After ditching Matt Lauer at the last minute last week, Paula Deen finally decided to show up and appear on The Today Show. And she with huge crocodile tears.

When Lauer asked if whether she was a racist, Deen replied simply, “No.” Then she added, “I believe that … every one of God’s creatures was created equal. I believe that everyone should be treated equal, that’s the way I was raised and that’s the way I live my life”

And every black creature should be referred to by the “n” word. She forgot to add that minute detail.

Deen also went on to say that she would have never fired herself. “Would I have fired me? Knowing me? No,” she said. “I am so very thankful for the partners I have who believe in me.”

As far as being fired, so far Deen has been dropped from The Food Network, Smithfield Foods and QVC, Sears and Target were all reevaluating their relationship with the “n” word loving cook.

But just like every white user of the “n” word, Deen tried to use the “well black people use it too” defense.

Matt asked Deen, “Do you have any doubt in your mind that African-Americans are offended by the N-word?” Her response? Classic black people scapegoating. “I don’t know, Matt. I have asked myself that so many times, because it’s very distressing for me to go into my kitchens and I hear what these young people are calling each other. It’s very very distressing.”

Bullshit, Deen. Pure bull.

In closing Deen had these words to say, “If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please I want to meet you,” she said. “I is what I is and I’m not changing.”

She may not want people to take her up on that offer.

“There’s someone evil out there that saw what I had worked for, and they wanted it.” Oh, she’s trying to be sabotaged, y’all.

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  • IJusWannaSay…

    And cue the White Women Tears…

  • Yb

    White people amaze me how they can attack a group, physically and verbally, yet in their sick, twisted minds truly believe that they are victims.

    White narcissism is so ingrained in these people’s minds. Their thought process isn’t even human.

  • Joan

    No, she and her big stupid mouth are the ones who messed everything up for Paula Dean. So, it’s okay to not feel bad about using the word because she’s heard black people using it? Then I guess it’s okay for people who used to support her empire to not feel bad about ditching her because others they know feel offended by her choice of words. She has shown her behind on more than one occasion. That situation with Hollis (who was allegedly too dark to be seen in front of a black board) was enough for me. And I feel like she is showing her true colors now. Her bitter attitude shows that she seems to feel entitled to call black people whatever she wants.

  • Yb

    The fat diabetes filled buttery tears.

    Where are the tears of the black people she called “n*gger”, “monkey”, and wanted to dress up as slaves?

    Does there tears not matter to white America?

  • Joan

    Nope. People like her don’t see us as fully human and only full humans (translation: white people) cry tears. Blacks just have leaky eyes from time to time.

  • geenababe

    It’s funny because people actually believe their are some “evil forces” trying to sabatoge this woman. I kept saying this and sounding like a broken record but it’s just not about the n-word, it’s about all the other allegations of misconduct in her work place. I mean I don’t think there are any “evil forces’ against this woman if anything I think the media and others are trying to work in her favor by glossing over all the other things in her deposition and leaving out all the other things in her lawsuit. When is her lawsuit going to court because I believe more things will be brought out into the open.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    I literally flatlined @ ‘ fat diabetes filled buttery tears.’

  • Rochelle

    Just so CLUTCH can update their news:

    Breaking News

    Caesars Entertainment Corporation just announced that Paula Deen Enterprises Restaurant Licensing Contracts will not be renewed. According to Caesars, the two parties came to a mutual agreement not to renew.

    Caesars operates a total of four Paula Deen-themed restaurants

  • No_chaser

    And I don’t believe her, it isn’t distressing hearing her Black staff us the N word.
    Has she EVER disciplined her staff for using the word?

    They (many of them) love hearing us refer to eachother that way. It reaffirms to them how damaged they believe we are! There’s great comfort in being a racist and seeing and hearing that type of degeneracy.

    This is all the more reason Black people need to stop using the word. It’s not a term of endearment, it’s just plain stupid.

