KMart generated buzz with two commercials with clever word play: their “Big Gas Savings” and “Ship My Pants” clips.  But a parody commercial, which makes a play on the “N-word” using the term “knickers,” is perceived by many as more offensive than hilarious.

It doesn’t merely poke fun at a racist moniker, but it makes light of controversial stereotypes about black people. According to some, the man bragging about his “work knickers,” carries the sting of the slavemaster mentality; a woman who loves her “lazy knickers” perpetuates the stereotype that black people don’t work hard; a man says he purchased “dancing knickers” before doing a full on shuck-and-jive; and finally, a black man represents the hip hop rendering of the word saying “knickers, please.” The hashtag for the campaign is #shipmyknickers.

While the commercial is clearly in jest, not everyone is laughing at its use of stereotypes and tongue-and-cheek play on the N-word. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?


  • ProF

    Of course it’s offensive.
    Think about the very jokes and riddles you’ve found funny – aren’t most of them offensive to something or someone? That’s most often what make them hilarious!

    Most of the jokes I tell are about drunk hard nosed Scotts – and yep – I’m Scottish! It would be ridiculous for me to expect no one else to tell those same jokes.
    Yes – offensive – and totally worth hearing!

  • Padma

    I happen to think jokes that point out the noticeable body odor of Scottish people are especially funny.

    I learned those jokes from my English friends.

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