Last year we told you about the powerful documentary, “Diary of A Decade,” which chronicled the Atlanta cultural institution the FunkJazz Kafé.

The award-winning film tells “the story of a cultural legend as told by the innovators of an important, and in some cases overlooked, era in Black culture….The film covers the decade when Atlanta’s underground music scene became established on the world stage and a new generation of soul singers and musicians emerged.”

Since its release, “Diary of A Decade” has been touring the film festival circuit, but it’s making its way home to Atlanta this July as apart of the 19th annual FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival. The two-day event will take place July 12th and 13th and will include “music performances and various interactive creative components, displayed in nine separate areas which include the ‘FJK Healing Suite’ and Savoy Magazine’s ‘House Party Suite’.”

Check out a clip Diary of A Decade and head over to the FunkJazz Kafé site for details on the festival. Get your tickets here!

  • Pearlsrevealed

    Oh wow, Wish I had the opportunity to experience a vibrant music scene. Will look for the documentary.

  • ziggy

    I really miss Atlanta. Wish I could go.

  • VanessainATL

    Im mo be there!!! oh yeah! My friend, who’s part of the production has been hypjng me up for a minute about this. I will seeing the film, also.

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