  • Liz Lemón

    This is bigger than the N word. The complaint and Paula’s deposition reveal a far more troubling attitude about race and black people, than whether or not she’s ever uttered the N word.

    “I try to go with whatever the black race is wanting to call themselves at each given time. try to go along with that and remember that.” -condescending much?

    Speaking about the Southern plantation wedding:

    “Is there any possibility, in your mind, that you slipped and used the word “nigger”?”
    “No, because that’s not what these men were. They were professional black men doing a fabulous job.” -and if they had been unprofessional black men, doing a piss poor job…?

    “Yes, I did say I would love for Bubba to experience a very southern style wedding, and we did that. We did that” -complete with “professional” “middle-aged” black “servers.

    Let’s not forget that Paula & Co are also being accused of sexual harassment, assault, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Let’s also not forget that her accuser is a white woman. So I’m not sure why “us” being offended by the use of the word, and whether or not “we” uses it ourselves even matters? And if it does matter, something doesn’t become right because everyone is doing it!

    Reducing this whole thing to the N word is sickening, but I guess it’s good for ratings and for rallying white support against those overly sensitive blacks (who in fact have NOTHING to do with this mess). HELL even Al Sharpton came out in her defense.

    If this was really JUST about whether a 66-year-old white woman from Georgia ever said the N word, I’d almost feel sorry for her. But, dang it Paula, you can’t tacitly approve of bad behavior behind closed doors and then claim you have haters when you get called out on it. The N word be damned, ya’ll have got bigger problems.

  • Apple

    Worst interview ever, she may as well took a shove and digged a grave , how can someone with 17 million net worth have no PR???

  • Joan

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • GG

    I’m not looking at another discussion on tv about this heifer. People keep bringing up the n word and how this and that use it (the view). Completely glossing over the slave themed wedding and blacks in the backdoor. Sick of the victim playing role.

  • bee

    The question, Is Paula Deen a racist? I don’t think so. She is no more racist than many people who say things about other cultures, privately or openly. Deen is wrong for making comments in the public arena as she did on several occasions about blacks and I even heard her say some things that I would know better to say around certain people, and I am not racist. She has no manners, period! I am sure her black friends understand her southern ill-manner ways. They all probably laughed at each other and kept on moving, seeing her as being just Paula. However, to the rest of us who do not know her, of course she comes across racist and now she is paying for it. Her children should have schooled her, somebody should have told her how she should conduct herself in mainstream America. They should have warned her that everyone is not going to get her personality and loose tongue. She needed to come across more polished, but still Paula Deen.

    Paula Deen is the least bit of my worries, Did anyone see Ciara interview with Access Hollywood. “the n’ word empowers women”? What!? What another term of endearment ? lol.. and we wonder why others use it so freely with excuses. Can somebody give that girl a history lesson.

    When the N’ word is stop being used so carelessly by certain black people who have never experience the harsh cruelty of that word being said to them to degrade them, and for them to see it as offensive today as it was many years ago, then you can call the Paula Deen’s of this world racist, but until then, expect more of this to take place.

    I don’t won’t to hear it from anyone it is a wrong word to use by anyone and I refuse to accept any excuses as to why people can say it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so what does oprah have to say about this?

  • Black Bot (@TheBlackBot)

    This reminds me of something Captain Janeway said, “We all make our own hell. I hope you enjoy yours.”

    I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? No. I hope Paula Deen enjoys the hell she created for herself.

  • Tonton Michel

    I got to say I find this whole conspiracy theory her supporters have come up with hilarious. I wonder if they blame the “MAN ” or the “BLACK MAN” better yet is it the “WOMAN” keeping her down?

  • Yaenelle

    This is so important!! When I read the lawsuit documents my jaw dropped at all the alleged transgressions her workers were subjected. I was more shocked to realize that the person who filed the lawsuit is white, the media makes it seem it’s all about the racist words. Apparently she was paid less than other male managers and after she was divorced she no longer received bonuses because the accountant believed divorce is a sin!! Are you kidding me?! I watched her show before and I admit I liked her style but I can’t abide how she treated her workers. Even if it was her brother, she still has majority share and the onus is on her to do things right.

