00 and he’s 17, I see already the shenanigans has already began. He better be found guilty of something because 9-11 told Zimmerman STOP following Trayvon, and he did not that’s the bottom line. If I’m walking minding mine and somebody I don’t know rolls up on me yeah I’m going to get defense too like Trayvon, like why are you following me. Just like Casey has to look herself in the mirror every damn day and hopefully Kaylee’s face stares back, same thing with this one.

  • http://melodymoose.deviantart.com/ Catpopstar

    They think black people will be too emotional or something…

  • Roger

    I hope Zimmerman goes free. Good for Black America

  • jj

    Well i havent heard a white man defend trayvon yet unless its micheal skolnick. I mean thats better i suppose in order for justice bc if it was a white man jury hecmost likely would walk and sanford would b LA. But most ppl women go ballastic over white women. But thats still racist its like saying black women cant be impartial which isnt tru

  • Guest1234

    I think he’s going down. As for the racial make-up, remember, he ain’t white. Not as white folks define it, anyway. He ain’t one of theirs. AND he killed a woman’s CHILD. I can’t imagine 6 women believing his bullshit story.

    I hope prosecution is smart enough to have Travon’s MOTHER sitting in the front row, across from the jury box, every day. That oughtta do it.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    I don’t know this can go either way. I really dislike how on all trials like this it never be a single black person on the jury. I mean is it really that difficult to find someone of color to sit on a jury. I just hope that man get something.

  • Trisha

    I’m not sure how this one will play out. Zimmerman may walk free depending on how these women feel about black males and their experiences with black males.

    Yes, women are more sympathizing than men and the mothers may have more compassion for Sybrina. However, those emotions could easily be persuaded if they are straddling the fence with their perceptions of black men and violence.

    If they are unable to look at this case individually, I’m still not convinced if this is a great selection or not. The alternative would have for sure freed Zimmerman.

    I have to pray, wait, and hope it turns out in Trayvon’s favor.

  • K

    i feel like this jury is a win win for zimmerman and its sad. if he wins then he wins no harm no foul for his side if he loses i feel like this is a set up for saying he wasnt actually judged by a jury of his “peers” and deserves a 2nd trial with a more diverse/better representation of his area. if its 76%white 16% black why the 1 latina (where did she come from) and NO black, also what is with the all women? Unless Seminole County, Florida is the mythical land of The Amazons & I didnt know it, how is this his peers?? Again i really feel like this is a set up for a mistrial or basis for appeal should he lose

  • Echi

    “but others argue that the jury’s racial composition reflects Seminole County, which is 78.5 percent White and 16.5 percent Black.”

    17% of a 12 member jury is two. They really couldn’t find anyone?

  • Echi

    Wait – there are only six people?

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