Jill Scott’s Twerking Tweets Offends Fans

by Yesha Callahan

Jill Scott's Twerking Tweets Offends Fans


Everyone has an opinion on twerking.  And I’m convinced, everyone at least once, has twerked in the privacy of their own home.  But apparently Jill Scott thinks it was invented in a bathroom.

Big deal. Jill Scott made a funny. Well at least attempted to?  Apparently people didn’t find it that funny.  The “African descent” reference ruffled some of her follower’s feathers.






Ok, maybe Jilly From Philly isn’t a fan of twerking. Truth be told, there are plenty of people who aren’t.  I doubt Scott meant to offend, but of course in our world, everyone is easily offended.


  • Just saying

    So people can’t read now? She said ‘AFRICAN DESCENT’…Now all those African women look illiterate…as an African woman I’m gonna walk away *holds head in shame*

  • http://gravatar.com/naaj21 Lexi

    Did they not get AFRICAN DESCENT<—keywords people smh.

  • raah

    That has to be the funniest twerk joke I’ve heard so far.

  • Elyse

    People get upset if the sun rises too slow…get over it.

  • AgeRi

    Really, Tweeters?! This joke wasn’t necessarily about African women. “Of African descent,” clearly includes herself and other folks in the diaspora too…

  • Liz

    I don’t get the joke… or the outrage. Would I get the outrage, if I got the joke?

  • http://halloftheblackdragon.com Greg Dragon

    So I guess when she isn’t taking shots at interracial couples she’s passing judgment on dancers eh? She is definitely the icon of the bitter internet black woman.

  • stef

    twitter should have a popup that displays just before you press send that says “did you think before you tweet”

  • TrulyPC

    Really? When Black women make a comment that people don’t agree with it always seems to end with the “bitter Black woman” stereotype. It is simply intellectual laziness to do so. Since you are really all in your feelings please go away and give yourself a hug.

  • AJW

    Need some tissues?
    Your eye ducts are leaking.

  • TrulyPC

    The fact that people are offended by her comment but not offended by “twerking” is astonishing to me. Jill Scott is a wordsmith!!! The joke she tweeted was succinct and superb. If people would actually look at what was written they will see the layers she provided for us to truly think about within a 140 character limit. Bravo Jill Scott!

  • tina

    That was definitely funny!

  • ….


  • JazzyinRwanda

    I took no offense…as an African woman born in America who was raised by African parents who lived in America for 28yrs and has done her fair share of twerking both inside and outside the bathroom who now lives in Africa for the past 2 1/2 years! My African sisters really need to calm down and get over themselves. I thought the joke was stupid (Jilly is a much better singer than comic) but far from offensive. My two cents…

  • MommieDearest

    I’m offended by that overly photoshopped picture that is supposed to be Jill Scott.

  • Phoenix

    Umm… it’s just not that deep. Get over it. And she said “of African descent” not African.

  • BeanBean

    OMGGGGG there are some sensitive people out there!!! Nowhere did she say AFRICAN women twerk. She said “African Descent.” Some people see the words black, African, or dark, and just go crazy with it, without even taking a chance to think about what they’re saying. I thought the joke was funny. Twerking does look like your trying to shake some poop off.

  • D

    “….but of course in our world, everyone is easily offended.”

    Especially feminists. Remember this during the next “outrage.”

  • http:tontonmichel.tumblr.com Tonton Michel

    Damn it ain’t even that serious.

  • K. Michel

    “She is definitely the icon of the bitter internet black woman”. (Greg Dragon)

    Your definition of bitter is different from mine’s, Greg. She stated her thoughts without getting personal with anyone. The least we can do is extend the same courtesy when we respond, especially without making this an indictment on Jill Scott’s race or gender.

  • Yes M’am

    Jill Scott is really that small now. I watched her perform at Made in America in 2012. The photo is airbrushed, but her body really looks like that. I was amazed by her weight loss!

  • http://clutchmagazine opiland

    I’m more offended by all that creamy crack in her hair.
    White people just called, they want to get back their hair.

  • JN

    As someone who was born here to parents of African descent, I can see it from both sides. I understand her intention, but I can see why people from Africa would definitely get offend. Unfortunately this is another case of misunderstandings between African-Americans (descendant of slaves) and Africans (or more recent descendants of Africans). You wouldn’t get the offense if you fall into the former category.

  • Anthony

    If Jill Scott has said twerking had been invented by a black woman who ran out of toliet paper, the complaining Africans would have laughed because it would have been clear to them that she talking about African Americans, not people from Africa or recent roots in Africa.

    I guess the term “African descent,” was too inclusive for comfort.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelley.johnson.75436 Kelley Johnson

    I think twerking looks totally silly and exactly like what her joke describes. I thought it was funny.

  • Chika

    People need to stop taking tweets so seriously. This is why I do not have a Twitter.

  • Nubiahbella

    I still don’t get the outrage and even get the joke either lol! BUT twerking does have roots in West Africa , have people ever heard of Sabar?

    I see it’s now a trend of people attacking “celebrities” on twitter just for the sake of it.

  • sami

    So can you please explain what the offense is? Cause I don’t get it…..

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Same here! The joke is not funny nor is the outrage warranted…some things people should really keep it moving.

  • Anthony

    But Chika, do you have a twerker?

    Sorry, I could not resist a dumb joke!

  • Digg82

    I thought it was funny…and not in the least offensive. Twerking came from someone of African Descent….she didn’t say Africans…it could be Black Americans, a sista from the islands, a black woman whose also of latin descent….who is really taking this stuff to heart?

  • Kweli

    If you are of African descent then you are African…Africa is the tree and the descendants are the branches. Hello!!!! This is offensive to anyone of African descent including Africans.

  • Sharon Lowd

    That’s funny!

  • Sharon Lowd

    Oh, so what you’re saying is we African-Americans (descendants of slaves) are of a lower class than “true” Africans – now before you get your skirt blown up – you made the distinction. Wow, someone one told me that Africans resented American Blacks, but I did not believe it, after all we’re all descendants of Africa – but now I wonder. Now, I guess I have to take s*** from White America and Africans. Well, that’s OK, I’m accustomed to it. But, being an American, I’ve inherited the arrogance of most Americans – the arrogance that allows me to tell almost anyone from any country to KMA.

  • Gina Wild

    Keep your day job, Jill Scott. Making jokes isn’nt something you’re really good at.

    I wonder why a Negro like JS would say that. If a white celebrety said the exact same thing people would call them racist. It was stupid for her to make that statement and put a color/ethnicity to it.

  • Echi

    I don’t get the offense and I fall in the latter category. Twerking is a dance largely performed by women of African descent. It bears an uncanny resemblance to one squatting over a toilet, with no tissue and trying to shake off those last drops of urine so that you don’t stain your pants. The joke is silly but no offense seen that is specific to Africans or African immigrants.

  • Dom D. McAuliffe

    I applaud Jill for taking responsibility and not claiming her twitter was hacked after she posted this.

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