  • Marisa

    GIRL BYE Not one ounce of remorse at all in those crocodile tears, she’s trying to save her own ass plain and simple. Last week Miss I want to change and learn from this, is now back to I is what I is, well what you is Burtter Queen is a damn racist. Also when seeking forgiveness one has to take responsibility for their actions, the black people say it too and I’s smiles and laughs with them means I can say it, is not seeking redemption. Also seeking out the Judy Smith a black woman says all we need to know, soon Paula will be everywhere from the BET Awards this weekend to Bobby Jones Gospel. She feels she can continue feeling blacks are beneath her and still thinks because she’s honest about it, that blacks should support her and her business HELL NAW. She’s still bewildered over that fact she got got by her own lol.

  • Liz Lemón
  • Liz Lemón

    I almost forgot about that…

  • Jezreel

    You know, I agree with your assertion that the way the media is framing the accusations against Ms. Deen, seems designed to garner sympathy for her.

    After all, if Ms. Deen is only being accused of occasionally using the “n” word when referring to African Americans years ago, then it seems appropriate that she should be forgiven considering her age and cultural background.

    And if that was all this is about, then I too would accept her apology and move on. But nothing could be further from the truth.

    According to the complaint. Paula Deen has presided over and perpetuated a culture of racism, physical violence, sexual discrimination, intimidation, economic exploitation, bigotry and fear for years. The complaint, by a White woman, includes dates, names of individuals, locations and specific incidents supporting the allegations against Paula Deen Enterprises. Ms. Jackson documented her repeated efforts over the course of 5 years to address her complaints both with Ms. Deen and her legal representatives and family members without resolution.

    She was left with no alternative but to file a lawsuit.

    People should read the actual complaint and decide for themselves what kind of an individual Paula Deen is and whether her apology should be considered self-serving or sincere.

  • mostexhalted30

    PREACH! You took the words right out of my mouth. Enough said.

  • KnottyNatural

    I had to repost your comment on another site because people really do assume all this woman did was use the N-word! They are going off what they are being told, which is only 1/4 of the story!

    Sorry a$$-ed journalist!

  • Gina

    Honestly this doesn’t shock me.

    However, I wish we would get this incensed when our own people use the N-word. Maybe if that happened white folks wouldn’t be so bold in using it casually.

    Until that day comes, they will keep marginalizing the N-word because we do. I’m not defending them (especially PD at all), but it’s ridiculous getting so offended at this lady but not angry at ourselves for saying it. Thats a tragedy.

  • No_chaser

    OMG thank you. Very well said.
    I also wish we would be shocked and outraged when we commit violent crimes against one another.

  • UgoBabeeeee

    Let me ask- she has a point…..she hears young African Americans using this term- this generation is quite detached and arent really taught (unlike before) of the travails of Blacks and the strides during the Civil Rights era…so i can understand her saying that the word has a different tone to it than what it had when she was coming up…..blacks feel they’re empowering themselves by using the word- what a big deception they’ve sold to themselves…saying its a new day and era- why are you slaying this woman living in this new day and era in using the word that blacks say do not hold the same power over them as it once did???!!! Schizo arguments…..

    Myself, i cringe when i hear the word- its more so embarrasing and cringe inducing to (ignorant) loud black person having a conversation with a fellow black person in public nigga this nigga that…love my nigga……without shame in front of non- blacks….

    I support those who make the argument that blacks use it also….YES- you can’t have it both ways- i dont see how you can dismiss or even get annoyed with this woman- the term is used ALLOVER!!!!! And blacks are to blame- other races have derogatory terms but they havnt chosen to embrace them- its amazing the arguments and support blacks have in defending their use of the word nigger or is it nigga or is it nigguz…..shame on you- you’ve created this problem, you better accept what comes of it

  • The Comment


  • UgoBabeeeeee

    i know she is not accused of only using the term nigga- just wanted to use the opportunity to comment on the nigga issue.

