Lolo Jones can’t keep her foot out of her mouth. The track and field and bobsled athlete, who makes the news for her athletic inconsistency and controversial social media posts, is under fire for a tweet about Rachel Jeantel, a friend of Trayvon Martin who testified in George Zimmerman’s trial this week.

The teen who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin immediately before he was shot and killed, was scrutinized heavily by media outlets and on social media for her appearance, speech and demeanor, and Lolo Jones thought it was appropriate to add her voice to the chorus of critics.

She tweeted:

“Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court.”

Lolo’s comment was met with disdain and outrage, specifically for the likening of Rachel Jeantel to Madea’s character. Madea is a fictional trash-talking, gun-toting grandmother while Jeantel is a teen who is trying to get justice for her slain friend while coping with trauma and the stress of a 5.5 hour cross examination.

Lolo is known more for her mouth than even her athletic contributions, but many think she took her latest controversial comment too far. Do you agree, Clutchettes?

  • Joan

    Well, well, well…*Getting popcorn.*

  • pyteena

    Ugh not again with this chick. She has no filter and no regard for anything that comes out of her mouth. And then wants to get on the track and cry when she falters. Hmmm I wonder why she always comes up short when it counts. #GodDontLikeUgly

  • Mercedes

    Disgusting… LoLo please get off twitter & back to being an “athlete”

  • SE

    I will admit that Rachel did show attitude during the cross-examination but I don’t think Lolo’s joke was funny. I feel that it was inappropriate because this case is too serious to be joking around. Someone lost their life, come on.

  • BeanBean

    Hmmm, perhaps she should talk less and practice running faster. Last time I checked, this chick pretty much made a joke of herself in London. Ignorant people + Twitter = PR catastrophe

  • geenababe

    Someone said this is turning into a circus and they are right. I am becoming irritated with this athlete.

  • Nick

    …all this time and energy she could be spending running or bobsledding or what ever it is that she does now. Shut up and step your game up!

  • mEE

    what the hell is wrong with this girl? no seriously what’s her problem? is she that starved for attention?

  • freekat

    Girl, bye! Lolo needs to give up social media and hire a publicist. Every time she opens her mouth ignorance comes out. But honestly for someone has accomplished nothing other than being born with pretty and just enough talent to make the Olympic team she’s not worth the time or energy people give her.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    Oh….wait. Lolo has something to say. Really how about training some more and get a medal then talking about other people.

  • knowwhatyyoutalkingbout

    Her name should be LOW LOW! Try winning some gold olympic medals and get your life instead of talking about this girl who is going through a dark time trying to defend her FRIEND who was murdered!

  • Tonton Michel

    Amazing, you would think after all the shots she has taken from the media and internet that she would have some sense and not go that route. She needs her butt whipped badly. As for Rachel I hope she is not listening to these trolls she is doing the right thing the best way that she can.

  • C’mon Son

    Lolo is a prime example of light skin privilege. She has zero, count em…zero gold Olympic medals…yet is the face of track and snags mag covers…and endorsements that her GOLD medal winning counterparts are denied….#toomuchmelanin

    And yeah. Her comment was hella ignorant but I’m not surprised. Ole gurl sits on an extremely high pedestal without even having to earn it…


  • RaiseTheBar

    “. . . Lolo Jones can’t keep her foot out of her mouth. The track and field . . .”

    Why would anyone with “foot-in-mouth” be expected to medal in a sport that requires two feet?

  • stef

    she needs to leave both alone, cause she sucks at both of them

  • Nadell

    WHEN YOU START HEADLINING THE SPORTS-NEWS ARTICLES AND ESPN FOR ACTUALLY “WINNING” YOUR EVENTS, PERHAPS MAYBE JUST MAYBE FOLKS WOULD TAKE YOUR NON-WINNING BEHIND SERIOUSLY! The only headlines we see w/ her name are here on Clutch as a result only of the obtuse things that come out of her mouth and it never has anything to do with WINNING one of her races!
    Loser-Lolo, can you at least place 2nd in your hurdles?

    “Lolo loses, leaves as foe sets USA hurdles record”

  • The Other Jess

    Ohh come on. you can’t blame her ignorance on being light-skinned. Plenty of light-skinned Black people aren’t idiots like Lolo.

