Do you have an “inner black woman?” Well, if you’re a non-black person who is likely to say “Hell Nah!” exclaim “you don’t need no man” and embrace your sassy side given the right circumstances then an “inner black woman” is hiding beneath your composed, diplomatic exterior, according to a recent trend in internet memes.

The “inner black woman” memes call on and exploit almost every stereotype associated with black women from the belief that we all have an attitude to our alleged predisposition for eating poorly and excessively.

Here are a few social media posts BuzzFeed pulled from Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook about everyone’s “inner black woman”:

She is independent and doesn’t need (or have) a man:


She eats fast food and weights 500 pounds:


She is prone to physical violence:


The stereotypes are terribly ignorant and distasteful, and BuzzFeed‘s quiz cleverly puts internet users in their place with a simple question at the end of the post:

If you relate to any of the above scenarios, take this one-question quiz to find out whether you actually have an inner black woman!

  1. 1. Do you also have an outer black woman, i.e., are you actually a black woman?
    1. Yes
    2. No


Once you answer, you’ll see the genius results.

Clutchettes and Gents, have you encountered these posts?

  • ScriptTease

    We’re always the butt of all jokes/stereotypes are we?!?!? And that ignorant Facebook fan page, please tell me this was not created by a Black woman

  • Right

    It was probably not created by a black woman. Other groups of people will always stereotype, but we opened the door for this ridiculing by laughing at and promoting the Madeas and Rasputias and Shanaynays of the world. The trashiest black people are always put out there to be seen as representative of black people. It’s the reason why many people see Michelle Obama and Oprah as exceptions to the rule but think most black women act like the women on Basketball Wives. We are always coddling and protecting people with no home training. We have no control of our image. I just read that article about how Tika Sumter was getting letters saying thank you for existing. That is so pathetic and says a lot about black media. There are so few attractive well spoken dark skinned women on TV that she was getting thanks for simply being on the show. (I don’t know anything about her character. She may have been catty since it was Gossip Girls)

    Folks think we’re being elitist and talk about how we’re not shawty lo, but come on. The image of African Americans is not too good, and our own black media does such a horrible job of showing us in a positive light that Tika Sumter is getting thanks for just existing. It’s not a very smart move. The only reason that people don’t say stuff like that more often is because it is rude. I don’t see other groups of people constantly showing themselves as thugs and Rasputias. As a collective, we’ve shown little self-respect, and it really shows in our self-portrayals in entertainment. We shucked and jived like minstrel clowns. No one respects a clown. Clowns are to be laughed at.

  • Ash

    I was at a comedy show on a double-date with another black couple (we were the only people of color) and the white comedian was talking about his “inner-black woman” named Boom’queshia or something, that comes over him when he tells people off. Is it me or are these ” inner-black woman” jokes as played out as knock-knock jokes? They were never that hilarious to begin with and now it seems only simple people find them amusing.

  • The Other Jess

    Stop giving attention to people that hate you. Be you, do you and forget them. Period.

  • Yb

    I wonder what the outcome would be if black women on social media en mass start an “inner white man/women” meme.

    Some examples

    The inner white woman in me is going to make me cry and whine inorder to get my way.

    The inner white man in me is about to make me shoot up this school/post office etc.

    The inner white woman in me is going to get dead drunk and piss on the floor of the club.

    The inner white man in is about to make me a sociopath and molest children.

    The inner white person in me is going to make me kiss my dog.

  • Right

    I agree. There was a Mexican comedian that did that Bonquisha skit on MadTV. She did one of those black woman jokes and a black woman said it wasn’t funny, and she said she proved the point or whatever. It’s funny because if that character didn’t have the name Bonquisha and wasn’t around other black people, I would have thought she was just a chola. MadTV had a skit one time before with some low class Latinas. One was black and the other wasn’t. Most people that find these jokes funny like them because they feel superior because of them like that Mexican comedian. I knew a Latina one time that would talk about the chola stereotype all the time and how low class they were.

  • TheNewGirl

    Oh God! I’m not going to lie… you had me rolling::::::::

  • Kisha

    That’s not right…but I giggled a little…

  • Constant Truth

    I wrote this in response to all the Black men on FB who said they wouldn’t date a Black woman because she has an “attitude.”