    Typos on top :(

  • Liz Lemón

    For reasons unknown to me, the media is minimizing this Paula Deen controversy down to her admitting to having used the word nigger. To quote Jezreel, Paula Deen is accused of presiding over and perpetuating a culture of racism, physical violence, sexual discrimination, intimidation, economic exploitation, bigotry and fear for years; all of which is being glossed over by the media. In addition, the “incensed” and “offended” party was actually a white woman. While some may feel it is hypocritical for “us” to get up in arms when “they” use the word, considering it’s rampant use in “our” community… that isn’t the case here, and I’m not sure why people keep bringing it up. They do it too is never an excuse, wrong is wrong.

  • march pisces

    thank you for posting those links.

    yes, this runs much deeper than the use of a word. media and the people are giving to much focus to the one aspect when this whole situation needs to be examined.

    sick family….

  • TajMarie

    You just made my day with that comment !! I’m fairly certain that others have probably stated some of the things on my mind. But yes, you have summarized it succinctly.

  • Krysie869

    Why the hell is Paula Deen talking about people trying to condemn her by attributing with so-called ‘horrible lies’? She admitted in PUBLIC that she has said the n-word multiple times. So why the crocodile tears? Makes no sense to cry for the TRUTH!!

  • TajMarie

    “White narcissism is so ingrained in these people’s minds. Their thought process isn’t even human.”

    That is why they came up with the term “reverse racism” as if the so called racism against them is any different than the racism that they regularly partake in against other races. What is telling is the fact that the term implies that it is white people who are usually blamed for committing racism. So, when a person who is not white commits racism against a White person, it is racism in reverse when racism can actually be committed by any race. The term (with the two words put together) is so stupid and yet they wear it like a badge of honor upon uttering it when it really makes them look like dumb@$$es for using it. The race card is another term they like to use. However, if I ever hear that again, I am going to respond by telling them to stop using their “White Privilege”.

  • Bee

    I agree she is wrong, buttt.. the culture says it’s okay to use the word if your black. Whites and others can’t use although they hear it in our music and our children use it. How do we fix this problem? Are we giving others the okay to use it since we don’t get outrage by the use of the word no matter how it’s use?
    Racism has been with us for decades, blacks have been called some of everything by those who wish to suppress us. Nothing new.
    Why are we so upset with Paula Deen and not upset with others who use it so casually? Matt Lauer interview was a joke. That point is relevant about who uses it. If she’s guilt so is everyone else!
    I like what you wrote about the media, vicious aren’t they?See what they are doing. Wake up people!

  • TajMarie

    First of all, not all of us “Blacks” support the use of the N word regardless of the ending whether with a “ga” or “ger”. With that said, we need to stop letting the media characterize the entire Black Community within the US by a subset of Black People on the street. White people are not painted by a broad stroke from those living in trailer parks. So why should we be characterized by a group of individuals. Secondly, I don’t buy that notion that she doesn’t understand the context of the word of her using it versus some Black Teenagers using it. Thirdly, if the “N” word really bothered her and “some” teenagers working in her establishment was using it, then why didn’t she intervene and put an end to it? It was her (or her brother’s ) establishment and I would think she would expect her employees to have some decorum with how they conduct themselves in regards to her business. Furthermore, she was being sued for her employee practices, not just for using the “N” word 30 years ago. If she used the word “once”, she probably used it “too many” times to count. Anyone who is buying her BS and Sob story has probably never seen Scarlett’s O’hara portrayal in “Gone with the Wind” and to tell the truth Scarlett was much more convincing in the movie than Paula Deen was in her interview.

  • lovora

    Whenever someone uses this argument I send this “explanation” made by Ta-nehisi Coates of the Atlantic.