  • Angelique212

    THANK YOU… Maybe Bill Duke will do a documentary on light … oh wait he will, and we can her sobs stories as a mulatto growing up in the hood as she continues to exercise her privilege over darker-skinned blacks. How are her two medal-winning teammates doing? Apparently, they are not allowed to express their dismay over their lighter-skinned counterparts behavior, which has proven to be inappropriate and immature, without their careers getting tanked… the darker-stories are silenced and punished. Nothing new here…

  • The Other Jess

    I mean, it’s pretty clear lat Lolo is not too smart..So why do folks keep giving her media attention? Nobody would even know what she tweeted if the press didn’t plaster it everywhere.

  • Angelique212

    She has privilege, but will never admit it because she had a rough time growing up in the hood as a mullatto… (why do their mothers never get the blame for ill-equipping them Btw – what happened to her two teammates who actually won, but felt the wrath of White media’s protection of their golden mullato with zero social skills. It was her teammates fault that Lolo was not a team player, I guess, so now they go without endorsements because their darkness had the nerve to point out the “lighter’s” privilege. Silenced, yet this one continues with her childishness… in her 30s. Talk about stunted development.

  • KnottyNatural

    Who is LoLo Jones, and why does anyone care what she thinks?

    Unfortunately though, our own people are mocking this young woman, similar to when Gabby Douglas was competing in the Olympic Games…Let’s allow her TESTIMONY to speak to the account of what happened to TM and let all the other BS fall to the wayside.

  • Ask_Me


    Some of you people on this site need professional help…seriously!. This right here is an inaccurate projection…

    “How are her two medal-winning teammates doing? Apparently, they are not allowed to express their dismay over their lighter-skinned counterparts behavior, which has proven to be inappropriate and immature, without their careers getting tanked.”

    I don’t recall things playing out like this^^. What happened is this…

    Lolo Jones was being hyped by the media thanks to the great team she has behind her. Her teammates, who happened to be dark-skinned, were salty and jealous because Lolo Jones was being hyped (once again…thanks in large part to her team).

    When people like you make this blanket statements you ignore the reality that most of the black women who have found themselves media darlings due to sports have been either brown-skinned or dark-skinned. FACT!

    The reality is Lolo Jones’ salty jealous teammates threw themselves under the bus when they decided to throw shade at Lolo (a fellow American) on national television during the Olympics, which is an event that centers around country/team spirit.

    You folks who want to bring the light-skinned/dark-skinned argument into this conversation need a serious reality check. Let me repeat this again: MOST of the black women who have found themselves media darlings due to SPORTS have been brown-skinned or dark-skinned. I believe the MAIN thing that separates these women from Lolo Jones’ salty teammates is 1). They had a great team behind them and 2). They broke down barriers. 3). They carried themselves better in the media.

  • Marcy

    I knew as soon as I saw this that some would make it into a skin color thing. Lolo’s joke wasn’t that funny but seriously this is a case of folks being WAY too sensitive. I think that Rachel did a great job, testifying isn’t easy but the attorney was asking some seriously insulting, repetitive and condescending questions and Rachel like most of us was getting tired of it and gave him the side-eye (similar to what Madea would). I will just watch for the thumbs-downs.

  • Smilez_920

    There were plenty of people( men and women) just as dark as Rachael on twitter joking on her, weight , speech and appearance. STOP. everything isn’t light skin vs dark skin. L Lo didn’t get away with anything. She made a slick comment and people called her out for it.

  • Ask_Me

    I knew as soon as I saw this that some would make it into a skin color thing.

    Right! Lolo Jones is guilty of being insensitive with a bad sense of humor, but for some here HER real crime is being mixed/light-skinned, being placed on a pedestal thanks to a great marketing team and generating media hype despite her non-existent accomplishments.


    Lolo Jones needs to stop commenting on real world situations, but she doesn’t owe anyone an apology for simply existing and having the good sense to milk her opportunities dry. I doubt if anyone in her position would turn down the opportunity to make millions.

  • Kacey

    Lolo Jones is a product of the media. She is all hype with no substance. Not only does she lack what it takes to be a gold medalist, she’s also not too bright.

  • Smilez_920

    This is why we can’t have an open, progressive, and solution oriented discussion about colorism. LoLo Jones didn’t make that comment because of some “light skin privilege or because she is a light skin woman. She made that joke because she is an insensitive jacka$$.

