Jill Scott's Twerking Tweets Offends Fans


Everyone has an opinion on twerking.  And I’m convinced, everyone at least once, has twerked in the privacy of their own home.  But apparently Jill Scott thinks it was invented in a bathroom.

Big deal. Jill Scott made a funny. Well at least attempted to?  Apparently people didn’t find it that funny.  The “African descent” reference ruffled some of her follower’s feathers.






Ok, maybe Jilly From Philly isn’t a fan of twerking. Truth be told, there are plenty of people who aren’t.  I doubt Scott meant to offend, but of course in our world, everyone is easily offended.


  • Echi

    I don’t get the offense and I fall in the latter category. Twerking is a dance largely performed by women of African descent. It bears an uncanny resemblance to one squatting over a toilet, with no tissue and trying to shake off those last drops of urine so that you don’t stain your pants. The joke is silly but no offense seen that is specific to Africans or African immigrants.

  • Dom D. McAuliffe

    I applaud Jill for taking responsibility and not claiming her twitter was hacked after she posted this.

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