    A month ago I was giving a talk at a college where someone asked my why it was wrong for white people to use the word “nigger” in a friendly way. I responded, as I always do, by pointing out that the names people use depend on their relations. That I should not expect to call another man’s wife “honey” by pointing out that he calls her the same thing. That my wife and her friends use the word “bitch” between them, but that is not a name I should expect (or want) to employ. That whatever they say, I have no desire to address my gay friends as queer. If you respect the humanity of black people, then you respect that they get to do what other humans do–ironically employ epithets in a communal way.


  • march pisces

    reading the complaint is enough for me i don’t even want to read p.d’s deposition. i really hope ms. jackson is successful with this lawsuit.

    to hope that p.d.’s empire goes down the toilet is a double edged sword. the number of people who would lose their jobs isn’t fair. there has to be, in my opinion, a major blow the wallet of all the defendants for them to get you can’t treat people like shit.

  • The Comment

    I just need to know what kind of eyeliner she is wearing. Cause it is blacker than black and not smudging under those brighter than those I died and came back to life lights.

  • Pepper

    Thanks Gina… said it in a nutshell. It appears that (some) of our priorities are warped. We need to be concerned with the Supreme Court’s take on Affirmative Action, and the Voting Right’s Bill. Not to mention HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT amongst Blacks. Our outrage should be directed at these issues (including the high crime rate….Black on Black Crime). It baffles me that more people aren’t speaking out on these issues

  • Pepper

    James what does Oprah have to do with this? And why are you dissin’ a successful Black woman? Total disrespect

  • Starla

    @Bee what culture says this? Are you using hip-hop culture to define all of African American culture? There are millions and millions of African Americans and even more from the Black immigrant populace who would prefer to lose an eye before uttering that despicable word.

    I for one have never used that word, and in all likelihood never will. There are too many words in the world for me to resort to a word that was created and used solely in hatred.

    These youngins who think it is cool to use such a word are rudderless boats going to and fro with no destination or port. They are anchorless and have no abiding place of their own, so anyway the breeze blows they go in that direction.

    Principled Black people are still in this world, still in America, and throughout the diaspora.

  • Liz Lemón

    having an opinion on this doesn’t equate to a lack of concern about the other…

  • UgoBabeeeee

    @ TajjMarie…..

    Am coming from a different angle but i think we have a similiar ideal…..

    i know not all blacks support the usuage of nigga speak- but that fact is drowned out by those who proudly and loudly display their ignorance otherwise….unfortuntately in this public debate- those that do not favor seem to be in the minority without a voice to say otherwise

    no, blacks shouldnt be expected to have one voice or painted with the same stroke- but we (blacks) cant or dont do much to change that….unfortunately its negativity and disparaging stereotypes that paint the picture of who blacks are….how are we changing that? with little access to media – we dont have the ability to effectively control the discourse or makie our voices heard-

    what do we have that effectively counter balances to the masses that not all blacks favor the word nigger…is it BET? NBC? what??? is it what you hear on the streets while walking in the cities? or taking public transport?

    so, when you hear “that blacks use the words nigga nigger niggaz so why cant we”? thats real talk based on whats in the public sphere- there isnt MUCH proving otherwise-(that there are blacks who do not appreciate the term niigger spoken by by blacks, whites, alien, etc.) …..

    i too dont buy the notion that she doesnt know the significance of the word nigger- but hey we make it so convient for her to use that argument- why does she care about the sincerity of what she is saying if it makes a plausible argument based on the current language usuage? come on, you have asians, hispanics, europeans, whites using the word- doesnt make it right, but then again this is not a perfect world- we cant have it both ways….and surely you can’t exect her to intervene when her black employees are acting the fool and using that word amongst themselves- really??? why would she? the word means nothing to her- if blacks are dumb enough to use it , why should she care?

    i know she is being sued for alot more- but like i said earlier, am just commenting on the nigger usuage issue….

    typos …i know

  • UgoBabeeeee


    sorry, that is crock……

    Blacks have deceived themselves…and have been played – you don’t hear the targets of the terms spics, kik, wetback, honkey etc come out in public and call themselves those terms- do they even do it amongst themselves in private? i dont know…never heard such-instead rightfully so those are fighting words- but we blacks embrace the right to call ourselves niggers…oh yes!!! we own the word…whad up my nigger!!! yes, until a Paula Deen comes out and calls a black person a nigger…oh no, its a term of endearment amongst blacks, only blacks call call each other nigger and whatever other excuse to justify stupidity….SMH