    Like a lot of people on twitter she felt she had the right to be unfiltered and not be reprimanded for it. I saw woman just as dark as Racheal spewing hate, ignorance about her speech, her facial expressions and her physical appearance. Just because and light skin woman and a dark skin woman are involved in an issue doesn’t mean colorism is the cause.

  • Angelique212

    … but we know MORE about Lolo Jones don’t we, plus whatever dark-skinned woman you are talking about is not in the public eye. Lolo is the perfect anecdote for this conversation. Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells would tell you the same… but if you can’t even see this… you’re not ready for an honest discussion.

  • Perspective

    1) White people are saying the same thing

    2) Black people are saying the same thing

    I don’t know why you are giving Janteal a Pass – She is Precious on the stand FLAT OUT. The woman can’t even read.

    After all the STRONG INDEPENDENCE AND I’M SO EDUCATED that I hear on THIS site, you all can’t even admit that this woman is an embarrassment to the whole damn race, not only that – but she’s LOSING the court case for Trayvon. Not only is she a lier she can’t even articulate herself intelligently and her you are DEFENDING HER – and then you actually take the time to make a post about a LIGHT SKIN WOMAN, making fun of her.

    Don’t pretend like you aren’t trying to open up those light skin verse dark skin WOUND CHANNELS – because that’s exactly what this piece is doing.

  • Smilez_920

    No I’m ready for a discussion. This is part of it knowing when to separate colorism from people simply being ignorant. Everything involving a light skin woman and a dark skin woman isn’t colorism. I see where your trying to go and it’s wrong. Now if you want to talk about people in general trying to compare every plus size dark skin woman to Meadea and Precious, and how we portray darker woman in Hollywood, I’m fine with that discussion. But don’t try to throw in LoLo skin complexion as the reason she said what she said. She said what she said because like every celebrity and regular person on twitter, she thought she could get a laugh at another person expense.
    Plenty of celebrities make classless jokes on twitter about others. No one had defended anything LoLo has said. And so what if those dark skin women aren’t public figures. Those same women made fun a Gabby’s hair and their tweets ended up on the 10pm news and every blog you could think of.

  • Apple Pie

    So it’s okay for regular black folks to make fun of this girl, which they did all day long yesterday, but the minute a biracial/lightskin woman had something to say everyone gets upset?? Oh I get it. Its like when black people use the N word all day long, but the minute a white person says it, that’s when y’all remember that its a derogatory word. #getoveryourselves

  • Angelique212

    Ignorance… “Her teammates, who happened to be dark-skinned, were salty and jealous because Lolo Jones was being hyped (once again…thanks in large part to her team). ”

    Actually, if you really knew what happened, you would know that Lolo was hypersensitive to her teammates BEFORE they were all teammates and BEFORE Lolo had gotten all of the media attention, do the research.

    Track athletes compete individually. Throughout the seasons, only FEW of the women who competed individually against each other were quasi-close. The common practice was to not be “chummy-chummy” with your competitors. EVERYONE knew this but little victim Lolo who, even when they were collegial with her, would not talk to them. THIS IS BEFORE THE MEDIA GOT A HOLD OF LOLO.

    When the TEAM announcements were made Harper and Wells (and others) believed that since they were a team, that Lolo would get out of the mindset of individual competitor, BUT SHE DID NOT. She barely spoke to the other girls who found this behavior to be inexcusable, ESPECIALLY as Lolo was then being singled out by the media. That’s when things REALLY went down… it’s easy for low-class, biased people to jump on the JEALOUSY bandwagon… it’s lazy, therefore easy, but it is not the truth. Lolo Jones is socially retarded… and that matters. People are allowed to not kiss her ass, but where solor comes into play, is that they are expected to give Lolo a pass on every misstep, every infraction… so get over it. Lolo is living on privilege or else her ass would’ve been taught a lesson a LONG time ago.


  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Well actually there was thread up where the majority of people felt it wasn’t to mock or make fun of this young woman, regardless of who was doing it.

  • Tatum

    Who is Lola Jones? And what does light skin or dark skin have to do with anything? She looks white to me.

  • MLI

    Lolo Jones needs to have a seat until she learns how to run her legs the way she runs her mouth.