    They say that Black women have a lot of attitude
    That we walk around like we’re in a bad mood
    No man hurts us the way the Black man does
    So the basis of our “attitude” is simply because…
    If we’re too strong, then we scare away men
    If that’s the case, doesn’t it make them weak then?
    If we’re too meek, then we get run the hell over,
    Getting knocked down like Red Rover, Red Rover
    If we speak our minds, then we have a fly mouth
    “That’s not how to get a man in the deep South!”
    If we hide our thoughts, then we must be clueless
    If we don’t know how to cook, then we must be useless
    If we don’t sleep with you, we’re probably gay
    If we do, then we’ve become an easy lay
    You tell your homies how we put it down in bed
    Sharing all the details of how we gave, gave, gave you some head
    If we do the same, oh, we talk too damn much
    Bumping our gums, gossiping and such
    If we openly express our sexual freedom
    Then we deserve what “cums” since “we so dumb”
    But if we’re hesitant and seem a little rude
    Then all of a sudden, we’re stuck up prudes
    If we have unprotected sex due to broken latex
    And an unplanned pregnancy comes up next,
    And we decide to keep the kid, then we’re stupid whores
    But if we decide to kill the kid, then we’re running from consequences’ doors
    If we’re gay, it’s because a Black man has “done us wrong”
    If we’re celibate, it’s because the right one (umm you?) hadn’t come along
    If we play the game like a playa, then we’re skanks and hoes
    But if we get played, it’s our fault because it’s the men we chose
    If we’ve been single for years, it’s because we’re too picky
    But if we jump from man to man, then all we’re worth is a quickie
    If we don’t accept your bullshit, then we have attitude
    If we do, then bitterness accrues and our outlook is screwed
    If we expect more, then we’re unappreciative
    But if we accept less than, then what kind of life is that to live?
    If we love with all our soul, then it’s taken for granted
    So it’s hard to open up again because we’ve become disenchanted
    We create walls to protect our hearts from pain
    And men are too lazy to work for the gain
    If we make them earn it, they get bored and disappear
    To be vulnerable is a feeling that most men fear
    If we make it too easy, then they search for more of a challenge
    Carelessly taking what they want like a dirty syringe
    If we date outside our race, then we couldn’t handle the Black men
    Yet they throw other races in our faces time and time again
    If we speak properly and use correct English, we wanna be White
    If we speak Ebonics and other slang, then we’re ghetto and don’t appear too bright
    If we utilize an extensive vocabulary, we’re uppity
    If we dumb down our language, suddenly, we’re dumb and ditzy
    If we wear our hair natural, it looks nappy to you
    If we use creamy crack, we’re catering to the “White view”
    Beaten by our Black men, hurt and lied to
    We have no equal we can talk and cry to
    If we stay in abuse, we’re weak and settling
    Our love’s not enough; it seems unwelcoming
    But if we leave, then we’ve abandoned them
    Left them alone for others to condemn
    If we lose our job, we apply for welfare
    Oh the burden the taxpayers must bear!
    We need some help to get back on our feet
    So we get food stamps so that our children can eat
    Using our EBT, we have folks looking down on us
    “How you gonna carry all that food on the city bus?”
    Now if we kept our pride, we would be hungry
    “Willing to give us money to help me and my family?”
    We’re looked at as welfare queens and ratchet sluts
    Walking around, big hips, thighs, and big ol’ butts
    Stereotypes weigh heavily and they’re hard to remove
    Leaving chips on our shoulders, messing up our groove
    Forget all of us that actually speak with some sense
    We don’t all have “stank attitudes” when we come to our defense
    We don’t all aspire to be the next trashy reality star
    Some of us actually have aspirations to take us pretty far
    Most of us want the love of a strong Black man
    No one should understand us the way that he can
    Sadly, they don’t make him the way they used to
    Self-hatred makes them prefer a lighter hue
    If they do want a Black woman, they want one with no voice
    So to the strong Black woman, we’re left with little choice
    Damned if we don’t, damned if we do
    So excuse me if you think we have attitude!

    © 2013 Constance Gilmore, All rights reserved.

  • The Other Jess

    And you didn’t get up and leave?

  • Right

    Best to do like the Other Jess said and ignore people who hate you. There is nothing you can say not even that long poem that would make people like that see you as human. I try my best to ignore them.

  • leelah

    Going off the inner black woman joke from the article…my inner black woman ate the double cheeseburger, 10 piece nugget, large fry and the frosty but my inner white woman made me immediately throw it all up.

  • mEE

    why are they so OBSESSED with us? I mean I know we’re awesome but geez

  • Jay

    Nice poem love, summed it up nicely

  • Jay

    This stereotypical meme has been going on for years throughout white and gay twitter, I’m surprised people are just now noticing it. I just chalk it up to: deep down they want to be like us so bad! Lol

  • BoutDatLove

    Oh my goodness, ya’ll made me cry with laughter. My eyes are tearing lol ..” but my inner white woman made me immediately throw it all up” lol just stop it, stop.

  • paintgurl40

    I found these “inner black woman” quizzes, jokes and tweets to be uber lame. They love to hate us because black women are naturally beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and fierce when it is necessary. They secretly want to be us.