  • UgoBabeeeee


    sorry, that is crock……

    Blacks have deceived themselves…and have been played – you don’t hear the targets of the terms spics, kik, wetback, honkey etc come out in public and call themselves those terms- do they even do it amongst themselves in private? i dont know…never heard such-instead rightfully so those are fighting words- but we blacks embrace the right to call ourselves niggers…oh yes!!! we own the word…whad up my nigger!!! yes, until a Paula Deen comes out and calls a black person a nigger…oh no, its a term of endearment amongst blacks, only blacks call call each other nigger and whatever other excuse to justify stupidity….SMH

  • Kay

    I had this very discussion on FB and the funny thing is, I’ve heard Jews and Asians call each other epithets but have the sense and decency to 1) understand that THEY can do it but I can’t and 2) Not give one fig if they say it, because I don’t WANT to say it. And when anyone outside of their group calls them a slur, do you think they go on and on about “Oh no, we call each other that in the privacy of our own homes and in mixtapes and what not. So it’s cool.” No. They bring their collective power together and proceed to figuratively wipe the floor with the offensive bigot who dared say such a thing. But us Black people have been brainwashed to think the golden shower we’re receiving is really rain.

    And besides that, people act as if Black Americans are of some hive mind. We all, after all, agree that the term is a form of endearment. ALL OF US. There is not one segment of this group that would disagree. Because you know, we all think the same. And of course we all look alike too. *rolls eyes*

  • Bee

    Culture meaning how things are going in society. How some define what is right and what is wrong. I am in total agreement with what you wrote and what some other commenters above you . Black people aren’t angry enough or fed up enough. I like , “Principled Black folks”, count me in!

  • Apple

    Oprah is friends with Paula Deen

  • Ghty

    It’s not just about the n word. Read the deposition.

    Also – why are white people so fixated on the fact that they can’t say it? “Certain black people” say it so white people think, “How dare they do something between themselves and forbid us from saying it?”

  • Ghty

    Because Paula got her start on Oprahs show and they are friends.

    Same question would stand if Tyler Perry did something crazy. People would say, “what does Oprah think of this?”

  • The Artist

    I’m so over Paula Deen and her crocodile tears I could scream. And her comment, ““I Is Who I Is And I’m Not Changing” puts the nail in the coffin.

    This just goes to show, how underground racism has become…in my opinion, it’s the worst kind.

  • binks

    I died laughing at this clip, I don’t know how Matt Lauer does it because my composer would have been slipping. This woman (and her supporters) are delusional because they can’t be serious. Honestly, I said all I had to say in the other post about Paula Deen I wonder what her next PR move is because this is becoming a soap opera.

  • KC

    Thank you so much for posting these. I almost got into an argument at work with a white dude for saying he felt sorry for Deen(why her name got brought up in the first place, I don’t know). This issue is so much bigger than her just saying the N-word.

  • cookiechica

    @Liz Lemon
    THANK you! This has been my position ever since the story broke, then reading the posted deposition and her responses. It is NOT about an word uttered nearly 30 years ago during an bank robbery, it’s about Paula Deen being accused(and admitting to) treating people she calls “her family”(staff in her restaurants) like subhumans recently(as in, this century and decade), and not seeing any problem with it.

    When it comes to the “they(black folks and rappers) can say it, why can’t I” argument, aren’t these the same people who fall back on that argument the ones who tell their kids to be individuals and lead by example rather than follow the crowd? There are a lot of words I can use but I choose not to, and that particular adjective is one of them(I dislike the term “the n word” because that is just as ridiculous as using the real thing!). In the same spirit, I’ve asked them, “if black folks and rappers suddenly started jumping off bridges, would you too?”

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