  • Anon

    Oh so now she needs to be HIT?

    Um yeah, okay. While her comment was TASTELESS… it had a ring of truth regarding how Tyler Perry portrays dark-skinned bigger women. And how the rest of the world goes along with that. He was behind Madea AND Precious so… … …

  • lea


  • Ask_Me


    Seek help chick.

    Lolo Jones doesn’t owe you an apology for existing.

    She doesn’t owe her teammates an apology for existing.

    She doesn’t owe them an apology for getting media attention, endorsements, money etc.

    She doesn’t own you an apology for being (in your words) “socially retarded.”

    She doesn’t own you anything!

    You sound bitter and you appear to have a PERSONAL issue with Lolo Jones and YES…it does come across as JEALOUSY.

  • KB

    How do you know that she’s losing the case for Trayvon? Are you on the jury? Who are you to judge anyone? You’re not in that girls shoes and you don’t know her personally. Your point became moot when you started with the name calling.

  • Cali

    It’s shameful that ANYONE Is criticizing this girl for any reason. SMH

  • lea

    did you poll all black people for “saying the same thing”? she’s an embarrassment because she didn’t code switch? It’s so easy to judge when you are not in the spotlight, under pressure testifying to the death of a friend in a public murder trial. if she was a light skin, skinny or even Hispanic, Asian, white or purple person, and still spoke with the same diction, would she still be the embarrassment of the whole race? No! there are plenty of people who lie. she was just caught being human and not wanting to see the dead body of her friend as her way of grieving and wanting nothing to do with the case. by the way do you speak 3 languages? just because she may appear to be not to be as intelligent to you, you don’t know what she is or could be capable of. if you’re so worried about embarrassment to the race, go out and do something about it, not mock it.

  • Gina

    I think we need to start separating the whole colorism argument and the fact that (just like Dark skin folks *coughLittleWaynecough*) light skinned folks can be ASSHOLES.

    Thats all its about. This has nothing to do with her being mixed or light skinned and everything to do with her being whiny, attention started, and a sore loser.

    So can we stop with this colorism bs, because its just unfair to lightskinned people who don’t think that way. And I’m saying this as a dark girl.

  • SE

    @ Perspective

    It’s because a lot of people on this site are full of shit. They really are. They pick and choose what type of ignorance they’ll defend. For instance, they’ll defend Rachel bc of this case and ignore her unprofessionalism in the court room and lies and say that “she doesn’t represent the black race as a whole….” but as soon as Clutch posts an article about any of the reality stars the majority of the arguements in the comment section is “oh they make us look bad as black women, and white people are watching us” foolishness. They have their picks and chooses on who they’ll support.

    As far as this light skin/dark skin thing, I think it’s just to keep division and to have more people comment on this site bc black people loooove to discuss race and skin color.

  • i mean

    Isn’t this the same assclown that didn’t take home ONE medal at the Olympics? Thought so

  • lea

    lolo jones for some reason i expected more from her. she knows how bad ridicule can feel especially not winning a gold medal for a sport you were over-rated for.she needs to get off her high horse. being pretty alone won’t always work and with diarrhea of the mouth can kill a career, just look at stacey dash. rachel keep your head up girl. the defense atty is going easy on those witnesses today, they know what they were trying to do.

  • binks

    The Madea, Precious, etc. thing has long gotten old. Personally, Rachel Jeantel didn’t look bad or out of the ordinary in appearance to me…shrugs. As for her speech, that is a personal issue I rather listen to the contents of what she said then how she said it. I think we need to focus on the trial and remember WHY she testified this isn’t about what others think of R. Jeantel but whether or not The Martin family will get justice for their son.

    As for Lolo Jones, I’ am not going to slight her not so much on the whole light skin or dark skin critique but the fact that she is the athlete that always talks about her Christianity and her faith well her tweet is looking mighty un-Christian like.

  • lea

    @ SE
    i see your point, but there is a difference in glamorizing and providing monetary incentives to exaggerate that behavior as embarrassment and taking someone as who they are, unfamiliar with the court scenery and using your professionalism to be condescending on others as a way to depict them as uneducated, irritable and rude. don west did not approach other witnesses today as aggressively as he did Rachel.