  • Deb

    LMAO yet they stay pressed with jaws hanging when they come across (a group of) gorgeous, well put together, lovely black women and just HAVE to attribute these women as EXCEPTIONS because they do not want to let go of their racist views they get to have fun with and benefit from. I just live my life and hold my head up high.

    This world is full of fools who don’t care about another’s experience and who want to always feel superior to someone.

  • ScriptTease

    I love it love it love, and I am going to share it on a particular Facebook blog, and I promise to keep your copyright. Tommy Sotomayer is who I will share it with.

  • Josh Mishel

    These people are just mad because they sold their cultural identity to maintain and solidify their privilege. That’s why there is so much blatant disrespectful cultural appropriation.

  • Salmon

    “The inner white woman in me is going to get dead drunk and piss on the floor of the club.”

    OMG lol.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    *spittin’ out my Chrystal Light*


  • Fossilizedrelic

    Another negro blaming black people for white people’s racism.


    White don’t you challenge white racism? Why do you put the onus on blacks to not incite white racism?

    If a person suggests that a woman’s behavior may have made her a target for sexual harassment/assault, wouldn’t they be accused blaming the victim?

    How is what you’re doing here any different to that?

  • Shirl

    The inner white woman in me assures that I’ll look 60 by the time I’m 35…

  • Esined

    BRAVO! Nothing else to say-this poem should be required reading for everyone!

  • geenababe

    This is insulting, people think they can say or get away with anything on the internet.

  • geenababe

    LOl that was funny

  • geenababe

    I’m talking about the inner white women things, the reply button never works for me on here.

  • Black Bot (@TheBlackBot)

    When someone says they are a strong black woman or have an inner black woman, I wish I could summon a piano to drop on their head, like on the old cartoons.

  • Black Bot (@TheBlackBot)

    There was a post circulating on Tumblr a while back made by deliverysuspended. She said:
    “i have a sassy inner black woman!” said the white queer man, laughing with his friends. “snaps in a z formation, bitches!” he said, giggling harder. “y’all don’t know who i be, my niggers!”
    suddenly he winces with pain, and grabs at his chest.
    “what…what’s happening?!” he cries, looking down at himself, gasping for breath.
    suddenly his chest splits open, and i climb out, and dust myself off.
    “anyone else have an inner black woman they’d like to share?” i ask, kicking his lifeless corpse out of the chair, and sitting down.
    they shake their heads, and i nod, satisfied.

  • Lynne

    Hey! Hey! (I’m waving wildly.)

    Why CAN’T this become an awesome online meme?!! This is good stuff!

  • Right

    @Fossilizedrelic – There will always be white people who will make fun of black people and be racist. We can complain about that all we want. You think I am afraid to say that these white people are wrong and racist? Umm. No. They are racist. I am speaking of a bigger problem. These stereotypes didn’t just come from racist white people. The majority of times I have seen these stereotypes played out it has been by clowning black people.

    Why do I put the onus on blacks to not incite white racism? I don’t think I did that. There’s nothing that black people can do to stop others from being racist. If we had the statistics of all the positive things Asian Americans have, people would still say racist things. My whole point is that we shouldn’t present ourselves as clowns and then get surprised and hurt when people treat us like clowns. I don’t think this is like blaming a woman for her own sexual assault. I think this would be more like some woman being promiscuous and showing everyone how promiscuous she is acting surprised and hurt when people call her promiscuous or make fun of her for being promiscuous.

    So… white on black racism is the fault of the white person. Sexual assault on a woman by a man is the fault of the man. But presenting yourself in a certain light is your choice. We have to live with this choice. I hear black people saying these things about black women way more often than I see this kind of stuff from white people, so what’s going on there? Is that self-hate?

  • Akosua

    Actually it is a compliment. The white psyche refuses to compute that of which they covet so they try to use disparaging remarks and or scenarios to cope. What these shenanigans also attempt to do is make bw appear monolithic. We all are not Naynays and they know that. The baddest of bw that make things happen and who change the world while doing so are educated, fierce, sass, outspoken, compassionate, passionate, sensuous, spiritual. These are the women whose traits they wish to emulate. Whether I’m in the academy or in corporate, I am always having non-black female colleagues tell me they channel me to get results. I have had one to go on and on about how her gait is similar to my gait. It is like she was really happy. So trust sistas, you are truly the standard that other women are trying to emulate when they want to be a force.

  • The Other Jess

    Akosua, how did anyone give you a thumbs down for this comment??? GREAT comment!

  • Apple

    The inner white women in me equates a blowjob with a goodnight kiss

  • march pisces

    *dead* this made me holla…..