  • KDJW

    Lolo has so much more to be worried about than this girl and comparing her to Madea. Lolo get a life

  • copelli

    I think Lola thinks she’s a super clever & funny girl, when really she should just shut it.

  • No_chaser

    Lolo is a fail at being funny, interesting, amusing or winning.
    Does anyone know how this person manages to get so many endorsements????

  • Julie

    I had no idea who this lolo chick was until just now. I thought she was one of those reality stars or something. That being said, i’m not sure why her opinion matters.

  • Shay

    @C’mon Son-you sound like the white people who profile all black people just because of one bad experience. Hey pot, meet kettle. SMFH.

  • Starla

    I actually think Rachel is very pretty, with one of the prettiest skin tone I have seen in a long time. I am not watching the legal proceedings of this case, because I ain’t got time for that, but after 5.5 hours of cross-examination the best of us would lose their cool.

    I am not sure what Lolo’s comments were based on, but if it was appearance, Lolo is not in a place to critique anybody’s looks.

  • Tonton Michel

    Yeah that’s right jacked right in the mouth by a precious/Madea look alike for talking side ways about people knowing, they don’t have the guts to say it to there face. None of this BS has anything to with her dead friend and her testimony. What is she supposed to get a master’s degree between the trial and her friend’s death? Gtfoh sir.

  • sixfoota

    Y’all have said everything that needed to be said except Lolo’s hair is through in that picture. The roots greasy & those ends are fried.

  • aziza123

    And that of rachel is not? It’s so greasy I can see myself in it.

  • donnadara

    Because she looks white..ish.

  • Brigitte

    Lolo was wrong! Doesn’t she know WE (Black, Biracial, etc.) have a history of not airing our negative thoughts about each other or dirty laundry in public!! But you young folks got to tell all your business and what you think on social media. Just stop it now!!!

  • khrish67

    I can see why this young lady was so anti going into court. I heard her loud and clearly, the most important things that she had to say. She never varied from her testimony of what happened with her friend while they were on the phone. Anyone who thinks she wasn’t effective didn’t notice how diligently mr “knock, knock” attorney was trying to get her to vary from the part that mattered. She held her ground and I, for one, believe her. As for Ms. Jones…….This young lady speaks three (3) languages! How many does she speak? I am so sad to see that our own people are more concerned with everything except seeing that this man pays for killing a young man of color just because he didn’t like seeing him in “his” neighborhood. And according to the medic that tended him, he lied about a broken nose and other things. He is a liar and a murderer and I pray that he pays in prison for what he did.

  • RaiseTheBar

    “…Rachel is very pretty, with one of the prettiest skin tone I have seen…”


    You’re right Rachel is very pretty!

    I don’t know what she said or how she said it, but I like the facial expression of this young woman which seems to be saying, “Hmm, don’t think I don’t know that you’re trying to twist what I say to make your client look innocent when he’s guilty; I know it and he knows it.”

    IF, the Defense Attorney was badgering her on the witness stand to discredit what she said because of the way she said it, then the Prosecutor needed to object and the jury needs to recognize what he was doing.

    “…Jeantel is a teen who is trying to get justice for her slain friend while coping with trauma and the stress of a 5.5 hour cross examination.”

  • Anthony

    I thought Jon’s was overrated, but I had some sympathy for her. After attacking Rachel Jeantel, I don’t want to her anything else from her. Any “pretty” woman that light, bright, and damn near white should have sense enough to know that she comes off like a jerk dogging a much darker and heavier woman.

    Even more to point, Jeantel is testifying in a murder trial with a black victim. There is nothing funny going on in that Florida courthouse.

  • Anthony

    @Angelique, you may as well make the point yourself that in all likelihood, her white mother probably had no clue about the ins and outs of raising a child of color.

  • Nic

    She needs to go on the list of celebrities who need to be banned from Twitter b/c yeah, too many of them pop off and clearly have no sense.
    This from the girl who wants to say the dark skinned girls were hating on her, I mean the nerve of them expecting to have their Olympic medal ceremonies without Lolo being the first topic question and them having the nerve to set the reporter straight on who was just on the podium.
    She needs to either go sit down or work on her running. But yeah, she even got profiled on Real Sports AGAIN for not winning a medal.
    Her head is swollen from the white people putting her on for meeting their beauty standards. B/c we all know you aren’t cute unless the white folks say so…

  • paintgurl40

    Lolo Jones is like a number of beautiful women: beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. She thinks everyone is jealous of her because of her looks when in actuality she’s just an uppity bitch. I barely know of her, but when I hear of her on this site it seems like she’s always saying something slick about darker skinned people. Maybe darker skinned people picked on her back in the day, and now she has it in for all of them.