  • noirluv45

    What’s wrong with being a “strong black woman?” I don’t want to be a weak black woman. I wouldn’t want to be weak regardless, even if I was a man. No shade. I’m just asking.

  • Nakia

    So we should limit who we are and how we express in an attempt to control what you are essentially saying we cannot? Shananay was hilarious. But I can’t laugh because white people may believe that she all that exists for black women? The point is that Gina was on that show, too. But she didn’t matter. It’s ridiculous and this black woman would rather say “to hell with them and what they think, I don’t need your acceptance.” It is not my job to appear monolithic in any way (Oprah or nanay) to limit fodder for infected minds. This is not required of any other people and it should not be expected of mine.

    You said below: “But presenting yourself in a certain light is your choice”.

    And you would like to limit my choices. Do you know that
    they think just as poorly of Assatta Shakur and Michelle Obama as they do of “Shanaynay the welfare queen”? Do you read mainstream news? Who am I allowed to be so that non-black people are convinced that I’m ok? So they they don’t either laugh or attack? The good negro who emulates “good” white folks (cause there are no bad ones) and loves them more than my own people? f*ck that. These people with their black jokes EQUATE Michelle Obama, the sassy black first lady, with the finger wagging stereotype and truth be told, they loved Oprah because when she began at least, she fit the overweight black mammy meme for the white women who became her primary audience.

  • binks

    LOL this would be a great response to these people. But you know as soon as they get a taste of their own medicine it is “reverse racist/discrimination”.

  • Black Bot (@TheBlackBot)

    They are making caricatures us. When I see that phrase on the internet, it’s usually paired with an obese woman rolling her neck with her finger in the air.

  • noirluv45

    @Black bot, Okay. I see.

  • JaeBee

    Love your list! I got one to add…

    “The inner white woman in me is going to use a public bathroom, come out of the stall, look in the mirror, flick my hair, then stroll on out past the sinks”.

  • Diane

    *stands up and applauds*

  • Right

    @Nakia – OMG. Good negro this. Negro that. Yea. Gina was on that show but there are too many Shanaynay and other negative portrayals. As I said before, my comment is not about black people twisting themselves into pretzels to make white folks like them. That will not happen. Michelle Obama has very high approval ratings, so these white people who are complaining about her are the Fox News maniacs that probably liked that Facebook page. I am not concerned with these people. They will always talk about black women as Shanaynays. I am concerned with what we are presenting to the world at large, and it is a clownish image. Black people don’t have to show themselves as monolithic goody two shoes, but I see other groups portraying themselves in a much more positive light the majority of the time.

    The idea that you shouldn’t have to do reasonable things to have a good image is just like the Shawty Lo argument that people had on this site. Damaging our image by showing ourselves as low class is a bad move when you live as a minority in a country. It’s a bad move for any group of people period.

    So, basically my comment is not for us to go around trying to be a good little slave to keep massa happy. I am simply saying African Americans as a collective should portray themselves as if they care about their worldwide image, but so many folks seem to think this is not important. Many of you seem to think we live in a world where people can just do whatever they want and not get judged, or you demand that people judge you individually. That’s all nice and fuzzy, but that’s not how the real world works no matter how much we complain. And honestly, I don’t even know why suggestions that black folks get a hold of their image and show some more positivity (the clowns are okay too if there aren’t too many of these portrayals) are always met with black people claiming that we are trying to be “good negros” to appease massa. You sound like the people who accuse black folks of “acting white” when they do basic things. A collective portraying a positive image of itself is normal and healthy.

    You don’t have to limit yourself at all Nakia. If folks want to continue throwing out imagery and art showing us as thugs and Rasputias, they can continue to do so. Just don’t be surprised when many people see us as clowns. And it’s not just the racist tea party people.

  • Gina

    Can we seriously start an inner white woman meme?

  • greendoondoon

    The inner white woman in me will give a blowie to my best friend’s boyfriend and then say “I was drunk and a beej really isn’t cheating!”

  • jhenisis

    @The Other Jess, I feel you on limiting the energy you give to ignorant individuals you cross paths with personally. Unfortunately, the reason black folks should care what any other group thinks about us is because we don’t yet have the socio-economic and political clout to dismiss the opinions of others and still have the best interests of our group protected. We have concern about our image in the media because especially middle class to rich descendants of Europeans still have the power to systematically and institutionally make our lives more difficult based on their opinions of us.

    That is what makes Paula Deen’s doubling down on her racist comments after a failed apology and the Supreme Court overturning a piece of the Voting Rights Act so troubling. Because white people are relatively more privileged in American society, their “personal opinions” actually have the power to translate into policy- official and unofficial, spoken and unspoken.
    Maybe in the year 2053 we’ll have to deal with how Latino folks view us and whether or not that puts us in a worse place image-wise than we are now.

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