  • MommieDearest

    Lolo’s attempt to fit in at another young woman’s expense didn’t go quite as planned. Sorry honey, you will never be one of the “cool kids.”

  • RaiseTheBar

    “Her head is swollen from the white people putting her on for meeting their beauty standards.”

    Based on the posts I’ve read, no one is saying Jones’ complexion has anything to do with her ridiculous remarks. I believe people are “PISSed Off” that this NON-factor to Track & Field (her CAREER) is even being given a spotlight to say anything.

    To the other posters, with all due respect, not liking the “Complexion Connection” being addressed makes it no less factual.

    There was one post asking how she’s getting all her endorsement deals if she’s not making any meaningful contributions to her sports. Answer: Because she’s “marketable”.

    That means the MEDIA which is white controlled chose her as their “cover girl” because she is the closest they could get – in Track & Field – to finding someone with All european features.

  • ScriptTease

    Regardless if Rachel is wearing weave or not, all black folks with shiny hair does not mean they have grease in it. A real “Black Woman” would no that?????????????

  • ScriptTease

    Oh Gosh, and I hate to sound bitter, but giving what kind of blog this is, I bet you was rubbing your testicles as you came up with that handle. Nig’s, and they wonder why black women stay mad. Now, if this is some troll trying to get some ish started, disregard what I just said, but if not……..

  • ScriptTease

    “Apple Pie”, aka “All American Girl”, aka “White Girl”, go somewhere. Why we have to keep having this same conversation over and over again is really pissing me off. Stop putting black folks in the same category. Most black folks don’t use the N’word and when we do, you can best believe the person we’re referring to is one. Most black folks did not talk ill of this girl, I doubt the women coming to her defense are the same ones who offended her on some other website. So unless you have something positive to say, you and your pedestal can get the hell on.

  • ScriptTease

    @ SE… and you come here for the free popcorn. Don’t put everyone in the same boat. Sometime you get thumbs up, and sometime you get thumbs down. If you’re this fragile, then maybe you should just stay away all together. I agree people are making an issue out of the light skin dark skin, but this Lola chick made a statement and she caught heat. It is what it is. Just like any other celebrity or person in the spotlight, you have to be conscious and cautious about what you say and do. I have pissed off a many of black folks and a many of white folks because one thing I pride myself as NOT being a double standard individual.

  • trueletterson

    You right!

  • Rochelle

    How is this Lolo girl pretty? A serious question. So all it takes to be pretty is to have light skin and look close to white? This girl looks pretty average to me, like someone you would see on the train. Plus her jaw looks like you can use it to open a Coors Light bottle cap. It is so sharp, masculine, and heavy. That is not attractive….#averagegirl

  • RaiseTheBar

    “This girl looks pretty average to me…”


    I Agree!. And, not wanting to beat it into the ground, but “That” is all about the “Complexion Connection”.

  • RaiseTheBar

    I viewed the video on the above link and I did not see nor hear anything in 19yr. old Rachel’s demeanor and testimony that warrants criticism.

    She is GRACE under fire.

    Why with some of the “criticism” of her, mainly her (I guess???) non-usage of “Corporate English” there is NO mention that English is not her 1st language? It also may not be her 2nd language but her 3rd language – YES, Rachel speaks 3 languages.

    Rachel Jeantel grew up speaking Hatian Kreyol (or Creole), and later learned Spanish and English.

    I like this young lady, I like her a lot.

    I FAN and FAVORITE Rachel Jeantel!

  • Deb

    I think I’m the only one that finds her unattractive. She sort of looks really mannish to me.

  • Hollywood

    I think the stereotype that someone being good looking means they will be ‘nice’ or ‘pretty on the inside’ needs to stop.

  • Hollywood

    She is a 30-year-old woman.

    “So all it takes to be pretty is to have light skin and look close to white?” – Why are you making that assumption?

  • Guess

    Uh…adding the lcsw doesn’t add any credibility to your statement…IJS

  • Guess

    Now that was funny…

  • fairness

    I really hope all these ppl slamming her would be just as angry if someone darkskinned said the same thing. Because it would be just as ignorant. I think her crime is being light not just ignorant # hypocrisy

  • Angelique212

    Lol @Ask Me. I’m good :) … and this idea of throwing around the word “jealously” … lol – that is the tool of the fool who has no critical thinking skills. Good luck with that.

    Lolo is still socially inept and no argument is going to change that.

  • Angelique212

    @Smilez_920 …

    She says what she says because she is allowed to “say” without mainstream consequences. She is given the freedom, the privilege, to be stupid… No one is saying the she is stupid because she is light… the problem is that she continues to be, and is supported in her stupidity because she does not appear black.

  • Angelique212

    Soooooo…. you think there were no name bi-racials/lightskinned people making fun of Jeantel? Ummm…. is that what you’re saying, ’cause that doesn’t make sense. What you’re seeing is a “staying under of the radar” when something negative goes down about “the group”. Were you looking?

    #CryMeARiverDear. Lolo Jones is a public figure, she has a history already with these issues and she was one of the few public figures to come out as stupid. Logic. #YourVictimThingIsGettingBoring

  • Hollywoood

    Realistically, nothing is without criticism.

  • PB

    I just lost all the respect I had for LoLo Jones. I gave her way too much credit.

  • PB

    Thank you! Even if English was her first language, there is no reason to negatively judge her. The only things that matter are whether she can be understood and whether she is being honest. Obviously, she can be understood because people are judging the content of her responses. As to whether she’s being honest, OF COURSE. Why would she not be? I think Ms. Jeantel is handling the situation quite well and that the media is leading a campaign to make negative judgements because she does not look and sound like the powers that be.

  • Rochelle

    She is 30? So what? I am missing your point…. Im not making an assumption, just an observation. It is like saying Gina from “Martin” was pretty…or really attractive. How? I wasn’t seeing it at all. Especially body wise. Sometimes I do think is all you have to be is light for someone to call you beautiful. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder……yadda yadda yadda.

  • SurvivorSunshine

    Me, as well. She needs to watch her mouth and focus on training. But I suspect there is a little Narcissist inside her waiting to be unleashed like most of the Twitter famewhores.

  • SurvivorSunshine

    @Anthony, her mother made the choice to have biracial children so she should look for support if she “had no idea” how to raise children of color, like they were aliens or something. SMH

    What bothers me is this girl reps for all light skinned women? No, she doesn’t. We need to take what she says with a grain of salt and stop acting fascinated by a woman who is not really in touch with the black community at all.

  • Farringtonsmyname Jewellthief

    funny, how people are referring to a bi-racial has-been athlete as a ‘light-skinned BLACK’ woman….I’ll take Rachel Jeantel over Lolo McLooserton anyday…..

  • Keepingitreal

    That was a mean spirited comment, Lolo. You really need to read some US history.
    The Bible says treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • simplyme

    Its interesting how a simple comment can make you completely dislike a person in an instant. Thank you twitter for allowing people to reveal their inner idiocy.

  • Author, Timothy Hugee

    Yes! Maybe, Lolo Jones can win a gold medal by talking trash…because she will never win one by running track!

    Author, Timothy Hugee

  • Gina Mero

    No way, it’s Lolo for me. And why do you call her McLooserton? You are no better than Lolo. Do you not see that? She did something with her life…more than you or Racheal Jeantal EVER will and you call her loser then shame her for being rude? What a freak you are.

  • Angelique212

    @Gina Mero – You don’t know what the writer has done with his/her life and there are a whole lot of people who play professional sports or compete. As someone who is athletic and has competed nationally, etc… I don’t get your point. Competing as an athlete does not make that person anyone’s savior and do you not see the hypocrisy in your assumptions of the writer and Jeantel?

    Lolo’s athleticism means nothing… it is her PROVEN lack of integrity, snarkiness and maturity. Knowing that she is on the world’s stage, she decided, and continues to decide, to make insensitive and stupid remarks about others. She is the ANTITHESIS of what an athlete should be, in terms of integrity and teamwork. She is no one’s role model and certainly doesn’t deserve some carte blanche set of social rules that only apply to her without any consequences. If it quacks like and idiot…

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